Low Level Pickpocket Abused by More Advanced Criminals in Papua New Guinea Prison

Low Level Pickpocket Abused by More Advanced Criminals in Papua New Guinea Prison

Low Level Pickpocket Abused by More Advanced Criminals in Papua New Guinea Prison

This was taken in a police holding cell in Papua New Guinea, a country in the Pacific. The guy getting beat up is a low level pickpocket who snatched a phone belonging to the wife of one of the more advanced criminals.

He ended up being caught by police and put in the same cell as them. By then, they had already received word of his arrival. They beat him bloody and abuse him by forcing him to eat a bar of soap and drinking soapy water mixed with God knows what else.

Submitter of the video asked to remain anonymous:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. Papua New Guinea uses English as official language and in the video I could hear some bits of English like ”Look (at) me”, ”Drink” etc. Our African and Polynesian languages with the exception of Swahili, Zulu, Igbo will never be recognized by Google.

  4. I loved the Pidgin English used throughout and did anyone notice the drawing of a chimp(three quarter side profile) on the wall to the left of the vid?

    Papua New Guinea is one of the most violent countries on Earth. I would say the capital -Port Moresby- is far worse than any cartelist city of Meso and South America. I have no official stats ,just anecdotal info, from people I know who have worked there and what I have read and seen in vids.

    A friend was there for business a few years ago and would visit clients with paid- for bodyguards who had machine -guns. He stayed in a many- starred hotel, with guards who would regularly shoot -to -kill at machete-wielding “rascals” who would regularly charge the hotel .

    Headhunting and eating of humans has returned since the White Man left and I know for a fact the lot of any woman there ,whether White or Black,is simply as a cum -dumpster. Feminism never was big with tribal life.

    1. First video from PNG, I like your description of Port Moresby which happened to be the only modern settlement in the whole country. Cities or rather settlements are located far away from each other separated by hills and valleys. Have watched a lot of docs from Port Moresby highlighting the violet life. These are the same Aboriginal people we talked about in the WW II post.

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  5. Eating and drinking soap, as well as tasting foul also has a laxative effect. He’ll be shitting fizzy gravey for hours after that. I wouldn’t want to be stuck in a cell with that. Those guys may have scored an own goal.

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