Las Vegas Man Beaten by Police for Filming Them on His Front Yard

Las Vegas Man Beaten by Police for Filming Them on His Front Yard

My question is – why would the police object to being filmed if they were performing public service as opposed to engaging in illegal activities? Isn’t public service what they’re paid to do using the public money?

The video is from Las Vegas. A man fully within his right to film was assaulted by cops who repeatedly used the ever awesome phrase that seems to green-light all police brutality: “Stop Resisting!

How awesome is that. The police assault you for no reason other than them being on a power trip, but the use of the “Stop Resisting” phrase somehow makes them look like they’re protecting the public from a dangerous individual. You could be doing fuck all, the cops would slam your face against the hood of their cruiser, body slam you to the ground, kick you in the face and repeatedly punch you, but as long as they do it while repeatedly uttering the Stop Resisting phrase, somehow it makes them look like they’re in the right.

I fear to imagine how many an innocent man ended up in jail for having been grabbed from behind by a cop and flinching – which is a natural reaction to something abnormal happening to you. The cop (intentionally?) interpreted the flinch as resistance, yelled “Stop Resisting” and an innocent man, without as little as looking the wrong way at the cop ended up in jail with an assault on a police officer charge. No wonder cops hate people filming them, seeing how it always seems to incriminate them as abusers of power. I am under the impression that if the cops weren’t illegally assaulting people, they would have no reason to fear being filmed.

The victim of power tripping cops from this video was awarded $100k in court. If he were black, he could have screamed “racism” kind of like all black people do, and he’d be a millionaire. Leftist sheep would make sure of that.

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58 thoughts on “Las Vegas Man Beaten by Police for Filming Them on His Front Yard”

  1. I’ve experienced the cop’s anger towards you for having your i-phone watching them during an arrest. Fortunately i was asked to stop and since there wasn’t much happening anyway i complied. I’m sure there is a way to handle the situation so the cop’s will not become aggressive in this particular situation. Maybe if your not confrontational towards them when asked to stop your chances of receiving a beating will diminish substantially. The cop’s can be real dick’s but then again it can turn out differently (?) based on your action’s.

    1. So what! They shouldn’t just be able to beat your ass because you don’t kiss theirs! BS that you should just do what they say, because they say so! Sorry, but dude wasn’t doing anything wrong by filming! Then again, he did get a substantial amount of money for a lil beat down.. I’d take a little spanking for a $100I! 馃槈 I don’t understand why the cops didn’t take the camera though. Then there wouldn’t have been any proof.

      1. @JuicyJ , i agree with you that there was no reason for the cop to beat this guy. I do know that sometimes it is necessary to comply even though they are being unreasonable, it can be the difference between an ass kicking or a verbal “warning”. I have had quite a few run-ins with the popo and one thing i know is that i don’t want to fight the entire police force, bad idea. But i might re-think that perspective if a nice payday could be right around the corner..

      2. Yeah I agree also! Although you should have enough smarts to make seem like you kissing their goddamn ass even when your not! Keep this is mind! Cops nowadays are not of the same value system that our grandparents were raised on. These are people who grew up with the same shitty outlook we did. Its nothing to do with protecting the people anymore but all about ‘How do I benefit”! The true cops are becoming extinct rather quickly and already have in most places.

    1. First fail:
      he lyed.
      Second fail:
      He pisses the cop off, because he tells him: “I’m perfektly whithin my legal rights to do this sir”…
      US-cops don’t like that, I think…:D they feel instantly provoked…

      So instead of checking his ID first, the cops decided to do it in their american way:
      letting a nomal situation escalading quickly and blame someone for thinks he didn’t do.

      I’m really glad and proud I live in a city with the most polite cops you will ever see. (guess what, It’s not in USA xD)

  2. Out here in california it is illegal to film the police in a lot of places. I don’t know if it is right here in the capitol but I’ve heard of people having to go to court for not complying with a stop filming order.

    1. For reals?! So you’re in Sac?! I’m not too far away.. The whole Oscar Grant Bart thing probably sealed the deal with the taping. They are constantly getting fucked left and right with people catching their crooked asses on tape, so that’s no surprise..

      1. Yeah, good ol sacramento. You down the stockton direction or fairfield direction? Yeah that situation was crazy, I think the cop said he thought he was going for his taser? Either way a handcuffed man was shot while laying down.

    2. Yeah it is in a number of places. It really saddens me to see people always talking about how free we are. The US is such an infant nation that has made countless mistakes. Once regarded as this great industrial place is now nothing more than an empty lot. Are people really that dumb to think that countries that have ruled for centuries are going to just let the US be #1? This ‘melting pot” we have is an experiment gone very wrong.

    1. Probably the first time I’ll ever disagree with something you’ve written here.
      As of the last few months I’d say you’re the BG member with a mindset closest to mine (with creepy detail).

      The USA is such a huge friggin country though the differences between upstate NY and LasVegas are like comparing England to Spain.

      1. Aye – It is a big Country. But it’s also pretty much the hub of the very things I detest.

        And I try to stay outside the cone of politics (I wouldn’t consider myself a Democrat or Republican in US terms) and this I think, allows me to look at issues without emotion of being ‘blue’ or ‘red’.

        And what I see in the USA is a Nation on the cusp of disastrous, disastrous change for the White population there. I see the Democrats becoming Ultra Left/Liberal, and the Republicans becoming Moderate Left/Liberal.

        Which is incredibly bad. Liberalism, in this era, is the single worse enemy of us and our people. It’s ruining our Countries, People, Culture and Societies.

        Then looking at the population shift within the US (White % Dipping by 2% annually) and I just don’t see a bright future for the Nation.

        What was once a proud, strong Nation, has become and will continue to become the hallmarks of the destructive power Liberalism carries with it.

    1. That’s the only way i WOULD tape the Po’s! From a safe enough distance that i could run my ass away the second they knew i was filming! I don’t want to get my pretty little face all busted up! As much as i respect the Officers that truly care, Oakland PD are scary fucks! They don’t give a shit about nothing but power! I’ve seen innocent people get fucked with and its a shame! This coming from a girl that’s never been arrested, etc. Yea, I’m a freak and i love to get down, but that’s no crime! Now maybe i should move to Nevada! My kinda place! All the way live- 24 hours a day! XX

  3. /rant and long story

    I don’t look like the ordinary person. I have purple hair, a good number of visible tattoos as well as numerous facial piercings. I like in a someone ….. Blue collar…. neighborhood.

    One night on an early morning trip top Taco Bell (Approx 4am), I was pulled over for not signalling a turn when I was on the inside lane of two turn only lanes. The person on the outside lane was a high and mighty boy in blue.

    Everything went fine, showed him my license and registration and all that fun shit, and when he tells me why he pulled me over, I ask him, “How come yours wasn’t on either?” So he reaches in, grabs my neck, and yanks me out through the window.

    He does his normal high and mighty routine, which I’m quite familiar with, making me leave a nice dent mark on the hood of my car in the shape of my face. Not the side of my head… but my face and shattered my nose again, all while saying their dandy little “Stop resisting” line. Whats a body going to do when it slams into something neigh unmovable… Its going to bounce. So i lose my footing for a second and my legs slam into his.

    Yaaaaaaay! A resisting arrest and assault on a police officer charge. Nose pouring blood, he slams me down on the pavement still chanting his “Stop resisting,” mantra and decides hes going to hog tie me… After about 5 minutes of his knee on the back of my head, yet again I find my face, not the side, smashed into the pavement, he gets me tied up and flung into the back seat of the cruiser. Nice going officer Alex Parkman.

    Bleeding on the nice pristine seat smelling of rubbing alcohol, he decides to flip me face up onto the floorboard of the backseat. Yaaaaay. I start coughing up the blood thats starting to choke me, he peeks in and tells me “You little fucker, I’m going to charge you with destruction of property for bleeding all over my cruiser.”

    About 10 minutes later, the Mr. Nice Guy sergeant shows up. Then after approx another 30 minutes, the sergeant opens the door and pulls me out to snap the ties. Giving me a nice little apology on behalf of the entire city PD, and tries to convince me that they’re on the lookout for suspicious characters whose pulled a string of robberies. Then he lets me go. I think my lucky charms for getting me out of this one.

    “Ha! I’m rich now,” I was thinking. Monday morning, I make a few phone calls and get myself a lawyer for whats going to be a nice little trashing of Officer Parkman. First thing my lawyer does is attempt to obtain a copy of the recording. Public property, right? Well, we got stopped by a Blue Wall…. The recording had mysteriously disappeared, quickly shutting down my case despite the blood on my car hood and the copious amounts of it on the pavement and possibly still in Officer Alex Parkman’s cruiser.

    Sorry for the long story, but i loathe cops… I have ever since I was 15/16 when we’d get harassed for skateboarding down the sidewalks.

    Now I make sure to have my camera with me every time I go out at night. The police will demand that you stop recording them, even stating that its been made illegal to do so in the “wire tapping laws.” Know that no matter you are, it is LEGAL to record them. Its equally legal to deny their searching of your car and persons if you get pulled over.

    Mr. Dorner, you have my full support.

    /rant and long story end

  4. There’s always a control freak and/or sadistic theme in what the police says in these kind of videos, literally always. They sure do an excellent job of proving that they’re nothing more than issues-riddled losers. If you have control over/in your life in general, you wont pathologically crave it.

  5. dude just played mister fuckin know it all and got his ass beat. The cops aint cool but he should know better than to deal with them like that

  6. The cops weren’t exactly professional, but the guy was deffinetly asking for it. I’m not a cop, but if some idiot was filming me on purpose I would definetly go on to him and ask him why he was doing it, and tell him to stop, if he didn’t then I guess I would beat the crap out of him. Legal to film someone else without their autorization? Where the fuck is that legal? Besides, it’s very natural for a police officer to interpret that kind of behavior as something suspicious, some jerk in the middle of the night filming police officers in the middle of the street? Then lying to them when asked about his residence? They where abusing their power, yes, but they should’ve taken him in for interrogation all the same..

  7. Cops were straight up out of line, ass holes and probably received bonuses. That first cop was aggressive right from the git-go and and he’d already made up his mind to force his authority over a civilian who dare video him. Hope he was fired……

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