Indian Woman Caught on Hidden Cam Beating and Choking One Year Old Boy

Indian Woman Caught on Hidden Cam Beating and Choking One Year Old Boy

An abusive wife and mother from Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh, India was caught on hidden camera hitting and strangling her one year old son. When the child’s father plead with her to stop beating the child, she assaulted him too.

Deepak Chaturvedi, the woman’s husband and the child’s father, had installed the camera in his house, because he suspected his wife Poonam was abusing and possibly even trying to kill their son.

The Hindustan Times quoted Deepak saying:

I have often noticed swelling and bruises on my child’s body. I asked my wife about them, but she always brushed me off stating that they are from normal accidents. To find the truth, I installed hidden CCTV cameras in my house when she was away.

Elsewhere, Deepak was quoted stating that:

My wife does not even treat me like her husband, and is a threat to the life of my child. I want her to be put behind bars.

The monster woman has reportedly already left Deepak’s house, and now lives with her parents, who, according to Hindustan Times, struck back by accusing Deepak of harassing their daughter over dowry demands.

Best Gore member @DINUFROMINDIA explains:

In India, it is common to accuse husbands of domestic violence, if he or his family doesn’t comply with her and/or her family’s demands. Indian police and court system are heavily skewed in favor of women, and give a woman’s testimony preference over a man’s. This way, cunning women can easily destroy a honest man’s life.

Here’s an example:

It is also common to accuse men of false rape after the highly publicized “2012 Delhi gang rape”. Example:

Thanks a lot for the video and insights from your country @dinufromindia. Only the first minute of the video contains the footage of the woman abusing the child. After that, it’s a long statement by Deepak Chaturvedi as he struggles to hold back his tears, followed by a statement from a police officer:

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103 thoughts on “Indian Woman Caught on Hidden Cam Beating and Choking One Year Old Boy”

      1. Let me try to translate for you . even though my mother tonque is not Hindi actualy only 40% of Indians speak Hindi. India has 22 official languages in 29 entirely different states. India is a cluster of different language speaking nations or like another EU.
        Ok here is the translation through my basic english (:
        Husband: ”Our marrige was in 2012 at the begining life began with high expectations and happines.I thought she is a simple girl. after few months she started very demanding and gets angry on everything. I tried to seek her family’s mediation.instead they blamed me every thing.they even filed police complaint against me . then they insist we move on to new place. So we came to this apartment for a new start. After coming to this new home her behaviour haven’t change in any way. when I comes home from job my neighbours used to tell me about my child screaming violently all the day. I knew my wife is not treating our child well . she never care for the child and she used to starve him. So I started to take the child with me to office so that on the way i can leave him with my mother. but her behaviour only become more agressive so I contacted the local Police they replied It is an Issue involving women and we cant do anything. Few months back I installed CCTV camera in our home then one day I saw this footage so I filed a case against her in court and now waiting for the court’s verdict. When her family came to know about this case they filed a counter case against me over domestic violence and dowry demands. Police took their case more serously than mine and stated harrassing me and my whole family. They gave child’s custody to the mother. When I go to her home to see my child they told me give them half a million Ruppes orelse Child will stay with his mother and you will go to prison . So now i decided to share all this footage with public and Police DIG. Now I dont know what will be the final outcome of all these.
        REPORTER: Now where the child ?
        Husband :Sir, He is still with the mother. his life is in danger. For the last two months they aren’t even allowing me to see him …[Now he starts crying ]
        I request all the Higher authorities give my child to me so that he will be in safe hands and better care.. before it is too late…I remmember one day she through him to the wall when I was bathing….[Started crying again] .I told this to her family but they wont believe me and they even thrash me in public . I will fight and knock every court’s door.. I want my child. Now DIG Police responded kindly to my evidences that includes all other footage of she beating the child also me with the kitchen utensils.

        Police DIG: He is just repeating we already know. he finishes with a note that appropriate actions will be taken.

  1. Videos like these always piss me off, no matter how many times I see them. Poor little kid has no freaking idea what’s going on; it isn’t his fault he was born.

    Sometimes I think those Thai women who kill their babies and throw them in the trash are merciful, because the baby doesn’t have to spend the rest of his existence being tortured simply because his parents were too naΓ―ve to use a condom. Kudos to the Dad for standing up for his child, not just beating her up and risking getting thrown in jail, thus letting her win, but using his HEAD and videotaping her in the act.

    1. Exactly bro. It’s better in those countries that the child dies quick and painlessly so that they won’t suffer from these sick sadistic fucking 3rd world foreign cunts. Man I have nothing to fucking lose. If I saw some shit like this going on I would massacre the cunt and ignore all her pleads for mercy as I squeeze the literal fucking life out of her.

    1. Yea, I saw him begging an pleading with her and she reacts with disgust and attempts to beat the child (their offspring) more. He should have been slapping and beating the shit out of her instead. This would have caused her to respect him and their offspring again. Sad how this world works.

      1. You got that right. I’ve been married 27years and she is my best friend and lover & mother of our 19year old. She is a good mother and was great raising our son. All married couples argue but we have never touched one another in anger. We have one anothers back. If that had happened to me i guess i would have went the legal route but if she drew back to hit him in front of me her ass would go down for sure.

    1. What a load of horseshit @beneaththeplanetoftheapes! Equals yes, superiors no. And not behave toward you normally if you do treat them like that because it’s against nature? You’re (a) either a male chauvinist, or (b) with the wrong mate. And yes, we women have the survival instict imprinted into our brains because of the law of the jungle. In the jungle it was up to us to protect our young while the male of the
      species was out trying to impregnate everything that would stand
      still long enough, then when he came home we often had to go out to hunt food for the family (in the 4 legged animal kingdom)
      IRL it’s about respect & compromise – until you have a piece of shit & situation like this woman, & both go out the window. That’s when you pack up & leave.

    1. Because feminists promote child abuse? I don’t get you guys pulling feminism into this. Feminists do fucked up shit – claiming all men rape; continue to bitch about a mythical wage gap; expect special attention when applying for jobs etc but never heard them say to beat your kids. This is just something some individuals do. Third-wave feminists already do enough damaging shit. We don’t have to add to the list. They’ll eventually implode.

        1. @der-kopfsammler I’m frustrated because feminism gets blamed for some random things that aren’t related to feminism at all. And in many cases, all women get lumped in with feminism. So in essence, bad behavior like this woman’s kind of becomes a “woman problem.” As I said to another member: Maybe feminism isn’t the root cause of evil and instead, feminism attracts evil people who were already like this in nature.

          1. @dethbyplaster …but im not comparing her with one… also, im not blaming anyone for it, just noticing a fun fact that linked it to something that the SJW feminists would “appreciate”, wich is the woman hitting a guy.

            Anyways, im aware that feminism was simply “radicalized” as of recently, as it in its original form it has simply become obsolete, and on today’s time, when the first world is dominated by the degeneracy of cultural marxism’s “political correctness”, it can be used as an oppression tool against free speech. It harbours the worse of all people (both women and males (also known as “BETAS”) that supports it) and its gaining the majority of its audience on Tumblr, and so far it only has brought more problems than it solved them. The world knows of its usual display of insanity, so when something happens, even if not directly attributed to feminism in particular, a person will automatically label it as “feminism”, so its only normal… It has simply soiled its image, and has left its scars, labeling it permanently as a “problematic group” with no actual purpose on modern first-world countries, wich will defamate its existence. So why is labeling a bad thing with feminism so bad? 😐

            The same can be said when labeling something that we dont like as “cancer”, for example, “Justin Bieber’s music is cancer”… same goes for feminism.

        2. @der-kopfsammler You’re talking about her hitting her husband. Okay. I thought you meant hitting the child. Some radical feminists might be glad she hit her husband though that’s kind of sick.
          My reasons for not liking the label are that once it was a good thing and I don’t want to let modern feminists shit on a once-good cause. That’s why I say 3rd wave feminism or modern feminism but that’s just me. The other reason it bothers me is it that feminism sometimes just means “all women” to some people. I don’t want to get lumped in. But going by your example of calling any bad thing feminism, I’d argue the word MGTOW to cover bad things as well. MGTOW is just radical feminism in reverse. I appreciate your reply though even if I don’t fully agree.

          1. I have to disagree with you on the MGTOW issue. MGTOW is nothing like feminism. Feminism is about demanding preferential treatment for women in all walks of life, and blames men for everything. And it’s the same with feminism’s sister misandry,as the two go hand in hand. One is about elevating women above men. The other is about putting man down.

            MGTOW on the other hand doesn’t demand anything. MGTOW is just men who understand that both women and society are skewed against them, so they choose to opt out of both, and instead of wasting time and money on women who would just falsely accuse them of rape in return, they invest that time and money on themselves and their own goals which they set for themselves.

            MGTOW is thus feminist and anti-male society’s worst nightmare, because there is no counter strategy to it. Feminists enjoy hearing men suffer. When they can’t hear that, when instead they hear about men being able to have a fulfilling life without a woman, it totally devastates them. The only tactic feminists know how to use is shaming, but shaming doesn’t work on MGTOW, and that terrifies them.

            So to sum up why feminism and MGTOW are not the same – feminists are parasites that need men. For feminists, the so-called rights like quotas in hiring, preferential treatment in the courts, destruction of male spaces, subsidizing of female spaces, etc cannot exist without disadvantaging men. MGTOW on the other hand do not need women, and thus don’t base their existence on devastating women. If feminism is violent oppression, then MGTOW is peaceful resistance through noncooperation. Feminists can’t fight you if you’re not playing.

          2. I had to google wtf was a MGTOW… 😐

            I understand that it used to be necessary before, but not anymore… at least, not in first world countries. Feminism has become nothing but a bad fashion these days of women assaulting verbally (and legally) and opressing males for simply existing on the same breathing space as them… MGTOW as far as i could find, is just a community of males that are nothing more but a reaction to the influence of “pop-culture” decadence on women, and thus they, as their name suggests, goes their own way and perfer living single, but i havent seen any cases of oppression from MGTOW’s to women… hence i never heard from them before untill you mentioned it.

          3. @happy If only MGTOW would go their own way. But they refuse to go. Most are absolutely obsessed with women and spend copious amounts of time talking about how women are gold-diggers and whores. ALL women. That’s akin to feminists saying ALL men are rapists. Even you just said that women would falsely accuse them of rape. Which women? All women? In that sense, MGTOW is very much like radical feminists generalizing and labeling entire groups. Unfortunately, most MGTOWs don’t put any effort into Mens’ Rights. They’re pissed about the legal system as a whole but make no effort to change it. Instead, they make videos discussing why women wear high-heels. That group could do good but they allow themselves to be held back by the oppressors they say they don’t need. I’d love to see a MGTOW group that makes some changes. As of now, the outspoken ones give more attention to women than non-MGTOW men.

          4. Hmm, obviously you have no idea what MGTOW is. MGTOW are not a group. They are individual men looking after their own interests. It just so happened that men who realized that the society is against them, also realized that there are many other men who realized the same thing, so somebody gave it a name. They may communicate together, share experiences, etc. but they are still just individual men who walk their own individual paths. They are not an organized group, and they don’t try to change anything, because they saw that whereas the game is rigged, those who tried to change things got falsely accused of rape, so they simply opted out of playing the game all together.

            You really can’t compare feminists falsely accusing men of rape, with men saying something women don’t like on the internet. The former destroys an innocent person’s life. The latter at best hurts some precious snowflake’s feelings.

          5. @happy I’m not ignorant about MGTOW at all. MGTOW followers have created a website. MGTOW is becoming a group. I don’t know what else to call the same men who gather in the same place daily. And I’m speaking of the online community because I don’t know real ones.

            As far as generalizing, I wasn’t at all talking about the level of generalization as calling someone a rapist is much worse than online labeling. But it does go a bit farther than “special snowflakes” being hurt.

            It’s stating that all of a group (women) are definitely something negative ie. gold-diggers, sluts, cheaters, liars. That’s not true. Everyday life shows us that’s not true. I’m not hurt so much as opposed to spreading incorrect information to damage people. And I notice because I’m in that group. Maybe that information alone isn’t that bad but it gives some men license to treat women, all women, like crap. I’ve seen many threats of physical violence and rape. I don’t say much about the rape part because I take into account, some men are also special snowflakes and I don’t want to trigger them.

            Anyway, maybe look into the online community of MGTOW as it does exist as groups. Although I know your mind is made up and you hear my argument as me being “privileged.” I truly don’t want you to feel that way. But perhaps as time goes on, you’ll realize I’m something of an individualist too. I get defensive sometimes – not out of arrogance; but anger and fear.

          6. Again, an online group sharing information and experiences about dealing with a plight is nothing like an organized group that physically destroys certain people solely because of their gender. Information sharing, even if it involves calling a spade a spade does not cause any actual harm to anyone (feeling butt hurt because your precious feelings got hurt is not it).

            Which goes back to the point I was making when you said MGTOW was at the opposite end of the extreme feminism, when it is nothing of sorts. Feminism pursues oppression of men. MGTOW utilize the one and only means available to avoid being oppressed. My comment to you was in response to you likening violent oppression to passive resistance through non-participation.

          7. Deth obviously has no idea what MGTOW is, and her anger is very apparent. She must spend “copious amounts” of time arguing with men because they are trying to exert their rights. Must make her feel powerless. She makes a men’s rights movement into something evil that she wants it to be. I think it is awfully peculiar how upset she got when the F-word was mentioned. How pathetic, I smell yet another man-hating feminist. It seems that BG is being overrun by them as of late.

          8. @cannedkittens Well, no, none of that fits. But if assumptions make you happy, I guess indulge yourself.
            Shit, time for husband to get home – I better grab a bat and put him in his place. I promise to send the pics to BG. πŸ™‚
            If you ever want links to these alleged MGTOW forums that you think I imagined (?), let me know. Lol I know, you don’t care. G’night then.

  2. She didn’t hurt the kid and was actually very careful not to use too much force. Notice the kid wasn’t even crying much? He actually looked more pissed off than scared but I of course could be wrong for sure!

    Its obvious she knew the boundaries in regard to really hurting the baby or not and was careful not to. However, as to WHY anyone would act like that is pretty weird and yeah, what if there was a day that she went too far? Again, WHY is she doing this? If you speak their language, could you interpret what the father and cop are saying into something we can all understand?

  3. i am actually alarmed at the high volume of child abuse videos i see online involving women. and this is just the tip of the iceberg what we see online, there will be so much more shit going on than we actually see which is also frightening. and couple this with the high volume of sexual cases involving female teachers and minors then you start to seriously worry about the ‘fairer’ sex. i wouldnt trust any female i didnt know very well with a child especially my own this shit is becoming way too common. ive said this before and it always rings true that society and feminism is one of the biggest causes of this, if this happened 50 years ago there would be outrage the woman would be dragged out and lynched but today you have society (zionist government agendas) brainwashing females into thinking they are super special snowflakes, and then when this shit does happen the female will instantly play the victim card .. oh my father beat me, my ex raped me etc, and then they will mollycoddle the female and say she has a mental issue so its always sugarcoated. men are evil fuckers as we saw in the boxcutter video previous but whats more evil is harming an innocent child. stick your fucking feminism up your asses you sold your souls to the monetary system and your ideology is poisonous.

    1. I wouldn’t trust ANY stranger with my kid (if I had one.) But I don’t think feminism promotes child-beating anymore than MRAs promote rape. This is individual, case-by-case stuff. It’s kind of a crazy assertion that you made. “I have equal rights now- I think I’ll beat children.” said literally no one ever. I’m not a fan of third-wave feminism by any means and I think they play the victim card to a point it should be illegal (ie. false rape allegations which should equal prison time) BUT I still don’t think it has anything to do with child abuse. I’m sure there are “good” trad-con women that hurt their kids.

      1. whats it been 30/40 years since feminism and all that equality jazz sprang forth? and what have we seen in this short period of time? records for violence and sexual incidents with minors skyrocketing, family unit breakdown, pornography is rife with hardcore rape fantasy scenes, beastiality porn, young children diagnosed with all sorts of mental issues (adhd and the rest) false rape allegations skyrocketed. men to female relationships at an all time low. nobody looks at these problems and links them to feminism because its the same issue people face with migrants and muslims .. its all ‘sssshhh’ and ‘whoa no you cant say that its offensive’ and its swept under that carpet. and i know women were probably alot safer before feminism because men had something worth respecting and protecting. but today with things being so bad i know more men arent that bothered about protecting women like they used to and this will probably get worse. its catch 22 from here on out for women because if you carry on your gender war against men then when the worm turns who will you have to protect you?

        1. @haydolf_hittler I think that MOST women are not feminists. But we get lumped in because feminists are very loud and aggressive. Meanwhile, “normal” women see the obvious injustices such as alimony, unreasonable child support judgements, get lighter sentences for same crime etc. Feminism has been very damaging to both genders. However, I don’t think feminism has somehow promoted child abuse. Is it possible that feminism doesn’t make women evil and more like, evil women are attracted to feminism?

        2. @haydolf_hittler

          Feminism is not the real issue as such because it is just being hijacked and misused by female chauvinists in an attempt to make social/political gain within society as a result of the current power vacuum that exists within that society.

          Feminism itself once preached equality and once had a real purpose and served a real need back in the days when women had far less rights than men, the same with gay rights, black rights etc. Sadly however these constructs are now being hijacked and misused by extremist elements who have equality but now wish to be given preferential treatment instead.

          To return to the main point then, whenever there exists a power vacuum within society it is usually because social/political change has happened far too quickly and in far too short a space so that social cohesion becomes badly damaged and as a result the population becomes maladjusted which in turn results in the problems that you touched upon such as mental health issues, violence, family unit breakdown etc. Even porn addiction is the result of unfulfilled need(psychological and/or physical) and with porn, just like gore videos, you get desensitised over time and therefore seek out more extreme examples in order to re-activate that chain of stimulation, child sexual abuse itself being a similar extreme in so far as the chain of stimulation within paedophiles is so desensitised towards normal/legal sexual acts that they feel compelled towards extreme avenues of attraction in order to activate stimulation.

          Anyway, back to the point, what are the social/political changes that have caused these issues to form?

          Well, in western Europe for example mass uncontrolled immigration and the off shoring of industry to the third world has happened within a short window of time and this as caused massive instability in peoples lives via rising unemployment, rising cost of living, houses becoming too expensive to buy due to overpopulation etc and this can and does cause relationship problems between men and women and tears apart family unity.

          Basically, the people have lost their place in life and this has caused a void to form and a power-vacuum to take place and the various factions are using any tool/advantage at their disposal in order to fill that void and establish their future social/political position hence your modern day feminism etc.

          To conclude then, modern day feminism is just modern day tribalism with an added pinch of bombast thrown in for good measure.

          Remember though, not all women belong to the above tribe just as not all people are liberals/rightwing, it’s just that the loudest always stand out more and as the saying goes the smallest dogs always tend to bark the loudest.

          The blame lies with your government then for setting the people against each other via traitorous political policies and for empowering some groups whilst crushing others in order to keep the people at each others throats so as to keep the attention away from themselves.

          1. @haydolf_hittler

            Thanks for the kind words, Iβ€˜m going to keep posting every now and then so long as I can stay sober and hopefully I can keep it that way.

            An important point to remember though is that just because someone associates with a group doesn’t mean they care about and/or believe in that group. Most extremists hide behind an already established group in order to gain protection whilst launching attacks.

            I have personally watched many of the youtube feminist videos and the women involved in these are most definitely not feminists, they are in fact insane and extremist in nature and are just using feminism as a means of protection and platform.

            I can state quite categorically then that these women are not the norm, they are just made to appear that way due to media bias and corruption.

            The best way to beat these bastards then and to enjoy a good love life is to be yourself at all times and to understand that women can be as stubborn/fickle as men.

            Adapt but do not conform.

        3. @haydolf_hittler. The term feminism is passe’ (sorry, no way for me to put the little mark above the e). Originally the movement was for equality in political, social, intellectual and economic equality for women. Their opportunities to vote, make equal pay for equal work and to perform in positions that were primarily held by men. It also brought about women starting legislation to make it happen. I believe it has given women a more level playing field in which to succeed. It is true that not having a primary caregiver at home full time has allowed some problems/issues with children to emerge but many families now share the responsibilities and have wonderful, healthy and happy homes. The things you spoke about like porn, children’s ADHD diagnosis, men/women relationships, etc. are ridiculous. Many other damaging ideologies are concurrently happening in this world besides the outdated “feminism” rage. Adding Muslims and the influx of migrants has NOTHING at all to do with the anything the original feminist movement. You are searching for a scapegoat. After reading @dethbyplaster comments, I do not see her carrying on a gender war against any male nor are millions of other women who do not even know what feminism is. The women who require/want/need to be protected will find a person to be in a relationship with that works for both of them. Others will do the best they can on their own. Now to address thug women who corrupt the name of good women, a women who alleges rape when there is none, etc., they should be subjected to severe penalties. You need to start separating positive women from the negative women, there is a large difference between the two and they should not be a vast generalization. I guess we better legalize prostitution as well since the MGTOW’s (their chosen label) on this site have suggested those are still necessary. I guess the Jewish folks will elate with that breakdown in family values (sarcasm).

  4. There seems to be no balance in India.

    You either hear news about massive men on woman gangrape or extreme sissified males pandering to women and other hardcore feminists.

    The dude was literally begging his wife to stop and pleading with his knees on the floor. How pathetic can you go? I mean the man should just act like a Man, take control of his household and give that woman a firm but hard smacking on her ass and show her who is the boss.

    If you let woman control you, she will tend to abuse you. A man must be the one in charge.

  5. “Aw. C’mon. We were just playin’!” That woman is a waste of skin & air. She should be taken out & turned into a speedbump, along with her family, from the sounds of it. Thanks @dinufromindia – for both the footage and your translation. Your basic English is pretty damn good!

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