Man with Peeled Face Tortured by CJNG Member El Payaso in Michoacan

Man with Peeled Face Tortured by CJNG Member El Payaso in Michoacan

Man with Peeled Face Tortured by CJNG Member El Payaso in Michoacan

According to the backinfo I got, the video shows a CJNG member “El Payaso” torturing a presumed Familia Michoacana associate. The incident happened in the state of Michoacán, Mexico.

The victim is shown with his face peeled off. On the forehead you can see the knife cut that was done around his face to outline the part to be removed.

Props to Best Gore member @burnthecoal for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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461 thoughts on “Man with Peeled Face Tortured by CJNG Member El Payaso in Michoacan”

  1. He look like the puppet in the movie SAW. With a fucking face like this I’m sure he became a great actor. What? He want water? It’s a whim of star people? Fuck you. salt in your face bitch

    1. Hey je vie en France et je parle français alors je te résume la scène ami. Un pauvre con de sicario à complètement écorché le visage d’un autre(probablement) sicario. Donc oui il est toujours vivant(pas pour longtemps) et converse avec son bourau. Il lui demande notamment de l’eau. Voilà la vidéo est courte quel dommage.

  2. I bet skinnyman wears one of those upgraded face masks. Gloves too. You know those gay, colour coordinated jobbies?
    Jeff Bezos loves them! Only the other day he was boasting how he’d be worth $150 billion, after this coronahoax, purely from sales of those gay gloves to cunts like skinnyman.☺

        1. Alors désolé copine. Personnellement je ne pourrais jamais me masturber en regardant cette merde. Mais je pourrais me masturber très fort en te regardant te mastuber sur cette saloperie de vidéo. Esque tu trouves que je suis normal ? Hahaha

  3. One crazy video! He wants water, damn I’d hate to go like that!
    If you ask me every one is entitled to their own opinions and I really do try to respect each one, but I would agree that we all do need to realize, especially for those who can build up enough anger and frustration to be so hateful towards one another, that we all are human beings here, we all are very capable of keeping things civil.
    I understand the freedom of speech and how a capitalist country can condition into itself, secularism and division, and I’m sure I’d anyone can create a thesis on this subject but the most rational conclusion is that, We’re all humans, nothing less, nothing more!
    I come here for philosophical reasons. I do my best to be in “tuned” with the reality of life, because I know one day I will have to suffer a similar fate as these individuals have here on BG.
    Stoicism is a very interesting philosophy. The stoics have very intellectual practices such as the over coming of the fear of death. Since death is the most common that is feared, the stoic (stoicism), believe that if they over came the fear of death, then what else is there to fear in life, inevitably creating a perspective that puts more meaning and balance in ones life, there for over coming and conquering life itself!
    I myself am intellectually maturing, and I believe when one does so, then there’s a certain amount of humility that establishes, a well balance arbitration towards other human beings. I have to agree that there’s is a lot of miseducated individuals out there who do follow such pessimistic, and ignorant ideologies. Intelligence should always be practice especially when observing another’s mortality!
    My respect to those who have suffered such an immoral mortality! It’s interesting to be able to perceive humans as animals that we are. The only difference is, we have the cognitive abilities to be able to solve complex problems! Intellectually we are the dominant species!
    For now!

    (murderer): Eh?
    (Victim): Water…
    (murderer): Water? Eh? Say it louder.
    (Victim nods)
    (murderer): Say it to me with you mouth.
    (Victim): Water…
    (Murderer): Yeah? You want water? Yes or no? … Yes or no?

    Who am I?
    (Victim is unintelligible)
    (Murderer): Who am I?
    (victim): I don’t Know!
    (Murderer): You don’t know who I am?
    (Victim): No…!
    -Video ends-

  5. Mexico is truly the PREMIUM BRAND when it comes to gore. You would have to go back to the middle ages to find a match for their “quality”, and for their utter disregard for basic morals and human life…

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