Kneecaps and Bones Brutally Fractured by Hamas Militia (video)

Kneecaps and Bones Brutally Fractured by Hamas Militia

This is one painful video that will make you squeeze your ass cheeks tight. According to reports, this type torture is delivered by the Hamas Militia to everyone who is suspected to have been collaborating with Palestinian enemies – Israel. The man in the video is on the ground with his hands tied up behind his back. One of the Hamas militants hold his leg up, while another one slams it big time with the metal rod, completely shattering his kneecaps and bones. It’s an extreme method of torture which undoubtedly leaves the affected man paralyzed for life. Fractured kneecaps are unfixable to begin with, but seeing how brutally this man got his kneecaps and other boned on his legs fractured – I have no doubt this was the last time he was walking. If you wish to learn more about Hamas Militia and their torture practices against Palestinians suspected from collaboration with Israel, read on. Otherwise just watch the video and be glad it’s not you who gets his/her kneecaps and bones fractured like this man. I can barely think of any more painful punishment than this. Brutal…

About Hamas Militia Torture Methods

The military of Israel launched massive campaign against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip in last few months, which resulted in deaths of at least 1,300 Palestinians, most of them civilians. Oppressed and pushed in the corner, Hamas militants retaliated to extreme measures, including torture in order to prevent Israeli forces from progressing. Many men who have been accused of collaborating with Israelis have been shot dead, others have been shot in the kneecaps and legs or otherwise injured with intentions to permanently disable them.

Some of the men accused of being Israeli collaborators were former prisoners in Gaza’s Central Prison, who escaped after the prison was bombed by Israeli forces. Hamas militia caught some of them in hospitals where they were receiving treatment and shot them on sight, or captured them at home and took them away. Three brothers – Atef Ashbiyeh, Mohammed Ashbiyeh and Mahmoud Ashbiyeh from Jabalia in north Gaza were all found dead only days after escape from Gaza’s Central Prison.

Reports from those who survived suggest brutal torture on behalf of Hamas Militants. Kneecapping is a common form of punishment, sometimes performed by a gunshot to the knee. Severe beatings which often leave victims with multiple fractures on their hands ad legs are also very common. Victims are often blindfolded and have their hands tied behind the back to minimize resistance. Deaths as result of trauma after the beating are not unheard of. Receiving beating with iron bars can leave anyone for dead easily. Hamas don’t mess around. I guess their motto is – you’re either with us all the way, or you’re against us.

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  2. I grew up in northern ireland, this type of beating and much worse is dished out quite regularly to hoodlums by the IRA or UVF depending if you are catholic or prodisent. People actualy prefer to have a bullet through each limb rather then take the punishment beating with bats with 6 inch nails through the end. Horribly painful when those babys hit your shins.

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