Man Brutally Beaten by Mafia Mob in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

Man Brutally Beaten by Mafia Mob in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

Good old Dnepropetrovsk in Ukraine, home of the Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs, the very boys who murdered a man with hammer and screwdriver. Ukraine, expectedly is as messed up today as it has ever been.

On January 17, 2012 a man was attacked and brutally beaten by a mob of local mafia men in a club called Old Tavern. The beating was captured on venue’s CCTV camera which the victim used to try to prosecute the attackers but Ukrainian authorities refuse to pursue the case.

Identities of the attackers are known, however because of the state of corruption in Ukraine, connections and money get anything swept under a rug. Video of the attack is below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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44 thoughts on “Man Brutally Beaten by Mafia Mob in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine”

      1. Funny post. They do have a tourist bus route through the abandoned area. They say it’s afe to go in. It would be an intresting place to see, just keep mindful of the 100 year death cloud that was talked about when it first happened.
        They said it would tavel the globe for 10 years.
        Fucking morons.

  1. all ex soviet coutry’s have such a mob bastards im from bulgaria and there is the same thing normal people are poor the bandids drive expensive cars and control the country the coruption is on the highest level thats why i left that place 🙁

          1. It’s the internet, and just because we share such a facinating comorodary here on best gore, dosn’t mean SHIT that the person on the other side of the screen is who they make them selves out to be, or where.
            However, proclaiming that you live in a spicific country does seem pretty honest…hell, I have told all you bastards my first name and the neigborhood in whcih city I live.
            So, I would tend to say that he lives where he says he does.

      1. hey man. Im in Lviv which is very close to Ivano. Youll be fine but really do keep your head down. The ones you want to worry about are the police. You have never seen corruption like it. This really is one of the most fucked up countries in the world.

        1. I think we all are here due to common interest so we should develop trust for each other …..
          @kain.the slain : I am from India its equally currupted .. but i want go ukraine so that i will have better education and with better infrastructure than here … most medical universtities in ukraine are well equiped and WHO certified … and i hope ill do masters degree in emergency medicine after watching so much gore 😉

  2. They weren’t kicking his ass for no reason. Probably a deadbeat that had a beating coming to him. Chair to the head is just the Ukranian version of constructive feedback. He should thank them for setting him straight.

  3. Actually that’s a pretty “nice” beating. Here in the US, if you’re unfortunate enough to be swarmed by a gang of blacks (happens quite a bit – I saw it myself in Oakland some years ago) they aim all the kicks at the victim’s head, not his body. If the attack is interrupted before the victim dies, he usually suffers brain damage. Quite often people wind up in permanent care as vegetables.

  4. tiger, i hope you see this. no room to reply above. rotten stench is right. in the land of the internet people post bullshit and misdirection all the time. you don’t really think i’m hung like a mouse do you? i’m hung like a fucking horse, mate. i only tell bitches i’m hlam to not scare them off before they see the anaconda in my pants!

    1. Under promise and over deliver, the man knows his shit.
      How often do braging asshole get the girl, it’s the confident, humble dude who is the one you want to spend our time with, and a sense of humor doesn’t hurt either.

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