Kid Receives Street Justice from Flip Flop Mob for Thievery

Kid Receives Street Justice from Flip Flop Mob for Thievery

A young man, probably not older than in his mid teens, was caught stealing and received exactly the treatment they often administer to punks for thievery in Brazil. It’s like watching a group of piranhas – they circle around, paying little attention to fresh meat in their proximity, but it only takes one to get that first nibble and start the frenzy of sheer chaos from which it’s almost impossible to escape.

The mob of flip flop wearers was slow to get the beating underway, but as soon as it was started, there was no stopping the inevitable. I’m pretty sure the kid learned his lesson – at least for a while. Hopefully the memory of the street justice will be stronger than his next temptation to take for himself what somebody else worked to obtain. He could lose his pointer if he doesn’t quit it.

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        1. Everyone thinks they can get away with it at some point. Even i used to steal in high school. Just took me getting caught once. Local walmart. Just took that one time, no real repercussions and I’ve never stolen since. I’m hoping the kid did learn his lesson from this., Then again poverty makes people do stupid things as well.

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      1. Lol, I’m brazilian, and, you now, I’ve to agree with you! Sometimes people act like animals, but you know why? Because our laws are really really “weak”, and people are tired of that shit, so many people here started to do justice by them own! πŸ˜›

        But I hate to live here, I disagree with everything that happens here! I hate summer, I hate samba, I HATE carnival, and all that stupid things that everyone that doesn’t live here think we like! I don’t, I’ll move to Europe soon, I’m Italian too, luckily…

  1. He sounds like a lil bitch so he’s probably in the age range of 12-15…I’m sure this lil fucker has partaked in plenty of asskickings like the one he’s just endured..he knows why feel bad for him..I DON’T….lil asshole was just crying to get out of his punishment…sigh..I really hate this world sometimes…

      1. I thought that too mustard bottle…I was waiting for the flying flip flop of death slap or a flying chunk of concrete or some shit….meh…I’ve seen better beatings done by senior citizens at bingo halls..lolz…those fuckers get DOWN and dirty with their walkers and canes man…ooof!!!

  2. I don,t know what the kid stole, but whatever it was, or if HE really did steal something, we will never know! Brutal beating though for a young little dude. If he did steal, i hope he learnt his lesson! And if he was forced by some other older dude to steal because of a threat, which would not surprise me one bit,, than let KARMA have you ass, because i heard her full name is Karma-Da-Silva!!! πŸ™‚

  3. As soon as one starting hitting him then they all swarmed in. Its like they wanted to wait for the first person to hit him to make sure its gonna be an offical mob justice instead of being that one guy beating up on a little kid.

      1. jesus empty, that’s quite the welcome. Yesterday was my Birthday so I was desperately crying out for attention.
        Nice to know I have a place to come where everybody knows my name…and they’re always glad I came.

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          1. That was from 2007 and actually it was from a house thousand yeara ago where they found like 6 jars with bones and each jar had a name on it and it was mary, yeshua bar yoseph (jesus son of joseph) and mathew oh,,, and Maria Magdalena … so basically they say Jesus was living with maria magdalena or married… they did some dna test and jesus and maria didnt math so they were not related at all… like they were not siblings or mom and son…

  4. Haha, from the thumbnail I was almost sure this happened in my town. After watching, I am sure: it took place in Fortaleza.

    The guy who gave the first punch was holding my soccer team’s jersey.

    Ah… is very good to feel at home this time.

      1. Sorry by replying me again… Ok, I forgive myself, but I have to say this.

        The guy who is screaming at the beggining says “he is a thief, he lives at 109 (street). You can send in the police”.

        Then the kid commits a fatal mistakes. He said “you are (thief) too”.

        Resuming: everybody there steals, and the camcorder used for record this was stolen from a stupid tourist.

  5. They really eased into that lynching, a bit of flirting and then the meaty slaps reigned down on cuntface. Its funny, anyone that happens to be passing by gets bitten by the lynching bug and hits the little fucker a slap with mucho gusto. I love that even the little dog wants in on the action, there’s some people taking out some real frustration from their own personal shit on that kid, he was just a punchbag for anyone who felt like throwing one, just got the hell of it. I hope one day I see a real live lynching, and it lives up to my lynching stereotype expectations.

  6. I recall an occasion in Africa, when some white person was filming a crowd scene and, for some completely inexplicable reason, a negro in the crowd attacked somebody (another black) viciously and the entire crowd joined in in the attack. The unfortunate individual suffered serious beating; kicks, punches, objects thrown from the crowd, you name it. He was in serious danger of being croaked outright. The white guy with the movie camera (this was a long time ago, like the forties or fifties) suddenly realized that HE was the cause of this commotion and turned off the fucking camera, and the whole thing subsided.
    While Brazilians show an admirable lack of any human decency (I say that from a distance) and enjoy displaying their simian descent, they still have a restraint born of their partial white background. Just like Mexicans. Just as long as I can keep living in the bay area.

      1. It all makes sense now !!! Driving in flip flops is against ray law in merica’ for safety reasons… We’ve just narrowed it down some. Those insidious bastards are in on everything down there. Ban the flops in Brazil and the un natural death rate will almost cease to exist. Wait. If this gets out we will lose half of our gore. Never mind…. Doo de doo de dooo (starts whistling and aimlessly walking away from the convo)

        1. If worst comes to worst we can sneak around at night from dasilva to dasilva superglueing flip flops to their feet while they sleep, doing a sinister little laugh at each one as we go. When you wake up to laughter, the devil has kissed your feet, the locals shall say.

    1. Except the cops aren’t give this kid a pat on the head, a baloon and a lollipop……they’re going beat the shit out of him too. Probably hang him upside down and fuck his shit up. Hopefully,.this will be a one time tune up

      1. I kind of agree with you on how much of a beating he took. The Brazilian flip flop mafia didn’t need to be throwing those precision death slaps to his face. They chased the little dude around like they were trying to catch a loose chicken. Yep, that crowd seemed really pissed..wonder what he was trying to steal?

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  7. I seriously gave up on trying to figure out the criminals in Brazil. Like, i know some steal because they are hungry and such, but why not offer to help around and clean things to be paid, be it money or food. After seeing other criminals get straight fucking wrecked from street justice i would kind of lose my balls to pull a crime. I would rather die of starvation rather than face the fury of the 9000 flip flop attack.

    1. As you should, but I also understand he must be punished. I do think they somewhat have a better justice system this way. teaches the kid in that instant that it was wrong and hopefully he learns instead of wasting life in a juvenile facility or jail. The only problem is some people go overboard, like when the one thief was beaten to unconsciousness and thrown in the river. That was wrong. I don’t care if he someone stole an apple or a priceless irreplaceable painting your grandmother smuggled from another country. A human life is worth so much more than that. To think otherwise just makes you look petty.

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