Little Girl Chained to Fence and Forced to Watch Parents Executed by Syrian Rebels

Little Girl Chained to Fence and Forced to Watch Parents Executed by Syrian Rebels

Take a good hard look at this photo and pay attention to the unspeakable agony in the little girl’s face. Take a good look and realize that your money is being used to destroy the lives of toddlers like her for the sake of Israel.

This photo was originally shared on a pro Syrian Rebels Facebook page with a note that al-Qaeda linked al-Nusra Front Takfiris captured a family of Shias and bragged about chaining the toddler to a fence in order to force her to watch her parents tortured and executed because her family had different religious views from the US, Canada, UK and Israel backed Syrian Rebel Army. These are the same so called “Free Syrian Army” soldiers that Obama, Harper, Cameron and the like provide weapons and funding to in violation of international law, but under the clever guise of “peaceful” protesters taking on the “evil” leader of Syria.

The look on this child’s face says it all.

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  1. Listen, the whole middle east needs to just be ruthlessly conquered by someone who isn’t illiterate. Take away their guns, and give them all foam fucking swords, because they’re slowing down the progression of mankind.

    1. @Fabble, I have been coming to bestgore and watching these videos for about the last 5 years of my life, on and off, yeah. Id go a few months without coming here then one remember this site and be like “Oh yeah! Lets go see what’s new!” But never did I make an account just because I figured I never needed one to watch videos and stuff, I always scroll through comments reading what people have to say and what not. BUT basically what I am trying to get at is that I, in the last 5 years have never read anything more true in my life. Your comment literally made me create an account 5 minutes ago just so I could respond to this comment and let you know how much I fucking agree with you. THE ENTIRE middle east needs to just be taken over and enslaved or something. Their the sickest ethnicity of people, for the most part, I have ever seen and studied. Thanks for the comment.

    2. Amen. If we wiped them all out let the dust settle. Then give it five years to get the stink of the nasty people out of the air. Now build build build. Have it a vacation spot, casinos, whatever. All the normal countries could deal with the U. S. for the oil. And everybody could live happily ever after. When everyone saw how well it worked they would want to do it in other shitholes too. Then finally the countries would realize we won’t fuck around anymore if your country acts like uncivilized animals. Before you knew it,it would be a wonderful world to live in.

  2. Aw, sweet little angel. I can’t even fathom the kind of emotional pain she must have endured. I’m not one to be racists but damn it’s hard not to be towards middle east people when their pulling shit like this. I agree with the first comment on this page, they really are slowing us down as a species. Stupid sand nigs

    1. U.S. kills way more people, the most of anybody,more than Hitler. War is just a business. For money,power and control. All the wars are set up-problem reaction solution. The banksters are just playing chess. They fund all the wars and own everybody in the end. The troops are not fighting the terrorists, they are working for them and helping them complete their agenda for the New One world order.

    2. You know just because it’s more publicized in the Middle East doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen in “peaceful America”. Do your research before you make snide comments about the humans you call sand nigs. I’d look at that FULLY AMERICAN man who shot up the navy base. Or the American man who locked up those girls for 10 years. Aren’t they killers? Aren’t they inhuman and mindlessly fucked? Or do you only listen to what’s being said in the media. Kind of ironic for you to be here if you think that the Middle East is nothing but crap. This site wants people who can differentiate between the good and the bad.

      1. Haha whoa there calm down. There was nothing said of all middle eastern being sand nigs, instead, it was stated that the pieces of shit in the videos on this website are sand nigs. Calm the fuck down and make sure you understand everything that you read before YOU start making “snide” comments at members on here.

        1. That’s the worst reply ever. That’s like referring to a black guy as a nigger but not actually meaning the whole race. You say sand nig, you’re talking about an entire race. Saying nigger is intended towards an entire race. I read very fucking well, much better than you ever will. Think before you say something because you just might sound stupid as fuck. Not all Mexicans are part of gangs, not all middle easterners are terrorists and not all whites are conceited psychologically screwed people. Don’t speak words bigger than yourself.

          1. Not quite. There’s a big difference between a nigger and a black person. It’s the same when I called the people who did this to this little girl sand niggers but that doesn’t mean I think the little girl in this picture is a sand nigger. Don’t comment on my post and try to push your beliefs and nonsense onto me or anyone else. If I gave a fuck about what you have to say or if I wanted your opinion then I would have tagged your name in it. Get the fuck off your high horse and stop being an asshole.

            You’re obviously a little too sensitive for a site like this. Go take a xanax and calm down before you give yourself a brain aneurysm.

    1. Well most scholars who study Islam, say that the 72 “virgins” are actually white horses, but have been mischaracterized over the millennia. It’s funny because most Muslims can’t actually understand the Qu’ran because it is in old Arabic and not the modern form. So they completely believe what the Imams preach to them. And most of them are just as ignorant to what it says in the actual texts. I asked a muzzy once why don’t you use a translated version and her reply was that those are not the true words but lies inserted into the translations. So I asked her what about the lies Imams spread, she was like oh they are holy the would never lie. It dawned on me then that the vast majority of muzzies are the absolute definition of a sheeple. Funny thing was she asked me if I believed in Mohamed or Moses or god and Jesus. I told her no that I’m an atheist. She looked at with disgust and told me I had know soul…I told I know that and neither do you. She never spoke to me again. Dumb bitch

        1. NextEx: If you feel teased, then imagine how I feel experiencing these things with the person I love, yet having to do stupid shit like sleeping, and working, which impairs my ability to enjoy such experiences 24/7. I guess something has to give us a break from ecstasy… 😎

  3. I hope that girl got a real good look at the killers, and in 15 years goes on a mission to mercilessly kill each and everyone one of them, then their families, then their relatives, and finishing with their pets.

  4. Fucking cave men, that’s all they are. What human would torture little girls and cut people’s heads off just because they don’t ascribe to your narrow and backwards religious viewpoint?
    If I were Superman, I would walk though the Middle east and crush each of these fuckers heads in my hand until there was not a muslim left on the Earth.

    1. Oh so it’s the religion that does this? Haha you’re so fucking dumb and uneducated I don’t know how to reply to something like that. Please don’t get me started on the fucking so called peaceful Americans. It’s sad to see members of this site being so uneducated in matters of religion. Islam doesn’t refer to any type of violence. Just because these sick fucks go on a rampage to torture little girls doesn’t mean Islam tells them to. The majority of you are so uneducated, get over yourselves baby. Nothing great about you. There’s bad everywhere, in every culture, every nation. Look at the bigger picture.

      1. HEY!! WAKE UP! Maybe not all muzzies are terrorist, but by FAR the majority of terrorists this day are MUSLIM! What fairy tale rainbow world do you live in? What do you think these neanderthals would do to your liberal sheep ass over there? Go fucking live with them then .

  5. If this story is true, then it is sad as Hell, but I have come to expect no less from Arabs / Muslims / Anybody from the Middle East. That’s they’re savage culture. Let ’em all kill each other. I don’t care who funds the massacre.

  6. I can put up with a lot of shit, ie: gore, death, guts etc. but that right there is fucked beyond which any words can describe. To them it’s icing on the cake, because they lack the ability to form an actual intellectual thought of how niggerish this shit is. You fucking ignorant, incompetent fucks. Why go to that extreme? All i can say is poor child, for an extremely lack of better words. If your God or Allah does exist, why in the fuck would anyone want to be accepted by him if this is the kind of shit he wants you to do.

  7. I wonder if this is a deliberate tactic to produce hellish disciples of satan on earth, and I?m sure Syria is already a assembly line for them. Well not everyone becomes an empty killer during or after wartimes, but when your soul brakes as a child and you?re subjected to more “training”, I dont know, the chances should be high to turn really violent. Btw this picture above should be all over the main steam media, it would be a milestone in forcing sheeps into some critical thinking. Thanks BG!

    1. Well, if this picture is completely true.. And they really chained this little girl up and forced her to watch her parents be tortured and murdered right in front of her.. What do you think it would do to you? I think I would probably grow up fantasizing about killing the heartless assholes who did it and anyone like them. It would be difficult to turn out to be a “good person” after witnessing something like that.

      1. Regarding the environment where this girl grew up, I think I couldnt take as much as her, put directly from where I live (Europe) at her age right into this situation, well I guess not in the moment of the horrors where just instincts rule, but afterwards the development would be much more different. I know shit about her constitution coping with the pictures of hell, but I would just sit in the corner eating my own feces, although I witnessed some kind of torture in the family as a toddler. Further as a weak and spoiled westerner, I?d run as a mumbling vegetable trough the streets and because of the lack of a mental facility, sooner or later I?d land on BG as a high quality beheading clip.

  8. Yeah, I’m with you Ate, the culprit behind these wars in the middle east is Israel. You also mention the US, Canada, and the UK, but all those countries are controlled by the Jews as well, so I’d just point to the Jews period. These Jews are responsible for most of the bloodshed on this earth.

  9. I’m inclined to believe this to be fake and I wasn’t going to post anything due to the fact that anti FSA sentiment is good for us but propaganda is still propaganda and we shouldn’t get into the habit of accepting such notions as facts because it is one of the reasons why our people are so stupid and easy to control to begin with.

    This photo and accompanying background story may be true or it may not be true, the problem lies in what it doesn’t show us, it doesn’t show us the dead family and it doesn’t show us the rebels, it is very much the same as the photos of dead gassed people shown by our media with the words “look at what that evil Assad has done” when there was absolutely no proof that Assad or his army had done it.

    My conclusion, we all know that the FSA are horrible fucking bastards but that photo does not proof anything and without wanting to sound harsh or cold hearted people need to stop reacting to such “evidence” with emotional outbursts and shouting for revenge.

    The twin towers photo was used in the same way for the invasion of Iraq because the public reacted with emotional outbursts and shouted for revenge, the evidence that the mass gassing of the Jews by the Nazis took place amounts to nothing more than a few photographs of dead bodies, regardless, the public reacted with emotional outbursts and shouted for revenge, the list of examples goes on.

    The cold hard truth is that as long as the people are so easy to influence they will be manipulated by those who wish to influence for their own means, become emotionally tougher and always use logic to reason and they, our governments, will find it very hard to influence and control our actions, strength in numbers remember, we have that numerical advantage but sadly we don’t have the ability to think for ourselves yet.

    1. It’s good to hear from you Wicked Mama, How have you been.

      Emotive imagery is a good lesson to take on board, I don’t mean any disrespect to anyone on here by my above comment I only wish to help people see what lies beyond first impressions.

      Propaganda is a widely used tool to influence peoples actions and we must not fall for it regardless of who produces it be it the FSA/SA or our own governments.

      The reason why propaganda works so well is because we are emotional beings, we react with emotion to life’s situations and reason tends to take a back seat to emotion because reason is not a natural state to begin with.

      Just as Wicked Mama said, emotion clouds objectivity and interferes with sound judgment, The Muslims are an emotional people, they do not reason they just react and we have seen what the end result of that is.

      We should get into the habit of scrutinising every piece of information we come across if we wish to be free from external influence, emotion is fine and dandy and we are not robots after all, but it is necessary to keep that emotion held back at times when reason is required to help us make the correct decisions.

    2. Good read Empty…….

      We do have the ability to think for ourselves and it takes a site like this to slowly but surely educate us.

      I’ll say it again………. Canada made a huge mistake fucking around with Mark.

      1. It’s mind numbing to think about the social media exposure of best gore since Canada thought they would have a go to silence us.

        How many other countries are involved in trying to block best gore ?

    3. you say the problem with the picture is what it doesn’t show but in my mind it shows more than enough, just look at her face regardless of anything cover story some sick fucker has subjected an innocent to this and photographed it like its something to be proud of. I am not a man of violence but I would be if I got hold of the culprits.

  10. Oh my god…how do you even begin to say anything to this….
    It’s not the first time I’ve heard the US, UK and others are arming the rebels but the the hell is the reasoning behind it? Once it’s over they’ve a country run by ex-militants that have weapons and capabilities the same as, if not exceeding, our own and won’t want to be in anyone’s pocket. How can people align themselves with state sanctioned massacre….wasn’t Libya similar?
    It’s enough to make you wipe out humankind altogether and start again with the amoebas. This time telling them to forget the legs idea and stay in the sea.

  11. Facebook hearsay.

    This photo on it’s own really doesn’t prove anything regarding her parents. The girl facial expression could simply be because she’s chained up to a fence.

    I doubt only one photo was taken. So whoever took this photo should provide wider shot(s) showing what, if anything, she’s looking at.


  12. I hope this shit is fake..i fucking hate dakka dakkas..but i love children and seeing shit like this makes me wanna go into my local liquor store a sock the first sand niger i see in the the fuck can you do that to a child man..makes me think that maybe dropping a few nukes on them and starting them all over might be best..but who the fuck am i..not God..but may that asshole take mercy on that country and the fuckers who did this to this poor child and make lightning bolts come shooting out their assholes killing each one of em in the most painful ass raping they’ve ever experienced.. =/

  13. That is crazy I tried to copy and paste this on Facebook for my friends to see how terrible this is and Facebook would not let me and said anything sexual or nudity cannot be published…Wtf. Wow some things I know are true I guess when Jewbook is blocking it.

    1. That’s because if its real Jew book doesn’t want people knowing what’s really going on..Obama doesn’t want the truth to be leaked out and Jew books the fastest..easiest way to spread the word..fucking everyones on that shit..some 24/7.. =/

  14. Hell yeah! I hope that was a chain shipped over from the US and if they used guns to kill her parents, it was US arms; or a very sharp US knife to slowly decapitate them. Obviously, this little girl knew what she was getting into when she choose her religion, so she should be forced to watch her idiot parents get tortured and executed. Lucky it wasn’t her! Maybe now she will go to the correct side of Islam. Allah Akbar!

    John McCain should send those guys a medal of Freedom award for this honorable act of courage!

  15. Sad. Anger. Guilt. Repeat.

    These generic comments that I see everyday are getting old. Yeah, poor kid…what about poor me? I’m sore from 4-wheelin’ all weekend. I don’t see a pic of me on here with a look of pain on my face!

  16. Real or propaganda, one thing is for certain, given she is still alive… this little girl is mindfucked for life. The look on her face is beyond terror, it’s pure confusion and disbelief at the situation she is presented with. The sheer agony her psyche is experiencing is mind boggling. This shit just wrong.
    The sadistic perpetrators of this atrocious scenario are perfect candidates for a little lenge tche (death by 1000cuts).

    1. Not always as most people can only remember back to 4 and 5-years-old, this girl looks all of 2.5 years-old, maybe 3 tops.

      Don’t get me wrong though, the world she lives now in Syria is complete shit, but assuming she is alive, it’s not fake and shit gets better, I doubt she will remember what she saw; again, assuming it is true.

      Plus, humans have an amazing ability, their brains do anyway, to completely block really bad shit at an early age.

      My best friend growing up got circumcised at age 8, with apparently little to no topical numbing stuff. To this day he completely blocked out when it happened and the week or two healing, completely oblivious to it happening actually. So, yeah, I doubt she will remember anything.

  17. I heard something and please tell me that this is not true:

    They killed child to!?
    Btw, did you heard that FSA mercenary’s killed one little girl with saw, cutting her limbs, one by one while she was still alive? One village is completely tormented and burned. People are forced to convert to alah ekber Islam or to face dead. All Christians in that village. Please Google!

    1. Little Christian Girl Dismembered While Alive By Obama?s Psychotic Syrian Rebels:

      Should the United States be allied with radical Islamic jihadists that dismember little girls while they are still alive? That question sounds ridiculously absurd, but that is precisely what Barack Obama is proposing. Obama wants the United States to go to war so that it will be easier for al-Qaeda Christian killers to take over Syria. What you are about to read should absolutely shock you. Please send it out to your friends and share it everywhere that you can. If America willingly sides with psychotic, murderous savages that behead little children, it will bring a curse upon our nation. It is imperative that the American people be told the truth about this.

  18. do the people in Washington see this shit? or are they conveniently kept from such shocking truths? or, even worse, do they see these things, and turn a blind eye to it? go to their gated communities; drink their wine, play with their own children, pushing out all the darkness from their minds with busy activity, pretending it’s a movie…pretending that it’s all in the name of the greater good.

      1. That’s people in America for you. Some don’t have the heart or care what happens in other countries and focus more on their own lives and happiness. Tell you what, one day this just may affect us and these people are not going to understand why.

  19. You naysayers are pathetic. Why do you need a photo of her parents to understand why the story is quite likely true? She is not a Sunni because she wouldn’t wear clothes like that. Her parents were probably Christians and FSA are known to go around killing everyone who’s not of their faith. What happened to her parents is not important. This child is experiencing extreme discomfort in the hands of her captors who took a photo of her suffering to further agonize her ordeal. No child deserves to go through that and if there is a group of people that have proven us how little respect they hold for children of other religions, it’s Obama’s freedom fighters.

    1. So because people want a tick more information on a picture that has yet to be confirmed we are pathetic? Don’t get me wrong, some bad shit has happened, including children dying over in Syria and it’s a complete shame. I doubt anyone here finds it a laughing matter. However, posting a single picture and then saying this is what happened, when lies and propaganda flow freely from Syria, we are supposed to blindly believe simply because it’s on this site?

      Even that story on the far right wing site leaves one a little wondering.

      I’ve not seeing the video of the child being dismembered, so maybe someone could confirm it was her or not; though I guess it really doesn’t matter, that alone is pretty horrible.

      But still:

      Maybe we are supposed to feel something for a possibly staged photo for some other horrors going on there then?

  20. The Syrian War, funded by Barack Hussein Obama has led to the massacre of another village full of innocent Syrian children, to include this little girl that was beheaded. She was identified as being a Christian. Her attire of clothing, being that of a little dress and stockings is consistent with that of the ?Christian style? of children?s wear and inconsistent to that of a Muslim child. Many Shia Muslim children were also among those brutally slaughtered.
    Come judgement day, may the blood of this little girl and every Syrian woman and child be on the hands of Barack Hussein Obama. The Obama International Terrorist Syndicate is responsible for the indiscriminate wholesale slaughter of thousands of Syrians and must be brought before a War Crimes Tribunal for Crimes Against Humanity.

  21. I am a proud American but am fully aware we have shit for brains leading this country. This photo hurts me to my heart as my little girl is about the same age. I can’t imagine this happening to her. Am going to show her this photo to inform my little angel how fortunate she is as other children have to live through such horror.

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