Man Beats Thief Who Tried to Rob His Daughter with Flip Flops

Man Beats Thief Who Tried to Rob His Daughter with Flip Flops

A Da Silva tried to rob the wrong girl, who had her father nearby. After catching the thief, her father smacked the thief around, first
beating him with flip-flips, then throwing some fists in the mix. At the end, the father threw the thief into the bike rack.

Considering the type of beatings most caught Brazilian thieves are treated to, this one got off easy.

Props to Best Gore member ThePortugueseDude for the video:

56 thoughts on “Man Beats Thief Who Tried to Rob His Daughter with Flip Flops”

    1. Amen I hate thieves. Wish tape kept going looked like the father was fixing to pull some pro wrestling moves! He could’ve jumped off the rack with elbow to dude or something crazy. At least tie or cuff dude to the bike rack take his clothes and leave them to side that embarrass him enough he might think twice before robbing again get whipped and humiliated

    1. @Little Foot Hell, at least he didn’t get his hands cut off. When I was little I stole candy because my mother wouldn’t buy it. I had to walk back into the store and apologize, I was balling in tears.

  1. “Faca na caveira”? (Knife in the skull) Nah, dont ruin such a perfectly good skull… 😆 And yeah this one aparently got off with just a few bruises, he should feel real lucky judging for the fact he was a Da Silva… 😆

  2. Good for him for protecting his little girl and delivering some well deserved street justice. In my eyes that thief was in the right place at the right time, if he would have tried that shit somewhere else we would probbably be watching a video of him being slaughtered rather than him taking a few flip flops to the face.

  3. The crack round his head with the motorcycle helmet was a nice touch, as was the chuck into the bike stand. All in all a very enjoyable video.Though I am Looking forward to part two where hopefully they revert to type.

  4. The reason he is alive is because this wasnt a piece of shit hood in some shitty country or community that has tons of garbage and bits of buildings lieing around all over the place., which get picked up and hurled at the helpless person on the floor……………

    he fuckin launched him into that bike rack…….his head went right in there..that had to hurt…………

  5. I have noticed that quite often the description or title of the video has some odd grammar. This video is an example. It should be called “Thief Beaten with Flip Flops By Father of the Robbery Victim”?or something like that. The way it is, the thief tried to rob the flip flop wearing daughter ?
    since it is Brazil, is quite likely that the daughter was also wearing flip flops?but the dad was using the thief’s own flip flops to give him a beating.

    1. Look like you missed this “Finally, don’t whine about quality of posts or style of reporting. If you don’t like what or how it’s posted, then get creative and submit the kind of stuff you’d like to see” just saying 😉

    2. Have you noticed how they construct headlines in newspapers, news articles online or anything that spreads news? Titles, or headlines, really has an odd grammar because it shouldn’t be too long, it shouldn’t break the character limit (pretty much like AP style journalism but it is not followed here), it should contain what you would expect from the title alone and lastly, it should catch the reader’s attention. It shouldn’t have too much conjunctions, articles, etc. It has everything you need to hear yet leaves other details for you to read. if you want, you can read more about it in the ‘Write for BG’ tab.

      Since this is pretty much a news website, every title of the post sounds like a headline.

  6. well this doesn’t make me think any higher of the guy doing the beating than the thief. two wrongs don’t make a right. brutally beating or killing someone bc they are a thief is just ape like behaviour and if you support it then you are not any better than that thief. the only time violence is every the answer to anything is self defence. we don’t even know the factors that lead tot hat guy stealing. he could have grown up as a homeless orphan in a shithole called brazil and he had to steal to survive.

    that guy beating him is a piece of shit in my opinion. and brazil is filled with apes like that that think brutally murdering someone is ok bc they stole something. fucking savages.

    1. only uncivilized races do this kind of shit. brutal violence and murder is their answer to any situation. and all the people that claim all races or people are equal should watch this shit. brazil has a lot of black and mutt population and that is exactly why they are like this. same kind of behaviour in Africa. it’s also not one bad apple in the group, as you can see in the lynching videos whole crowds join in smashing some guys head with rocks like it’s no big deal.

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