Jewish Circumcision Video – Complete with Metzitzah aka Blood Sucking

Jewish Circumcision Video - Complete with Mezizah aka Blood Sucking

This video offers slightly more complete view of the barbaric procedure of circumcision practiced by the Jews on infant boys. The other video of Jewish Circumcision we had previously posted doesn’t contain the technique called Metzitzah (or mezizah) in which mohel (character who performs the circumcision) suck’s on infant’s freshly circumcised penis. This is done to allegedly suck blood out off the penis, but in practice all it did was pass herpes onto the child often resulting in brain damage. As a result, instead of sucking on the penis directly, some mohels now use glass or plastic tubes (as seen in this video).

Listen to that mohel character say that it’s not gonna hurt the child if the guy who holds him (presumably child’s grandpa) grips him tightly. He continues to act larger than life and commands the grandpa to apply more force. Spending a lifetime mutilating infants sure made him one tough cookie.

The baby is so small it doesn’t even have the strength to express the agony it’s going through with crying. It writhes in pain as mohel forces a spike into his penis. From around 2:15 mark onward, you can literally see the baby reaching up with his wee hands for God to rescue him from this torture. He was just brought to this world and already put through the most humiliating and tantalizing treatment imaginable.

Russell Crowe made a good point when he said that Brit Milah aka Jewish Circumcision along with their subsequent practice of a grown man sucking on a freshly cut baby’s penis is a ritualistic act that’s akin to human sacrifice.

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111 thoughts on “Jewish Circumcision Video – Complete with Metzitzah aka Blood Sucking”

    1. It is a ritualistic sort of sacrifice. Back in the ‘beginning’, according to the fairytale that religion dares to call the history of mankind (the bible), the demand for that little flesh sacrifice from every Jewish-born male was made by their ‘god’, through one of their ‘prophets’. It represents an homage to their ‘god’ and his ‘benevolence’.

      1. Yes. When they are bent back so far and so hard. Its a baby ffs. What is the purpose of this vile act anyway? I am not religious but if I was, it would strike me as quite arrogant of a rabbi or whatever to decide ‘gods child’ was imperfect at birth and parts needed to be hacked off…did God screw up then? Could he not create us with shorter foreskins if that was how he wanted us?

        1. I completely agree with you abztract!! Well said!! I’m actually circumcised myself and I’m not religious nor am I Jewish, it was just something that was popular in the early 1970’s when I was born. We pretty much all had it done as a cosmetic procedure from what I understand, plus they say it’s easier to keep clean and less chance of irritation or infection from possible poor hygiene. At least that’s what I’m told, but I didn’t do it to my three sons.

    1. the fckn Asshole pushed the baby’s legs so far apart violently spread eagle, thats when the baby started ballin his eyes out, i mean the cutting and removal was just the foreskin on the cake.

  1. Jews arn’t the only religion who practice circ. In the Bibles’ Old Testament, God tells Jews to circ. for reasons of cleanliness. In the New Testament John the baptist tells Jesus many things, to circ was one of them. Many europeans do And others. I think Eskimos do it with a sharp whale bone. My Priest did mine w/switchblade.

  2. Look, I don’t know if you’re just militantly anti-religion or anti-semetic or what your deal is, but you’re hating on something that is completely acceptable and judging it while very apparently being ignorant of the key facts regarding the practice. Let’s get some facts straight:
    Circumcision is practiced by all Muslims, Jews, Christians, as well as people of many other religions and even non-religious peoples; so when ranting about circumcision, you need not assign it to Judaism.
    Circumcision, while you think may be agonizing for the child, actually puts the infant in pain for less than 5 minutes, then he’s completely fine. As males get older, if circumcised later, the amount of pain and time it takes to heal increases to be as much as a week of bedrest required for an adult.
    This is not gore. There’s hardly any blood, circumcision does not meet the definition for mutilation, so it’s modification, with actually slight benefits, if anything. Because it’s not gore, this leads me to suspect it was uploaded merely as a medium for the poster to rant about Jews or the Abrahamic descendents or whomever they have a gripe with.

    Look, I don’t care if I change your mind or not, because it’s irrelevant what you think as to the truth of the matter. But I come here for gore, not to hear anti-religious, anti-semitic propaganda.

    And FYI, I’m not even Jewish, although I am circumcised, and even if I weren’t religious at all, I would circumcise my son without a second thought.

  3. Here’s a great quote by George Bernard Shaw: “Tradition will accustom people to any atrocity.”

    Any country that butchers their sons does not have the right to call itself civilized.

    Anyone who mutilates a child’s genitals should be locked up for life. Whether the genitals are girls’ or boys’.

  4. I watched a video by 20/20 (ABC News) that featured a special segment on sexuality related problems triggered by circumcision.

    20/20 reported the latest statistics that over 18 million men in the United States suffer from impotence because of circumcision. Such high numbers of sexual dysfunctions are unique to the USA as impotence and other sexual dysfunctions in European countries, where circumcision is virtually non-existent are minuscule in comparison.

    That kind of explains why Viagra sells so well in the USA but hardly if at all elsewhere.

    People who say they will have their sons circumcised are clearly people who have been mutilated against their will themselves and are now out for the revenge. Instead of allowing their child an opportunity to choose for himself, they doom him to be “like them”.

    It’s not difficult to notice that uncircumcised males aren’t lining up to get their penises cut. Clearly, no sane male would have part of their Johnson which adds pleasure to sex voluntarily removed.

    Circumcision was originally designed to be a discouragement for masturbation, because masturbation used to be perceived a “sin”. The “health” justifications were invented later and have all been debunked by recent medical studies. The stupidity of cutting part of the body to prevent diseases is like suggesting that by removing one of child’s lungs, you decrease the chance of lung cancer by 50%. Yet it’s a logic circumcised males are willing to accept.

    And then there are complete imbeciles who suggest that circumcision doesn’t hurt a baby. Well – did you imbecile watch the reactions of the baby in this video? But if you’re stupid enough to have your son circumcised, why not also kick him with a steel toe boot in the face? He’s just a baby, afterall. Babies won’t have any memories of this when they grow up and their pain will subside faster than if they were kicked in the face as adults.

  5. I would happily join any group that would once and for all rid the world of this filty practice of mutilating boys and girls in the name of religion or tradition. It’s nothing but a way of branding a person and depriving them of normal sexual function. And I think that the sort of people who defend this practice are the one’s that would stand by while someone’s being beaten to death or drowning or whatever. They are nothing but spineless gutless cowards!!! Fuck the Jews, fuck the camel fucking muslims, fuck the christians and fuck tradition!!!!

  6. Okay, I’m not going to argue with people who don’t know the basic facts of something, but all I’m going to say is that if I could choose to either have been circumcised as a baby or not, I would choose unhesitatingly to be circumcised.

  7. ”if I could choose to either have been circumcised as a baby or not, I would choose unhesitatingly to be circumcised” You’re only saying that because you have no choice in the matter, your penis is mutilated for ever. WHY would anyone -if not for religious reasons- wanna be circumcised? Give me a real good reason and i might loose my foreskin, at least i have the choice.

    1. i am not jewish , protestant , catholic or whatever .
      what i ahve just to say is that the circumncision isnt born for religion .
      Think about the period where it comes , and maybe you will understand .
      i am fascinated how the ancient were so wise . Also is fascinating how the ancient wisdom become law and religion for the offspring

  8. Konr? How do you know that a baby feels the pain only 5 min? Why the heck should a baby feel less pain than an adult? The only thing that’s different is that he doesn’t remember it and I’m pretty sure that tha pain lasts longer than 5 min.

    I totally understand that circumcision is necessary when the foreskin is to tight but any other circumcision shouldn’t be done until the age of 18, when the boy can decide it by himself.
    And I’m also pretty sure that an 18 y.o. would like to have anesthesia.

    I know that this tradition can’t be banned but if they only would use proper anesthesia and at least gloves o.0

  9. Grofaz, besides the religoius reasons, there are no really good reasons TO do it, but there are also no really good reasons NOT to do it. I would choose to do mine again because not one day of my life have I wished my penis looked or felt any different, and when I first saw an uncircumsized penis, I was glad mine wasn’t like that. Just because there are no REALLY good reasons to do it though, doesn’t mean there aren’t any good reasons. It is somewhat beneficial to health as it reduces the risk of an infection. You will no doubt respond, “This difference is negated by easily cleaning under the foreskin,” but it is having to do that to stay clean versus not having to do that, >> convenience.
    Also, mutilation refers to something which affects functionality, which circumcision does not.
    All these people saying it affects masturbation, or gives you erectile dysfunction, that’s simply bullshit.

    Because babies don’t display signs of pain for more than a few minutes after the cutting. Don’t ask me why it hurts adults more, because I’m not a doctor, but I’ve heard from multiple doctors, both those who have done circumcisions and those who haven’t and they’ve all said the pain is short-lived.

  10. Ok so question… Its funny to see a family including children slaughtered… its funny to talk and see pictures about abortion… and its funny to watch people get tortured and killed…..but its not funny to have a practice that has been around longer then any of us and has some kind of health benefit…??? just questioning some of the judgment you pass here…. Not like your oppion matters any ways i got my son circumcised

  11. Another circumcision video? All this does is create irritating fighting. I don’t like circumcision, but it happens all the time, and there’s not neccessarily anything bad about it besides some pain for the baby. And you know what, every kid is going to go through pain eventually, it’s life.

  12. Sick Fucks! Baby was in so much pain he could barely get his cries out towards the end. I agree please no more circumcision videos. I am going to have to watch the video of the guy who shotgunned his face and survived. That’s my “chill out zone” video after watching this.

  13. I was circumcised as a baby (I’m not Jewish, either). I don’t care. More likely than not for what will happen, as it was with me, the baby won’t remember it. Nobody does when they’re that young (if you say that you do remember it when you were that young, you’re a complete liar).

    This isn’t bad at all.

    1. Yea I’ve heard a lot of guy’s say that they’re glad they got circumcised when they were infants rather than later in life because they don’t remember it or the pain and they would have chosen it anyways besides for the health reasons because they like the way it looks better than an uncircumcised penis.

  14. Lets put a stop at this arguing…it’s pointless, because everybody has a point of view that is different from another person, some will say its good, some will say it’s bad, it is the way we were raise that we think something is bad or not….basically, the only thing to do is just watch the video and stop arguing about it…

  15. I’m fine with others having a different opinion, and even them voicing there opinions where appropriate, but this is a not a whats-wrong-with-jews site, this is a gore site, and the uploader of this video was using it as a pulpit just to attack a millenia-old tradition just because he thinks it’s wrong.

  16. Congrats to Konr for managing to post the dumbest comment on Best Gore yet. Thousands of comments and he gets the prize. Must count for something.

    Millennia old tradition? Have you heard of evolution? Some have evolved into civilized people because they ditched the millennia old traditions that made them savages. If we behaved exactly the way we did thousands of years ago, we’d still be in the stone age – that’s where you still are!

    lifelife0 – you’re the second dumbest. Some say it’s good, some say it’s bad? Are you ever a smart cookie? Do you really think mutilating defenseless children is good? Do you really think people who are in favor of this barbaric mutilation have it all together?

    Based on comments by circumcised people it would seem that trauma theyexperienced when they were mutilated, even though they can’t remember it, left them with irreversible brain damage so they can’t think clearly anymore.

  17. Trolling? You’re kidding, right? You’re the one who sides with thousand years of Barbaric history. Isn’t it long overdue to look into the mirror and ask – dude, we’ve been mutilating defenseless boys for thousands of years. Why are we still being a bunch of savages when the rest of the world has moved on and became more civilized?

    Tradition of performing human sacrifices went on for thousands of years. Thank God dumb fucks like you who claimed that just because they were performed for thousands of years, we should honor the tradition were kicked in the ass by sane individuals, otherwise we’d still be routinely sacrificing random people.

    Barbaric act of human sacrifices was abandoned, but Barbaric act of mutilating infants still goes on and – which is beyond my understanding – has supporters like you, dumb fuck.

  18. I had my penis mutilated in this very same manner and my whole life I have been plagued with sexual problems stemming from this most heinous form of ABUSE. No, I don’t “remember” the vile act but I am well aware of it’s life long scarring of my entire sexual history and the mental and emotional anguish that has ruined me as a person. I don’t give a rats ass about YOUR personal beliefs but my personal belief is that any one who does this to helpless babies no matter the reason deserve nothing less than death. I speak as a VICTIM, I was wronged in the most humiliating fashion imaginable. THERE IS NO JUSTIFICATION FOR WHAT WAS DONE TO THIS BABY OR MYSELF!!! If you are considering this for your children then do all involved a favor and kill your self now and save the child from suffering my fate.

    1. Interested to know what exactly you’ve suffered from in terms of your sexual history. You’re actually the first person I’ve heard negative outcomes of circumcision from. I’m not for or against it, I really don’t care either way (although I do sorta like the appearance of a circumcised dick better) but I’m intrigued and want to learn more facts in regards to both outcomes

      1. P.s I totally didn’t know about the “sucking on an infants penis” part until I read this post. That’s absolutely sickening to me. It’s bad enough that the parents are okay with some random middle aged man mutilating your baby but to also be completely fine with said man putting your infant son’s penis in his mouth (basically giving a baby oral sex) but justify it by saying they’re sucking the blood out to help the baby is one of the most ignorant excuses I’ve ever heard. This leads me to believe that all if not most of these creeps that perform circumcision have gotten into this practice because they are sick fucks who enjoy being pedophiles and get sexual gratification from torturing a young child or baby and being able to perform oral sex on the child freely and out in the open without any repercussions

  19. I am a Male genitally mutilated and hate it like 200,000 other men restoring their foreskin to undo some of the damage and sexual diminishment of genital mutilation: We would have said NO to having our penises being genitally mutilated against our will.

    Keep your kids whole all the info you need: Doctors Oppose it: Jews oppose it

  20. “In the 613 mitzvos, we are commanded to:

    (N 41) Not imprinting any marks on our bodies (Lev. 19:28)

    (N 45) Not making cuttings in our flesh (Deut. 16:1)”

    “It is a violation of Torah commandments to physically assault or harm another person (Exodus 21:18-27). Yet that is exactly what circumcision is! Thus, it is against the most fundamental concept of Jewish law.”

    Jews Against Genital Mutilation Sites:

    Bris Shalom/brit shalom = No Genital Mutilation. All My Jewish Friends have Bris Shaolmed and kept their babies intact.

    Jewish Genital Integrity/Human Rights Links:

    My Son: The Little Jew with a Foreskin:

    Jewish Mother Against Circumcision:

    Jewish American Scholar Leonard Glick – Circumcision:

    Our Son’s Bris Shalom: Welcoming Covenant:

    I’m a Physician, a Jew, a Father & Grandfather: My position on Circumcision:

    Brit Shalom Celebrants:

  21. Konr.. i do understand that different religions do different things for their faith but have you actually read what you have written. Whats more do you think it is ok.. you say that it it agonizing for the child for less than 5 minutes… surely that is wrong to put such a small child through agony when there is not reason to give pain relief. There have been reports that children who have this done actually suffer very badly.. just because they ‘appear’ to be ok after 5 minutes does not mean that they are still in trauma…yes that right TRAUMA.. If you think this is still ok then you cut off the top part of your finger with no drugs and then get back to me. This is barbaric and totally unacceptable in this day and age to cause another human being (and one so young that his cord is till attached)so much pain.. then there’s the issue of who the fuck is comforting this child during this act.. I see a bottle given to him ( maybe to choke him now) but not one had of love to comfort him.. So sad that people think this is ok. very sad indeed. Now.. take a good look at the babies face during this video and not what is happening to him, and then see if you still think its ok.. hear him cry, watch him writhe in pain and then see if you think its ok…

  22. Amazing. Seriously, what is wrong with these people? Why on earth would you follow a religion, that tells you it is ok to hold your baby down, and cut off skin? Whether the baby was in pain for 5 minutes or 5 seconds is irrelevant. You do not just go around cutting of bits of the body, that do not need to be removed, ESPECIALLY not because your religion tells you it is ok. Believe in your fake friends in the sky all you like, but it does not give you the right, to cause un-necessary pain. I am just dumb-founded.

  23. okay the people arguing really need to develop common sense. being circumcised is not just a religious thing, hospitals do it as well and much in the same manner. most males are circumcised, and there is NO i repeat NO valid evidence that it decreases sexual sensation. my boyfriend is circumcised and he has no problem getting off and sex is not unpleasant. most males prefer to be circumcised, it is cleaner and more attractive, and most women prefer it, sorry but a wrinkly end dick is gross. most women probably never seen an unclipped dick in person. and as much as i feel bad for that poor little boy, yes circumcision is painful but there is a reason that they do it when the baby is 8 days old….so he does not remember it. name one man who remembers being circumcised as a baby, will he be like ‘oh my god yes! it was so traumatizing!” no, he will be like ‘ hell no i do not remember that.’ with it.

    1. LOL, you talk about common sense and then spew the biggest pile of trash ever found on the web? You need to realize that there is world outside of your small town Arkansas. Most of the world, and I’m talking all of it, except from a few Jew brainwashed shitholes, is civilized enough not to mutilate their newborns. All of Europe, almost all of Asia, most of Latin America and Africa do not mutilate their boys. Even dumbed down nations like America are starting to sober up to the reality and getting fewer and fewer boys mutilated. Jew pigs from Israel will never sober up, but you can count on it that 99 out of 100 girls of the world have never seen a mutilated penis and would be sickened to touch one.

    2. Its a fucking fact that sensitivity is decreased with circumcision. Don’t act like you know shit because you obviously don’t. Men have been circumcised and regretted it because after a while, the head, not being protected becomes less sensitive, I can only imagine how little someone who was mutilated right after birth can feel. Cleanliness is not an issue, if you think uncircumcised men don’t take care of their dick your sorely mistaken. who is “most males prefer to be circumcised” the guys you’ve fucked? Thats because they had no choice! Ask any uncircumcised man if they would willing chop at their dick, just because it’s “more attractive” you get laughed at or told to fuck off.

  24. This is not a very good place to tell your opinion. There is to much disrespect and flame wars for that. To many trolls too. However I will say this. The world will always be barbaric because it is in our nature. If we are not all barbaric why in the hell are we at a gore web site looking at this stuff? BTW war is very barbaric and the whole world is still on the same page there.

  25. I hate the fact that religions don’t wait and give the kids a say in this procedure (I’m assuming it’s because the answer would be an overwhelming ‘no’), but it’s not as cruel as some would make it out to be. For a few weeks before the operation, a ring is placed on the penis that makes the foreskin “dead”, in a sense, so that nothing is felt when it’s sliced and diced and used a salad dressing for the fancy sideburn-ed rabbi’s.

    1. Just because the ring cuts the blood supply to the foreskin a few weeks before the circumcision does not mean there is no pain during or after circumcision because the exposed glans now has to endure friction against clothing without its protection. it takes months to desensitise .

  26. here in the philippines, we do it as a rite of passage, a test of courage. im proud i was circumcised. but we dont do it this way, we are circumcised during adolescence. we have the right to choose whether to be circumcised or not.

    1. If you can decide whether you want to do it or not, then cool.

      Though, i can imagine that there are families where a decision of the adolescent not to be circumcised would be quite taboo and shameful, thus rendering the choice not much of a choice.

  27. I was circumcised at age 9 without my consent as a muslim. It did not matter whether I wanted to go through my life with my penis circumcised or intact. Today at age of 24 I dont think I would have voluntarily submitted to circumcision.

  28. its for health reasons too, im not jewish but ide still consider circumcising my baby, u dont remember anything as a baby anyways , im sure most guys who got circumcised cant remember the procedure at all

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