Madison, Alabama Police Officer Leaves an Indian Man Partially Paralyzed

Madison, Alabama Police Officer Leaves an Indian Man Partially Paralyzed

Eric Parker, a Madison, Alabama, USA Police Officer has been charged with third degree assault after a Friday, February 6th incident in which 57 year old Sureshbhai Patel (a recent arrival from India) was stopped by Parker and another officer after a resident in the neighborhood called to report a suspicious man on the block.

On dashcam video, we see the officers approach the Mr. Patel and engage him in conversation. Obviously there being a language barrier as Mr. Patel spoke little or no English, the officers mistook him for something he wasn’t and Officer Parker aggressively throws Patel to the ground where he is talked down to in the manner most Police talk to the public (like you’re their retarded little cousin). They then attempt to stand Patel up but he clearly has trouble staying on his feet and is unable to walk under his own power.

Mr. Patel was admitted to hospital and was determined to have neck injury and that he had no feeling in his arms and legs. Neck surgery was performed the next day and Mr. Patel has since recovered some feeling but remains partially paralyzed.

Madison Police Chief Muncey said that Officer Parker has been suspended with the possibility for termination. The FBI has also launched a Civil Rights inquiry. So it looks like some justice will come of this nonsense. Paralyzed for committing the crime of fucking walking down the street. It should also be noted that Patel was described by the man who called the police as “a black man”. Despite Ferguson, police respond quickly to the possibility of a black man walking around a predominantly white community.

Mad props go out to Best Gore member rebelk for the video.

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    1. Luckily he was kicked from his job. One more thing, don’t be shocked if you hear in the news a killing spree of cops in the US. There are some ill minded people that will do anything to shut these cops when they tip over the red line.

        1. If your gonna take on the largest organized street gang in the world youll need money and numbers or anonimity ruthlessness and brains. Make em too fucking scared to be cops anymore. Make them realize that thier power is only percieved and doesnt really exist. When it comes to survival what you will do always outweighs what you can do. They pull shit like this cause they know the law will protect them. And if they didnt know that they would not. Since apparently people wont make thier voices heard where it matters and have lost control of thier gov. And police. There are few options.

        2. Yeah RomTaran9, good one genius, rational thinking people like myself call idiots like you fucktards. Where the fuck in this video did your slow crayon eating ass see mass murder or derive a conclusion to post such a stupid comment ? Look out people, we have another darwinian achiever!

        3. the problem with a mass police shooting is not that police shoot first…its that there are not enough people with the balls to actually follow through with it. if enough people actually loaded up their guns and took it to the cops, even if the cops fire off they will eventually run out of bullets. people are afraid to commit and if one person goes down then the next person runs. its a shame really. the fact that the words “tough guy” actually represents keyboard warriors and not real people anymore.

    2. Guess who will soon own the local motel and gas station in Madison?

      When india women get married the groom on their honeymoon scratches off the dot on forehead to see if he gets a motel or gas station….

      Told that one to Indian guy at gas station and he laughed and said…yep the father in law gave him this one…

    3. im glad that sob cop got fired and im fixin to buy me a gun and get a permit to carry inside or out i think where going back to the wild west days its a shame that people hate cause thier black white stright or gay thier aint going to be any peace untill we the human race finily destroys this world then thier be peace life is to sort for wars no one really has a kind word to say to anyone news on tv is always bad the wheather is bad people are always killing each other parents just let thier kids do what they please the usa is going to the shits if we could just get through 1 day with out voilence even on the internet all you here is hate really people if you want peace you got to work at it dont just complain and bitch all of us

      1. The dumbass cop was both fired and arrested. And for sure, there’s going to be a HUGE fucking lawsuit – and this man and his family will no doubt bankrupt the stupid fucking town. Serves the town right for having criminals on the payroll. Bad lawsuit on the way. Very bad.

  1. I knew this would show up on here after I saw it trending on Facebook…lol

    Anyway, yeah. Not unexpected, right? That cop was probably raised doing some hardcore backyard wrasslin’. A frail Indian man can’t hold up against a move like that! 😆

    1. Cops doing what they do best, hurt, and demoralize the public at large. Hey FD, do you, and the wife want to switch houses for a month? I,m sick of the white stuff, and could use some palm trees for a change. lol.he, he.

      1. thedre, I’m not his “Missus” I’m his “Mistress” >:) and unfortunately, we aren’t acclimatized to snow. How about we swap in summer? lol Stories of the South’s oppressive heat and excessive humidity are ( somewhat ) exaggerated. 🙂

          1. Watch out for those pesky sinkholes and those hurricanes can be a little gnarly, so I’ve been told.
            If I lived down in gatorland @Future Days and @It was me I wouldn’t leave my house without my jet powered backpack to get out of any bad situation… just got to make sure it’s not made by ACME?.

          2. You guys have a wonderful climate down there. Shit, It has been snowing every second day here for the last month, and the temps have been record lows also! IT SUCKS! 😉 I just had to ask jk, because every time i see your avatars, i think of paradise, and palms. 🙂 Florida is a beautiful State.

  2. Hope to see some “justice” come out of this one for a change. Cop will probably not get jail time but be fired. He may end up working in another department and repeat the same behavior with someone else.

    1. Nope! If he gets fired or found guilty for being heavy handed, he won’t even be able to get a job as a security guard at Rite-Aid. That’s one of the big no-no’s that goes on his record for life. No law enforcement agency in the world would touch this toolbag. He’d better practice saying,”you want fries with that”. Bitch ass pig. Hope he gets his Mickey D’s job in a nigger infested part of town.

  3. Scratching my head wondering what the fuck those pathetic excuses for Police are thinking. They’ve lost the plot totally those cops across the pond. They are beyond ridiculous at this point.

    Have to say though. It seems par for the course that a recent immigrant would receive justice of sorts. Just a thought.

    1. For one thing, this happened in Alabama, these fuckers aren’t known for their intelligence, lack there of but yes I’m surprised they didn’t unload their clips into the poor guy. Nowadays walking anywhere in public is a crime, “you fit the description”, oops, sorry we terrorized and crippled you.

    1. So is your country going to follow Greece out of the EU?

      I have no idea why any country would give up their currency printing machine….in USA we have printed over 4.5 trillion new dollars since 08…

      Hitler turned around Germany by issuing debt free, interest free currency but than it was the reason for WW2 so maybe it wasn’t worth it….

      1. Nope, our Prime Minister loves to suck IMF cocks, hes such a good slave for the EU, a very good goyim… this country is so filled with cultural marxism bullshit that i barelly recognise it anymore… its dead since 1974. People should learn from the Iceland case, wich aparently seems to be the last sane country in the whole world… but people rather give their countries to far-left parties and let it sunk to a catastrophic level…

  4. So they body slammed an old guy because he kept trying to walk away? Did you see how his knees bent and his feet flew behind him? That was some force used by the cop.

    Don’t walk the neighborhood sidewalks in the daytime once you move to a new house. Stay inside on nice days. Forget exercise and meeting your new neighbors.

    Would have helped if pa-paw had learned some English before he came over, though. I still can’t see two men body-slamming a skinny senior.

  5. That was really shocking, a move that seemed intended to break the man’s neck. Apparently completely uncalled for. The cop needs to be brought up on charges of attempted murder. Interestingly enough, the cop himself appears to be nonwhite, a situation that seems to often be the case for these things.

    Indian people usually seem to be among the nicest folk I’ve had the pleasure to run across. I wouldn’t usually expect problems from them, unlike other brown people. More about all that some other time.

  6. I bet these cops are so proud of themselves. Like wow look how tough we are beating up an old Indian guy who probably runs a 711 or econo lodge sign in desk. They can’t tell the difference between blacks and Indians they should go back to the police academy lol. Besides that I’ve never seen an Indian guys mugshot on local news.

    Blacks on the other hand are constantly on the news usually fucking up in some way or another.

  7. Poor man. That’s no way to treat anyone. Maybe if he had asked him right from the beginning if he spoke English he would not have treated him like this. Shame on the neighbour too!! I hope the policeman gets his ass kicked!!

  8. Those cops made his injurues worse by not realizing something had gone terribly wrong. Tying his hands behind his back and stsnding him up were the worst things they could have done. Even though the dude could not speak English, common sense would have told anyone (who had it) that the dude was in serious trouble (medically).

  9. The family shouldn’t have brought him here from India and just let him walk around by himself. He couldn’t speak a word of English. He kept putting his hands in his pockets and trying to walk away from the police. He could have ended up a lot worse off. Now his family is planning on suing, when it is all their fault.

    1. No. It’s the fault of the gorillas behind the batch, who are despite being armed already and bulked for combat, they take no shame in brutally causing trauma to the guy.

      Or, what kind of country is this, that you can’t walk the streets safely in ?

  10. Thanks for posting @Obli!! This happened approximately 1 1/2 to 2 hours from where I live, so it has been all over the local news. Although I agree completely that he should have learned some English, this guy had arrived in the US only six days before this took place. One small glimmer of hope, the officer has already been charged with 3rd degree assault. Only time will tell if the charge actually sticks though. With all the police state brutality we see here on a far too regular basis, I was very surprised to learn that the cop was charged at all.

    1. I truly find it peculiar that despite the violent acts of terrorism committed daily by the natives of the “civilized world”, you guys stick together like glue & always throw the blame on immigrants.

      I mean, why would your government allow entry for somebody without the means to protect thee ; English or not I don’t really think it would help, he was an indian, another “rag head” -that of course only in your civilized world-.

      How come you people criticize Muslims & middle easterns then ? you’re proving to me that you’re the worst of humanity day after day. I loved bestgore before because the old members had some sense of justice that I missed in my own homeland. But hey, the illusion gotta end.

      One must not expect a lot from a nation that invaded Iraq & literally killed 2 Million “iraqi humans” in a matter of 4 years.

      1. How can a country that has violently killed the indigenous children, man and woman in what is now America be referred to as civilize. Look at U.S. Laws throughout history and see the reason why they are in place. To protect whites for whatever crazy reason. 60 years ago this Indian man would had been lynched literally for walking through a white neighborhood. Civilize, no. Terrorist, yes.

  11. Thank you @obil for posting this.

    This is very brutal, especially since it was built on a mere “civilian report” ; these cops should’ve had arrested the guy only, no need for the wrestling move.

    But just like that Sweden video, I can say I’m 50% sure that handling the situation like this is based on “racial extremism” ; finally immigrants are being told “politely” by the police that they’re not welcomed, leave or get your son’s head smacked to sidewalk or wait for your grandpa to get paralyzed.


    1. @Arabic – why should they have even arrested him? He was just walking the neighborhood. There are a lot of people from around the world that live in the US and don’t speak English. No crime in that. Sure it would be helpful, but most non-English speaking people in the US get along ok.

      I feel it’s more of an issue for immigrants who refuse to assimilate and/or expect the US to bend over backwards for the immigrants cultural “needs”. For example, we had a married couple from the Middle East who worked at our hospital. The man wanted to have a quiet place to perform his prayers during the day – not a big problem. But he wanted to be accommodated with longer and more frequent break times during which time he would do his prayers. The rest of us got 30 minutes for lunch. He wanted 45 minutes, plus several other 20-25 minute breaks to pray and have a snack. Sorry, no special treatment should be given. In a hospital setting, many times you either don’t get a break or just enough time to use the bathroom. He’d get really pissed off about the whole break thing, thinking he should be the one never to miss a break. Plus the fact he did not “feel comfortable” taking work direction from females. Not the way it was done in his country, so he asked the boss if only male employees could teach him his tasks and converse with him as needed. I think that if he values his culture so much, he should not have come to the US.

      Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think the US should be invading and warring with other countries. I do believe some of our military committed atrocities in Iraq and many other countries throughout history. As a citizen, I have no control over that. Our voting system and democracy is nothing but a farce. 😐

      1. @Arabic
        let me say what we are all truly thinking & know, but no-one has yet said.
        he was treated like this because the police mistook him for a muslim

        US police think they can treat civilians however they want.
        they receive a call stating it was a “black” civilian, so they raced to scene with their preconceptions set.
        they arrive at the scene – and see what they perceive as a muslim civilan….and the guys fate is basically sealed

        very sad, but true

  12. Didn’t look like he was walking away or trying to get away to me – but they aren’t showing the first part, wonder why, lol? While some people sit back and defend cops being fucktards, I keep thinking back to what @Dutchy and @Stomper have said in the past as to how their cops would have handled these kinds of things. I don’t think the outcome of most of these cases would be such injury (or death) of unarmed civilians. 😐

  13. Guess what asswipe cop…you’ll have no job except maybe being poor mans Gardner after you lose your job! Your police dept will be paying millions to this poor bloke. “It’s called a broken neck!” Dumbass redneck cops.

  14. I live less then 5 miles from where this happened. Everyone around here knows that the madison police force thinks they are God and can do what they want. Glad to see Mr. Parker fired and arrested.

  15. They are supposed to protect the people. When the majority of people decide they have seen enough shit like this they will rebel. The Hispanics and Blacks are no longer the minority populations in most major cities in the U.S.. The blacks are already enraged to the boiling point. Fact is Black on Black homicides far out number how many blacks are killed in custody. But try telling that to a crowd of thousands of angry black people and let us see how that pans out for you. We are probably very close to that point. The police are grossly outnumbered. That dumb ass Saddam Hussein and Qu Daffy failed to see the shit storm until it was too late. You could not pay me to live in the city. A widespread power outage in a major city is all it can take to create kaos.

  16. I’m Indian, I was born there and I moved here when I was 9, this is fucking ridiculous, this guy was beaten for walking his granddaughter to her school, & for resembling an African… Indians can be aborigines, mongoloids and of Caucasian descent but they want to specifically target the dark ones… Why? Why is being dark such a huge issue in the world? Who gives a shit?

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