Israeli Terrorists Assault Palestinians Including Women in Their Home

Israeli Terrorists Assault Palestinians Including Women in Their Home

According to the Jews, it’s OK to rape a 3 year old child as long as he’s no Jewish. Endless inbreeding made them so degenerate, homosexuality is ridiculously prevalent among the Satan’s spawn so I assume a preferred 3 year old to sexually violate would be a male.

I vastly enjoy seeing the desperation the Satan’s spawn exhibit now that the world is awakening. They make their shabbos goy in our governments sign the London Declaration as a last resort attempt to infringe upon our rights to free speech but they can’t silence us all. We know who you are and know what you’ve done. Fiat justitia ruat caelum!

In this video, a group of Israeli terrorists in uniforms assault a Palestinian family in their home. Women protect the youth whom the terrorists want to arrest – probably on some fabricated Jewish belief – so the filth assault them too. The mills of God grind slowly, but they grind surely. You Khazars, the spawn of Satan, will get theirs in due time.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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42 thoughts on “Israeli Terrorists Assault Palestinians Including Women in Their Home”

    1. Jewish rabbis have stated that sex with a child is not considered a crime, and that causing the indirect death of gentiles (ie. tying them up and letting them starve to death) is not considered murder. They consider all non-Jews to be ‘cattle’ who should be abused and taken advantage of.

      What a lovely culture these “people” have.

  1. I don’t like fucking kikes but i could care less about some fucking sandnigger dunecoon muslims whatever happens in the middle east is not my fucking problem let them kill each other

    1. I agree with you, but do you realize that the ZOG would love nothing more than to turn the US into a giant version of Gaza? Lubavitch Chabad , the militant Orthodox Jewish organization is working hard to force the Talmudic Jewish Noahide Laws upon non-Jews in America. The House and senate have already passed bills recognizing the Noahide laws. With the most powerful lobbyists and a disproportionate amount of the tribe represented in both houses, it’s only a matter of time. The lives of all the non-Jewish Goyim in the world are not worth a Jewish fingernail, according to them.

  2. Don’t get me wrong, us proper mothers will come out fighting like an cornered rat to protect our children. Even amongst a much bigger predator. But i’m seeing a big soldier picking up a little girl so that’s she’s safe, he hands her over to her mother instinctively even though she’s the one pulling the child around and freaking out to upset her.

    1. I had to watch the twice to see where that kid came from. She was in the bottom of the pile before the cop pulled her out. It looks like some type of domestic disturbance. I like how the GOP got a nice little kick in as soon as he turned her over to that lady.

        1. With all due respect @wicked mama what I’m seeing is a terrorist physically pulling a frightened hysterical young child away from her father whilst another terrorist is assaulting a mother trying to protect her child.

  3. Hello Admin!
    I?d like to thank you by name, but I don?t know it, so I?ll thank by the alias: Admin.
    I want to thank you, Admin, for your hard work and dedication to bestgore, showing what really happends here on our planet, showing the truth.
    Thank you!

  4. Here’s another example of the tyrannical supremacist Jews in Israel:
    On Purim, Feb. 25, 1994, Israeli army officer Baruch Goldstein, an orthodox Jew from Brooklyn, massacred 40 Palestinian civilians, including children, while they knelt in prayer in a mosque. Goldstein was a disciple of the late Brooklyn Rabbi Meir Kahane, who told CBS News that his teaching that Arabs are “dogs” is derived “from the Talmud.”

    I can’t believe 60 Minutes actually reported on this at the time. “Never Again”

    1. I also can’t believe that at some point, this was made public. It felt enlightening to hear a reporter talk about Jews so blatantly without euphamising the situations, thank you for that.
      I sat through the entire video and became disgusted by the scum, how they praise a racist murderer and deem him a hero, a worthless excuse of a mammal that commits acts against humanity. Oh how terrible it is that Americans may be conscious and ultimately accept their mortality, but when they are bombarded by fancy gizmos and the latest “reality tv” news, their actions displayed clearly show no distinction to the actions of animals, unfortunately, as long as a new iphone is released every year, the sheep will live on.

  5. Not really. It’s more like Muslims are a symptom of a problem/infection.

    Cannot get rid of the symptom without healing/removing the infection.

    In this case, that infection would be Zionist Jews, who control our Countries through puppets in the Government, our Economies (Banks), our Media, our Educational sector (Breed more Zionist supporting zealots without them realising it).

    They dictate our policies, such as Immigrant, and mandate that Whites ‘need’ diversity in the form of millions, upon millions of incompatible Muslims and Africans. They have also mandated that speaking out about such things in a negative manner makes you a ‘racist’, a ‘nazi’ and a ‘White Supremacist’.

    Their little zealot soldiers, educated in their brainwashing centers known as ‘universities’, or socially-engineered through movies/media and so on, who become known as Liberal Leftists, refer to these people as ‘facist’, which is just a fancier way of saying ‘Nazi’, ‘Racist’ and so on.

    Then you have their other soldiers, these ones are more mirage than actually soldiers – ‘right-wingers’ that are there to give the pretense that there is opposition, when in reality, these ‘right-wingers’ are useless, cowardly, powerless, impotent, and false.

    So you see – they or we – dislike/hate Muslims just like you, but they/we also recognize that behind the Muslims, which are a visible threat, is a more hidden, insidious threat. The Zionist Jew, who dictate our lives.

  6. We own your land, we own your souls, you worship our Jesus, we own your schools, we own your movies, we own your companies, we own your health care, we own everything. There is a big party, and you aren’t invited unless you are one of us. We own you and everything about your life, we decided how you will live and how you will die. We own your media!

  7. those werent jewish officers, they were palestinians playing their pallywood bullshit… i read the artcle on this elsewhere.. the more muslim bullshit you believe the more they have got you… dont be fooled by islam,, its a lie. like everything else about them

  8. yhe jew bashing on here is old and tedious. this ome is desperate
    put together sentences saying jews can rape 3yearolds if they r non lewish
    the film shows security forces arrestimg a young man who had his kid as a shield and his mother/wife tryimng to help him
    no eraoe/beating anyone ie the usual jewish arrest scenario

  9. It just looked to me like the gold niggers were arresting a sand nigger who tried to use a little kid as a human shield. I didn’t see anybody get assaulted, and I don’t know what that sand nigger kid did.

    Tell you what though, the world would be a little better place if the whole house had erupted in a natural gas explosion and taken out all occupants.

    1. Sand niggers indeed, there are good people trapped in these parts of the world, but over all the middle east is a culture of goat fucking, slavery and islam which is pedophilia.

      They kill whites, they kill blacks, they kill asians

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