Man Held Down Gets His Feet Clubbed by Militants

Man Held Down Gets His Feet Clubbed by Militants

Man Held Down Gets His Feet Clubbed by Militants

In what I was told is Cameroon, a man suffered the agony of defeet.

While not sure what exactly is going on, the video shows a man being held pinned down on the ground by armed men in uniforms, while another uniformed man clubs his feet with what looks like the blade of a machete.

Whereas it’s his feet that were the primary target of the punishment, I wonder if he was someone who tried to run away. A deserter perhaps?

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68 thoughts on “Man Held Down Gets His Feet Clubbed by Militants”

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  3. Pretty worthless now as a soldier after that bludgeoning. It always still surprises me how the aggressors don’t understand the human reaction to shock like that. He is going to become catatonic. I guess they know what they’re doing though. Blade wielding morons. He should die of infection soon I wold imagine

  4. Ahhh….brings back memories…
    They are speaking in French (I think) hope someone can interpret. but they keep asking about General Amazonia (thanks doc obvious), amazon general? i don’t know, but i don’t think its a deserter, i think its a prisoner (or punishment or hazing), but i know this form of, well, its torture here, but this was regular punishment for us. They aren’t whipping him on muddy ground, with a bucket of water and a machete for nothing.
    At some point, that machete will tilt slightly cutting enough of a slit in the foot, not enough to make it bleed badly, but to cut through to the “soft part” or dermis, maybe draw just a lil blood. kinda like having a papercut, on a massive scale. you don’t really bleed but it hurts enough. Lastly, im willing to bet theres salt in that water that he threw at his feet.
    We all know what happens between cuts and salt.
    and anyone here who has been hit across the body surface that was wet, with something flat…you know how much fun that is 🙂

    This guy is getting the Royal Treatment. he’s got it all.

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