Malaysia – Thieves Beaten and Forced to Eat Rubber by Villagers

Malaysia - Thieves Beaten and Forced to Eat Rubber by Villagers

I have no sympathy for thieves. You bust your fucking nuts off to make money so you can buy shit and those bastards just snoop around, waiting for an opportune moment to steal it off you. Of course such moment is going to come because as a person who works hard to buy shit, you’re bound to feel tired at times and that’s exactly the moment those low lives are waiting for.

I’m absolutely siding with the villagers from this video from Malaysia who caught scumbag thieves and unleashed their fury upon them. The police were also called, but the villagers had themselves a way with the shitfaced scum first. There were some fists and kicks flying and the scum were then forced to eat rubber scraps. Fucking rights!

Bonus video also from Malaysia shows captured young thief whom the villagers were too gentle with. Those foot soles strikes were about as strong as a pat on the back. Might as well let the thief go encouraged to return for more heist:

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20 thoughts on “Malaysia – Thieves Beaten and Forced to Eat Rubber by Villagers”

  1. Hopefully that rubber will poison them enough to kill them. Robbers, rapists, murderers deserve no human rights and none of that faggotry the West calls civilization.

    The moment they violate my rights, they forfeit theirs. Justicia popular works.

    1. We pay hard earned taxes for police, judges, etc. to prosecute and punish criminals. We’re not savages, so we don’t take the law into our own hands to beat and torture criminals. Besides, it is dangerous. You may be shot or stabbed by the perpetrator. I’m glad I live in this country and have my rights and presumed innocent until proven guilty. Street justice is bullshit.

    2. Rubber=poison?

      You just might get your wish @chancho… Though fruition may require some patience. Rubber related threats are myriad;

      The chemical composition contains carcinogens.

      Excessive inflammation from the rubber could compromise the function of surrounding tissues/organs.

      Rubber takes a lot longer to biodegrade* and is less likely to “pass through” without incident. The thickness of the substance gives it more structural integrity than body tissue, so perforation is more likely.
      {*even simple, -paper-thin- balloons composed of natural rubber take four -years- to decompose.}

      Immobile rubber deposits can drastically displace food and water and obstruct further nutritional intake, leading to dangerous malnutrition/dehydration/starvation.

      It can obstruct bowels and the appendix resulting in fatal rupture–hemorrhage, infection, rapid corrosion of vulnerable and vital organs via unleashed hydrochloric acid (stomach), etc.

    1. It would be your bad luck to be falsey identified or framed as a criminal because you were set up and then be tortured and forced to eat rubber, or some blood thirsty idiot decides to put a knife through your heart.

  2. LOL at their cute little ninja kicks in the beginning..
    And from the start of the video, doesn’t it seem like they are beating the man in the green more then the other one?
    I have no pity for these men.

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