Iraq – Bound and Blindfolded Prisoners Forced to Jump Off High Prison Wall

Iraq - Bound and Blindfolded Prisoners Forced to Jump Off High Prison Wall

Today’s “old gore classic video” is once again from Iraq during the Saddam Hussein era. In the video, prison guards force the prisoners to jump off high prison wall to land on the ground below. Prisoners are blindfolded so they have no idea when they’re gonna hit the ground, totally preventing them from absorbing the impact in any way. Some of the prisoners even have their hands tied behind their backs, making the landing even more severe.

You can tell that upon impact, the prisoners got the wind knocked the hell out of them. That’s on top of all other potential internal injuries and broken bones they likely suffered. Incredibly brutal torture technique.

Props to drccoco for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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212 thoughts on “Iraq – Bound and Blindfolded Prisoners Forced to Jump Off High Prison Wall”

    1. I’m sure some of them did but, not all…The first and fourth ones land on their faces, the third one landed right on his tailbone. If you’ve ever hit your tailbone from a small fall, this will make you cringe.

        1. Just to endure more foot torture the next day.

          However, I must say…..even their OWN KINDS take pleasure from throwning their stinky assess off of roof tops.

          As far as the brutality rating, it’s pretty well up there, I hate hights, and this was not a “experiance this and walk through your fears”
          type of therapy.

          1. (Tiger) so cool that it wasn’t time to eat, play with the kids or the lizard, wasn’t time to take a shower or watch a movie or sleep or ANYTHING else, besides come and hang out with us…’s kinda just the way it is…..
            Best Gore, it’s BETTER than injecting crack in Your neck!

      1. What, the Beaner Chainsaw Feiesta pic?

        At least SOME goodcame of this….. besides 2 MORE dead mexicans, a GREAT gore depiction, AAAANNND, a lesson in knife-2-neckbone intercourse.

        A very amusing avitar, WITH a custom built quote……it’s had been pretty funny to take the clip a few seconds later, when his head was 1/2 way off, and had the caption coming from his gapping throat hole in stead of his taco-muncher hole.

      2. Everyone is fucked up in their own special way Pato. The trick to finding happiness (and surviving) is understanding your own particular brand of “fucked up” so you can surround yourself with like minded people. I gotta warn ya though, getting called fucked up around here is about the best compliment one can get.

    1. Something new, and pretty scary.
      Personally, I can think a quite a few things I would rather do than be forced to take a 2 story fall with only my stinky sandles and some dead grass to break the fall……that, and my FACE.

      But as far as the SEVERITY of what happened, no where NEAR what WE know that goes down in the world.

      But, overall, it would suck a rather LARGE maggoty dick though.

          1. Would be a 4 way mouse , one of the 3 has a alter-ego would be fckn hilarious to see the confusion on the other 2 as that guy swaps around tryin to decide which persona to be , lmao

          2. @stubyone, I’ve never even met a Cuban. I’ve never heard anything that I wouldn’t like about them either, simply curiosity!

          1. Machineman and Suicide King (as well as nofuckinway) are all from Texas, but thanks for playin’

            As far as they gaysex, it’s not THAT kind of commoraderie that we have here (at least I fucking HOPE not!)

  1. I hate that I can’t view most of the videos on the site with my iPod -.- it only lets me watch stuff from YouTube. :/
    Well anyways. I can’t imagine the adrenaline of jumping off the wall blindfolded like that. I’d like to mess around with blindfolding… Sounds fun. ^.^

          1. It’s what we do here, get it, take it, give it, pick our friends like a nose and tag team on those who fuck with us…..most of the time we just have fun.

            Other times, like that “stupid Chav Cunt” CHG.

            Chav Cunt, did i get that right Tiger?

          1. @mouse would gladly trade places with any of you if he could be whole again and you suffer his injuries. how many of you fucks would trade places with him then for that “free” govt. money? i didn’t think so. what good is trying to live on $1100 a month when he was making $4000 a month before the accident?

          2. You got me H.L.K.W.

            I am greatful for (somehow) having a body that still works okay.

            I have started to snooze at the wheel, but didn’t fall completly asleep.
            A few more moments, we could have easily been wheel-chair-polo buddies.

            Fucked up that You did not experiance a break, except for the bones of Your body.

            I doubt you lived a life that put You into a place of deserving such an outcome.

            Name one thing here that is completly fair…..yha, I thought so.
            The anwser is nothing.

            I wouldn’t trade you spots Mouse(Ken, which, Ironicly IS My brother’s name, by the way) but I do empathise with You of how useless, senseless, pointless and overall, unfullfilling being human is.

          1. Mail call for little sicko ,
            Is that where your lost your other little furry creatures that run up tubes to the safety of warm dark caves????? To a snake???? Or have you forgotten to remove them & now constantly fart fur ?????????? Lube & tube , lube & tube dont forget the string

  2. Did you guys notice the first one had on a superman shirt , ha,ha – How ironic is that? Damn , I guess they forgot the cape, because he sure didn’t fly.

    However, if I had to pick which one I’d rather have been, it would have been the first one, as he kinda slid down a little before jumping, and also his hands weren’t tied (must have been that super hero strength that he used to break the twist ties with) so he at least he could brace for the landing. The other guys hit sideways and shoulders first, Ouch!, can anyone say dislocated shoulders, and cracked ribs ?

  3. I think the best part was when the flip flop flew off! lol! Seriously though, ouch, especially for the second guy, I hate that falling feeling, and they probably would’ve had to push me over because I doubt I’d be able to jump off on my own.

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          2. @ Judy
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          3. @JackMehoff “have I ever experienced a leak?” I’ve had 3 kids, I ‘leak’ ALL the TIME! ha ha not really, but I would, if I hadn’t done my special little exercises!

  4. there 4 was blindfolded prisoners, sitting on the wall,
    there 4 was blindfolded prisoners, sitting on the wall,
    and if 1 blindfolded prisoner, was to accidently fall,
    there’d be 3 blindfolded prisoners sitting on the wall..

    there 3 was blindfolded prisoners, sitting on the wall,
    there 3 was blindfolded prisoners, sitting on the wall,
    and if 1 blindfolded prisoner, was to accidently fall,
    there’d be 2 blindfolded prisoners sitting on the wall..

    there 2 was blindfolded prisoners, sitting on the wall,
    there 2 was blindfolded prisoners, sitting on the wall,
    and if 1 blindfolded prisoner, was to accidently fall,
    there’d be 1 blindfolded prisoners sitting on the wall..

    there 1 was blindfolded prisoner, sitting on the wall,
    there 1 was blindfolded prisoners, sitting on the wall,
    and if 1 blindfolded prisoner, was to accidently fall,
    there’d be 0 blindfolded prisoners sitting on the wall..

  5. I’ve done a little more research on the topic, and I’d wager a bet that most of the men survived the *initial* fall. Notice I said *initial*, as in, most probably could survive the fall with adequate medical treatment, but I seriously doubt these men received proper medical care.

  6. Oh this is hardcore shit, not to high to kill instantly but not too low not to cause instant agony, bone breakage, muscle rupture and tearage, skull, rib, and pelvis crack,. The worse part is they never know when the falling ends and the pain starts. Also the captors get to guess which captive lands in the most awkward way. Iraqis really do like to push the science of unadulterated torture. Ouch!

  7. Don’t know if I should go with humpty dumpty was pushed off the wall by all the all the kings men, or 4 lil sand monkeys jumping on the wall one jumped off and cracked his head mother called the doctor and the doctor. +

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