Inmates in Venezuelan Prison Tortured by Dripping Molten Plastic on Them

Inmates in Venezuelan Prison Tortured by Dripping Molten Plastic on Them

We’ve seen a lot of torture and murder inmates in Brazilian prisons are subjected to in the hands of other inmates, but Brazil is not the only country whose prison system has a lot to improve upon.

Video below is from prison in Venezuela. It shows inmates torturing two guys by letting molten plastic drip on them from some shit they lit on fire. A whole waterfall of plastic lava was spat on the victims, who appear to be tied together with ropes. One of them barely moved, despite having sticky plastic burn holes into his back. Obviously they’d been tortured and beaten before this burning started. The other reacted in a very distressing way to merciless burning.

Anyone who’s ever had a bit of molten plastic fall on their skin knows how excruciating the pain is, and how the plastic glues to the flesh, chewing ever deeper into the living tissue.

Props to Best Gore member @ruzzky for the video:

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  1. That the movie makers didn’t think of this! It’s raw and pure, beautifully lit, you can almost feel the pain and think of the possibilities if you post process it or even add a little CGI. Finally put a creepy song in it and voila, a new scene is born for Saw 23 or whatever!

    Cudos to the guy who filmed it!

  2. Damn, that one guy stopped moving. The guy closer to the wall was moving more like an animal than a human towards the end. Brutal. I wonder how they were able to tolerate all those dioxin fumes. That stuff gives me a headache just thinking about it.

  3. When i was a young pyromaniac, I used to hang a plastic bag on a tree and light it.
    It makes a real cool whizzle noise when the flaming plastic falls down.

    It hit my hand a couple of times, and it hurts like fucking mega hell!

    Can imagine a little bit how these guys were feeling…. thats a baaad way to go!

    1. Haha, yeah I remember that awesome buzzing sound that comes from melting plastic when it falls to the ground (I’ve got a small scar on my thumb to remind me of those days).Kinda hypnotic to do it, just not very hypnotic for these guys though.

  4. That’s pretty much of an innovative torturing idea from the Venezuelans with molten plasticky tar rained down on the victims who are gonna be made to feel all plasticky once the beads of tar dries up on them .
    Soon enough ISIS may take a leaf out of their books to have us watch some gore subject(s) landed here ,done to burns the same brutal way .

  5. Prison Plasti Dipping. It has been all the rage for a while. For when you get tired of the same old look. This is just the first coat. They will apply what’s called a glossifier next.

    1. It looks like a lynching, I hear some “they deserve it”. They probably did something against some child or young woman and that’s why they’re being punished by the other inmates. This happens all the time.

  6. one of those videos i couldn’t finish, holy fucking satan , the screams of agony, just imagine the pain….what is more frustrating is why would they just lay there wait for the fucking lava pouring out at them? is there anymore pain worst than this? id stand up like a matrix bite someones fucking ear off while tearing up the others,

    1. They’ve obviously been beaten down… severely. The guy screaming is missing a hand. Maybe he lost it trying to get away? Also, the second part of this video shows them feeding him his fingers. Maybe he tried to get away between the two videos.

  7. Yesterday I was surfing through 4chan and saw this video, but people there were saying one inmate is dead and the other one was forced to eat the corpse while being burned with the molten plastic. They are even shouting “cometelo” (eat him). You can even see how he tries to bite the corpse’s shoulder. And that’s why one of them doesn’t react to being burned

  8. More Information:

    Google translate(sorry, all I can provide, but it gets the meaning):
    They butchered two prisoners identified killing child

    21/05/2016 5:10 a.m. Victor Diaz Zapata (30), and Jesus Marchan (25) were beaten, stabbed and dismembered last Thursday night by inmates in the cell B of the state police in Sotillo
    Barcelona.- A few hours after being admitted to the dungeon Polianzoátegui B (Anzoategui State Police), in Puerto La Cruz, two prisoners were brutally murdered by other inmates, last Thursday night.

    A Hugo Diaz Victor Zapata, 30, and Jesus Enmanuel Marchan (25) the hands and feet tied, beaten, stabbed and dismembered his companions catch regional security body. Both were appointed to murder a 7 year old boy, who was kidnapped on 7 this month in Lido Beach Dairy.

    Police sources said anonymously that the two men were being held in the brig B at 6:00 pm on Thursday and two hours after the brawl began inmates armed with dagger, knives and machetes.

    “Detainees cut their feet, then the legs and arms, beheaded and their heads removed. In addition they were forced to eat the fingers “they said.

    They said the heinous crime ended in the early morning hours yesterday, but the bodies were removed from the cells in the morning during the time of counting the inmates.

    1. Thanks for the information.
      Fuck these goof pieces of shit then. Child rapists/killers are subhuman and deserve to suffer. These scumbags deserved everything they got and more. I feel no pity for them, no one should.

  9. I never meant to cause you any burns……
    I never meant to cause you any pain….
    I ONLY wanted to, one time to see you screamin….
    I only wanted to see you in the plastic rain……
    Plastic rain…….. plastic rain……
    Plastic rain…….. plastic rain ………
    Plastic rain………. plaaaastic raiiiiin…!!!!!!!!.

  10. The description is very accurate. The part about it melding with the flesh. It hurts like fuck and then you have to remove the plastic from the burnt area. Had a lighter that was too near a candle flame. The lighter started to melt from the flame, the lighter exploded and the fiery plastic landed on my inner thigh. Felt like it was boring a hole into my skin. Moral of the story: never fall asleep with a candle burning. Especially when there’s a lighter right next to it. Plastic burn is something you will never forget. How did they get so much plastic? It was endless. Hopefully for them, shock set in quick.

  11. my guess, judging by them girly ass screams, maybe these two were a fag couple and the other inmates had finally got their hands on them. also, guy number two appears to be dead already. cause like you said, we all know how much that shit hurts and no amount of pain tolerance would be enough for that guy not to scream or make a sound even once. maybe those small jerking moments was just after death reflexes? goddamn these foreign countries dont fuck around man.

    1. I make homemade candy, and melted sugar is the worst to burn yourself with. Excruciating pain and it sticks to you like molten glue. I’ve got some nice scars on my hands, which incidentally are like asbestos.

  12. i once was playing burning a plastic bag and accidentally while i wasn’t paying attention a drop fell on the knuckle of my middle finger. stopped burning plastic bags ever since (was 13 years old)

  13. When I was a small boy, I saw my brother jumping some pieces of wood in fire, but unfortunately he slipped and step on a tomatoes can cut his foot and step again in melted plastic, he screams sounded like those guys.

  14. To all the people who post troolish things about how funny a video like is heres my two cents. Ive done 5yrs in prison, and I have subjected beatings and worse to those who prey on, and harm children. There is nothing funny about it, and I bet that the people who have the”courage” to make comments, and to try and make themselves look tough have never said anything like this to someone’s face. Be brave defend kids, don’t worry about how cruel you can sound on the Internet. The men deserved what they got. But there was nothing funny about it. I never enjoyed punishing similar men in prison, someone had to do something.

  15. This is what I imagine hell looks like. Straight up. My country cencores us from so much that we go about our days not even knowing what the real world is like, especially the things that happen right under our noses. We deserve to know and see and be educated, bc any sort of death is such a shock and tragedy to our systems that even one real world experience- like witnessing a random fatal car crash on the road- scars our psyche forever in a much more impactful manner; and even seeing the death of a cleaned, buttoned up loved one after a tragedy is nearly unbearable. I’m not saying that we need to be completely desensitized… But we need the truth in between ‘something bad happened’ and ‘funeral procession’. I believe it would improve our own life quality as a whole if we just had the option; and a more HONEST news system. I don’t want my kids stepping out into a world of bear traps thinking it’s all puppies and kittens playing pianos. Everyone deserves access to the truth and the types of things laid before us on best gore. I know that I have changed since discovering this site, and feel more acutely aware and actually know the truth of what underlies all of our candy coated news reports and all around culture and lives. We need a national TV station to report and show these images and things as they truly are so that we can put our worries, cares, and panic disorders in check and where they belong!

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