Man Punished with Truck Parking on His Hands

Man Punished with Truck Parking on His Hands

Man Punished with Truck Parking on His Hands

Video from an unspecified part of Africa shows the punishment for a man who transgressed against the community in an unspecified manner. Presumably he was a thief and got caught trying to steal something.

To punish the man, the mob drove a truck over his hands and parked it when the hands were under a wheel. Trapped and in pain, the presumed thief lets out cries suggesting he’s not too happy with the situation he found himself in.

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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112 thoughts on “Man Punished with Truck Parking on His Hands”

      1. Until my name is longer than Uganda’s Idi Amin who’s long ass title inspired mine or all the other dictators with super long glorious titles than even Kim Jong Il couldn’t muster

  1. What a racket
    You’d of thought there was a 30 ton truck parked on his hands!
    Seriously though, the mind reels at the thought of what those hands looked like post truck.
    (Note to videoers: make a before, middle, and end. Record all the drama!)
    And thanks @african-angel

    1. @fred1212

      Don’t worry Zippy boy, we might be blessed in a few days with a better video that a fifty-cent-golden-watch dude is shooting while wearing ugly ass white sandals and with probably a better phone camera than the one that the present video is shot with.

      Certainly, thanks to @african-angel

  2. Godamn that fucker sounded like a screeching monkey with its tail set on fire.. I’d suggest shoving something up his ass for good measure but I’m not looking forward to the sounds he would make

    1. I love people like you. You actually try and portray yourself as doing anything less than screaming your head off while numerous tons sat right on your hands for an extended period of time.

      You would squealing like a pig.

      But, by all means, continue with the keyboard fake toughness

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