Inmate Force-fed Shit from Toilet in Dominican Prison

Inmate Force-fed Shit from Toilet in Dominican Prison

Video from a prison cell in Dominican Republic shows an inmate being force fed shit from the toilet. The inmate has his hands and feet tied up, while his cell mates drag him off the bunk bed, and use plastic bag to scoop up human feces which they smear on his face.

The shit force feeding was allegedly an act of revenge, though I don’t have any more specific information regarding that. Perhaps our Spanish speakers can help fill us in a little more with translations. All I could understand was the victim repeatedly saying “loco“.

Props to Best Gore member elconde for the video:

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  1. In the beginning he was talking about having the phone set up, they came to the crime scene. the guy eating shit maybe set them up and the big boss, they got caught. Now they are in jail making him eat shit for it.

  2. I can relate, I get force fed shit every time I open a newspaper.

    Mind you they could have showed a bit of compassion by eating spicy chicken first before taking a shit and rubbing it in his face, that way it would resemble and taste like an actual KFC meal thus bringing back wonderful memories to him of a time when he was not stuck behind bars getting force fed shit by demented anal bandits.

    That?s the problem with this world, not enough compassion.

    1. If your sphincter could take it @Empty, the best thing to do with the newspapers would be to wipe your arse with them.
      I don’t read them very often, but I did have a glimpse through the Mirror last week. Christ, that rag isn’t even fit to wipe a dogs arse. Bloody terrible.

      1. @ewestomper,

        I would never subject my sphincter to the British tabloid, it would be one of the few occasions where wiping ones arse resulted in it becoming more dirtier.

        I never buy them either though, I just temporary appropriate them from my work colleagues at lunch time. You?re right though, they are terrible. Always pushing agendas, always slanting and making political/social points all the time instead of just telling the news.

        1. FANTASTIC!
          “He initially removed cow pats, but his behaviour escalated & he entered the farm in search of slurry”

          “On his release, Truscott returned to the farm and sat naked in cow muck. He was jailed for a further 20 weeks.”

          what a fucking loon?

  3. @ 1:51, ” Tu Le Echaste Mierda Al Comandante, tu Quires Que nos maten A ‘to por tu Culpa.”

    Translation: You Threw Shit At The commanding Officer, you really want all of us to get kill. Eat shit Mutherfucker.!

  4. Loco it’s a friendly way to call others in or in ur own squad.
    the man in the video is telling them that he prefers to be killed,maybe he trow shit on some prison guard and the commander hired this two guys

  5. I work in Washington Heights, a predominately Dominican/Dominican-American neighborhood in New York City. I can interpret key expressions such as “Pedate, tranquilo” meaning “wait, relax”, the prisoner calling the assailants “loco” meaning crazy but that’s a generic term used to express shock or fear in the Dominican dialect of Spanish. And of course “come mierda” literally meaning “eat shit”.

  6. Between this video and the prison murders…damn. If I am ever south of the border I wont even so much as jaywalk as I definitely don’t want to land in one of their prisons so I can be force fed shit and shanked.

  7. What a proper shit head, at some point he’s gonna poo that out I wonder if they make him eat it again & repeat the process over & over……anyway I heard he was talking shit & was full of it so he got what he deserved.

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