Man Caught Stealing in Favela Tortured with Molten Plastic Dripped on Hands

Man Caught Stealing in Favela Tortured with Molten Plastic Dripped on Hands

Man Caught Stealing in Favela Tortured with Molten Plastic Dripped on Hands

This happened in Brazil, though I don’t know where exactly. In the video, a man allegedly caught stealing in the favela, is shown being tortured with a molten plastic from a burning fan guard being dripped on his hands.

Based on what I was told, the thief suffers so badly he begs his captors to break his arms, though I may have misunderstood what exactly it is he’s begging for, seeing as getting his arms broken on top of hands being burned would not make his suffering a whole lot better.

Props to Best Gore member @snakebs for the video:

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156 thoughts on “Man Caught Stealing in Favela Tortured with Molten Plastic Dripped on Hands”

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  1. Serves him right, thieves are absolute scum. Some, hell a lot of them actually, could kill a person for pocket change so fuck him. I wonder how dumb he must be, he likely knew the risks of being caught stealing in gang territory but took his chances anyway.

    Just imagine that special smell of burning plastic and flesh mixed together… he won’t be using these hands for a while I see 🙂

    1. That is if he was guilty to begin with. Shit. If he was, IF he was, for all we know he has a starving family and he’s surrounded by rich fuckin drug dealers and just wanted some cash to buy food. Or he could just be a degenerate thief. No telling.

      1. Exactly, it’s hard to tell with these kind of videos that have no backstory but it does say that it’s from a favela so more likely than not he was living in poverty. Either way, I don’t think theft warrants this kind of punishment- yes thieving from someone is wrong but this shit is disgusting. Poor bloke. ):

      2. by the tone of your comment i know you live in a 1st world country. Me, i live in Brazil. NOBODY starves here. Really. Even HIV positive people in Brazil have free medications (people emigrate from Africa to Brazil to get them). These thieves want cash to buy drugs and surfwear.

    2. You’ve got to take in mind, this is typical street justice in Brazil which is a culture for 3rd world countries thieves are common of course but punishing a guy like this for being a petty thief? Is a little too extreme and cruel in my opinion. But this guy had it coming and knew the repercussion was gonna be several he just didn’t know what sort of method they were gonna use to punish him with and he got more than he deserved this is exactly why street justice is wrong and just right primitive and inhuman.

  2. Have to admit I find torture like this very hard to watch. Its like torture. I tense up and forget to breathe while making involuntary lil schoolgirl like squeals that I’m glad no one else can hear because that shit would be embarrassing. I also regularly touch the screen to see how long the video has got left to play before I can relax and take a big breath – before I press replay……..

    1. I have yet to turn away or squeal from a bg video. I maybe to desensitized for my own liking, videos don’t do any justices to my senses. Only can recall a couple of beheadings(when I was gore virgin) that turned my stomach.
      I am looking for the worst of the worst, not for the pleasure of it, witness what humanity is really made of.

      1. I like what you said : not for the pleasure of it, witness what humanity is really made of
        I normally won’t watch any torture vid, but I did watch this one, it gave
        me no pleasure to see this guy in so much agony
        If he’s really a thief, they could have stopped it after he got the first
        painful dose, rather than continue to torture, which is just obscene
        .. Don’t they know of Karma ?

        1. The majority of people steer clear of violence and death… I drive head on toward it, cause I fear it. Confronting your fears shapes you, a sculpture incomplete, carving the depths of my limits and sanity.
          We are drawn to are own flame , fluttering in hell provokes profound truths that linger in the mind.

          1. Excellent point, Mike
            Very few people have the ‘guts’ to admit we are all born with
            a stark raving fear of dying and of being dead
            So people put on this big John Wayne bullshit line ” Aah .. Shucks ma’am Aah guess if Aah die Aah die .. ” Shit
            But they’re not fooling Jonny
            That final week or days is just stark raving horror !!
            This is now a REAL horror movie, and you’re the star !!
            You wish you were dead but you’re not
            Then .. finally .. it’s over

            Thank fuck!

            Corpus Christi

      2. @MMike , the only videos on here that made me wince was the guy who had a metal pole slammed into his face, the bayonet guy who had his head all stabbed up and the face peel guy who had his hands chopped off and was trying to bite the blade. None of them even come close to watching animal cruelty though. Personally I think I people are trash and I quite enjoy watching them get fucked up

        1. @praying – 100% agree. I’ve never, not even once given sick fucks that torture animals, the attention of watching them demonstrate the lowest of the low, most fucked up of all inhuman acts. Whereas fleshy virus humans are fungating cancers that just consume, deceive, lie, breed, destroy and hate without regard for the Queen, Mother Nature. I pray for the day humanity is knocked back into the real world and bumped down a peg or two……..

        2. I’m not one to judge, if you enjoyed it, you enjoyed it. I can’t say who deserves what type of punishment, as for regarding equality(which does not exist) when a male gym teacher molest a minor, automatic prison sentences, if a female gym teacher molest a minor, 2+ years probation at worst. I know it’s off topic, but I like to raise awareness where it counts.
          Equality means: Women don’t have to behave like the rest of us.


          Yes animal cruelty is the worst of the worst. I can’t even understand why that it’s a thing, death to those that harm animals, torture.


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    1. That molten plastic has got to be one of the most painful types of burn man. 🙁
      Thief or Not,,, Some People are so fucking Cruel & Evil man It’s Sickening.

      My eyes started to water when seeing, and hearing this poor man screams.
      🙁 God Bless Him Man 🙁

  4. Good to know I can stop traveling to Hawaii from how on every time I have to sacrifice a Tahitian virgin to the Lava God Mountwanttohaukaloogie.
    I’ll just bring them bitches to my warehouse where I get recycled plastic for FREE!

  5. I think this is soft torture, after the first layer of wax drys, the rest of the melting plastic just build on top. I doubt this hurts much if at all. (how do I know, when I was younger id do this with candle wax on my fingers) first layer burns the most then the rest is cake.

    1. Around the end of the video he says “não aguento mais, quebrem meus braços logo” translates to “i cant take it anymore, just break my arms now” so i believe he is feeling something. Or maybe he just want to get out of there soon as possible, as i can hear them talking about shooting his face or showing him ‘something’ if he scream haha. And one of the torturers also make the question in some part of the video “does that is really hurting?” you are not the only one wondering.
      theirs accent sound like from the state of Minas Gerais.

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