Malaysian Mechanic Brutally Abuses Terrified Toddler

Malaysian Mechanic Brutally Abuses Terrified Toddler

This guy is a male version of this Malaysian woman who like him, had herself filmed abusing a child and video posted on Facebook which then lead to her prosecution.

The man in this video is a mechanic and a stepfather to the terrified toddler he’s filmed abusing, slapping, punching, kicking and tossing around. The video was originally posted on Facebook by user Vasu Amaithi Padai and went viral, forcing the Royal Malaysian Police to act and arrest the abuser.

The Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) confirmed in a statement also posted on Facebook that 32 year old mechanic from northern Klang was the stepfather to the 3 year old boy and is currently being investigated under Section 31 (1) (a) of the Children’s Act 2001. If convicted, the mechanic will be faced with a fine of up to 20,000 Malaysian Ringgit (approximately $6,555 US) or up to 10 years imprisonment or both.

The toddler has since been admitted to the Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital where he is under the supervision of the Social Welfare Department.

The thing with both this video and the video of Malaysian mother posted in May 2012 is that nobody seems to be bothered by an accessory to the abuse – the person with the camera.

Props to Best Gore member untro for the video. Yes, it was filmed by a retard with an Iphone:

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126 thoughts on “Malaysian Mechanic Brutally Abuses Terrified Toddler”

    1. Only one minute? Aw, you missed the five star chokeslam by 20 seconds :(. In all seriousness, this guy is a cunt and I think he should be choked out until he almost dies, then I’ll release my grip and let him live, then I’ll repeat that process until he dies of starvation.

  1. those little bastards can really piss you off. Seriously, men really don’t like raising/supporting another dude’s kid. it reminds them that at one time SOME OTHER DUDE was busting/creampieing their woman. it’s psychological/genetic thing. animals do this all the time.

          1. Actually, it’s lions that do this. Lions will kill cubs of other Lions to induce estrus. Mother bears do not go into estrus when their cubs die. They will kill a male bear if he comes near her cubs. In fact, male bears do not mess with mother bears with her cubs. Mother bears are the most deadly when you mess with her babies.

        1. You are such a smug, self-satisfied little puke, Mouse. I’m what you would consider a “single mom” and am in no way desperate for ANYTHING. Least of all YOUR or any pathetic asshole’s three inches. Now go eat a wheel of cheese and choke. Pussy.

  2. wtf!!! dude needs to grow some balls and pick on men as opposed to 3yr olds! and whats up with the dippy mother filming this?!? freakin hell…parent of the year for sure …pffft! I will say that little one is brave

  3. Nothing really new here i grew up around minorities I remember this one time a beaner kid I knew got cut when his parents got home they kicked his ass and this other time when this one Asian was getting chased by his mom while she was holding a 3 feet stick she finally catches up to him took him inside her house and beat the shit out of him I heard the kid screaming so did everyone ^_^ I remember alot if things when I was 9

  4. This is not the first time this kid has been abused like that; he hardly flinches when hit or thrown. It’s sad when kids have to go through this and i’m pleased that something is finally being done to stop it. I also hope that the other kids in the video are being taken care of by someone who will really look after them.

      1. I know you like to stir, Mouse, so I can’t tell if serious or not… but I can’t not reply to that.

        I don’t believe a man who doesn’t abuse kids can be turned into one who does once he finds himself raising someone elses. My step-dad was awesome, as are most of the other step-dads I know.

        Bad step-dads and bad biological dads are on par in my experience. You’re either inclined to be a power-tripping fuck-hole child abuser or you aren’t.

        1. gorillas and lion/tiger males are known to attack/kill offspring who are not their own. they can tell this on a genetic level. fv males are the same. males want to hit it and quit it and not be tied down to a nagging bitch who they quickly get tired of and HER screaming brats. males resent getting stuck with another dude’s leftovers both woman and child. why is this hard for you to understand?

          1. Try not being patronizing when it’s you who are missing someone else’s point. Kazzak isn’t saying that there’s no reason to be sympathetic to that kind of motivation — he’s saying that that situation does not inevitably make abusers, nor excuse abusers from accountability for their actions. Why is this hard for you to understand?

      2. Mouse, you’re saying what most men think but they smile in your face and pretend they wanna help parent. My stepfather used to Mike Tyson Punchout my older brothers. I know now that he hated us. He tolerated us cuz he wanted my mom. May the crackwhore burn in hell for allowing it. That boys precious. Standing in the face of an adult monster. My eldest twins named Malaysia:-( with an asian father capable of the same shit.

      1. No kid should ever have to go through that, and anyone who treats a child like that should be beheaded, honestly. But I swear the kid started to smile towards the end of the video.

        If you were a kid that was treated like that, just remember it WASN’T YOUR FAULT. And please don’t rape and murder me.

        1. The poor little thing thinks he’s his dad. Children are so desperate for attention they will put up with stuff like that, he probably doesn’t get any positive attention from that bastard so will take what ever he can get. I can’t understand the mother, to see that happen to your child would be heartbreaking.

        2. @ThaDRIP DX wtf does everyone think imma rapist first the beaner dad -.- you know how stupid and annoying it is being called a rapist by an ignorant douche O.o first it was a dad who I went out with his daughter the bitch kept staring at me wiered it looked like he wanted to kick my ass then I end up finding out he’s telling everyone I’m a rapist -.- no I’m not a rapist I think it was the stupid long hair I had ^_^ i was also fat and ugly that’s probably why

          1. @misfit: I don’t think you’re a rapist. I was joking. Maybe I should add some LOLZ in there to let people know I’m not serious? I also don’t think you could rape me, because I’m a dude with an ultra tight asshole.

            If you have kids, break the cycle by not treating them how you were treated.

          2. @ThaDRIP XD no I don’t have kids and no I would never treat them like my mom treated me im what they call civilized ^_^ but I didn’t learn that from my parents but from the school system my parents are nothing but uneducated ignorant minorities -.-

    1. At the age of three what would you say would be an alternative action for the poor child to take??? Don’t you realize if he were to try to run and hide, the chance that the beatings would take an even more brutal turn would be huge???

      1. @Sagemoon So true the kid believes he is pretty much stuck with them. The dad threatens the little child and the kid is afraid to death of him, he know’s what will happen to him if he walks away so he puts up with it. The child mental state must be full of fear and panic. Just thinking about it makes me think this child hardly sleep well. He probably has nightmares and in time he will become violent and hate society. The mom in which i am assuming is recording like if it is some sort of natural thing… Gosh… My momma lived with her sister when she was young & my uncle used to beat up this child they had as sevant. My mothers said it was hard to see him get brutally beat up by my uncle with no mercy 🙁
        The kid ran away one day and the only person he said good bye was my mom he was very fond of my mom. My mother was real real young like 11 and the kid was 6-7 at the time. He past away recently.

  5. This jit stain is a real tough guy with the kid. I would like to get busy with his face, and make some permanent changes to it. There’s one thing when it comes to discipline and this is not about discipline. This guy is just mean to the kid and probably because its not his. Your a fucking pussy…a smelly, dirty stank pussy. When you go to prison take plenty of lube, I’m certain you’ll need it punk.

    1. that is not discipline that is pure shit,i bet that fukker rapes the kids mom aswell.he needs to come to where i live.he needs to be ‘disciplined’.big man.i would do so much bad stuff to him personally.i’m not a violent person ,but i would be.just for him.

    2. Well said Killthefilth, spot on. The fella probably gets bullied by everyone in his village cos he is such a homo that the only way he can feel better is to smash up a little boy.
      I hope he does go down and his inmates find out what he did…..I.wouldn’t wanna be him.

  6. That poor little kid. I think one rule every child knows that gets beat constantly is that if you try to run or hide, shit goes worse for you. I’m glad justice was served for this child and very glad it got a happy ending. Kind of took this to heart because it reminded me of a time when I was 5 and in kindergarten and one night I had a lot of difficulty doing my homework and my mother was getting impatient. from about 8 to almost 11 at night I was trying very hard to get the answers right but every time I got an answer wrong my mother would slap me in the face and kept telling me to get it right. It’s a vicious cycle. She was beat worse when she was a child. She got beat with rubber hoses, extension cords, would get her head dunked in dirty soapy dish water.

    I support a child been spanked when they are being total brats but not when they do absolutely nothing wrong.

    1. There is absolutely never a time to physically harm a child and that includes spanking. If you want to punish a child you just lock them in a closet for a day or two and they will think twice before being bad again. It worked for me and to this day I will never miss the toilet while peeing ever again.

      1. Wow. Did that really happen to you? If that did that’s pretty harsh. Being locked in a closet in my opinion kind of sounds worse than giving a kid as old as maybe four or five a couple of spankings on the but then sending them to their room. There are times though that one never knows what is going to be the outcome of spanking a child. But I think their are better methods these days of disciplining a child than spanking or locking them in a closet.

  7. I don’t agree with hitting a child at any point. You may consider it tough love, but I think it’s important for children to understand what they did wrong, why they did it, and the consequences of doing it. If you scare a child into behaving through hitting them, you never really instill in them the idea of virtuous behaviour for it’s own sake, only that you should be afraid to do bad things. There’s a huge difference between doing the right thing and being too scared to do the wrong thing. This man is a coward and should be sodomized viciously.

    1. Exactly!! If you wouldn’t hit an adult who didn’t behave in the way you like, why the fuck would you think it’s ok to hit a child? It’s never ever ok. When you scare good behaviour into children it is always to the detriment of other important life skills.

      I’ve never hit a child or an adult, but I’d like to think I could punh this fucker in the head. Or balls.

    1. @mousie,
      I chose to be celibate when my son was very young. After the terrible experience I had with his father I had no wish to ‘settle’ down with a man nor did I have any wish to have ‘uncles’ coming in and out of his life so I chose to remain on my own and concentrate on my son’s upbringing. His behaviour reflects this and he absoloutly knows the difference between right and wrong and has never given me a moments trouble. I didn’t choose to be a single mother, I was idiot enough to believe his father was the decent man he made himself out to be at first. I had to make the most of things and made sure I was always around for my son, not going to bars, clubs etc but spending my time with my boy.

      1. wikid mama,total respect to you for taking this partners daughter has two boys,and since her marrige broke up she has gone through countless ‘uncles’.it really makes me mad.she just thinks about her sexual needs and the boys are getting screwed is out of control and the other has gone right into his shell.poor little fukkers.

      2. @mama. i like it when you call me mousie. you agree with me that a dude wants YOUR labia and is not interested in raising YOUR brat despite what he may tell you at first. women live under the grand delusion of love me love my child. that’s not the way it works in the animal or fv kingdom. WOMEN! raise your own brats and stop COCK CHASING. TAKE HEED!

        1. @wicked mama, that is quite the sacrifice you made for your son, I applaud you for your job well done.There needs to be more parents like you that takes on the tough job of child-rearing with such love and devotion!!!

          1. @sage,
            cheers baby, your always someone that lies low, reads and then makes a positive comment. There are peope on here who don’t breath a word for weeks except to attack someone. We need more people like you.

  8. What a sad fuck. Must make him feel like a real man beating up a small toddler like that.

    Allowing some dude to film this makes him really braindead. Did he actually thought he could get away with this if he allows it to be filmed?

  9. As a father of 3 17, 7&5 I could never imagine doing this to a child regardless as to what he may have done. That in no way is tough love. He will find out what tuff love is in prison. Where in the fuck is the mom of this little boy. The retard shooting the video should be held accountable to some point. The fag beating up this little guy is jealouse of the little boy it seems to me. I would beat the shit out of him if the little boy was in my family. This fag is a real piece of shit.

  10. “That did’nt hurt. What eles you got, . . . Dad?”
    “Oh, that didn’t hurt hu. I’ll be right back. Let me find my crow-bar.”

    I watched this whole thing waitting for the rappid, full force lunge punch that was going to send his little ass through the wall; leaving a little round hole like at the Pentagon.

  11. In my opinion, it looks as if he’s toughening the child. The kid keeps walking back over to him. He hits him, pushes him down and every time asks the boy to come back over and he does. I’d say in another 15 years that kid would be made of nails.

  12. 8 minutes of this? Jesus.

    Also, this is totally not “toughening up” the kid. The adult is using full body force against a toddler, this isn’t a spanking or a small slap. The kid is knocked on his ass. Repeatedly.

  13. Could he be a long lost brother to my dad his techniques are very familiar I would share this on Facebook naming it my dada long lost brother but my aunts (dads sisters). Would start shit lol. Fuck it I’m gonna do it anyways. I hope this guy dies also

  14. This guy needs to be hung up and have his balls and head cut off like that cartel guy I saw the video of…also anyone who thinks this is anything other than outright cruelty….tough love my ass!!!! This would be like a grown man trying to fight a fuckin 800lb lowland gorilla ….try that and then tell me its tough love

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