Israeli Terrorists Kidnapping Children in Hebron

Israeli Terrorists Kidnapping Children in Hebron

It’s like watching pedophiles kidnap children from a playground, only Israelis don’t even try to hide their intentions, nor act discreetly or covertly.

That Israelis torture kidnapped Palestinian children and use them as human shields has been documented extensively not only on Best Gore, but also by the United Nations, Human Rights Watch, UNICEF, but also admitted by the terrorists themselves (also HERE).

Video below is one of countless examples of Israelis terrorizing the Palestinians in their home land, while kidnapping children quite possibly for the same purpose as reported so many times before – to torture and sexually abuse them off the sight of cameras.

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  1. More foreskin cleansing for those unlucky little dudes! Those must be the ones that got away while very young. Now the scruffy, old dirty, rabbi,s will have their way with these boys! No wonder the Jew Pigs, are known as exactly this ( PIGS ) around the globe, and are SO hated!!!

    1. You got demn busterd raped faggot hole by pigg cuntasses the shubed beacon in….
      You have no idea what abuse this children and their families going through their own government..
      That stealing all the billions of support money the coming from outside for decades !
      How much of them get bitten until their teeth are broken and abused buy older Palestinian in their prison…
      In here they get a treat as tourist..
      The punishment they get for crimes they do against us are ridiculous ! They hate , but they coming to work here because in their city’s and villages they get paid
      In coins made ov crap and live more miserabley life then those pigs have
      Each place their Palestinian government took control, it became more miserable then ever , corruption with no end , leaders living in palaces and luxury who’re houses, driving a limousine with premium bodyguards…
      Because they cooperate with our government , so conflict will be endless,
      You speak none sense that even if piggs knew your language, they would be sure you are a retarded that not even worth to be fucked by them selves….
      Spare us all from your retarded way you think…

        1. You call us pigs, guess what would happen if it was in other region…..
          They wuld be burned alive…
          I m not happy with that ..
          Wish i was from different nationality… I wuld want to kill them all and force their parents to eat that…

          1. @TheCaptain
            That’s what i thought of a first too until i read it like three times before me eyes cleared up enough to actually read-it (the whole thing) without laughing, lol.

      1. @asaf197
        Man i love your great, and funny sense of humor as i have not laughed so hard in quite some time,lol. Where do you come out with this shit brother cause that is some crazy-ass wittiness that like i said have not had me laughing so fucking hard dude. πŸ™‚

          1. @asaf197
            Everything my man, cause the way that you put it together, and the way that you curse about-it is quite funny B G Brother. And i don’t mean this (in a bad way brother), i mean i am not laughing at you yourself, i get a kick of the way that you express yourself. It’s just the way That you put it down on paper, sort of speak.

            You know Asaf we all come here to voice our opinions which we have the right to do thank-god, and thanks to Mark the Owner who has always liked to keep it honest and true with no bias. So this way we can all have some fun while expressing ourselves and in a way it;s good to let it out all this anger,, it is good, and therapeutic for our health.
            So take care B G Brother πŸ™‚

        1. No problem , i m not angry at all , not at you at least, i just cant stand so foolish persons
          And nature need to take care of them and make them a raw material for an oil pit…
          And my English is horrible when i m not using it often..

          1. @asaf197
            Ha, ha ha, an Oil-Pit Brother??? that’s some funny shit right there dude,lol. πŸ˜‰
            That’s what i mean Asaf,,, my good man, you are witty/funny, & i get a kick outta you.
            Were all good You and I brother. πŸ™‚

          1. @asaf197
            Ha, ha, ha dude, yet another good one my man. πŸ™‚
            Fuck Buddy you should be a Stand-Up Comic/Comedian, and seriously,as you are very good at it. I Am a Canadian, where are you from Brother if you don’t mind me asking.

        2. I m from israel, long years ago i had figured out that Israeli and Palestinian leaders are playing good and bad cops…
          If conflict will end, their party is over…
          They wont have with what to entertain us , then we will open lots of Pandora oaks…

          1. @asaf197
            I Could not have said-it better if i tried, cause what you say is so true, and The Root of all the Middle-Eastern Overall Problems. These crazy politicians are always promoting hate instead of peace, and because Israel is well armed as opposed to the Palestinians, the hate continues to grow. And the good civilians on both sides are always the innocent ones that have to deal with death, and violence, almost on a daily basis because of it. πŸ™

    1. Isis is some times better than us , which killed them instantly , than us keeping them alive and give them option the have a degree when they are still prisoners in a who’re houses with conditions they wont have in their own houses…

  2. Israel is colonizing the Middle East.
    They will take over as much territory as they can grab and they’re people, farmers and merchants will only be safe behind their barb wire and fences.
    When you start using terrorism to combat terrorism you might as well pack it in and go home.
    What we see here is by no means unique, for instance back in 1949 the French trying to reclaim they’re Indochina colony would tie Vietnamese to rail cars and push them in front of trains to counter the mines they would plant on the railroad tracks.

    1. How did that work? did the train stop real fast when little bits of vietnamese hit the windscreen. Lol you know cause the track was gone! Course the french built a giant wall that you know had a giant opening in it…. Lucky for the germans i geuss.

      1. LOL !! Yep the guns only faced one way…the wrong way.
        I have to assume they were going pretty slow though for that to work…but none the less they wanted to keep they’re railway to Southern China open as at that time Chiang still had a tenuous control over that part of his country….Before he took all the Gold reserves in China and ended up in Formosa.

  3. Israel = SS
    The world can see now how “human” IsraHELLis are!
    The Israel regime is not better than the Stalinism and Hitler Regimes.
    I hope someday, that there will be a cleansing in the levant, so that there will be peace.

  4. “Kidnapped”
    You all ass holes
    Israel is doing your job to minimize the terror on earth and you call them terrorists.
    If Israel wasnt exist you wasnt neither.
    Look at France, Germany, Denmark. The terror is there but you do nothing and get your police and souldiers stabbed and shot on street.
    Give some respect to a nation that every day fight for freedom of their people.

    1. Why are there more Israeli spies in the U.S. than any other nationality? Why does Israel constantly instigate conflicts the U.S. has to become involved in? Why does Israel take billions of dollars from the U.S. and claim they aren’t being helped enough? It’s time for you dirty jews to disappear from the face of the Earth.

        1. @realitycheck07, not that it’s my job to educate jew shills, but the U.S. State department made the statement that “there are more Israeli spies in the United States than all other nationalities.” Learn to use Google, you stupid jew shill. The world would be a much nicer place if all of the fucking jews were eradicated.

    2. Lol, stupid kike. Israel is the cause of massive third world non-white immigration into Europe.

      You sub-human kikes touch yourself not only over money, but digging your way into White countries government and change their policies.

    3. FIGHTING for freedom is the apitomy of indoctrination. Just another way of saying that we are killing those we don’t like. Disgusting actually but now after hearing it from isreal and America and now my own country it reinforces to me that this charade is total and all we here, are FIGHTING over is part of it. Enjoy your Shears. Old lightning from on high there (Barrack Obama) is platagenate and muslim. Does that not say enough lol

    1. I knew a jewish chef lol i was frying bacon and he walked over to ask me what i was cooking and i blurted out jewish foreskins. Lol i almost shit my pants laughing. Half my home ec. Class did too. He simply crossed his hands over his crotch let out a mock girlish scream and shuffled away to the other side of the class.

  5. Tough to say how to react in this situation. Clearly the unarmed would be fighting a presumably losing battle but…. Who the fuck wants to live knowing you let those cocksucking pieces of shit take your child. And clearly the attempt on The one fathers part to deny them is going to cost him his life. Few would have the resolve to kill thier own child then fight to the death. But the child would be free the father free and a few of those olive green sheep would be free. No children to take. So sayeth kaiser socet…….. Sozey cocey sosay. How would you spell it. Anyway theyll come back and end his bloodline for that. Almost had a gun. With a modern pistol a good shooter could take 13 of those fuckers out and reload before they knew what was going on. If he picked his shots well the men who saw him would be dead. At that range the odds are actually pretty good. Two experienced shooters would decimate them. But couldnt see what was off camera. Best ive seen was 8 4 inch targets at 50 ft with 8 shots in 1.3 reload 8 more and eight more targets for a total of 2.99 seconds. Fucking fast. Speed load revolver. Semi auto glock with hi cap mag should be faster. Accuracy at that speed is amazing. Couldint even follow the ballons popping. But no adrenaline or shakes or fear involved. either way you can do some damage to a grouped mass of targets. Then there will be all sorts of ammo and weapons laying around. At least this guy tried what he could and went for a gun.

    1. This shit wouldnt be happening if every home in Palestine had an AK 47….it’s disgusting to watch these sand Gestapo Jews….

      I really don’t know how the people in Palestine do it…having your homes and land stolen than being treated less than human….one only has to watch this video to understand why these desperate people seek retribution anyway possible…

        1. I’m using the same rationale as the Israeli’s. Killing their children before they grow up to become IDF child killing bastards, just like how they excuse killing thousands of Palistinian children. You kill that many of my peoples kids and I’m taking everything you hold dear motherfucker, preferably while you watch. πŸ™‚

          1. @BestServedCold,
            +1. I wish there was some way to vote “up” comments I agree with like Disqus will let you do. Disqus will also allow posters to respond directly to another individual’s post. On the downside, however, Disqus will not allow you to use the Fuck word, as in “fuck the fucking jews right in their fucking asses.”

          1. Wow geuss you get to cast the first stone then. I mean there 7 billion people out there and i just happen to bump into the only 100% honest person out of them all. Hey lets put gnat in charge of the nwo and everything will be fine. A fake name and a picture that aint him is in no way a form of deception. Honest to which fault gnat the first 1 or…. The last lol. A richard nixon statement if ever i heard one πŸ˜‰

  6. The difference between Palestine and Israel is that Israel?s bombs contain peace whereas Palestine?s bombs contain terror.

    Israel?s guns are there to work as a deterrent whereas Palestine?s guns are there to murder and when Israeli soldiers take away Palestinian children they do so only to give those children a warm, hearty meal and piano lessons.

    The main thing to remember is that you must associate every Palestinian action with a negative thought and every Israeli action with a positive one.

    With enough practice anyone can do the above automatically without stopping to think and when you have enough experience under your belt you will be able to defend Israel, berate Palestine and accuse someone of being an anti-Semite all at the same time.

    Someone who has mastered the above is affectionately known as a cock jockey because not only has their anus taken receipt of cock, it did so without protest leaving the owner of said anus able to ride popular, media led propaganda without so much as the stench of shit attracting their notice.

    1. Empty soul: With all respect, I don’t understand why everybody is so far up your ass with agreement.

      “The main thing to remember is that you must associate every Palestinian action with a negative thought and every Israeli action with a positive one.”

      I associate the jew occupation of Palestine with criminality, a crime perpetrated against the Palestinians.
      The jews suffered in the holohoax, and they got Palestine as a consolation prize. What about the Palestinians, what do they get out of this?
      Well, using the same logic, last week I was shortchanged at Walmart. I think you should pay me the money they shorted me. It makes perfect sense if you’re a zionist with an agenda or a liberal redistributionist. You owe me $8.34, although I won’t hold you to it because I’m not a zionist or a libtard.

  7. Why is nobody attacking these Israeli soldiers? If a group of people were grabbing and dragging one of my kids away for no reason (according to the title), I would do EVERYTHING to stop them! Including killing them. No fucking way I would just stand there yelling and let that happen!

  8. Saw this in the news, the Israeli patrol vehicle was attacked by a large group of Palestinian men and boys wielding various weapons. They discarded their weapons and masks once they saw the armoured vehicle return with reinforcements. What is shown is the soldiers threatening to arrest the instigators, doing their best to warn them and scare them. In the end they let them go on their way.

    1. With or without thier kids. Fuck that there were mothers and school books and genuinely distraught fathers. Thats the fucking problem with words shit stick you cant lie about the emotion and affect of that father. The despair, and desperation. The childs fight to get back to him.that is truth fuck you. Context may change in a video depending on when its turned on but raw emotion speaks a truth that merely witnessing dispells the lies. At 5000 meters i would need only a glimpse of the body language to tell whos in the wrong here….. And even if they were threatning that in itself motherfucker is an act of terrorism. That reaction of those families is terror. Watch closely ladies and gentlemen. Youll see the same pathetic cock sure were getting away with it additude you see on north american police these days. I was trying too keep it light but this fucking video makes me fucking rage. How long till cunts like this are in my city or yours. Dont fucking hesitate. Hit harder and faster than those peices of shit are expecting. Destroy that feeling of supremecy and elitism. Make it so that the mere thought of dawning that olive drab sets thier bowels to water. fuck you across the board, if you think this can be justified.

  9. This world makes me sick anymore! the quality of people is diminishing rapidly. I cant believe that a MAN of war would kill and blow up schools and hospitals! They need to drop a bomb on 75% of this world and start over! This world just makes me sick anymore!!

  10. Alright, Sorry to say this but most bestgore members are “sheep” to this website. First of all, i wouldn’t even call this a “news” article, its all an opinion.. I don’t see “isreali terrorists” i see a country’s military having to do their work, even though sometimes it can be morally wrong (HEY GUESS WHAT, EVERY FUCKING COUNTRY’S MILITARY HAS TO DO THE DIRTY AND SOMEtimes bad work, EVERY. COUNTRY. Israel is just SICK of these palestinians, you know, they could just fuck off. palestinians weren’t even DOING ANYTHING useful to ANYBODY before israel came.) Not to mention, the video doesnt even show WHAT happens before the yellling and fighting and “kidnapping” took place. I saw this in the news, and an israeli friend online even told me about it. They were attacking isreal military, they had to do something. And even though it was an attack without guns, they still attacked military personel, and the IDF didnt even respond to killing anyone. They were the terrorists here. Hell they are such terrorists they even brought their own fucking children to aid in this “attack”. It’s fucking shameful. Maybe if the palestinians showed they could live civilized with israel, by sstopping these stupid ass terror attacks, well, maybe israel would let them live better and treat them better. But when they do shit like this? Nope. They deserve to get punished in a way if they do this kind of shit. Israel is a fine, good country.

    1. ?Israel is just SICK of these palestinians, you know, they could just fuck off. palestinians weren?t even DOING ANYTHING useful to ANYBODY before israel came?.

      ?Maybe if the palestinians showed they could live civilized with israel, by sstopping these stupid ass terror attacks, well, maybe israel would let them live better and treat them better. But when they do shit like this? Nope. They deserve to get punished in a way if they do this kind of shit?

      Hitler used the same argument in his battle against the Jews but was vilified for it.

      He said Germany was sick of Jews and that they should all fuck off because they don?t do anything useful for anybody except indebt people and act like parasites.

      Hitler no doubt would have let them live better and treated them better had they lived more civilised with Germany by stopping their financial stranglehold on the German economy but when they do shit like this they deserve to get punished.

      You see the folly of your argument, first is that the Jews are behaving exactly like the man they love to hate, Adolf Hitler. Second is that Palestine was there first and therefore were invaded by the Jews and even had more land stolen from them during the six day war.

      No doubt if your country was invaded you wouldn?t be all that happy about the invading soldiers walking down your streets either.

      If one supports the Israelis against the Palestinians they must allow those who supported Hitler against the Jews because both groups actions stem from the notion of containing/destroying people considered to be an annoyance.

        1. i have an interesting map, too. it shows the gradual take over of Palestinian land by Israel over the decades from 1947 to 2000. And just what Arab lands do you wish to help? most middle eastern countries are on the Israeli payroll. Those who aren’t are coincidentally the ones being torn to shreds.

          1. Will you please boot the jew shills off of this site.

            There are plenty of legitimate reasons why people hate jews.

            The shills are interfering with the exchange of information on this website. They already have the lamestream media. I wish you would preserve this website for the ZOG resistance movement.

      1. Just a heads up, you shouldn’t refer to them as the jews because many of them are atheist or something else..Not the entire country/idf is jewish. Multiple people i know online (mostly from steam) that are serving in the idf are atheists. Anyways, Hitler was just like any else dictator, he wanted the power. He picked on a major religious group that many were in so he could exterminate the majority so he could take power quicker. You know, sure, its kinda bad that palestinians got their land taken away, but as i was saying, they werent gonna do anything useful there anyways.. Also, not all the blame should go on the “jews” or future”isrealis”. Their country was created because many people including the u.n felt extremely bad for them because of the holocaust ordeals. European politicians decided they could have their country, israel, in the place where it is today, which was kinda of a bad decision, because then israel would be surronded by islamic people, and as weve seen in india’s divisions and today in the middle east, muslims hate people that dont share their beliefs. maybe theres a few good characters that dont mind differing people but most of them just hate differing people. So the jews were given the opputunity to make their own country in that piece of land, chosen by european politicians. They didnt have anywhere else to go, really, and i bet most of them loved the idea of having their own country. so they took it. There were the good and bad effects of it. Not every palestinian is bad. Most are when it comes to terrorizing israelis, espesicially stabbing civillians on the bus. To be honest we may never know the truth that goes on there. These articles on bestgore always make the israelis look like the bad guy. multiple other sources suggest its the palestinians. Its kind of hard to decide. I suggest if we actually want to know, lets live in israel for a few years. But seriously, the military personel in ths video were only doing their job. Everyone at the age of 18 in isreal has to serve in the military. They are surronded by enemies, and their land size isnt really that big at all. But i dont know. The only way to find fact that you an believe for yourself is to experience it. All this article was was a video showing the idf doing their job and claiming they are terrorists and child abusers in the text. No, they were punishing extremists. You want a better chance at gaining freedom without casualties? Be like Mohandas Ghandi. Palestinians who decide to be extreme and attack vehicles/personel with KIDS and weapons will be punished. Same with almost every other country, terrorizers to the country and society are always punished.

        1. Mr Joe no one that is informed is buying Israelis lies anymore…by far the worst decision made in the 20th century was the UN creating Israel….Israel has stolen land from everyone of their neighbors and keep stealing more land…Israel will get what it deserves eventually and the path they are taking it could end up being a real holocaust…

        2. Tge entire jew religion and isreali indoctirnation treats everyone who is not a jew as less than a beast. And you expect us to believe that theres no abuse. That jews dont think they are better than everyone else. Come take my jobs land food and children see how much i like you. The only reason you had to be given land is cause theres no sorry cunt in the world dumb enought to take in a people who are indoctrinated to hate them. And there is a reason they were kicked from everywhere. And the one main reason is this attitude you portray. Cant be fair cant be honest cant fucking stay out other peoples buisness literally. People follow those who free them of fear and oppresion. Thats why you keep getti.g beat back to a whole in the fucking dirt.

        3. Wtf are the isrealis doing in pallestine. Its not as if the pallestinians are in isreal are they. Have the audacity to drive your mil vehichle through my city ill fucking blow it up not just throw rocks at it. You think rocks from an isreali destroyed hovel a pallestinian family used to call home is terror your in for a real fucking treat.

    2. First off yes full of sheep and opinions seconed fuck you you piece of shit your not doing anything for me and i think i need a new throw rug. You are a useless cunt i must be rt to do so. To defend the terrorization Of any people by any people is fucking wrong. Period. Fucking coward. I dont believe all the bullshit propaganda but i can see for myself right and wrong. Most would wish you dead but i ask wholeheartedly that the universe teach you this despair for the rest of your days.

  11. So, what drugs exactly are you taking? Because it’s hard to comprehend somebody could actually be so stupid as to believe this without having severe brain damage.

    First, show me who is the Jew?? Oh wait, you don’t know dick about any one of them. Second, the title of this article should be “Jew hating ignoramus posts an innocuous video, makes up retarded bullshit story”.

    This is basically analogous to saying U.S military kidnaps young members of mexican drug cartels to be passed around like a fuck doll. I literally cannot even imagine something stupider than this…

    The real tragedy is that there are people even dumber than you who will believe it!

    All I will say is the writer of this article is a sad, angry, narrow minded person who has probably never even been to Israel or had a meaningful non hate-filled conversation about religion in his entire life, and is barely as qualified to comment on the motive and actions of foreign military as my last bowel movement.

    Looking forward to skipping your next post you uneducated duncebag.

  12. People should understand that they have been conquered……
    Palestinians have gotten a free ride for to long…..
    Time to love your kids more than you hate the Jews…….
    Time to get a job ….. Rebuild the country
    What a bunch of crying babies……
    Every nation on earth has gone to that shit…….
    Destroy and rebuild…….
    Time to shut the fuck up and work together as a nation…..
    Put your differences apart…..
    But This is ignoring the Muslim mentality……as a all !!!!!……

    1. I know right.. And what sickens me even more is that people joke around and like what they are seeing in some of the videos on here…Its fucking sick, and the fucking writers for these stories are just opinion based. Trying to make nations/groups look bad. As i said in another post, bestgore is making some of the people here into the “sheep”.

  13. Funny how Israel is hell bent on claiming that bit of land…

    And yet we have the UK which is no doubt ours but yet we let every fucker come over and settle into it, claim benefits, take our jobs, rob off our people, make terrorist attacks, dilute our race, build mosques, live in our homes, get paid for whilst in jail, go to others countries to fight with ISIS and come back in with no hassle, intimidate the natives, demand to be treated how they want be treated, have the right to vote, blah blah blah blah blah. What a joke!!

    Shows the difference between the leaders of Israel and our own government doesn’t it??? And yes I have compared them to the Jews because they are just as bad!! Fucking disgrace.

          1. So say you eradicate any one party in this conflict…. does it end does it make peace? of course not focus will shift to someone else and then someone else. making more fucking mistakes doesn’t help especially not our phsyche. Kill everyone over five yrs old everywhere, of every race and I almost guarantee they find peace before we do if we continue this way. Because those who don’t work together will die. those who do will live and our race can continue free of the indoctrination of our shitty cultures. Inevitably to create their own indoctrination or religions.

  14. I doubt either side is innocent. jews or arabs. i don’t support israel stealing land but I find it hypercritical when people in north america are against israel. at least israelis make some claim to their homeland. non-native people living in north america are living on native land. canada and the states doesn’t treat the natives nearly as bad (although they have in the past) as the jews treat these palistineans but still….

      1. haha i wouldn’t exactly say they are “asians” they have been separated from asians for like a million years…if you go back far enough everyone came from africa, then you can have blacks coming out and claiming they own the whole world (some already do they claim that ancient civilizations like the greeks and persians were black people).

        natives are racially close to asians though but they are no considered separate.

        i’m persians and i’m caucasian and looks white and people think i’m european, i had blonde hair as a kid, but i’m definitely not european. I think lot of jews do in fact have euro-blood or at least mixed with euro-blood like the gypsies in europe. in israel you’ll see arab looking dark skinned kinky hair jews and you’ll also find the slavic looking blond hair blue eyed jews.

          1. well most of the jews i’ve met are probably ashkenazi as the sephardic jews looks more arab and even negro I think. typical ashkenazi jews have a special look, they look caucasian but i never mistake them for any euro nationality….

            isn’t khazar modern day khazakstan? they people there don’t look very caucasian at all, they are very mongoloid and can pass for chinese.

          2. haha i guess i’ve gotten mistaken for a jew before bc i have somewhat of a big nose. some europeans like greeks and italian,french can have hook like noses. same with some persians and armenians. I can tell jews by the overall look not really the nose most look very similar kind of like the Ben Stein look or ben stiller, jerry seinfeld.

  15. also the israelis are brutal but they also will never live in peace. i wouldn’t want to live in israel knowing that any second some pissed off palistinean is going to blow himself up and kill me. they only way they will live in peace now is to build a giant wall and basically segregation which they are basically already doing.

  16. i also kind of fee bad for the jews everyone hates them…..and they have no homeland other than israel a small piece of desert surrounded by arabs trying to kill them. where else are the jews suppose to go, will some other country part a piece of land for the jews?

          1. Israel and the Zionist agents in the USA govt will not stop turning the middle east upside down until there is another western puppet in Iran….do you think the USA spent trillions and 6,000 dead soldiers to surround Iran with 35 military bases in Iraq and afghan for fun?

            If Billary Clinton gets selected you better either have an exit strategy out of Iran or load up on survival supplies…the pyschopaths that run the USA foreign policy is hell bent on taking Iran down at all cost…

          2. yeah hopefully iran can deter a war. they are much more powerful than syria and iraq. since the iran iraq war iran has developed its own weapons, mostly missiles. their air force sucks but they have a large missile inventory that can potentially target a lot of US bases and US allies like saudi arabia and israel. also russia signed a military cooperation deal with iran recently.

            iran is surrounded by enemies in that country though turkey azerbaijan are US/israel allies, iraq is a us base now only armenia which is a tiny country is on iran’s side.

      1. I think bg should put a middle east family tree on here to
        (wait for it) clear some confusion. Then we can sit back listen to arguments about accuracy and see which douch bag bombs his own computer first. I know my country stole this land. that’s the difference between my country and the middle east. and pretty much the only difference. any one who remembers the H.A. bombing wars of the 80s and 90s knows what im talking about. Bunch of shitstained blood smears here then too. doesn’t take much to incite ignorant death no matter where we are.

  17. when i think about young kids i think about isis

    isis kill muslims , christians , atheists , japanese , Americans but never in my life i heard that isis has killed an israeli not even a jew ……. im confused but i think
    ( ISrael IS ISIS )

    1. Isis Never Killed A Joo” Or Even Fired A Bullet At Israelis” You are not the first to point out this fact !
      isis also never killed a polar bear, kangaroo or any redheaded polacks either.

      but i think just maybe they would IF? THEY GET A CHANCE 2~;-)
      It does not matter to me, all civilisations, are anything BUT civil` & most religeons believe all others are evil and govt. is just a big corp. w/legalized theft (taxes). so unless you are lucky enough to live off the land , hunt, fish, garden to survive like the native american indians & a few white “country boys”
      or modern day preppers` ! most of the worlds population iz FUCKED when the Shit hits the proverbial “FAN” and the lites go out. ~;-)
      mother nature Rules, While The FKN. Ya Hoodies Just “DROOL”

  18. This isn’t exactly on the topic of this but.. To this day Germany is paying for the ‘damage to the Zionist race’ done by Adolf Hitler and the SS? Even though mostly all the high ranking officers have been killed or dead for years, Israeli Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz has been demanding up to ?1 billion more in reparations even though the German Government of today (whom were not involved in the Nazi Party) has already paid 6 billion and given two FREE dolphin-class subs and substantial discounts on other German-made warships and subs to Israel. But wen Germany says nay to all these reparations, the Israeli politicians say ‘Nazism is rearing it’s ugly head in Germany’.
    It seems the Jews/Israelis/Zionist believe that only money can solve all there problems. How very Jewish.
    Still Israel’s economy is in rough shape after all these discounts and billions of dollars and ‘reparations’ they constantly demand from Germany and also the US for giving them war torn land (that wasn’t America’s to give in the start). However, Germany’s economy seems to be very steady.

  19. What the hell has everyone got their panties in a wad over Israel about? I’m not a religious nut, but I know that Israel is God’s covenant people through Abraham, and God said that he who blesses Israel will be blessed and he who curses Israel will be cursed. The Muslims have been on Israels back for ages and persecuting the shit out of them, Hamas hiding in the residential population, and the Palestinians are aware of it, so how is it Israels fault for fighting back? Children are innocent on both sides, so the adults are to be held accountable for these injuries. Yes, even the Palestinian parents who allow Hama’s to hide in their midst and draw fire to their homes. Y’all need to rethink your agenda on Israel… Skinhead mentality sucks…

  20. Whoever makes these written articles are retarded. Fucking reference the background information. Isreal doesnt pick up kids and torture them. In the video i just see justice being done. Those arabians were a bunch of shitbags for getting their children and friends to attack an IDF vehicle. Palestinian will never gain their Land back, which is okay. And no, isis is not with israel.. Pretty sure isis doesnt want to fucking attack israel seeing their military.. Israel isnt going to try to attack them either unless they attack first, they have their small little nation to defend and has to deal with palestinian terrorists.

    1. HAHAHA you live in a fantasy land. We will DESTROY them. fuck radical Islam, peace and love for Israel.
      You anti-semic stupid dudes just making yourself look stupid when you’re talking about Israeli like a terror state, when people around Israel are killing gays and womens, and in Israel everyone are living i peace.

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