Kid Hanged Upside Down and Whipped as Domestic Punishment

Kid Hanged Upside Down and Whipped as Domestic Punishment

Strange video from Iraq shows what I presume is a domestic punishment. I couldn’t tell you if it’s for real or just a show for the camera, but there are all kinds of whacky people in the Middle East so I don’t entirely ditch it as a fugazi.

Best Gore member DerSteppenwolf says the naughty kid was caught filming his aunt in a bathroom doing her thing so to teach him a lesson about snooping on adult females, he was hanged upside down and several members of the family took turns to whip him. The only question left is – where the hell is the video of his aunt doing her thing in the bathroom? Nothing wrong with Arab pussy.

Props to DerSteppenwolf for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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85 thoughts on “Kid Hanged Upside Down and Whipped as Domestic Punishment”

  1. Let me tie up that fucker and whip him see how he likes it. It a boy going through puberty anything with a vagina gets them excited. Plus dont they all marry their cousins sisters and aunts.

    1. In sand nigger land if you love your children you beat them to within an inch of their life, because if they get caught doing perverted shit as an adult I can guarantee they wont be hanging by their feet, that is of course if they don’t just get stoned, shot or beheaded.
      Side note: that anal fingering looks brutal —–>

    2. Considering the laws over there, it’s probably right that the family goes to this extreme for the kids own good so he doesn’t do this to anyone outside the family cause that would actually get him tortured and executed slowly.

  2. Nah, you’ve got this video all wrong. This is a birthday party. Arabs are so violent, they use the birthday boy as the piñata on his special day. What spills out of him? Guilt from Western media viewers!

          1. @H.T.
            VAC & FLA are without question legends and Hocico should make official soundtracks to Zeta beheadings. 🙂
            I´m fresh in this genre. Actually a genre doesnt mean anything to me, so music from Dexy Corp, Cocteau Twins or Fever Ray amazes me as much like Technical Itch, Katharsys or Amon Tobin.
            No need for a cage.

          2. Agreed CQ, no need for a cage, ever. I like different music genres as well . It is so, though , that the personal preference of one’s (black) soul can have one attracted to a specific kind of music beyond any other…hence i gravitate heavily towards industrial/goth because i simply fucking love it and for me it’s the best. And Hocico with beheadings…ha ha, that has crossed my mind too, i actually play Hocico on purpose sometimes while watching Mex. beheadings! (: -Ooh how sick –

  3. Fuckin dirty animals. No wonder that there is so much violence in those countries. This poor boy only did what young healthy boys do when growing up. He will probably turn out to be a faggot , being too scared to look at a naked woman again thinking they will lynch, or even worse, kill him. WTF MAN. poor kid.

    1. Said this once before but so you get it, the laws over their are pretty extreme where you get cained and whipped before a slow death by stoning or hanging. A family may need to go through this extreme to make sure their kid doesn’t do this kind of thing anymore cause if he did this outside the family doesn’t matter how young he is, puberty is the criminal age over there and he will be tried like an adult. It’s for his own good whether we see it or not because there laws are not like ours.

  4. If he wasn’t sniffing around his aunty having a poo he would have been sniffing around his uncle fucking his sister or his dad fucking the communal goat or his grandfather sniffing his mothers massive panties.

  5. These people obviously have something wrong with them. I am not talking about the beating. How the hell can’t you understand the urge of a young boy to see a naked female body. I’m a so sad I won’t probably live to see the day when people stop believing in their made up gods and stop following their stupid made up rules.

        1. MUCH better @RebelK! Caffeine on the other hand fucks me up! I had a blended mocha late afternoon, couldn’t fall asleep, couldn’t stay sleep, woke up so early! I’m so not tolerant to any thing! Caffeine, alcohol, drugs- sucks to be so weak! Lol

  6. fucking arabs. fucking arab whores are not that innocent as they pretend to be. been in their fucking countries, have seen all of this socalled virgins. god, i hope someone rapes aunty´s ass, so she´ll learn to close the bathroom door. dirty cunt

    1. Yeah, too funny.

      Wikipedia Says…………

      A piñata (Spanish pronunciation: [piˈɲata]) is a container often made of papier-mâché, pottery, or cloth; it is decorated, and filled with small toys or candy, or both, and then broken as part of a ceremony or celebration. Piñatas are most commonly associated with Mexico, but their origins are considered to be in China.

      Funny as………… in context 🙂

  7. Damn, if this is how they punnish for inpure thougts, then I may have solved all the war in the middle east. Carpet bomb them – not with bombs, but with Playboy, Penthouse, and Hustler magazines. Make it so no muslim can walk ten feet without seeing one on the ground. Sensory overload to the sexually deprived. Those who have the will to resist finding dark places to rub one out will end up hanging themselves for having the thoughts. One half of the men dead, the other half finally sexually satisfied and not runing around in a constantly pissed off state.

  8. What the hell thesebastards have a freakin rope and pulley system just ready to go for ths kinda shit? Its like enternaiment for them……something to do when there arent any women around to stone i guess

  9. Poor little dude. He just wanted to see some boobs. I wonder what he was screaming. Probably not the first time he’s had to go through that. Insane how they have their own little hanging thing in their house ready to go at any time.

  10. Hell yeah!! We need more punishment like this in America!! You people defending this little perv saying “that’s natural for a boy” are obviously not female. Go find a porno or hooker don’t prey on the unsuspecting people. They hit the kid way more then I would have for the offense but I liked the bound gagged and upside down element that adds to the scare factor.

    1. I think when people are saying its natural, what they mean is that its natural for boys to be little pervs, its not exactly natural for us to beat the shit out of them for it. There are way too many perverted children out there who can start that cycle of abuse early, but at the same time…you can’t beat a child every time they peek at some tits or pussy.

      1. Chancing upon boobs and being a sneak to see them is two different things. Like I said I really think he was hit way to much but I don’t consider physical punishment abuse when used with wisdom. I live in an area of old values and got many whippings. I’m not emotionally scarred or seeking therapy, it made me the person of good morale I am today. I’m thankful my parents cared enough to correct improper behavior. As someone else said I’m sure his parents know what would happen to him if caught doing that as an adult, certain execution. The stakes are higher then where I live so I expect the punishment to be worse.

  11. Should have pulled his pants down and whipped his ass bare. I remember the neighbor kid got but whippings with his pants down and he had to pick the belt. I heard once they tied his arms to a bed post for being 20 minutes late and whipped him. I remember him coming to school with marks and one day they had his father come down and they arrested him.

  12. oh sure….this kid wont grow up with ‘issues’ now regarding intimate matters and the bathroom…nevermind anything to do with women, whips, chains, pulley systems, little baby wading pools, video cameras, and grown men pulling at his twinkie ….yeeep…looks pretty sound to me

    1. that comment is very misleading. Your hyperbole is very unappreciated and would behoove you to give the exact punishments regarding that type of thing. If a man and a woman sexually transpire outside of marriage or religion. they are both put to death, yes one more severely than the other usually.

  13. I am sorry but this was just wrong. I could see him getting chastised but this was a little bit over the edge. I know he did seem like he was being used as a pinata. This was really crazy. People in the middle East have a tendency to just over react about everything.

    1. They over-react because of their countries severe laws. If our country had laws such as theirs I’d be acting extremely too because I wouldn’t want my kids to end up at the hands of that crumby government.

  14. To all of those hating on the family. yes it deplorable, but it is necessary. The kid got caught doing something he shouldn’t and got punished for it. It may seem extreme to us but you have to remember their laws are different. If he had done this outside the family he probably would have been caned or whipped before a slow agonizing death by stoning or hanging. Criminal responsibility over there is around puberty, so if he was caught doing this outside the family, guarantee you the kid would have lost his life as he would have been tried as any adult.

    If anything is to hate here it’s the way the country is run leaving people to act to such extremes to instill good value (hopefully they learn) and protect their kids.

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