Inmate in UK Prison Beaten Bloody for Allegedly Attacking Woman

Inmate in UK Prison Beaten Bloody for Allegedly Attacking Woman

Inmate in UK Prison Beaten Bloody for Allegedly Attacking Woman

WTF? Soyboy mangina white knighting simps are taking over the world.

Somewhere in UK prison, a bunch of dickless tampon worshiping hen pecked soyboys beat an inmate bloody for allegedly attacking a woman. Got to earn those feminist brownie points somehow.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

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75 thoughts on “Inmate in UK Prison Beaten Bloody for Allegedly Attacking Woman”

    1. Well if you can get past their accent you can hear him saying “I’m Sorry., I’m a low life that beats up on girls…,” and that’s when the girl-friends start ruffin him up.., lol. I think he knew he fucked up and had it coming.

      1. What the heck is Islam having to do with rapes committed by Pakistanis against white girls?

        This is a racial issue, not religious

        You don’t make sense from any perspective other than that of Chrissan Ziotards who think the Old Testament is a guide to 21st century Middle East geopolitics. Obviously another Judenfilth HasbaRAT frequenting the Pam Geller, Gays of Vienna forums who promote that the “West” is at war with “Islam”, I suggest you stay there with your fellow Jerusalemites, where your idiocy and ignorance is not that apparent, you are way out of your depth here.

        1. Let me enlighten you, they do not target Muslim girls even outside of their Pakistani communities, therefore Islam has everything to do with it since girls (in this case) outside of their Islamic culture have little worth to them.

      2. British people are well aware, but unfortunately, this community is protected by the authorities, hence Tommy being sentenced to prison almost instantly whilst these Muslim Pakistani gangs have been free to do what they like whilst the authorities concealed this for the sake of liberal multiculturalism.

    2. stupid scouse cunts couldnt beat my eggs on the own. FFS how many against 1 lad?? The just like pakis ffs. Come to Yorkshire you lah lah lads. cos dey do dat dont dey do??? Thick cunts.

      1. I’m 40 and have lived in Liverpool since birth , years ago I’d have jumped to my city’s defence for that comment but the way it is lately , you’re fucking spot on mate scousers are actually the minority now the place is a dive I’d love to get out

        1. I’m a full on ape from the northern territories although spent 7 great years deep south Torquay was my base the Northan humour and warm people up here is all it has going for it however southerners make there own rules and that’s what I liked …

          1. I’m a West Somerset lass minus the offensive accent grew up getting pissed every weekend on white lightening in a tent. All class, me

  1. Gets beat up by a bunch of women for beating up a woman. You can tell they’re soccer fans by the way they threw their purses around. White apes being white apes. Nothing to see here.

  2. I wonder what their thinking is here, they don’t know the woman and for all they know she could have lied, so now the criminals who steal from honest people are full of morals and become judge and jury, wankers

    1. Even if the woman did get the hiding of her life it was probably some godawful trollop from the council estate in Betty boop slippers with her pasty gut poking out the bottom of her juicy couture tank top who ran her mouth and pushed until the guy couldn’t hold in the fury any longer

  3. There is fuck all to do in jail what i found is the top dog rules the wing the rest follow I’ve seen white lads convince themselves they are black when the top dog is a Blackman when in a confined space people go fucking nuts this shit is due to nothing more than a excuse to bully some poor cunt…

  4. oh, i doubt those dudes give two shits about women. i think they just want an excuse to be violent.
    like hitting women is wrong but beating the living fuck out of a man is a-okay? whacked morals.

  5. Whomever wrote that they are tampon worshippers for doing what they did is wrong. In a prison its taboo for a convict to hurt women children elderly. If you do you must bleed. He’s lucky he’s not broken up into pieces. Convicts do have some kind of morality

    1. How is it immoral to hit women but okay to hit men? Taboos are baseless. I understand people hating child abusers but who even knows why he hit a woman? Could have been self defense. Could have been he’s a jerk. But we don’t know. They don’t know. Stupid “rule.”

  6. He shoulda be awarded not beaten up. F.. good samarians. In most of the cases I fell more sorry for a dog’s then wimmins. So basically if the wimmin cheats on me, ain’t looking after my kids, doing drugs, or f.. spits in my face i should just walk away? That ain’t gonna happen. I’m gonna slap a devil out of her. Being wimmin that’s not an alibi.

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