Little Dealer Accused of Stealing Drugs Clubbed by Two Men

Little Dealer Accused of Stealing Drugs Clubbed by Two Men

This happened in Brazil. The guy in pink t-shirt says: “Where’s my drug? Where’s my pipe?“, apparently accusing the little guy of stealing his stash.

The little dealer is then punched in the face and gets brutally clubbed by two men. I think since about 0:24, his right hand was already jelly. They beat some serious shit out of him. Not sure how he fared afterward, but he could be in a lot of crap, if not dead.

Props to Best Gore member @Wybolso for the video:

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63 thoughts on “Little Dealer Accused of Stealing Drugs Clubbed by Two Men”

  1. Hey hey hey first comment of the day. So yeah, that poor guy got beat up so bad, you know, fucking shit he got caught in a crossfire of drugs dealers and coke heads and not only that, but shit you guys are fuckin assholes, well, you guys take care bye.

    1. Now those three motherfuckers delivering the beating deserve to get their shit pushed in with those same sticks and be put out… Those are some ruthless punks and by my books you put them out first before they do you… Fucking hate bastards like them, fucking cowards…

  2. Seriously, without the board the guy in pink… He kicks the dude… While in flip flops… It sounds like he got hit with a nerf gun. If it wasn’t for the boards the little dude might have had a chance. Fucking pansies.

      1. That board with the nail in it may have defeated us now but the humans won’t stop there. They’ll make bigger boards with bigger nails and soon they’ll make a board with a nail so big it will destroy them all!

    1. Most men have heard of Men Going Their Own Way at this point. They just aren’t doing it. It’s a great idea for men committed to the idea. These days, marriages are failing constantly – so men as well as women might do well to pursue the single life. MGTOW/WGTOW Best of luck
      But on topic – Don’t fuck with drug dealers! DGTOW 😉

        1. MGTOW Seriously? That shit was created and is probably funded by the fucking Jews as well, to keep birth rates down in the west, then comes the need for immigration, we’re being fucked by the Jews in every which way except the kind I like. Wake up mate!.

    1. I strongly suspect that the same people who handed out this beating have undoubtedly done things themselves that would have warranted a beating just like this from someone they wronged.

  3. He’s lucky to be alive ..
    If someone stole my drugs is dead..
    My mother once found and took my stash and I wasn’t able to be patience or talk relax I make her to give back everything she took

  4. When is enough enough? Either you intend to kill or intend to warn. This was far worse than a warning. Watching videos of people being killed is far less difficult than watching slow brutal torture like this because you can feel the pain and even flinch as he get beaten. Me no likey.

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