Initiation of New Recruits by Public Flogging in Antratsyt, Eastern Ukraine

Initiation of New Recruits by Public Flogging in Antratsyt, Eastern Ukraine

While the initiation rite in this video is rather symbolic only, I don’t suppose many of us who do not live in a country that experienced two great wars, and was one of the prime targets of the greatest mass murder in human history as perpetrated by Jewish Bolsheviks, would understand the tradition of hardening the new recruits by public flogging.

I have to admit that the procedure seems quite senseless to me too, but one would find all kinds of hazing rituals performed in every corner of the world which may seem strange to a foreigner, but are nothing out of unusual for the locals.

The video is from the town of Antratsyt in Eastern Ukraine – one of the targets of mass extermination perpetrated by war criminal Petro Poroshenko and supported by lying, bribed mainstream media journalists the world over.

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  1. Was this all done just as a ploy by the squad leaders to see the new recruits with their shirts off? The only thing that would of made this gayer was if they flogged them with their Gucci handbags.

  2. I wonder what the hazing rituals are like in the Navy, after all the Village People did say “In the navy, come on and join your fellow man, in the navy, come on be bold and make a stand”.

    Then again they did also quickly follow that up with “Oh my goodness!, what am I gonna do in a submarine?”, so who really knows what goes on behind closed doors in the Navy, and if they did know would they dare talk about it?.

        1. That’s what i’m talking about. In this case, ironically, you can see it’s just symbolic. In US military, as you can see in the video ( and other countries too ), it’s more sadistic than symbolic.
          It?s supposed to “create a bond of brotherhood” through violence and sadism I really don’t understand/need a brotherhood like that in my life. But some people apparently do so.
          Yup, I?m supplying some content once in a while. I?ve been to Brazil a lot, so I met some people that enjoy this kind of shit and they showed me some gore blogs. Everytime i see something interesting there, I’ll try to share here. Cheers!!

        1. That was how one used to get his eagle, globe and anchor, or another branch’s medal signifying you made it into that particular branch. In fact, that could be done with just about any medal. Bloodletting military initiation rituals are as old as soldiers. Others get tattooed, which can serve the same purpose.

  3. There, in Eastern Ukraine makes war many bandits groups and militaries from Russia. They fights with ukranians and each others. Total anarchy. This is Putins masterplan to avoid order. Untill Ukrainian new goverment will be good enought for him.

    1. @LadyDeadpool, 1st off love the name. Wade Wilson is the shit! 2nd, just to help ya out, you should hit the ‘reply’ button if you wanna add to someones comment, because if you don’t and others do, then theirs will appear before yours so your comment will look out of place and hard to figure out what you’re responding to sometimes. Just a helpful tip πŸ™‚

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