Man with Peeled Face Tortured by CJNG Member El Payaso in Michoacan

Man with Peeled Face Tortured by CJNG Member El Payaso in Michoacan

Man with Peeled Face Tortured by CJNG Member El Payaso in Michoacan

According to the backinfo I got, the video shows a CJNG member “El Payaso” torturing a presumed Familia Michoacana associate. The incident happened in the state of Michoacán, Mexico.

The victim is shown with his face peeled off. On the forehead you can see the knife cut that was done around his face to outline the part to be removed.

Props to Best Gore member @burnthecoal for the video:

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461 thoughts on “Man with Peeled Face Tortured by CJNG Member El Payaso in Michoacan”

    1. Lmao they should of poured rubbing alcohol to disenfect his wounds either that or vinegar poor guy maybee salt.Im sure they are just borrowing his face to do a heist of Halloween but im sure there giving it back there sewing it back themselfs.Good special effects

  1. This is some sick shit. What would be funny is if the guy doing the face peeling gets caught by a rival gang and has it done to him in revenge. Imagine the fear, guilt and total horror he’d feel, lol.

      1. Fuck yes,,, i agree. I Wonder since there are not any arteries in your face, if you could actually live with the skin completely removed from your face. I Mean if you were to get medical help right after it happened and antibiotics were able to keep any infection from setting-in. Or would you simply end-up dying because of shock alone??? What do you guys think??

          1. Yea true i guess brother. And it would suck living/looking like that for the rest of your
            (what would surely be) a miserable lifetime of suffering. 🙁

      1. I Like how at the end of the video they throw-in The Towel, lol.
        That poor guy was fighting it looks like t’ill the very last drop of his blood was drained from his body.

        And notice how even when they cut through both of his arteries in his neck no Arterial-Spray
        Whatsoever occurred??? It was surely because he hardly had any blood left in his body, and close to no blood-pressure.

        So do yourself a favor dude, and do not mess with these Sicario’s in your next lifetime. And i say this because since you were a bad dude during your first life,,, you will have to be reborn, and live another until you get it right. 🙁

  2. This is what happens when all of the politicians and cops are corrupt. The only reason those cartels even exist is because the cops and politicians are on the take.

    If all of the cops and politicians were honest, they could shut down those cartels real quick. I think some of those cartels are actually tools of the state.

  3. I have never been so freaked out from the comments ever ! I haven’t watched it yet cause it sounds just horrible so I thought I would check out the comments first and sounds even more horrible! I will watch this but just not yet. never read a reaction like that wow

  4. This one isnt too bad but once again where’s the actual peeling? Need that video then this could top them all. Looks like his upper chest is missing? Crazy but c’mon, crazier than the Mexican getting his feet chopped off them his arm sawed off with a machete? Cop & his son? Or the Los Viagras peeling the chest off that poor dude screaming in agony “I didn’t kill anyone!!” Or last but not least the other face peel video. Also not as punishing but almost more brutal is the Venezuelan who got his tongue cut out then all his fingers and thumb on right hand sawed off. The damage isnt as drastic as this but the howling of agony was memorable. Theres a lot more too. Cartels have been filling BestGore’s pages since I came on in 2012.

  5. I’m not really sure wtf is wrong with me, but I do know for a fact something is definitely fucked up in my head. When I first stumbled upon this site as a young chap this type of shit made my stomach turn. I felt like throwing up for days on end. Now I watch this shit every night and it barely even gets me shrugging mehhhh……Perhaps it’s cuz I’ve been stabbed, shot, and even tortured. I guess it’s all just a part of life. Like a drug, you need more gore just to feel any sort of empathy or emotion. This one is like a shot of vodka to a raging alcoholic. A joint to a pothead. A line to a tweaker. A hit to a crackhead. This is one of those heavier doses, but it’s just still mehhh it wears off after a few seconds….

    1. It gives me an opportunity to laugh at death in the face. (no pun intended) In addition, this site caters to my Dark Side.

      If one can separate their Dark Side from reality, it can be therapudic…

      Almost humbling! 🙂

  6. Translation: Skinned face guy:water Savage:do you want water?Skinned face guy:water Savage:do you want water? tell me. Savage:say it loud,say it with your mouth. Skinned face guy:water Savage:do you want water, yes or no? Skinned face guy:yes Savage:Do you know who I am? Skinned face guy:No Savage:Do you know me? Skinned face guy:NO? tell me

  7. This is the drug market’s United States supply chain. This is the work of Amerika. But then again The Company used the USA’s own dead soldiers to ship smack and weed back from Vietnam. Why would they be any different nowadays?

    “April is the cruellest month…”

  8. No video of the actual skinning. Well he probably looks less uglier than he already was. FUcking bunch of savages, I think most people will rather get shot than have their face skinned, I don’t understand how the fuck is he still alive. Fucking talking skeleton shut the fuck up already

  9. The real question is what kind of mindset do these bastards possess !! To me there seems to be a lot of these mother fuckers south of the border ! How many of you could do this shit to another human being and laugh and then set down to dinner like its all in a days work ! Fuck these animals ! Secure the borders and shoot them on sight if they try to cross ! Trump 2020 !

    1. Agreed, I hope the US does what’s right and actually invades a country for the right reason! If the Mexican government can’t sort there shit out then regime change or total wipeout is in order.

      What shocks me is the amount of people who are not even aware of this happening on a daily basis in this country.

    1. Well should be similar to that guy that got his face mauled by yogi the bear clearly a few drops of glue and a few cheat codes and Poof brand new face who dizz also did you see the creep no blinking lol cause he can’t lol

  10. This 1 is really brutal! I mean the time and effort put into doing that is another level.

    The 1 video that I think is the worst was the 1 with the young boy and his dad getting murdered, really sad. I don’t know how people can do this to each other! This is beyond barbaric.

    Iv watched a great deal of documentaries on Mexico, from the rise of the cartels and how they came to be, and it does seem as if things are just getting out of hand. Something really needs to be done with this country, the government ( or most of it) is allowing this shit to happen, working with the cartels to better gain there position of power and every now and then taking down some to show the world it’s doing it’s bit to fight them. It’s aloud of bullshit. Country needs taken off the map and start again! Fuck em, dirty bastards.

  11. @skinnyman
    If You have not gotten to know the person that is commenting because you are just a Newbie* then i understand, & recognize Your Complete, & Utter Ignorant Mistake.
    And Secondly,,,
    If you don’t know that the individual commenting is just joking (As I Am) & that I love my kids dearly which Are by the way (Young Intelligent Men), and most probably older than yourself, Than You Pal got some growing up to do.

  12. Just curious, is there anything in the video that shows it’s real? There are quite a few fake beheading videos I have seen. This video looks fake to me. I think the guy with his face peeled would be in more pain that he is showing. Also, the supposed cut where the knife sliced off his face just looks like a line of blood. I don’t see an actual cut.

  13. He’s asking for water but clearly he needs some cool sun glasses to go with that smile also this is the war that that one big mouth started talking about he invading this and that blah blah blah also I’m hungry feel like eating so pork grinds any one else got hungry after watching this ? Hmm they call him clown el payaso but he’s not clowning around ayee lol

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