Kidnapped FSA Commander Riaz Ahmad Gets His Eye Gouged on Video

Kidnapped FSA Commander Riaz Ahmad Gets His Eye Gouged on Video

From what I understand, Syrian colonel Riaz Ahmad of Lattakia responded to money offered for his defection which also came with a threat that if he did not defect, his family would be killed and became a commander of the ZOG sponsored Fake Syrian Army. Ten days ago, he was kidnapped near Turkey and the kidnappers demanded 1 Million Euros ransom for his release. ZOG said “Fuck that, we can buy many more defectors for this kind of money” and did not pay a dime. So after the deadline, the kidnappers filmed the video in which they gouge the commander’s eye to show that they mean business.

The video begins with Riaz Ahmad speaking to the camera and someone transcribed the text in Arabic. I pasted it into Google Translate and this is what I got. Try to make sense of it on your own:

I’m Captain Riaz Ahmed Al-Ahmad – special forces officer. Hijacked in Antioch. At my request, the kidnappers requesting 1 Million Europs spoke with Capt. Salah Mahmoud who negotiated the amount down to 350 Thousand Euros.

According to the hijackers, the negotiator failed to deliver but he has not Telecom or on Alambaalat, so after 48 hours of waiting, I will now have my eye gouged. Captains Salah and Lahoud are now partners in this crime.

Indiscriminate which participated in order to get the funds in my home and which knows in advance which he intended for food commodities. And I carry responsibility before God and before my family and my brothers and all loves to take my revenge from this criminal because it is already a partner in the criminal process.

The kidnappers did not pluck his eye out, just kind of crushed it with what looks like a metal rod. Still, it must have been excruciating:

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63 thoughts on “Kidnapped FSA Commander Riaz Ahmad Gets His Eye Gouged on Video”

  1. Ouch! That must have been painful! But the guy took it like a champ, not a single scream!

    In Brazil, kidnappers usually cut off the ears, film it, and send the video of the ear-cutting to the family, along with the severed ear. I think it is much more effective and less evil than the eye-poking shit. You can do a cosmetic surgery to replace your ear, but your poked eyeball can’t be replaced, you will be blind for the rest of your life.

  2. Been a while since I actually bothered to log in; never changed my pass from the default gibberish wordpress provided so it’s kind of a hassle, but I’ll change it now. Sweet vid, but the banner on the side with the girl rubbing off had me really distracted

          1. Oh you silly boy! No offense, but how can one really see your face when it is not well shown? Opened mouth, glowing eyes. That doesn’t help us, but alas this isn’t a dating site. So I guess we are all good. 馃槈

    1. @It was me, I get the feeling he was in on this, I’m suspicious of the way he cooperated and how non violent it really was. The eye gouger was not very aggressive so it appears to me this may be a ploy to obtain the demanded “ransom”.

      1. @killthefilth, He looked/sounded nervous at the begining, like he could see the guy with the stick waiting for him, off camera, to finish speaking. But, I admit, things aren’t always what they seem to be. You could be absolutely right.

      1. @KJ- Eeep?? Haha. Yea, juicy’s 3rd personality- (her freaky one) wanted to make an appearance tonight. Sigh. To be Gemini, a little cuckoo AND suffer from some sort of undiagnosed mental problem… Haha. Sometimes the spot gets hot and i just want to hide my face..

          1. @ Juicy, I only speak the truth so I don’t consider that sweet. 馃檪

            I always change things around, I am content for small amounts of time with insignificant things. Thank you for the compliment, I appreciate that. 馃檪

    1. And hey! after re-reading your post, I was thinking that it would be great to line all of these allah kakallah effers up nude with a golf ball placed at their anus. Then let Tiger Woods do what he does with a 1-wood.

  3. I love how they are forced to tell who they are and what’s going to happen to them before they actually get tortured. On almost every Allahu Snackbar video they tell it, and sometimes you can just hear them getting more and more afraid.. Love it 馃榾

  4. Soo…they didn’t kill him, just jammed/crushed his eyeball. They aren’t getting the money that they want either. Does this mean we might see another video of this man? Perhaps more torture? Maybe killed?

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