Jordanian Pilot Captured by the Islamic State

Jordanian Pilot Captured by the Islamic State

A 26 year old Jordanian pilot for the Jordanian air force by the name of Mu’adh Safi Yusuf al-Kasasibah was shot down by Islamic State cockroaches while he was performing duty as a “sweeper” clearing an area of potential anti aircraft weaponry on the ground while also providing cover to striker jets getting ready to perform air strikes on an intended target. He apparently failed this mission as he was shot down by anti aircraft weaponry. Struck by a heat-seeking missile and forcing him to eject. Although how he ended up losing his pants is lost on me.

Mu’adh, from al-Karak, has been a hostage of the Islamic State since December 24th and has been branded as a traitor of Islam for serving in the Jordanian forces. Whose airstrikes are responsible for killing many Muslims. During an interview (where he is identified as a murtadd or apostate) he admitted that he had never seen any Islamic State videos but knows that they will kill him. His family have pleaded to the Islamic State that Mu’ahd is in fact, a devout Muslim. They have posted images on Facebook (last photo) to prove this. So far IS seems unimpressed. I’m sure we will see him sans head soon enough.

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        1. In fairness @rayf that’s probably amongst the best avatars I’ve seen on this site.
          Pigs are intelligent, they would read BG if they had the choice and if they talked they’d say “Nice work!”

  1. Yes !!!!!!
    Soon there will be another video of a man’s head being cut off

    On another note I’m pretty sure those bastards are gonna use the cockpit as an bathtub or convert it into a Jacuzzi ….

  2. Should have kamikaze’d into a bunch of them, a worse fate surely awaits him now. They look fucking delighted with themselves in the picture, they won’t be able to resist chopping him up for long. The real bombs the plane should have been dropping are ones that disperse airborne alzheimers, so all these fucking snackbar cunts forget what it is that they do. Which is wreck the fucking place.

  3. My thoughts, He is a POW that will be imploded by many dirty peckers, passed around in the night time just like they do their sheep and horses. A culture where gay spooning is their minds. A culture where you would think soap and deodorant would be highly desirable but it’s. Hygiene training please

  4. He’s a dumb fuck frankly, if your going into combat you should NOT let yourself get captured alive by these cunts.
    He should have ended his own life by whatever means available, any sharp edge would have been sufficient.

  5. I thought fighter pilots carry sidearms on every mission. Just in case, you know. I would carry two M1911 with me. Just to be sure that one is going to be operational after the crash. A bullet to my head would spare me all this snackbar shit.

  6. I’m presuming he lost his “pants” or trousers as us Brits call them in the same way as he lost his top half of clothes, minus the vest…. He crash landed and hoped to make it to safety, his only hope of that was to strip himself of all military uniform. Unfortunatly for this poor chap, he didn’t even make it out of the water.

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