Man Brutally Beaten with 2×4 by Some Fag

Man Brutally Beaten with 2x4 by Some Fag

I have the feeling that this video could also be from Brazil. Maybe not from Brazilian prison, but it has enough of the typical Brazilian flair to pass.

The video shows a man (accused rapist?) with pants around his ankles getting brutally beaten on the bare buttocks with a 2×4 by some fag. The beater wears orange shoes and spanks a half naked dude on the ass – it doesn’t get much gayer than that.


The accent is Mexican-Spanish. Apparently the man stole from some arcades. The man recording says “That’s what you get from stealing from the “Maquinitas“. Maquinitas means small machines, or in this case, the little arcades.

He probably stole from that same establishment he is in as in your left you can see arcades. The man recording also says “Don’t scream or we will hit you harder“.

Props to Tony S. for the update:

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        1. I know that there was something similar in New York, I guess in the 70’s (1977 if I am not mistaken). There was a blackout and the looting started.
          And yes, that’s the excuse they make (oppression), interesting how in this event in New York, and other riots, they looted many stores from their own neighbourhood, people who were often black and so on…

          1. Yup, that’s typically how it works. That’s what went down in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina, and near where I live, in Baltimore, during the “civil unrest” (ahem) during the formative days of the Black Lives Matter movement.

            I have never, ever understood the phenomenon, even when I was considerably more liberally inclined than I am now. How in the fuck do you improve your community by setting it on fire, and stealing anything valuable it might contain? How are you fucking with Whitey by busting up black-owned businesses, and giving the police *actual* reasons to legitimately fuck with anybody that shares your skin color?

          2. The worst riot, by far, in the US were the LA Riots in ’92 after the cops who beat Rodney King were acquitted. Black people tore that city apart and caused millions of dollars in damages. They looted and waved at TV camera crews while they did it. If you were white, you weren’t safe. Reginald Denny became famous after being pulled from his dump-truck at a red light and beaten so badly his speech is still fucked up and he could no longer drive; his livelihood. He had years of rehabilitation. He’s lucky in a sense that was in his 30s or he may not have survived had he been an older man but then again, his prime years were stolen. It was just because he was white. That footage of four black guys just kicking the shit out of his head still gets hits on YT.

          3. EDIT: I revisited the footage and it was actually a brick that caused most of the damage although when he regained consciousness, a guy came and kicked him in the head. He had 97 skull fractures and his brain swelled. He almost died. A passerby got him in a car and to the hospital. Pretty good Samaritan. That riot was the only reason OJ Simpson was acquitted and everybody knows it. LA couldn’t afford another riot and the blacks would’ve went fucking crazy again.

          4. Thanks Google….is there anything at all that you’re not an expert on? I sincerely doubt it. I bet everytime you got your cunt slapped was because you cannot keep that puss of yours shut.
            “I have been hit one time by a guy and it was nothing to do with cheating. He was hammered and I wanted him to quit drinking before he got in trouble. I took his beer; he hit me.”
            You think you get to dictate how everyone should behave, which shows how fucking retarded you really are. You’re angry when someone talks down to you, then you turn around and do the same thing to someone you deem “below you”, or hasn’t been a long standing, contributing member, such as yourself. LMAO.

          5. Lesson learned from that scene @dethbyplaster

            Never get caught taking a shit w your pants down, in a city with high negro population, specially if in the news it shows rioting and looting in such city..
            Avoid such place at whatever cost, or pay the price..

          6. @illegalsmile55 Huh? Because I remember the LA Riots and Reginald Denny and I read extensively about the OJ trial and it’s racially-biased outcome in Ann Coulter’s book “Mugged”, makes me retarded?
            And how is finding a statement I made months ago about a domestic fight relevant to the issue of civil unrest? I don’t see the connection. I’m sorry that you are somehow upset that I read and do research on topics being discussed in a thread. I don’t deem every one “below me” but you certainly are.

            I will add that if I thought I was an expert, I wouldn’t have double-checked facts regarding Denny and made an EDIT proclaiming my mistake.

          1. We get the same shit in UK. Some nigger (Mark Duggan), later found to be carrying a piece, was shot dead by the cops. Cue several days of rioting so the negroes can get back in touch with their instincts. Stores were looted of Nike trainers and TVs, to show solidarity with their fallen hood rat and avenge his death. Niggers are only ever one lame excuse away from anarchy and savagery.

      1. The army has already moved in, as they were cheered on by people. That’s when you understand that people will surrender their freedom in exchange for stability, not that in the current situation in Vitoria it was necessarily a bad thing, and maybe the best practical solution for the situation (although there are problems such as the prohibition for civilians to carry guns, poor education and genetics that may trigger the situation, and some of these are government influenced), but it does illustrates things. The L.A. riots are another example…

  1. You’re not “gay” if you’re the one holding the 2×4.

    But you ARE “gay” if you need to force / coerce a woman into having sex with you.

    Looking at the damage, I thought maybe the 2×4 had a nail embedded in it, but if that was the case, the guy holding the plank would have had to yank the nail out each time he spanked the guy.

          1. I was using the word gay the way you mean it primarily, to refer to something unpleasant; I wasn’t referring to homosexuals.

            This is why I put it in quotes, to make that distinction.

          1. No.

            The word gay has different definitions in the dictionary. A quick search on Google reveals three: homosexual, carefree, and foolish or unimpressive. You may have been using the first definition, I was using the third.

          2. You are SO full of yourself! Next you’ll be telling me you were referring to ‘The Gay ’90’s” which was what the 1890’s used to be called before homosexuals co-opted the word. On BEST GORE you can’t tell me you were referring to ‘foolish, carefree’ or ‘unpleasant’. You REALLY meant “carefree” when you referred to those who need to force a woman to have sex???? No, you are purposefully distorting the meaning of the word to be derogatory to others. To divert attention away from those who perform filthy acts that spread disease and do harm to others. You said somewhere that a rectum was ‘clean’. Nothing could be further from the truth, unless now you mean the word “clean” includes spreading dangerous E.coli and C. diff. Just admit you are wrong sometimes. But you can’t.

          3. Hey, you can google it or you can look up the word “gay” in any modern dictionary to discover its definitions. Don’t ignore facts of reality, my friend.

            Like the fact that some cultures consider pigs to be filthy and forbid the consumption of pork meat and the fact that consuming undercooked pork is also a vector for spreading E. coli, and yet a billion Red Chinese eat pork for breakfast every day and they are THRIVING. (In case you don’t understand, I’m using pigs and pork as a metaphor for what you call “filthy acts”).

    1. True that I was gonna comment my thoughts about it but you beat me to it.. this video has to be from Sinaloa, Mexico home state of “El Chapo Guzman”
      Not only the word “plebe” originates in Sinaloa which gave them away, but the way that they talk is strictly Sinaloa.
      I kinda doubt that spankee stole money from the arcades, I think he stole from Leonardo from the arcades..
      He said “eso le pasa por robarle a Leonardo de las maquinitas”
      If it was money from the arcades
      He would’ve said “eso le pasa x robarle a Leonardo lo de las maquinitas”

      Mr Spankee’s total compliance with Mr. Spanker makes me believe that it’s just a hard lesson they trying to teach to a lower rank associate of theirs. Maybe they can be referring to money that he owes from a drug deal…a lot of Mexicans see it like if you actually stole money from them when you don’t satisfy a drug debt w them.

  2. They are speaking Spanish and sounds Mexican. They accuse him of “stealing from the little machine” and the dude recording tells him not to scream. “If he screams hit him again, more times” he says.
    Awesome people…

  3. He has a dense bush to his groin area as if he went plucking a patch from his thick haired head and stuck right where it was not supposed to be.
    With pants down and couple of battering to his shrunken butt his prick looks retracted like a pussy and he seems raped himself rather being a rapist himself .

  4. This is actually a Mexican Gay Porn Movie called “Carnaje de madera del asno 7”. It is the seventh installment of the very slow moving “Anal Carnage” series. The fifth installment consisted of a Mexican dude eating shit off a shovel for 90 minutes before he is beheaded then quartered. Four amigos dressed in Mexican Hats and Ponchos then lube up the dead dude’s hands and feet and shove them up their own arses. They then form a little daisy chain and take it in turns to pass around the dead dude’s severed head and stick their dinky little Mexican cocks into his mouth and squirt their Chilli-flavoured jizz onto his cute moustache.
    I’ve got the boxset. I wouldn’t really recommend going beyond Volume 9.

      1. I am actually doing an all-nighter in front of my TV, because I recently picked up the “Opencast” Boxset. 26 hours of merciless fisting, bumming, anal rape and seismic-sodomy, mostly set in the machine shop and transport depot of an opencast coal excavation site outside Oslo. It is a Scandinavian Noir-Porn Series which won an award for its real-time filming techniques and relentless close-ups of well-greased sodomy in pin-sharp detail.
        I haven’t watched much of it yet, so I can’t give a proper review yet.

  5. The gringos says “brazilians are fag, hit the butt fag!” On brazil is normal a mom or dad hit in your sons/daughters with a flipflop, on these cases they didn’t learn as child then should learn as adult, you’re not child anymore, so instead a flip flop, you take a great “pau” on butt.

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