Man Filmed on CCTV Brutally Beating a Child

Man Filmed on CCTV Brutally Beating a Child

I believe the incident happened in Thailand, but could not confirm.

A grown man was filmed on a CCTV camera beating and manhandling a child, in what looks like a stairwell of a condominium building. Throughout the video, the man kicks, slaps and tosses the child around like a ragdoll.

Nowhere in the video does the child do anything deserving the beating, but even so, the severity of the beating could not be justified by anything the child may have done or said. The man appears to have been on the phone when he casually knocked the child to the ground with an initial kick to the head.

Shortly after the beating started, a youth turned up on the stairwell, but did not appear intent on interfering with the abuse.

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    1. Right. I knew I wasn’t gonna watch as soon as I read the headline. The picture and write up was enough for me. This poor kid. Why? What kind of chicken shit could beat a child? I hope that there is a hell. For this guy and those like him.

    2. So sad..
      That first kick knocked him out. Because I have never seen a kid that just lets you also his face, without trying to stop the incoming hits. He was passed out already with that first kick. Poor little boy… R.I.P.

      1. I was replying to blayvier, and the others, who said “I’ll pass and not watch this one, makes me mad just thinking about it…” I know, I know…When it involves kids in general, getting treated so bad, it pisses me off and I just skip the video. I know where I am, but hey, we all have a soft spot for something…For me, it’s kids…

    1. Yeh I saw this a couple of days ago,, was wondering what happened to the poor little soul? If the little one didn’t die,, he certainly would have had brain damage, which would have just left the poor little thing to suffer more abuse,, so sad to say,, but maybe death was the the best thing after that attack,, any news on what happened to the attacker,,, I assume the other person was an older child who just did what he was told for fear of getting the same thing,,
      Believe me, I’ve been there, the one abused, and then my father bring in other siblins in to help,, and they are locked in such fear, that they just do what they are told,,

      1. Im also 99% sure the first kick was the killer and looks like he used the excuse the baby fell down the stairs and pointed when the other kid came along, and was slapping the baby to make him conscious, but the poor thing was already on deaths door,, and then got even more angry with the baby, because he realised what he just done,,

        I wonder if there was a mum around and the reaction of not only her kid being brought back in the flat that why,, but then to find out, how ever long after, what really happened,, if thya was my child and I found out someone did that, I would
        KILL THEM

    1. NO NO NO! He deserves to live till 100, getting beaten unconscious, then revived and beaten unconscious again and again, every day till the day the fucker dies, rotting in a dark cell, hanging upside down from the roof, buttplugged with the largest buttplugg out there. Now that’s more satisfying 🙂

  1. Hope angry mob is just waiting on downstairs for that big bravo and we can see another video of mob repeating everything 100 times with that bravo (just signed up after 6 month of daily visit to bg bcoz this jerk beating poor kid)

      1. The guy who beat this little one had to have seen the kid laugh and smile before that day. He had to have seen the innocence in his eyes many times at home. I’ll never understand, or try to understand what makes an adult beat a child.

    1. Because they can not defend themselfs,, they have no choice,, they can not run,, and if they survive the latest attack,, they go on loving the attacker,, hoping if does not happen again,, they grow to know no difference,, especially if it’s started very young,, the child knows no different,, what hurts more with this video was you see the attack and not just the aftermath, makes it more real,, and also makes you think of how the child lived before, and how many other hits and blows this child received

        1. Good analogy. Neither young child nor dog fully grasp why they are getting a beating. They will continue to love unconditionally until a certain age or until they die from the beatings.

    1. I been on this site for a long time now and always tend to browse through the comments below the picture/videos. I have not once posted a comment until now. You are one sick individual. To comment and laugh at the misfortunes of others is one thing but to do so when it concerns children is truly disturbing. I’ve noticed a lot of your comments in the past and you are truly a disgusting person. Your insensitivity towards children and people in generals just tells me your a fucking physcopath who should be gutted alive publicly and shit and pissed on by a hundred people. Now that thought makes me feel great. If I know who you were I would beat the living shit out of you and post that shit on this site. Go fuck yourself.

      1. Why, thank you! 😆 Ohh and dont worry my patheticly sensitive fellow mortal, i already have my enemies, yet they, just like you, are all talking the talk, and never walking the walk… 🙂 But remember and beware that when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster… for when you gaze long into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you… 😆 So may you, and your family, along with all your future generations suffer a world of pain and misery, untill you realise how damned this planet really is…

      2. Devinmp5 ,
        I out a kick out of your cliche’d comment, how you got so worked up and decided to make empty threats all in the attempt to feel some moral victory for cause. A common platitude among the ignorant.. did make me laugh though.

      1. And under what basis do you assume something as retard as that? On yours? 😆 If you havent seen the video, and you are commenting, then you are not making any contribution to the discussion, so shut up, fuck off, and go drown in the nearby river.

          1. LMAO! 😆 I guess i really need to talk to the fan club president to try to keep things in order then… Ohh well, i dont really mind, but if they are doing just for trolling, then they dont really know what they’re getting into… eheheh… 😆

          2. Hahaha yeah. The club president is not doing a very good job.

            Do what you do, man. No matter what anyone does, it always gets bitched at anyway.

            Haters gonna hate. Lol. 😀

          3. True that! 😆 Hell, im just guessing that their asses are aching that much just because i havent specificly condemned that Thai’s acts… or said something sensitive as “poor kid” and all that crap that will not change anyone’s minds about it… Things like that happens everyday everywhere, and worse even, and we’re just limited to not repeat their parenting failure acts… But aparently some people dont get it… 😆

      1. Had you done that @Gnat, his bonce could easily have landed in China 😛

        It may have crossed the other guy’s mind, but it looks like he’s maybe the bully boy father’s elder son, whom probably recognises the punishment all too well.
        Takes a real fucking low life to beat on a very small infant, a real swamp dweller right there.

  2. We are hard wired like many species to protect our young. Thousands of years of evolution.
    And yet there are so many Neanderthal like missing links among us.

  3. This was indeed from Thailand. The boy actually died from his injuries. Here is part of the article if anyone is interested in reading more:
    BANGKOK: — A MAN WAS arrested yesterday for violently assaulting his two-year-old stepson, who later died of his injuries in Klong Sam Wa district.

    The incident was caught by a surveillance camera.

    Former truck driver Anont Phimnoo, 28, said he regretted attacking the unnamed boy, and did not think “the issue would turn serious”.

    He said he had apologised to the mother of the boy, Suphanon Tawisut, 22, and would not speak further on the issue.

    Anont is in police custody after he failed to raise the Bt200,000 bail. Police said a drug test on Anont came back negative.

    Suphanon said her son was crying when Anont brought him back to their apartment in Makkasan. He fell unconscious before she could get him to a doctor and died 10 minutes before arriving at a hospital. She said Anont told her the boy fell in the stairway and she believed him at first.

    Suphanon’s relatives became suspicious and contacted the apartment building’s management in an attempt to get more information before filing a complaint with police, who obtained the CCTV footage on Friday and liased with Makkasan police before they charged him with assault leading to death.

    The CCTV footage revealed that Anont had kicked the boy’s body and slapped his face several times in a fire exit stairway.

    1. Thanks for the article.
      At least he allegedly apologized to the boy’s mother…I’m sure that helps a lot when she has to set one plate less for dinner.
      2 yrs old. I’m willing to be called a sensitive pussy or told to go Facebook myself on this one but child abuse is beyond my limit of tolerance and forgiveness. It really hits home with me.

  4. This WAS this douchbags littlemstep son, rest his little soul…This small pricked son of a bitch beat this child to death and , thank God, he’s in prison! Wait for the video on best gore of the inmates taking care of HIM!

  5. This video has caused me to reconsider why I browse this site every day. So, I tried to find a definition for gore. What exactly is it anyway? According to Wikipedia, gore is:
    “recordings of real graphic violence … the violence depicted must generally be of a particularly unmitigated and unshielded nature … depict reality footage of war, car crashes and other accidents, decapitations, suicide, terrorism, murder or executions”
    Ok, I agree; that’s the gore I come to see; the stuff I’ve become desensitized to viewing. I’m not sure I can say I enjoy the posts. However, I will say they certainly distract me from worrying about the crap that comes from living and working amongst many of the low life FVs (Fleshy Viruses) I’ve encountered during my 56 years on this planet.
    But this! Wow. It’s beyond gore. I want to package every single one of hateful things uttered by the thousands of comments on this site and redirect them toward this low-life asshole. I also wish that the violence depicted on every single video posted here be somehow bundled up and bestowed on him, all at once. I want him to hurt; to cry in pain; to beg for mercy; to pray for death; … Burning in hell for eternity (which he surely will) is simply not enough.
    This has to be one of the worst acts I have ever seen; or, ever wish to see. I mean really! I can eat rice watching the maggot videos, suck raw oysters looking at the blue vagina, and enjoy pea soup during the gross drainage videos; all without even the slightest flinch. This video, however, not only made me flinch, but also gave me the biggest knot my gut has ever had. It made me sick with sorrow and rage with anger. It “takes the cake” in terms of the goriest video I have ever witnessed.
    How can a FV posses a brain that can justify such a brutal act committed towards such an innocent, defenseless, sweet child? FUCK ME!!! How can he nonchalantly chat on a phone while beating on a child that’s still unconscious from his previous blow? I just cannot wrap my head around this guy’s mind.
    RIP little one, you are in a better place. A place where you will never again have to set eyes on that monster; or, quiver in fear from the sound of his voice.

    1. I created a profile just to say that I agree wholeheartedly with what you’ve said. You put it into the words that I simply couldn’t find.
      I did not watch the video, but I read enough to know what happened and that I did not want to watch it.
      Since I’ve become a teacher and a new mom, the pain I feel when I even THINK a kid is being mistreated is just too hard to bear.
      Thank you for giving me words and for helping me sort this all out in my mind.

    2. @DrRad: curiosity got the best of me. I went, and watched. As I said, this is a child. You just put into words what I couldn’t put into words. Thank you. I mean, I’ve seen it all, and I keep eating while watching, or whatever I’m doing, it’s alright…But this, made me hate the man so bad, I want to see him here, getting hung by his balls, and tortured all day by people who wouldn’t let him sleep, and do sick things to him. Don’t kill him, too sweet…this one has to be kept alive, to be played with…until he reaches 100 years old, and still getting tortured…endlessly, during his sleep, and after his death…

  6. “Mamas, don’t let your babies be cared for by boyfriends!”

    They’ll kick em and stomp em and cut off their junk! They can’t help but think bout the daddy you fucked!

    Mamas don’t let your boyfriend take care of your kiddo!

    If your bitch ass ain’t home and you leave them alone, he’ll kick em to death on the stairs!

  7. From

    A mother has been convicted of killing her newborn baby girl by filling her mouth with toilet paper and hiding her body in a suitcase.

    Claudia Martins, 33, was acquitted by a jury of a single charge of murder but convicted of manslaughter by reason of diminished responsibility.

    During her trial at Bristol Crown Court the jury was told she gave birth alone at her sister’s flat in Knowle, Bristol on September 12 last year, having kept the pregnancy secret from family and friends.

    Paramedics were called after friends found Martins, a Portuguese national, sitting in the bath with “a lot of blood” and she was taken to hospital.

    Two days later, her sister Vilma raised the alarm after noticing a smell coming from a suitcase in the defendant’s bedroom.

    Police were called to the flat and discovered the body of a newborn baby inside Martins’ small, black suitcase, on September 15.

    Martins, described as having an extremely low IQ, was arrested and admitted she had given birth but said the baby was stillborn.

    A post-mortem examination found a wad of toilet paper inside the baby’s mouth, which experts claim was “deliberately inserted”.

    The jury heard Martins is originally from Mozambique in Africa but moved to Portugal before settling in Bristol in 2011, living in a two-bedroom flat with her sister Vilma Marshall, Ms Marshall’s partner, and five children.

    Giving evidence, Martins told the court: “I did not kill my daughter. I did not put tissue paper in her throat. I didn’t kill her. No, I did not kill my daughter.”

    Mr Justice Teare remanded Martins, of Marshall Walk, Knowle, Bristol into custody to await the preparation of reports. She will be sentenced later.

    Detective Inspector Neil Meade, of Avon and Somerset Police, said: “The death of a baby is always a tragedy but the unique circumstances make this a particularly emotive case for everyone involved.

    “We carried out a sensitive and comprehensive investigation into the circumstances of the baby girl’s death and obtained statements from medical experts specialising in this field.

    “We’ve also worked closely with the Crown Prosecution Service from the outset. The jury has listened to the evidence and convicted Claudia Martins of manslaughter.

    “Our thoughts are very much with the victim’s wider family as they are struggling to comprehend how and why this tragedy happened.”

  8. There’s no way to stop once you feel the power of being more powerful than your victim,I guess he was frustrated or something give him a break,kicking and stomping something or someone smaller than you feels great :3 😆

  9. Si ese hijo de puta cayera en mis manos ,yo le arrancar?a el coraz?n con mis propias manos.A un ni?ito por m?s travieso q sea ,no se le debe maltratar asi.Pq es no tiene como defenderse de un Fucking adulto.Viendo los momentos del maltrato tengo un coraje tan grande q no se como sacarmelo de adentro.Dios Bendiga los ni?os del Mundo.

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