Lone White Guy Attacked by Large Pack of Blacks, Mainstream Media Silent

Lone White Guy Attacked by Large Pack of Blacks, Mainstream Media Silent

In Columbia, South Carolina, a pack of 15 blacks attacked a lone white guy and beat him to a pulp while shouting racial slurs. Not surprisingly, there is not a bleep about it in the mainstream media, because portraying blacks as anything other than victims is a big no no.

Imagine if the roles were reversed – if 15 whites ganged up on a single black man and beat him to a pulp while shouting racial slurs. Every liberal fag would be pissing his pants, while Zio media would run front page stories calling for tougher laws to deal with hate crimes.

Another angle video of the same attack, shows the viciousness of the beating, and the cowardice of the attacking pack:

424 thoughts on “Lone White Guy Attacked by Large Pack of Blacks, Mainstream Media Silent”

      1. Here’s how the MSM is portraying it:


        “Alleged Gang Members, KKK Member Brawl in South Carolina”

        “This video shows a few black men, described as members of the Blood Gang, beating up a KKK member, who the uploader said ?initiated the fight with disrespectful and degrading words.?”

        15 on 1 is now officially a ‘brawl’. 15 thugs is ‘a few black men.’

        The man was attacked because of the color of his skin. If you’re going to call anything a hate crime, this is a hate crime.

        I wonder if Nimrata Randhawa will aggressively investigate and prosecute the perpetrators of this hate crime. Somehow I doubt it.

          1. Really Acneska??

            Maybe if you stopped writing lengthy posts about nigger victimization by police you’d stop being a part of the problem and start being part of the solution.

            Yeah these niggers are sickening henchmen of the Jew.

            You KNOW this.

            You have got to stop spreading the black victimization lie.

          2. Police are henchmen of the jew. The only thing worse than a nigger state, is a police state. In a nigger state, you have an equal opportunity to defend yourself. In a police state, you have none. In a police state, you are just a degraded goy licking jew boots. Nigger is just an ape trained to wear clothes. Jew henchmen police do not differentiate between whom they kill. They are a greater threat to the white people than niggers can ever be.

          3. I can’t disagree about 90 IQ cops being Jew henchmen also. You make a valid point.
            However the lowest common denominator here is the groid.
            With zero impulse control, zero future orientation, a full standard deviation + lower IQ than the average white, a high biologival propensity for violence, rape, and murder, and all that “muh dik”, blacks take the grand prize for behaviour which is completely incompatible with a law abiding and civilized society.

            Acneska, I absolutely love what you do to expose police brutality. You are right in the utmost sense to do so. I encourage many, MANY others to visit BG, if not for the gore then at least for *your articles specifically.

            You know what another incredible tool in the Talmudic arsenal of the Jew is?
            PORN. It is a known fact the kiken-vermin are creators, purveyors, and mass distributors of porn. All of the worst and degenerate kinds, including their ever increasing softening of the western world’s taste for cuckoldry.

            Knowing what disgusting fucking slime balls the biological Jew IS why then is it that BG has to have a revenue stream from Jew created porn on your site??
            The gore doesn’t degenerate society or “corrupt morals” like the corrupt government of Alberduh and Canaduh is doing to Mark. PORN does. It has put the masses into a trance and spell, just like the “Holocaust?” has cast the biggest spell, and if we can’t start turning people away from it while still allowing each of us to not be “sexually oppressed?” (Freudian, err.. Fraud-ian lie) then the Talmudic synagogue of Satan has won.

            Excuse me for digressing but given the popularity of BG how can the need for the hardcore smut really be so?

          4. I wrote a long reply which gave you respect and argued some very valid points about niggers, kiken-vermin, and such.
            It for some reason didn’t make it up…is there a max character limit?
            I’m too wiped to rewrite it all so I shall carry on this debate another day.

            You do extremely important work in exposing police brutality so never quit. Like you need *my advice for that but I want you to hear it from me regardless.

    1. Welcome to all you newbs. I must say there’s an ever increasing number of you lately but, there’s plenty of room left so have a seat and remember one thing , We’re here for the gore because it’s the Bestgore

          1. Perhaps once you newcomers change your avatar pics to something that reflects who you are then we will grow accustomed to you.
            As for me…I’m known as being a big dick around here.

          1. No you do tend to go “Silent” but I follow your threads when you post…cause it’s usually something good. πŸ˜‰

    2. Middle of the day, shouldn’t they be at work? At least most of them anyway. Oh I forgot, they don’t know how to get along in civilized society let alone in a work environment. If being a dumbass loser with a bad attitude was a job, they’d do quite well for themselves.

    3. I bet if Donald Trump was elected America would be a better place ………BOL yeah okay!This world is a damn joke!Hate will always be here and corruption will always exist.Is there really anything we can do???

          1. I guess by now you already finished right Daniel? It’s impossible to be in the bathroom all this time !!!!lol πŸ˜€

          1. La verdad no se que quiso decir se?or,pero soy chica!!! Espero tener la oportunidad de decapitar unos cuantos frijoleros y guardar sus cabezas como trofeos lol πŸ˜€

          2. That would be mass suicide on your part but don’t
            worry I will be filming it and posting it on this site

      1. Might as well change the countries name to The United States of Africa since it’s pretty clear that you yanks have effectively surrendered to the black man.

        Don’t worry though, we’ll “pull up the slack” over here in Eastern Europe whilst you dumb Americans let the negro walk all over you. It’s pathetic what America has become. You’re considered a joke over here in EUROPE. The black man’s bitch.

    4. and this my friends. Is why you carry a fucking gun. You can bet if I ever go into a big city like this again I’ll be carrying a desert eagle or a .357 magnum so the motherfucker either go’s paralyzed or dies

    5. Have you all ever heard of Cannon Christian and Chris Newsome. I’m sure 90% of you all haven’t it was young white couple butchered by group these animals and not a word was said on national news. Look it up it happened in Knoxville TN. This Stuffs Not Right.

    1. This video occurred in Columbia, SC. It only shows one incident in a much larger affair. The KKK were out marching with the rebel flags etc… Some Bloods whooped their ass. I’m from SC. I’m Black. That flag is ill.That was one well deserved beat down.

      1. @doodurty

        So you’re basically telling us that you are promoting hate since they were beating him while shouting racial slurs? That would be a niggered statement. I’d say the other video with the white girl getting her ass kicked is perfectly justified since she’s an appropriating black people’s behavior and mannerism.

      2. Nobody cares that your black. in fact I don’t think anyone cares about blacks. Not even blacks. Isn’t that the media gripe?
        Newsflash nigga. Black lives DONT matter. That’s why nobody cares and you got so few responses you so craved. Stupid nigger. Now go get Obama to make us pay for something. Scum.

          1. because the most meaningful and productive thing that a black person could do with ones passion and time is to comment constantly on bestgore

      3. You’re a savage. Feral. Look everywhere blacks are in numbers greater than 15%… Continent, nation, state, county… City.. What ever.

        Two things are always true in the US… Violent crime is above average and high school standardized test scores are below average… On the international level… Every black majority country is a cluster f__ __ k of violence, poverty crime and worse…

        I have no faith in your kind… Been watching way too long to come up with any other conclustion.

          1. ‘people of color’? ‘pale skins’? do you have even the slightest idea that YOU are your own peoples problem with phrases like that?

          2. i think black like using the term people of colour to include other non blacks with dark skin like a lot of latinos, asians in to the same group to make it sound like they are just hated because of the “colour of their skin” not bc of their actions.

          1. @Persian Im Mexican/Salvadorean and i bet Ive had more white Women than you haha…..You guys probably get Angry When You see interracial couples where the White Chick is waayyyyyyyy out of your leauge but Lets Jamal fuck Everyday haha…

        1. It’s because our country keeps other countries down in poverty by airstiking them and their own corrupt government stealing the food from the people that we send over. People are people I’ve seen every race do fucked up shit to other people. It has nothing to do with race but with the fact that people lack morality compassion and love. If people focused on helping their fellow man out than seeing what they could do to exploit or get from them then things would be a lot different. And I’m not black I don’t care about race it’s not important it’s about what’s inside yourself.

      4. the Klan was formed due to crimes of rape ,robberies and murder and the Republicans Party of Lincoln after the Civil War did nothing to protect Southerns in fact white were hanged if they retaliated against Negroes ,so it was needed to take the law in their own hands…. and wear hood to protect one identity…..

        Even Abraham Lincoln, as a young man, was a victim of an attack by multiple Blacks and this was during the time of slavery!
        ?In the autobiography, he also spoke of a previous trip to New Orleans. With regard to this trip, he said nothing about slaves but did refer to *egroes, recalling that he and his own companion ?were attacked by seven *egroes with intent to kill and rob them? and were ?hurt some in the melee, but succeeded in driving the *egroes from the boat.??

  1. Ahhh it reminds me of my high school days… get into a fight with 3 niggers at the same time, they quickly multiply from 3 to 10 to about 20… πŸ˜† But ive told that story before in here, so i wont repeat it again. πŸ˜›

      1. How about “MOBY JONES” I have no idea where it came from but my dad would use the term to “politely” point out that we are surrounded by niggers in Philadelphia. Example …”the guy just cut me off! Must be a Moby Jones, yep it is”

          1. Your certainly entitled to your opinion πŸ™‚ However back when my Father call them that, he was a semi-professional boxer in Philadelphia just coming out of the Marines. So I doubt that very much… think he didn’t want to corrupt me yet πŸ™‚

        1. That’s funny. I’m sure most whites do that. When I lived in TX long ago, the roofing co. I worked for had their shop in deep niggerville. I was the token female, and we had the one token black dude, who was always cool around us, because he was the only one probably. Anyhow, one day the guys asked me to walk to the 7-11 and get some smokes, and I replied, “no fucking way, a nigger might get me”
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          1. That was a good one. I’m so glad you finally made a profile. The comment section has needed something extra, something that I wouldn’t of been able to pin point. when I read your comment just now i knew it was you and your wits

        1. Running away from ‘people of color’ chasing them? How is that at all an insult to ‘pale skins’? Its just more of a testament to how insanely and inherently volatile ‘people of color’ are for very little or no reason

      1. Where i live im surrounded by them (in between 2 “social neighborhoods” where gypsies and niggers conglomerate plus another one 1Km south of here), and they mostly already know me for the “wrong” reasons… πŸ˜†

      1. Blacks will get over slavery when Whites get over their confederate flag, remove all the memorials to Slavery, stop calling Blacks Niggers and change the names of all the streets, military bases and college doom halls named after all the Southern traders against America, then maybe Blacks can stop being sore about the “slave thing.”

      1. You seem to be unable to grasp the fact that one person was set on by a group and that there is something wrong with such behavior. You don’t seem capable of separating your views on race to be able to judge what is and what is not exceptable.

  2. I believe the Caucasian man was a kkk member and they were protesting the removal of the confederate flag, the story is he was waving his flag around thus getting the shit beaten out of him. But this is what the powers that be want. They want us to fight and hate each other so we can be blinded by what’s really going on. Can’t there ever be peace?

    1. Yeah it’s funny though. We have to accept that they have “black only this” and “black only that”, black schools, black healthcare, black midwives, black scholarships etc. Setup a white only college and it’ll be a big deal to them. They don’t realize how much the society actually helps them, and they’re just ungrateful or don’t realize, and they just want more handouts. AND it’s the same for black people in every country. It’s a common trait that is only destroyed (or partially destroyed) by interracial children. So get yourself a black girl and knock her up!

      1. It’s black only this and black only that mostly because of the country’s “history” of it being white only this and white only that. I know many of black people who literally have to claw their way to the top only to get knocked down each step. You can’t believe everything you see on tv about society helping this race or whoever. Maybe they have those things to upset whites? So people can hate each other further? Until you have met every single black person in this country just know that they and many other races work hard for what they have. We all struggle, white, Mexican, black, Asian and so on, but in the end we are ALL slaves in binds to the powers that be.

        1. 1 )White race that single-handedly built america from nothing. Non-Whites (including the so-called “Native Americans”) having nothing to do with the United States; they are literally aliens to it, and to civilization in general

          2 ) Jim Crow laws etc, all they did was force blacks NOT to integrate with whites. In the federally imposed black history month we learn that blacks have been able to be powerful historical figures, get college educations and live lives equal to that of whites, even during times of ?oppression?. They were just made to do it separately.
          Well, the problem there was that they couldn?t sustain and take care of themselves. The ?oppression? was that they were forced to live amongst, and sustain, their own people.
          They have to force themselves upon whites because we support them!! Find me one nation, city, state, hell neighborhood that is completely black and is civil! Go ahead, I dare you. You, can?t, it don?t exist

          3 ) Blacks don’t get good jobs because of the way they speak, dress and the giant chips on their shoulders. It has nothing to do with Whites being privileged. We live in a society today that bends over backwards to accommodate blacks and ordinary White people are petrified of being called the R word.

          Blacks get stopped by police more than Whites because blacks commit the most crimes per-capita. This isn’t rocket science.

          Taxis don’t stop for blacks or come to black neighbourhoods because blacks have a genuine reputation for violence and uncivilized behaviour… especially when someone “dissrisspecks dem.” They also don’t like paying their fare.

          You peoples problem is nasty attitudes, not White guilt. Learn to look at yourselves for once, instead of blaming others. You’re actually halting your own progress by buying into stupid, race-baiting, Jewish concepts which make no logical sense once you analyze them critically. The whole “White privilege” fallacy is designed to keep blacks down and you can’t even see it.

      2. Wow, doing your sheeping thing I see. Blacks are getting nothing, that any other group can’t get. Now if you want to talk about entitlement and handouts, check out what the USA government is giving American Indians. They literally pay for nothing, healthcare, college, food, clothing, housing, and the government is making their rich. But you will not hear a thing about that. They would rather you hate Blacks while they are making themselves and many others rich. Yet, you continue to sheep after anything they tell you until it’s your day at slaughter house.

          1. the? Natives? were drifters and settlers camping by fires. White people founded America. They attacked US for being there so we retaliated.
            Whites were the real native Americans. We whites were here thousands of years before asians came. Look up the kennewick man and soutreans
            Spirit cave mummies, Florida bog mummies, Maritime archaic (red paint people), all Caucasoid, and thousands of years pre-dating the Vikings
            Of course there?s also genetics, European and American Haplogroup X split around 30,000 years ago.. Haplogroup X is not found in east Asians

          2. Again Whites are facing collective punishment, this time for possibly being descendants of Whites who killed off the ?natives? of America. Besides warring with United States military, the Amerindian tribes fought and killed each other en masse, as well as attacking White villages ? scalping, raping, and torturing women and children. Do you actually think Dances With Wolves or Pocahantas are accurate representations of history? Regardless, the historical war with the Amerindians does not justify today?s policy of flooding America with millions of non-Whites who have no claim to these lands.

    2. the Klan was formed due to crimes of rape ,robberies and murder and the Republicans Party of Lincoln after the Civil War did nothing to protect Southerns in fact white were hanged if they retaliated against Negroes ,so it was needed to take the law in their own hands…. and wear hood to protect one identity…..

      Even Abraham Lincoln, as a young man, was a victim of an attack by multiple Blacks and this was during the time of slavery!
      ?In the autobiography, he also spoke of a previous trip to New Orleans. With regard to this trip, he said nothing about slaves but did refer to *egroes, recalling that he and his own companion ?were attacked by seven *egroes with intent to kill and rob them? and were ?hurt some in the melee, but succeeded in driving the *egroes from the boat.??

    3. I never got that bit of you libertarians

      On the contrary the media/ globalists are trying to SUPRESS racial tension coming from whites, so that we wont secede . the media is suppressing the truth about the crimes and degradation non-whites are doing to white countries so that whites will continue to be in a slumber unaware of their slow kill.

      If they could race-mix us out of existence without any tensions rising they would be more than happy

    1. Yes, our lives DO matter, but…
      Only at the expense of…and at the very bottom of the accepted pecking order…

      -“Oppressed” Baboons
      -“Poor Hated Victims” jews
      -Anything “Brown”
      -Anything with tits
      -People from the fucking Moon…ect, etc

      Did I miss anyone????

      1. No one but a limited number of pale skins will feel sorry for you. It is evident that that is what you desire, sympathy. Unfortunately, I am very skeptical that there is any. You see, if you want to be angry with someone it shouldnt be people of color or jews or immigrants or moon people. You should be angry with your ancestors because you only have them to blame

    2. Yes they do…As well as should everyone else’s. All lives should matter. But the hatred between whites and blacks is not going to stop until people realize that the media and government are purposely trying to start a race war.

    3. Just don’t refrain from using the word “Nigger” because that’s freedom of speech to and it rightfully matters. Even the comedian Chris rock made a reference about “Black people and niggaz (niggers)”.

  3. Two things could of prevented this beat down. Always carry your iron or take some krav maga classes, both could of helped this guy immensely. Well that and, don’t hang around a bunch a “thug” types. Your asking for it at that point.

        1. Pale skins dont often comment to make any sense. They seem only interested in insults. I think it is a reflection of their inability to engage in substantive content. Perhaps it is just an example of their poor comprehension skills. In other words, maybe they just dont have a sufficient intellectual quotient to understand whats being explained to them. Nevertheless, it serves as an absolute obstruction

          1. How do you explain then that in the U.S. blacks score one full sigma beneath whites on IQ tests? Is there some sort of cultural bias in the testing?

      1. Maybe dont pick fights and you wont have to make your dog fight your battles for you. Furthermore, most human beings fear attacking dogs. If this is the best you have to condemn people of color then it might be a good idea to go back to the drawing board

  4. BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA. The only thing a filthy cracker understands. He should of had his pistol. Lord knows crackers are a physically inferior species of Neanderthal shit. Bunch of hairy, sweaty animals. I wouldn’t dare touch a filthy cracker with a ten ft pole. Wouldn’t want to get MRSA or anything.

        1. Happens everyday, we’re just not stupid enough to take footage of it and post it on social media, that’s what helps keep our asses out of jail. We do that shit, how do you guys say it, on the down low yo.

        1. I think you know damn well that niggers are far more prone to this type of behaviour than “pale skins” are. If you love niggers so much then fuck off and marry one but take your bitching somewhere else. I’m sick of you clowns who only log in just for the sake of stirring shit up in the comments

    1. And I wouldn’t waste a good bullet on a fucking nigger. I would rather use a nigger as a good tree ornament. Just like I would use you as a good tree ornament. Good ole niggers. Only good at 2 things: 1) running their mouths on the computer. And 2) jumping people. They can never fight alone.

    2. +Krakerkilla

      First look at your own career of hateful comments including what your name is already conveying. What is that characteristic of? You guessed it, a nigger.

      The comic Chriss Rock once said “There are black people, and there are niggaz” and he used the term “niggaz” euphemistically in reference to what most of us here point to when we say “Niggers” so what does that make you.. You guessed it my friend.

    3. “Lord knows crackers are a physically inferior species of Neanderthal shit.”

      Well… You know where I live yard-ape…
      Oh… That’s right… Almost forgot… You blue-gums only know how to fight ten on one…
      And if you think not being able to fight off fifteen niggers is “physical inferiority”… Then you’ve fallen for your own bullshit…

      Stop by to see me anytime…

      I like watermelon too…

          1. Very much so but I’m not coming to your house to kick your ass just because you can’t check your ego. Why would you even endanger your family and loved ones like that? I dont think you even care. At least about anything bit yourself. Im sure they would be disappointed in your behavior. Nonetheless, you seem like you deserve a good ass kicking

          2. So… You are scared…
            I understand…

            I’d tell you to grow a pair of balls… But you’d need a spine first…

            My challenge still stands…


          1. Finally, you two have found one another. Its like the end of a romantic comedy. And to think, you both found each other here on bestgore and not some old ratty dating site. Ironic huh

    4. BWa ha ha ha ha ….. Your a nigger……BWA HAHAHAH HA . Why do you think we used to segregate you from us ?? Because of color ? Yes. But not just color …we kept you divided because your all filthy and contaminate anything you touch. That’s why property values today go down when moby jones moves in..starts calling it a hood and acting all niggerish.

        1. The government is the physical manifestation of the public and its interest. Whatever the government does that is unbecoming the people allow by permitting the corrupt to hold office. Sorry but I had to say that. I seen you mentioned this about government before

    5. Sweaty? All yall niggers carry rags and STINK. No matter how much sweat you wipe off or rub that nasty dog shit looking skin, yall still stink

      Also why do u all smell like cocoa butter. Yall even lather your ashy ass skin with the same stuff. Like women on periods. Group up niggers and they’ll all act the same.

  5. This is divide and rule plain and simple, did he have a confederate flag?

    You can’t buy them on Amazon uk anymore. It’s a fucking flag!

    People are being pushed until they snap then ” hey presto ” martial law.

    You wonder why they want your guns USA?

  6. Makes me feel better to have witnessed the exact opposite to this a good few years back. Long story short, a black guy thought it wise to mingle with City fans inside Main Road, bad idea, he got banjo’d and then some.

    1. Not a nurse went from field medic to EMS now to wildlife biology. Just doing the things I love to do πŸ™‚ although I do believe we have a few wonderful members who do work at hospitals πŸ™‚

  7. Coincidently, the local Columbia zoo reported a break-out in the ape section. Apparently they are missing quite a few chimpanzees, orangutans and gibbons.

    They advised the public not to approach them for their own safety and to just call the police and zoology department if spotted.

    If surrounded and your escape routes are compromised they recommend handing out job application forms as this seems to put the fear of God into them.

    Alternatively, throw a bucket of KFC in their direction and this should occupy their attention long enough for you to make your escape.

  8. There was a white guy in that group, or did you missed that? Definitely we don’t know the context, maybe he was a Skinhead provocateur, although I’m not black and hate any violence, regardless of color, I would react similar on any Skinhead provocations.

      1. From what i gather the KKK is/was a Christian group that wanted seperation/segregation.

        Somebody should do a comparison of the good things the KKK have done compared to the bad things they have done….

        The KKK for instance get the blame for lynching a lot of blacks when they had hardly anything to do with it…

        Apart from a few incidences im aware of the KKK has been quite peaceful compared to other racist foriegn groups like the jewish defense league,black panthers, nation of islam, la raza….

        Perhaps somebody could do a study comparing the wrongs and rights of the KKK to those others i mentioned…just to show the people ,like Hitler, the KKK arent the devil incarnates the media, establishment make them out to be…

  9. That damn zookeeper needs to be fired…

    This is what happens when you feed the chimps… They start seeing Confederate flags everywhere…


    Wouldn’t you just love to have this multicultural enrichment come to YOUR neighborhood?…

        1. “The words you say make me think the room you are in now smells like meatsweat and okra. Like an old high school locker room they use to store vegetables in”

          You’re obviously speaking of your own childhood experience…

    1. awww…look at that…@gnat, your dad got his ass handed to him.

      Well, look at the bright side…they spared his life…you and your siblings get to share daddy’s experience and new found respect for black folks.

      May I suggest you pay close attention when he shares…you now what they say…”those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.

      1. “awww?look at [email protected], your dad got his ass handed to him.”

        There you go again making an ass out of yourself…
        My dad died ten years ago from cancer… But I guess you got a jackass retort to that too… Don’t you?…

        “Well, look at the bright side?they spared his life?you and your siblings get to share daddy?s experience and new found respect for black folks.”

        Yeah… You niggers do a bang-up job burning your own cities down and looting everything in sight?…

        Oh yeah… Did you read that article I linked above?… It has a couple of pictures so it might keep your attention… Maybe… Then again… It has no bitches twerking… So… Maybe not…

        “May I suggest you pay close attention when he shares?you now what they say??those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.”

        Yeah… Like the part where your own people sold themselves out to the Jews and let their own people be slaves… Class act…

        Pants up!… Don’t loot!…

          1. I’m definitely not pretty by no means…

            And no… I’m not a member of the ‘hurt feelings gang’… Unlike yourself…

            Because if you weren’t a member of said ‘gang’… You wouldn’t be trolling me… πŸ˜‰

          2. @mrblade I think it’s safe to say that if anyone’s feelings are hurt their yours. The way you come on here and desperately try to defend your nigger friends actions really proves it.

  10. A similar thing happened in my neck of the deep south woods yesterday…clansmen with flags, black folks with concerns…group of said concerned black citizens cornered a lone older white man to confront him with their concerns about the flag he loves, but what the media focused on was the fact that a black LEO stepped in to save the white man despite the fact that he was wearing a flag emblem on his T-shirt…what a noble thing the officer did, they kept pounding into the heads of the viewers.

  11. The truth is i don’t think the majority of people on this site are racist, the general view is as follows …..the term nigger has taken on a whole new identity, i think we all know what niggers traits are, do we think all blacks are niggers? Well until a black person proves otherwise then yes.
    Along with the kike baby fuckers and the goat fuckers, oh lets not forget the pedophile priests, no matter what colour they will be hated just the same, but i know this fact since joining this site, if the people on here were dealing with people of different races and creeds in their own life situations they would judge them on their actions and behaviour towards them, and i hope i speak for most of my fellow gore lovers.
    Like i always say REPUTATIONALISM not racism is the main factor.
    So hey black people take it easy, i am sure most of you hate niggers aswell.

  12. I thought this was the coming attractions for the new will smith movie remake of the karate kid without his little nigglette kid. I see a black johnny lawrence and his cobra kai gang pounding on a white daniel larusso. when is miyagi coming in to save him?

  13. Well, we all hate cops, but this is what law enforcement is for. Can use this video to ID the attackers. Those carrying sticks could probably be charged with assault with a deadly weapon. Can’t have people like that walking around free with the rest of us.

      1. Can I ask you a question, if you and your family are all educated do you choose to hang around with people like those in the video? Do you regularly go to parties in those neighbourhoods and have friends with gold front teeth who can’t speak correct English?

  14. Hello hello . I’m new (kinda) I’ve been coming to this site for about 3 years now . Watching all the videos daily. Reading all the comments left by what seems to be the same people over and over so I’m thinking …bestgore.com is actually a community of people like me …sweet let the horror commence.

    1. Welcome @ chefslaughter, and enjoy the ride. And please join us for our continued fight, for justice for the worlds downtrodden, freedom of speech, and above all the ultimate TRUTHS! πŸ™‚

    1. Don’t worry they’re coming soon. There’s only so much we can take until every nigger knows his place. Every proud white person should conduct guerrilla warfare against violent niggers and the organizations that support black crimes against whites. We should create a white self defense group to keep these apes in check. There’s more of us than them. The “Day of the Rope” is coming soon.

  15. Almost forgot . Mostly created this profile because I wanted to respond to @krakerkilla. You are ALL scum every single one of you. Wide nostril nappy headed anger infused lazy pieces of dog shit. You all deserve what comes to you either from the law or the little white boy on the street who blows your fucking brains out onto the sidewalk because he’s had enough of how niggers act. Don’t give me that shit either about how it’s not color it’s character. No it’s all of you. Superior in what way !?? Physically?? Ok . Maybe the dudes have a tendency be more built but I’m thinking that’s result of malnutrition . And fuck …black women are basically dudes with wigs ….and they wear fucking wigs…. Ugly ugly species. You all should just kill each other and save us the trouble. In short FUCK YOU @krakerkilla …by the fucking way the term “cracker” comes from us using fucking whips on those ape asses you have we should bring that back. Cracker out . Piece of shit.

          1. And how in the fuck does one change their photo. This little avatar looks like a fucking Brussel sprout that’s turning into bob Marley. FUCKKK!!!!

  16. Hey guys!!! I’m new here. I’ve been enjoying Best Gore for over a year now. When I’m feeling down about some shit, I come here… and I suddenly feel better about my situation. And the comments?? Priceless. I decided it’s time to make a profile and join the fun! I hope I’m welcome πŸ™‚

  17. He still got up. I know more blacks that will quit in a fight before I do whites. Pussy niggers. Unless they are in a pack they aren’t worth shit. Their like ants. Nasty black shit sucking ants.

    1. Growing up I always was told the same thing, that niggers could never fight one on one, must be true.. I have yet to see one square off with anyone except their own kind, even then theres like 15 bigger black dudes and she-boons crowded around them, pretty much jungle creatures.

  18. @Der. Thanks man. I’ve been reading your comments for months now. Hilarious. A coworker saw me laughing at my phone once, she asked what was funny. I said… ah, just looking at best gore. She looked at me like WTF?? And said ooook. Lol. It takes a certain type to be here I think.

      1. @Hanabi, everyone has different features and that is what makes us unique. Some people have big honker snozes, others have funny hair but we are all beautiful in our own way. I’m sure it’s a hereditary thing in her case.

          1. Maybe her father is Mario? πŸ˜€ and you’re right I haven’t noticed it,maybe is a prediction of a near future? πŸ˜†

  19. White supremacy: like the flat earth theory…an archaic conception. Put more simply – greatest lie ever told.

    Cracka: endangered species, likely to become extinct.

    Nigger: most effective cure for the cracka disease.

    Pale skins of bg: all bark and no bite…AKA – poodles and chihuahuas.

    White man: e.g. Abraham Lincoln, JFK
    etc, tons of respect and admiration for.

    Black man e.g. Obama, Martin luther king jr. etc tons of respect and admiration for.

      1. I say again, white supremacy is the greatest lie ever told.

        @gnat you disappoint me.

        seriously!… civilization?

        you break my heart pretty boy…not to worry though,
        I’ll help you out.

        type African Civilizations into your browser and feast your eyes.

        would have told you directly
        but I think you’ve been spoonfed too much white supremacy bullshit.

        time to earn what you think you know or don’t know.

        Now…get to work cracka!

          1. The ultimate ignorance is the rejection of something you know nothing about.

            Fact: sudan has more pyramids than any other country on earth – even more than egypt.

            Fact: west africa built in stone by 1100 BC.

            …Winwood Reade, an English historian visited west africa in the nineteenth century, commented: “there are thousands of large walled cities resembling those of europe in the middle ages or ancient greece.”

            some little spoonfeeding…now back to work she cracka! Learn!!

          2. “Fact: sudan has more pyramids than any other country on earth ? even more than egypt.”

            Fact: Egyptians built the pyramids in Sudan. Egyptians are not Sub-Saharan niggers…

            “Fact: west africa built in stone by 1100 BC.”

            Now you got a legitimate claim…
            But… Hahaha!… They sold themselves out… We ALL know that they weren’t successful… And they never will be…

            Keep the dream alive!…

    1. I do not mean to sound racist but let me state a few facts. The most powerful, most intelligent, most advanced race of humans to ever exists on this planet are white American males. It is not debatable, It is a landslide victory for whitey. We enslaved the entire black race for fucks sake. We literally own you people still to this day. You are just to blinded by welfare and obama phones to wrap your heads around it. The point of my post is this, if there was a race war in this country, it would go very badly for the black folks. If the whites organized and decided they had had enough. It would be bad. So let’s stop calling each other names and bickering with each other. Let’s focus on the problems of institutional racism that exists and needs to be ended. Let’s focus on our corrupt government who wants us divided so we do not look at them.

    2. The most intelligent, most advanced, most profitable, most powerful race of humans to ever exist on this planet earth(in known recorded history) is the white american. Do you really think that just because a little group of rebel flag supporters represent accurately what would happen if there was some kind of racial conflict? You would be making a grave error. If the white man organized and decided they had enough it would be very bad for the black folks. We run shit. period. Always have and most likely always will. Your comment would be funny if it was not so moronic. We know we do not need to have a race war with you. We just have to shut off the ebt cards. problem solved. You will kill yourself s off in a month.

        1. think that while you swipe your ebt card and buy food you would otherwise not have if we were not handing it out. Think that the first of next month when you pay your rent with the money that we give you to do so. If it was not for the white man you blame for all of your woes. you would be literllay starving to death. If it was not for the white man you would of not even been born. We run shit boy. We run it real good.

          1. This is coming from someone who understands what institutional racism is. I wish it was different. It will not change. There would be a race war that the black man would lose horribly and it still wont change. Until the majority of the black men in this country pick themselves up and fix themselves. We cant fix you. sorry. We wont let you drag us down into the depths with us though. We will cut the cord first. Let you swim on your own. Get some popcorn and watch you kill each other.

      1. White American? Most intelligent? Holy shit, what the hell am I reading here. Am we on candid camera?? Backward ass hillbilly fucks thrive on numbers, money and the ever loving antique slab of toilet paper some call the constitution. Almost as old and relevant as that other fairlytale, the bible. You’re damn near a third world country and your likely still blaming Obama for all the Bush Administration fiasco! When you live in your racist bubble (you know…look out your window) you can’t help but have a little hatred as the world progresses around you I suppose. But from the outside looking in, I would say that there’s little hope for your kind. In the meantime, us other white folk will be just fine.

        1. @peach, 1st let me say I’m a big fan…you crack me up. I still snicker when I think of the oompa loompa incident. I get it….
          My question, is Finkelstein another word for nose? lol
          I agree with blayvier, she’s a guy……man!

    3. Martin Luther King he is not a reverend nor a doctor nor is his name Martin Luther like the famous one; it’s Michael King. He didn’t dream shit except the shit reading off the planet; the fucking niggers. His best friend Abernathy wrote all his speeches, so Michael wasn’t even a scholar.

      What’s does that leave you with? A rapist, a thug, and a communist. That’s who you respect.

  20. nasty niggers will always be nasty niggers, I would like to see them take that guy on one on one, the nigger would be dead. I fight nigger chicks all the time and make them eat the shit off my shoes .. big mouth sheboons are ugly as shit like their males.

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