Man Aggressively Shoved and Handcuffed by Denver Police Department Cop at Coors Field

Man Aggressively Shoved and Handcuffed by Denver Police Department Cop at Coors Field

Events captured on this video were proceeded by Coors Field staff calling police because they suspected some youngsters within the group were underage. The Denver Police Department cops showed up, found out that everybody was of legal age to drink alcoholic beverages, but since they were already there, they couldn’t help but treat civilians like second class citizens.

As if itching for an opportunity to boost his ego, a cop identified as Capt. Joe Black got in the face of a youngster, who has obviously had enough to drink but was nonetheless non violent and was not hurting anyone. The cop used it as an opportunity to create and escalate tensions and after a brief attempt to hold his desire to hurt others back, he aggressively pushed the youngster several times before putting handcuffs on him.

The youngster tried to sound patriotic but he was drunk and his tongue was failing him. Him talking drunken, incoherent shite should not have been the reason to rough him, but that’s what you get when the cops thinks they’re a hammer and see every situation as a nail.

At 0:52 you can hear the cop say “You didn’t listen, did you?” Shortly after he barks at the witnesses with “Shut up and get out of here!” Power tripping civilian killer just wanted an excuse to shove somebody around so he created himself one.

How dare you be drunk at Coors Field?

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  1. Stupid is as stupid gets. That aside, it shouldn’t be illegal to be stupid. Assault is illegal. Will the criminal with the badge please report to court? You have a large lawsuit pending and criminal assault charges should cost you some freedom as well as your job.

    1. Dumb Them Down Stupid People I Can’t Think

      by isitpoetry

      This man is not your average southern inbred stupid.
      Laughing always last why he bothered to sit in the front of the class.
      Thinking he has integrity and his honesty none sought after.
      Thick were the lies thick were the flies like those of any well oiled politician.
      And for those whom lived around him things got worse he was proud.
      Through the years as he walked home daily from work.
      Despite his brown eyes, he thought he was what everyone dreamt.
      Stupid was what stupid is, so stupid with such a large head.
      With out a clue as to why he always failed.
      He believed he was great, very skilled.
      His consistent failure was always due to the want of the many.
      And excepted no fault from others.
      Using two words where one would do.
      No specialized knowledge his leg he turned up on the others.
      A warm golden shower fell from the sky down their necks.
      What do you think to you I turn I think he’s great.
      So incredibly stupid that he describes himself being so smart.

      is it poetry

      1. LMS Hell yea, they always try to fuck with me, If you stand around in groups drinking beer, but I must say they are not half the asswipes that they are in the U.S
        I know both sides Germany & U.S 🙂

        1. Hahaha, I knew it! Hey, most everyone gets arrested at some point or another. Shit, even me lol! For sure though I believe it. The US pigs are getting worse and worse with each year. I hate that shit man! Most of ‘me were losers who got picked on in high school and wanted to be a cop so that he’d finally be the one doing the harassing instead of the other way around. Faggots! The whole lot of them.

          FUCK THE POLICE!!!!!!

          P.s check your email baby cakes

        2. The sheriff here (denver) is resigning in light of the multitude of police “crossing the line” here.. Or is it the chief of police? I forget. Think it’s the sheriff cause of all the jail brutality lately

      1. It’s not really surprising nor shocking that cops can’t deescalate
        situations because it’s instilled in them to react and behave otherwise. Power tripping, creating unnecessary conflict seems to be a form of aphrodisiac for them because they’ll find ways to get free passes for their disgusting behavior.

        I just love it when cops automatically assume you’re some kind of threat under the guise of false civic duty, laughable…almost. Another shameful tactic is their show me your ID and your we’re conducting an investigation; of course that’s code for we can make any shit we like.

        I know first-hand how cops operate and it never ceases to amaze the lengths they’ll go to when it comes by being a paid criminal and to keep up that facade. Also those “accidental raids they conduct, that’s another favorite of theirs-filthy cumstains of humanity.

  2. I find it interesting that it is the males who are standing up for their rights in this footage whereas the females keep telling them to calm down and not cause any trouble.

    This situation is not unique to this story, I have seen it happen many times before and have noticed it in other recorded footage as well.

    In my opinion, women tend to be less challenging towards perceived authority and they often shy away from volatile situations preferring instead to back down and leave quietly.

    I assume the reason for this difference in approach between genders is to do with hormonal levels, an higher testosterone level increases the desire for direct action.

    Also, the physical difference plays a part as well. Men tend to be built stronger than women and this difference encourages women to take a less physical approach to confrontation, particularly if the confrontation involves a lot of men, this also explains why women tend to be a lot better at causing emotional damage via psychological attack whereas men tend to threaten via physical presence, both hide weaknesses and play on strengths respectively.

    It is historically well known that during war filled periods where one territory had conquered another the women of the conquered territories would try to get close to the other men in order to create bonds and relationships between them.

    This was not because they were sluts but because they knew that their survival depended upon this behaviour and therein lies the point, men throughout history survived by being aggressive and physically strong and women survived by being placid and submissive, both play on strengths respectively.

    My conclusion, in the kind of world that we live in now being submissive to perceived authority will not increase your chances of survival, it will only prolong your suffering and encourage further acts of aggression towards you.

    1. Hmm interesting. Another antiquated learned behavior that is being used against us. As a race, we need to identify behavior that is no longer evolutionarily relevant, explain why it is not relevant to the potential greater future, and somehow find a way to reconcile our previous shortcomings and realize a new, more understanding paradigm. Over, and over, and over, until we are perfect. Unfortunately the fear we are being inundated with halts all reason.

    2. @empty.
      Got a bunch of sisters live near me, fuckin nutters! Nobody fuck’s with them not even the cops. Openly sell weed from their homes, no qualms about fighting men but I do agree the majority prefer a quiet life.

    3. “men throughout history survived by being aggressive and physically strong and women by being placid and submissive” can you add manipulative and intelligent too 😉 btw I have seen more women physically attacking cops than men 😆

      1. Haha. True hanabi. I think your Mexican hermanas down there know they won’t be beaten or killed like they would to un muchacho.. That’s why our ladies here need to stand the fuck up and make yourselves heard when something doesn’t feel right! Motherly instinct? Where the fuck were they? Help us ladies, you’re our only hope… Sorry for the shitty Spanish, maybe you can help me a bit..

        1. Your Spanish is good 😆 I have notice that they do it while they’re drunk and Yeah because they know a man can’t hit them,they even say “pegame si te atreves” “hit me if you dare” here are some dudes who even fear their wifes they call them “mandilones ” don’t know how to translate it but basically mean that they obey the wife or they pay the price 😆

          1. Yeah I try to type it and that’s what the auto correction write 🙂 I just remember what it is,they say “mandilon” wich almost mean “apron”, they mean a man who use a apron (figurative) and do what his wife command like chores and that stuff,they use it more when a dude don’t want to drink they say “mandilon your wife hits you?” to encourage them to do it,remember mejico it’s a machista country 😆

    4. @Empty Soul great comment as always but I have to add that I’ve noticed time and time again that women are treated differently by police than males – myself included. I have been in 6 or 7 different situations where I absolutely 100% should have been arrested but because I’m petite and the cops found me attractive, they played into my teary eyes and actually apologized to me for causing me emotion grief and ruining my night. Sure I may have played up my female card a bit with my teary eyes and innocent demeanor but lets be honest, there’s no way in hell a male could ever get away with some shit like that. And I’m talking me being pulled over at 18 with an ounce of chronic and 3 thirty cases as well as my car being full of pot smoke (this being just one of the times) and they let me keep all of it and drive away without batting an eye. I’ve been with make friends who have literally gotten there ass beat, hand cuffed and thrown in jail for having a bowl of weed on them or a roach. It’s so twisted! I mean sure, I’m not gonna complain if they’re going to let me off or whatever but it does make me sick to see how differently men are treated by cops than most women. I find it disgusting to see how badly my country is going down and fastly becoming a police state and it makes me grind my teeth whenever I see these videos, here these stories or even witness first hand the awful police brutality that goes on all the time. I do agree that women tend to be less combative in situations with cops though, meaning – I was always super polite and told them everything upfront and fully cooperated where as in situations that I’ve bared witness to my male friends being arrested they were always combative and uncooperative and treated the cops the same way they were being treated. It’s just the same double standard that’s all over the US with all this feminist bullshit and women being treated differently than men. Makes me fuckin’ sick

      1. LMS If I was a cop & pulled you over, you wouldn’t have a chance crying with those big puppy eyes, I would call 10-4, officer out for out lunch, then take you home (with cuffs on) I would make you explain” why are you drunk” young lady? Better answer my question right or else….. 😉

  3. Last time I checked you can be arrested for being drunk in public/distubing the peace. Coors field is a public place. How about bashing the people that make the laws not the cops who are paid to enforce them

    1. The drunk in public law is supposed to be in forced when the drunk person is a threat to others or themselves. It is bull when the cop arrest people with that being the sole reason and the person is not blacked out.

    2. @newdawn.
      You can be arrested for fuck all! Our birth certificates have made us a commodity that’s why they’re printed on bonded paper, like money. We are the collateral of our countries, based on what you will earn and pay in taxes. You have to know your rights, if you don’t, you don’t have any.

      1. Right @bobcat. The cops erroneously believed that he was underage. What they should have said was “I’m sorry sir, enjoy the rest of the game. Go Rockies!” (Cop pounds beer, high fives fan, crowd cheers.) “‘Murica Rules!,” they say.. And freedom was enjoyed, as it always was, and will be.. Amen… Hahaha.. A man can dream… Or be brainwashed. Not sure what I’m doing other than enjoying some BG with my weed.. Cheers y’all!

      1. The drunken man was on the right track. He was standing up for every single one of us.. The cop knew exactly what the man was trying to say.. He also knew he had to put a stop to this poor man’s truthful words. The more truth that was spoken, the more aggressive the hog became. Vile denial of personal rights, and a cold hearted human to human(?) interaction..

  4. A plane took off from here in Toronto this morning bound for Panama and 45 minutes into the flight some middle eastern guy who was agitated with the stewardesses mumbles out something about wanting to blow up the plane. Passengers alerted the crew who then told the pilots and then they radioed an emergency to the controller. They ended up turning the plane around and flew back to Toronto. Two American F16s that were in the area were ordered to fly along side the plane to guide it back to the Toronto airport. After landing Police boarded the plane and arrested the 25 year old man and charged him with a bunch of shit. What the fuck is wrong with people?

    1. Brokes everyone who fly’s knows you NEVER make a joke about having a bomb or threatening a bomb. The officials simply do not have the authority to make a judgment call. It fuck things up for everyone, they have to make landings at unscheduled airports or clear the whole baggage area. Nothing but total delays because some twat thought it would funny or appropriate. Anyway who fly’s regularly would never be so imbecilic.

  5. Just another fat, overweight, out of shape, piece of shit cop abusing another American citizen! I hope that Gestapo cop gets fired, loses his bloated pension, and goes to jail for assault, and infringement on that kids civil rights! I think it’s about time for the citizens who witness these events to step in and protect our citizens from these power tripping, American haters!!! These fucking pigs are getting worse, yet nobody has the balls to step up and do something!! Civil disobedience should be the next step!!

    1. That is what wearing a uniform can do to you, turn you into a power hungry, ego ripping shit. You also have the knowledge that your union, buddies, employer and often the media will be behind you. You will not lose your job or your pay or your pension and most of all you can laugh about the whole thin knowing zip is going to be done about it and all because you wear a uniform.

  6. Oh please give me a break people. The police didn’t do anything too out of line. We’ve all seen a hell of a lot worse than this. Yes, we all know that most of the police force in America are corrupt pigs with corrupt agendas. But don’t bitch about a video of some kid who was drunk and thought he was getting his ass kicked. Don’t get me wrong, the officers did not have to push him the way he did, and actually assaulted him. However, he wasn’t persistent or overly aggressive. I’ll say fuck the police all day, but I aint gonna get bent over a video like this. This video doesn’t tell us something we don’t already know. It’s just hyping people up.

  7. We need a remix of this video set to Push It by Salt-n-Pepa.

    All jams aside…

    Typical pecker-suckin’ cop. I’m not surprised by this behavior and I’m not mad about it. Sadly, I EXPECT this from cops now. So, what else is new? The Rockies still suck…

  8. I’m not surprised your cops act that way. You have a whole culture of it. If you watch those old cop shows they just treat people anyway they want. Taking people down alleys because they had a criminal record and ruffing them for information about some local criminal. Whole generations grew up watching this and thinking it’s normal for cops to rough people up even if they haven’t done anything but just live in the area and might have some local knowledge.
    US cops take everything so personal, they should send your cops over here for some training. See how our cops don’t take shit personally. If someone’s being a twat they would much rather just get them on their way. If someone doesn’t appear to be a danger to themselves of others by their intoxication they don’t really want to waste time bringing them back to the station and doing the paperwork. Even if their verbally abusive to them, they just let it go over their heads.
    I was up late the other night and watched that show ‘cops’, I couldn’t believe their behavior, even though they knew it would be on the T.V. I watched a British cop show a couple of days later, it was like night

    1. This is so true. The american culture is completely twisted in so many ways, not only about cops. Americans are completely delusional. Most of them watch “American Idol” and think that the Garden of Eden and an apple was how the world began. I guess they blame the advent of more tornadoes and snow storms within their borders on God displeasure.

      I am not even going to start on food, marriage, and other aspects. Maybe they are so delusional that, in the end, the government represents the people very well.

  9. From

    ‘The police department has been notified of the incident involving one of our officers,? a spokesperson told TheBlaze. ?Our Internal Affairs Bureau is aware of the incident and is currently investigating. The officer involved is Captain Joe Black.’

    From the Denver Police Department:

    ‘We want everyone to know that Chief (Robert) White ?hears? your concern about the recent video involving DPD. He is closely monitoring the investigation and will share the results with everyone when appropriate. If the investigation results in a violation, then the officer will be held accountable. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we investigate’.

  10. I’m waiting for the day when some ignorant drunk has a concealed carry weapon, and finally is fed up with being pushed around by everyone, cops included, and pulls his gun and blows a cops brains out right on camera woo-hoo!

  11. It’s easier to get the fat Bratwurst,slobbed chump off your hook by offering him a carton of cancer causing Timbits than by regurgitating a tutorial on constitutional rights which I hardly believe even exist except on paper.

  12. After reading some comments on this, I just don’t know what to say. This was not police brutality in any way. The cop shoved him back because the guy was angry and was ranting and was getting too close to the cop. Cops can’t let guys like this get to close to them because then the guy might reach for the cop’s gun. Cops didn’t know what this guy was going to do. This guy had an attitude and that alone can be dangerous. Its far better to be safe then sorry. People are crazy now a days and none of us know what another person will do.

  13. I refuse to ever call the cops for any reason. I feel like somehow I’ll be the one getting arrested or assulted. It’s pretty sad when the people who are suppose to protect you, terrorize you instead.

  14. I’m living in Denver Colorado, I learned one thing do not force you’re rights on a officer, just shut up do as your told and it will make it easier , don’t let a cop repeat himself or else you’ll be killed in brutality.

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