Initiation of Future Gang Members in Brazil

Initiation of Future Gang Members in Brazil

This is apparently the initiation process young Brazilian boys undertake in order to become members of a gang. I think they already pass as tomorrow’s gang members by being today’s flip flop wearers.

The initiation involves slapping the boys’ hands hard with a stick. That would explain how some gang members take this time of beating like champs.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420Media for the video:

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86 thoughts on “Initiation of Future Gang Members in Brazil”

        1. Well, hell yeah.
          Basically all gang members, whether in Brazil or England, are fucktards.
          Think of a pack of wild dogs:
          1. Gangs are very territorial, like dogs are. Step on their turf and you’ve had it.
          2. Their (metaphorical) shit also stinks bad, like dog poo.
          3. Loyalty is everything to these cunts, even if misguided.
          4. They need a leader to tell them what to do.
          Psml, LOL.

          1. 5. They’re all cowards. They join a gang so that they can have allies. A gang member can’t fight alone. When faced with an opponent, mano y mano, no mas! “Adios, you can have my flip flops!” Then he’ll call back

          2. 5. They’re all cowards. They join a gang so that they can have allies. A gang member can’t fight alone. When faced with an opponent, mano y mano, no mas! “Adios, you can have my flip flops!” Then he’ll call backup, his compadres, same maricones as him.

            6. They’re all have inferiority complex. They don’t have that self-esteem. As the saying goes “Birds of the same feather, flocks together”. They only feel good about themselves when they’re having a group hug or orgy or whatever they’re doing.

          3. guessing we’ll be seeing them here in next few years:)
            southam nigros are incredibly stupid and violent
            why do they even have internet down there? techs arent for dogs!

      1. Poor young guys. I wish they leave this gang business. This must be a test to see how they handle pain. Sad to see such young, schoolboy type smiling guys getting sucked into the murder culture.

      1. Bro don’t do it man, save yourself, Great scotch!!!
        It most likely has pimples and stretch marks on it and if it is loose as it states then it has it been used up and down. That’s the making of a nasty woman or man Hahaha
        He could be masquerading as a female with a picture of a unattractive young girl

        So don’t ask to smack it you might catch a UTI from it, just smack something else.

        1. I think it had to do more with their physiologic anatomy.
          And the last one realized that the higher his palms were the lesser it would hurt.
          The first kid with long hands just allowed the plank to travel more distance and it gained more speed therefore it hurt more.
          Kinda like a whip.

    1. I wish I was the one swinging the board, I’d fucking crush it as hard as humanly possible

      The boy left looks like he regretted it mid stream but too late … Young Daniel-Son

      Enjoy your life of crime and we’ll see ya soon in the Brazilian jail getting thrashed

  1. I am ex Bl59D mean is 59 Brimz Blood BANGSET in Bronx under West Side at September 2006 to 2013.

    5 guys vs new person for join to beating up until loading for 55 seconds for West Side or 31 seconds for East Side, I am prefer 55 seconds after completed and became give a necklace and red flag. Every a month visit to same place where is BANGSET and bring real paper, if broke rules then have to more extreme beating mean 3 blood vs 1 broke rule person for 3 minutes after 2 blood will turn more beating to broke rule person total for 5 minutes after reunion.

    5^ Poppin and 6 Droppin

    1. In Mexico back in the 90’s you would. I went through the treatment. The teachers used the meter stick. Aka “el metro” hands treatment was kinda rare. You forget your homework and it was 100 whooping with the metro right in your butt, 90 with the broad side of the metro and last 10 with the edge side of the metro.
      The whole class would count along one by one.

  2. Well I guess if your hands have been beaten hard, you are less likely to spank your monkey.

    However if I was to apprehend some dickhead from another gang for whatever reason, I wouldn’t spank his palms, because that’s a common punishment, as we have seen.

    I would shoot him in the palms and soles, so to give them the Stigmata.
    (You can’t see these shrivelled up wimps in the video taking that, can you? )

  3. Yea I want to be a gangster so bad so that I can take daily beatings from a fucktard asshole who failed in life and end up getting molten plastic poured over me and my heart cut out/head cut off in prison… lofty life ambitions right there.

    1. -So you want to be a gangster, all that shit Smoke any motherfucker, don’t even trip
      -Cause you a gangster, nothin’ more nothin’ less
      -Put my boy to the test and catch one in your chest
      -Since he was young, homeboy won’t back down Cause real gangsters, always hold that frown
      -Until you sell your soul To the devil motherfucker cause you’re way too cold And all the people hide and just run inside
      -Another brother just got smoked And you killed him, ain’t that a bitch? Cause it really ain’t shit
      -now let me spank your hand cause your a gangster!!!

  4. In 10 years those little guys will either be locked up in prison with Brazil’s filth, or playing Football in Europe on 500 grand per week. The only fork in the road they’ll ever get. Take a look at Diego Costa and my point becomes clear.

  5. No wonder that some of this guys end up playing soccer in Europe for 50,000 a week.
    After a beating like that, there is no way that you’ll ever be able to do anything with those hands, so they begin training their feet. Maybe those gangs are preparing these young thugs for a career in Europe.

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