Man Robbed at Knifepoint in Broad Daylight

Man Robbed at Knifepoint in Broad Daylight

Violent robbery was caught on a CCTV camera whereas a group of young punks on motorcycles threatened a man with a knife and remained in his face until the man surrendered his backpack to them. The robbery took place in broad daylight and several automobiles passed by, but no one helped. In cases like this, when you don’t know what the criminals are capable of, it may be in your best interest to not meddle with them. Unfortunately, that left the victim, who was heavily outnumbered by the robbers, all to his own devices.

I don’t know where exactly this happened (somebody suggested Tehran, Iran but I couldn’t find a way to confirm it) but it was clearly in a non gun snackbarists country which is likely what saved the victim’s life. Criminals set on robbing someone will go ahead with the robbery whether they stand a chance of encountering resistance or not. They could be drug junkies for all you know and to support their bad habit, they need other people’s property. If the victim is unlikely to pose a threat, they’re just gonna intimidate them, take the goods and leave. But if they know they could encounter deadly force, they won’t bother with intimidation. They’ll wait for a moment to kill the victim before they can strike back and deal with it that way. They’re already breaking the law, so what’s there to lose?

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26 thoughts on “Man Robbed at Knifepoint in Broad Daylight”

  1. “but it was clearly in a non gun snackbarists country which is likely what saved the victim’s life

    Whaaaat? (Increasingly high pitched voice).
    If it was America, you don’t rob someone with a knife BECAUSE we have guns. Matter of fact, the more guns the less crime. FACT.

    1. Agreed, too bad obama is gonna get rid of all american patriots and take all the guns there will be a shitstorm coming soon this year and he might send the UN peace corps or military to control the situation shit sucks

      1. Few hours ago a burglar tried to steal a piece of metal of my house. He had been comig for several days and doing the job little by little, but today l finally caught him. The only problem is l had a rusty machete -.-, but l said, wtf, l will get rid of this motherf once for all. l sneaked towards the main door and did some classy spy manouvers, just like the ones l did while l was playing Modern warfare xD never thought lt would be useful till today, l had the machete in one hand and opened the door imediately with the other, l attacked the burglar imediately he didnt even had time to see what was going on, with the first blow l hit his back, then his shoulder and finally one big blow to his back again, he didnt even scream or make any sort of sound, l had employed all my strenght in one arm, he was on his bicycle already and started to move, when l wanted to follow him he took a machete out of his chest, I Could only see the shinning edge of sharp tool, and a lot of videos and images of hacked by machetes came to my mind, then l said omg, l dont want to be in bestgore this season. the only weird thing is that guy didnt scream or cried out , perhaps he was doped or the rush of adrenaline saved from instantaneous pain. he had this evil look like the ones who dont give shit about dying or getting killed. l am only thankfull it was me who caught Him and not my father, dad is very brave and strong, but a bit naive when it comes to weapons, he told me he would have attacked the thief bare hands, but l know he would have Suffered the faith of many Brazilians who meet the steel and end up with their guts exposed. Now, lm getting a gun, l have the feeling that dude will seek revenge, but l hope will be prepaired.

    2. You don’t make sense the only place you see shit happening like Sandy Hook case is America. The only place that hunts for fun. Where is Hollywood? and where do red necks come from? and the you might say other countries does too but what do people see on tv? ohh ah… lovely America.

  2. Agreed. What are they going to ban knives so that people who willingly want to perpetrate a crime will not have access to them? Where does it stop? They’ll just find a different kind of weapon and commit the same crime. By the way did you see that the words “aurora” and “sandy hook” can both be seen in different scenes of the dark Knight rises? That movie was made before either shooting at those exact locations took place. What a “coincidence”. Now the people demand that guns should be banned.

      1. I don’t care what your going after, if you come at me I’m taking you out before you can fuck with me. And yes I am a tough guy. I don’t fuck around and when it’s obvious to the criminal’s they go else where. I’m trying to imply from my first comment that this guy should be more defensive and not just stand there waiting for these jackoffs to do as they please. At least try running off when they ride up on you if your not a fighter. In his situation he had to surrender to them, but he made it too easy by not moving himself as soon as it all started. If you look like a victim you will become a victim…..

          1. @ killthefilth No money worths as much as your life, even running away is a bad choice, you show your back for first target to be stabbed, defending against a knife is the last option when you understand there is no way out, the guy will kill you anyway, heroes die young.

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