Man Strapped to Chair Gets His Legs Chainsawed Off

Man Strapped to Chair Gets His Legs Chainsawed Off

Man Strapped to Chair Gets His Legs Chainsawed Off

In a video from Mexico, a man strapped to a chair is shown being interrogated, before his captors start up a chainsaw and apparently saw off his legs with it. The cameraman really effed up on the chainsaw part.

According to the backinfo I got, the incident happened in Culiacán and the victim was a sicario for Los Chapitos. His captors, if I understood it correctly, were men under the command of El Russo (The Russian), a hanchman for Ismael “El Mayo” Zambada, a man looking to become the leader of the Sinaloa Cartel in the absence of El Chapo, and this act could be part of eliminating competition for the post.

Props to Best Gore member @natural-selection-2 for the video:

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156 thoughts on “Man Strapped to Chair Gets His Legs Chainsawed Off”

    1. Ahahahaha
      -never been to Mexico and talking out of his fuken ass.
      Answer me this bro! They make millions and millions of money! Where would they benefit from kidnapping a peasant like you?? As long and you ain’t selling in their territory and/or happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time you’ll be fine! I go to Culiacan all the time! Finest women in the world!!

      1. True. However keep in mind they do kidnap innocent bystanders for ransom, human trafficking or to torture them enough for them to lie on video claiming there part of a rival cartel so they can kill them slowly to scare people. I even read that they’re kidnapping innocent immigrants at the border as well. So technically to answer your question they do prey on peasants for enjoyment or business. And I love women from Sinaloa. Not better than Colombian, Venezuelan or Brazilian but there pretty close.

          1. I tried to chat up a homeless woman the other day, she was fat, this belly hanging over her jogging bottoms, you know, those grey ones.
            She had this gormless look on her face, i just felt i was punching above my weight.

        1. nah bro you got it wrong. there is a hit on anybody who messes with tourism right now in tijuana bc it brings the city, state and country money signed by yours truely the cartel. i go all the time! nothing like buying a $80,000 mansion and making that american dollar in san diego

          1. Good man, MR JXK777.
            Please be sure to write, under ’cause of death’:

            “Loss of both legs, leading to loss of blood, dignity, and will to live”.

      1. I know my medical knowledge is limited but I once hired a guy that worked for the people who do body pickups after death. Like a mortuary, but he did pickups from crime scenes also. He got bored on his days off & wanted a part time job so I gave him one.
        (Side note: Don’t die alone with 9 cats in the house. Let’s just say, the cats won’t lose weight. I have seen the original hard copy pics.)

        Any who, I asked him about embalming & such. He said they make a small cut in the inner thighs, into the femoral artery. This artery feeds the entire legs blood supply. The easiest & best place to get to them is just below the crotch on each leg. Shove a large gauge needle into it & you can drain the body of blood & replace it with embalming fluid in just a minute or 2.
        I was thinking this may be fake because this guy should bleed out in a minute or so, at most but there isn’t much blood on the ground even though both legs/ arteries have been severed. So I looked it up.
        The official word is, victim at rest. 3-5 minutes. Unconscious at 3 min. gone by 5 min. Victim under stress, I think this applies her a little more. 1 – 3 min. Out at 1 min. & gone by 3 min.
        Still, the lack of squirting blood, because this is an artery or at the least a steady draining & large pool on the ground would be expected.
        I looked for tourniquets on upper leg but didn’t see any. So, idunno.
        Not saying it’s a good fake but there’s obvious, questionable camera work going on here.

        1. ok so I liked your comment saw the vid and am incline to agree with you but what realy got my attention was the mention of you having pics of a dead man eaten by his cats!? sound wicked man. I’ll have to look it up. I’m a cat person so for me that would be a way to go man. ha! the irony.. in life, eat pussy – in death, pussy eats you! ha!

          1. Yeah I was watching hing crime scene clean up on YouTube,the guys had to remove this woman’s stuff and remove some flooring because she died and her 2 doggies had to survive somehow It was 2 effing weeks before anyone knew she died⚰

    1. This was awful. I will never understand why ‘man’ has to torture another man
      to death
      If you wanna get rid of him? Just cap him in the back of the head, and he goes
      This is proof that man is nothing more than a cruel animal like a hyena or

      Badjonnatis 3:11

      1. The very reason lying in the question “Why are they filming this in first place? “. To make an example. These kind of brutality wasn’t something of new, really. There a re case of slaughtering, quatering and whatever these gang thought best to sent a messages around back as old as 70s. But with a rise of internet and affordable mobile device (come with a neat phtographing feauture), Filming the whole process was twice better than “head on spike” alone, Don’t you think?

      2. Right? I almost felt sorry for this guy at first, breathless, stammering, staring down at a chainsaw, then I wondered if he’s ever been on the giving end.
        Your correct though, there’s no bottom to mans inhumanity. There are people who can cut another’s legs off with a chainsaw then go home to the wife and kids for Sunday dinner.

      3. If they killed swiftly with a easy bullet to the head with no gore or torture …there wouldn’t be this fucking awesome site. Best Gore provides the fix I need to make my dreams sweet before bed. U should maybe tend to your rated R movies that show those swift kills. This may not be your fix.

        1. Nobody should be on here ‘simply to see and enjoy’ murder and torture
          You say it makes you happy
          What kind of sick fuck are you?
          Would you be AS happy if it were happening to you?
          What’s wrong with you?
          Why can’t you use your brain to truly ‘think’ rather than just bang cymbals
          like a wind up monkey?
          Why do you have to go through this life being as useless as tits on
          a bug?
          You have the brain of a slug, Gia

          1. Wow, so angry, your words scream a loser whom never come close to getting pussy from a intelligent beautiful woman with great tits lol. Don’t be so angry, just accept your final exit.

          2. You’re right bro she is a special kind of fucked up. Bitches like this have some very real mental/emotional issues, probably ass raped by brother, uncle, daddy, who knows ? The sad part is more and more women are becoming heartless cunts in these latter days, they have no love or empathy for anyone or anything except themselves and their selfish desires .

        2. Stupid bitch , you were obviously molested as a child, and probably an adult ! You will need many many hours, days, weeks, months, years of therapy for your sickness, maybe not even in this lifetime! You might have to pay your karmedic debt in another life by being the recipient of this brutality, then and only then will you truly understand there is something very wrong with your thinking.

        3. Hey, that pic is really you, and you’re really a lady… fucking a that explains a lot. I’ve seen so many women that are just plain FUCKING COLD! You literally make yourself look like a worthless sick fuck. NO ONE ADMIRES YOU FOR HOW YOU POTRAY YOURSELF. No one and I mean NO ONE… deserves to suffer. And people like you, that enjoy feasting on others suffering really should get a dose of that. You’ll probably act all tough and say you are un movable, and dead inside, and that you’d face death with dignity and grit. I hope you were joking. If you were, I take all this back. I not, think if it were some one in your family that you truly loved! I’m a sick fuck I’ll admit, but a person would have to do some FUCKED shit to deserve that. And you don’t know him, so you’re no better than those cartel members!!!! People like you are why the country I was fucked into existence against my will (USA) is so fucked. There is no salvation, or recovery for over half the people in this god forsaken country. It’s sad, the only fucking place I can “meet virtually” that are decent REAL people, is on this website. And frankly, you’re not one of them. Please, get drug behind a car at 5mpg for as long as it takes to rid your entire waste of a carcass from this planet.

          PS. You’re life doesn’t matter.


      4. They used to do that back in the 80s-90s when Chapo was in charge, he said during an interview that the the country will go to shit because of the guys leading these cartel nowadays are all trying to out do each other and prove how powerful they are. If the government really wanted to they could end this shit but the government are corrupt and they make to much money out of the drugs.

      5. Agreed. However people have been doing this shit to each other since the beginning of time. Makes you wonder if we are truly capable to evolving out of it or not. Of course we all can clearly see that we don’t evolve in synchronisation. You can see that across cultures and race today.

        If you consider that, not that long ago, relatively speaking, people were hung drawn and quartered in the British capital. The same culture that gave us the basis for modern law and human rights legislation. So I guess you can say we (some) are evolving. Personally I would not torture another human being or any kind of animal. If I had to take a life to protect myself I wouldn’t hesitate, but it would be self defence. If I caught somebody after they has badly tortured a member of my family, I’d like to think I would be able to execute them swiftly, but I can’t guarantee it.

        One of the hall marks of evolving has to be not inflicting great pain for no reason other then making someone suffer. You also have to take into account that a significant percentage of any human population is clinically psychopathic. This appears to be the natural order. They say CEO’s and highly driven people are often psychopathic in varying degrees.

        Some very interesting research was done to examine the living brains of psychopaths and they all turned out to have the same cranial defects. The research concluded that the only difference between those who went on to be psychopathic killers or not, was whether or not they came from a loving nurturing home in their first 6 years of existence. However, even if they came from a loving home, they all exhibited selfish and self centred personalities.

        This informed my thinking on the cruel and disgusting things we humans do and points to flaws in the original programming and not necessarily the result of being “evil”. So these guys torturing that unfortunate are probably genetically psychopathic , uneducated and from cruel and neglected backgrounds. A lethal combination. They are drawn to extreme crime because they have zero qualms about the worst behaviour possible, a major advantage in that world.

        We have to try not to conclude that all mankind is rotten and destined to destruction based on the fact that many of us are capable of the most evil and destructive acts that any conscious being is capable of committing.

        1. Excellent points, Danny

          You can split humans into so many groups:

          Those who would/do kill vs those who would not
          Those who would betray friends/family for money vs those who would not
          Those who would be cruel to an animal vs those who would not
          Those who would harm a child vs those who would not

          But I agree there are so many psychopaths/sociopaths out there in this

          One thing I have noticed with them all is this:

          They never ‘take responsibility’ for their own actions/failings

          It is always ‘someone else’s ‘ fault:

          -The universe
          -Lack of training (poor me ..)
          -The economy
          -Their upbringing
          -The fact that someone else ‘has more’

          “Aaaah did not ask to be born, ya know ?? …”
          No shit? None of us did, you pimple-dick!
          Stop feeling ‘sorry’ for yourself, and get out there and do something
          positive with your life, whatever life it is

          Idiots now think: “If I can’t be an actor, a rock star, or Bill Gates, then I’ll
          just do nothing with my life”
          What dicks!

          We’ve only got one chance, one shot, so fucken take it you sardine-dick
          Stop feeling sorry for yourself, trying to manipulate people through guilt, which is based on lying “Aaah gots no money brother … Aaaah just gots none ….”

          They forgot to tell you about the 10k they’ve got stashed under the matress
          “Sorry brother ….. Aaaah forgot to tell you ’bout dat ten ‘k’ ….”

          Lying, manipulative sociopath cunt!
          Fuck them

          Makes me wanna kill

          1. Well said BD.

            I do often wonder about the basic Quantum programming of existence. Are we just 1.0 and the executable code is still running until its noticed and delete is hit, or did somebody/something just fuck up!

        2. The basic Quantum programming of existence?:
          Yes, you can also split humans up into another 2 types:
          Those who think about life/death every single day VS those who do not
          I am in the 1st category
          I cannot stop thinking about the most basic fact of all:
          That we have been give this short time to live (50-80 years on average)
          and how stupid and pathetic to spend this short time just being mean and
          cruel and wanting to destroy another human’s happiness over the fact that
          we : had to wait 5 mins for our burger or: the bank took 2.20 rather than 1.20
          in bank fees
          I mean, at the end of your miserable life, what the fuck difference does it
          make whether you obtained 1 million or 1.1 million in your fuck’d up lifetime?
          Ultimately it makes no difference
          Because, poonta, you won’t even be here in like 50-60 years
          You will be in the ground with a worm up your ass
          Or burnt to a crisp in some Jewish Crematorium, then ashes in the sea
          so some crab can eat them then shit them out on the sand, before that
          little cunt gets eaten by an octopus, who then gets eaten by a small shark
          who gets eaten by a big shark, who gets turned into chingy shark fin soup
          then shitted out by chingys into the soil to make their lychee plant grow
          the lychees end up in tins at your supermarket, you eat ’em then shit them
          out back into the sea, to be eaten by the same crabs it all started with

          THE ANSWER?:
          Stop being a ‘feel sorry for yourself’ manipulative lying, cheating piece of
          fucken shit
          Start to take responsibility for your actions, you fucken minnow-dick
          You are scum
          That’s why the Universe invented death in the 1st place
          So that at least, in the final end, cunts like YOU cease to exist
          I am well prepared to die, just in the sweet sweet knowledge that cunts
          like you have to die, and that one sweet sunny day, your body on this
          Earth will be no more
          Your whole life has been a lie
          You are lower than a toad
          Just filth
          Just an excuse for Vileness
          You say “Aaah but muh Mammy n Daddy was a piece of shit ..”
          Well that’s no reason for you to be one too you apricot-dick
          Fuck your Mammy
          Fuck you Poppy
          Pair of cunts, who should’ve never been born
          Just a biological mistake of the fucken Universe
          Have a good trip, asshole
          See you in hell
          Jonny loves you

          1. Lots of references to small dick syndrome here, not to worry, insecurity often manifests itself even through “make believe” aggression.

            You miss my point entirely. Assuming you actually really believe what you Just said, it’s crystal clear that your not even scratching the surface of what I was trying to convey.

            Perspective on reality is Not simply a function of acquired intelligence, you also need to have received the right kind of genetic instructions to possess the capability to see beyond the obvious or indeed, to even be capable of dispensing with banal and meaningless insults

            It is what it is. QED.

        3. And you completely missed my point, I was not attacking YOU

          I was attacking Mr Average dick-face who cannot understand
          the bizarreness of being alive

          When I said ‘you’ : I was not talking about YOU

          Mmmmm, Cie

          1. My deepest apologies for my lack of comprehension. I was having one of those narky days with too much happening too quickly and I wasn’t paying due attention.

            Mea Culpa

  1. What a garbage country , made to contain the ultimate evilness..
    All are corrupted , evill, stolen, stinks like hell… I sure that u.s need to turn mexico to a nuclear test site , this twisted mind apes are an endless punishment to nature eac day they live… I do not understand how there is no any rebellion , like in the arab countries….killing the corrupted leadership, and their supporters..

    1. Because the drug trade makes them to much money, do you really think the government really gives a shit about what’s happening in your back garden? Nope. It’s all smoke and mirrors and as it’s always been the people will always suffer.

      1. Nature says a wounded animal shuld fight the strongest power when it got nothing to lose..
        The majority of mexico are poor
        And living in high risk each day
        With no future…
        Why don’t they fight back???
        Cartels cant kill hall nation..
        Only if the have been given the power by their victims…
        Why not to turn mexico majority of community a hall huge drug cartel , like an industry, with jobs for all with high salerys, that all are happy
        And to get rid off those who wants to keep all for them selves….
        To be a huge organization…
        Like the cosa nostra, that nobody can eliminate , that will destroy corrupted police and other violent cartels…
        Or , much more reasonable, a general strike, nobody will go to work, no service , no tax , all corruption will starve the death…
        Any way with the salerys they have , no much different it will make to strike…

        1. The Mexican Government need to deal with the mess they created/ allowed to happen over generations, nothing will change if the government itself doesn’t see the cartels will ruin their country.

          1. Not correct !!
            Any government will go to abandon the weaker side… Because the pay their taxes any way, if they would not pay for corrupted government who let all ov this to happen, and let them know that they might be unsafe like all majority
            Then you will see something happens…
            Politicians aren’t made to keep and stand up for their promises… Cause if the will, they wont become rich from the mony that took for their promises…

    1. Okay all that happened is a fast removing of the lower legs and a quick bleeding out. Good luck guy! Not hard to impress. You know what white children are forced through in this Fkng world ahole! Fk off p.o.s. O’well! Don’t get yourself into this just put us through it. You’re pretending you don’t know like your at a level with white fetuses, babies, toddlers, and kids. When we had them as we will undoubtedly again someday; the sweeter teens, too. Any adults that are loyal to them. Disgraceful. Definitely superior to americans where these bros come like blacks into white areas where the children are all that’s in danger because you’re ALL Fkng psys. Especially white adults who do all they can to kids ass give all the white kids they can and a complimentary education on all the ways one tortures them, and encourages you to feel free to be creative. Ya get a pediatrician and all incase they dare try to die! Definitely no eye for an eye in this world just a bunch posers, losers, cheap bastardized infidels serving white child offending fag whites across this hellhole of all theirs. Hiding behind everything they can. Falsifying you building themselves up. I’m still glad to not be a servant of our race against our children though like the rest of the lying a..s world. Thought these dudes were into being a bad a…s, but I have learned this is further from the truth as they come at me for help like I give a sht. They talk a lot of crap. If he was with them as with us in america because they all think they’re bad a…s as a result of this bunk b.s. lol. They used to all be gangsters in the nineties and now piss poor declined interracials. Taking it all out on our kids, and anyone giving a shy.

  2. Latin Americans are dangerous because they have a shit old savage culture that sacrificed babies to volcanoes. Nuke the place and start it over as an animal sanctuary, save as many pretty bitches first.

    None of the morons on here and their mothers are worth collecting.

    1. I think our ancestry is pretty cool, we got a little bit of the whole world in our blood. A Bit of arab, some african, a lot of european, and a lot of native american. But, that aside, i feel like people tend to forget whites have probably killed the most people than all the other races in the world. We might of been more savage, but y’all were definitely more efficient. food for thought

    2. Yup. Everywhere below the U.S. Southern border needs to be bull-dozed. Leave nothing standing. Then take a flame thrower to the remains.
      I do agree with the “save as many pretty bitches first” part too.

    0:00[Cameraman]: -working
    [Rival]: [*shrugs*] I ain’t gonna tell you.
    [Camerama]: And how long have you worked with… with – with El Alacran [The Scorpion]?
    [Rival]: 21 years
    [Cameraman]: Eh?
    [Rival]: 21 years.
    [Cameraman]: Who **unintelligible**
    [Rival]: What he did was go out to bars and visit people, at clubs
    [Cameraman]: Where’s your guys’ base at?
    [Rival]: In Culiacan.
    [Cameraman]: What part?
    [Rival]: I ain’t gonna tell ya-
    [Cameraman]: You don’t know where you live?
    [Rival]: Eh?
    [Cameraman]: You don’t know where their offices are?
    [Rival]: Nah, I dunno
    [Cameraman]: Where the fuck do you sleep at?
    [Rival]: **unintelligible**
    [Cameraman]: And where the fuck do you guys have your office?
    [Rival]: That’s our office
    [Camerama]: That’s your guys’ office?
    [Rival: ye
    [Cameraman]: And what truck did he ride in?
    [Rival]: He had a Tacoma.
    [Cameraman]: **unintelligible** or large? (?)
    [Rival]: *unintelligible*
    [Cameraman]: Where’d yall leave it?
    [*Rival is unintelligible, cameraman’s friend talks over him*]
    [Cameraman]: And and and, so he’s always on your ass [*aka pressuring rival to work*] or what?
    [Rival]: We stay around here.
    [Cameraman]: Where?
    [Rival]: We posted up over there in Lindo Cerro(?). That’s when they left me.
    [Cameraman]: Ye
    [Rival]: They left. Because the soldier(s?) came *unintelligible*
    [Cameraman]: And supposedly who were they [Rival’s friends] fighting? With who?
    [**shit audio, unintelligible**]
    [Rival]: … El Russo.
    [Cameraman]: Ye, and why, according to them?
    [** you guessed it, unintelligible**]
    1:17 [*Transition to Rival’s left and final leg getting chainsawed off*]
    [Executioner(?)]: There ya go, son of your fuckin’ mother!
    [Cameraman]: **unintelligible** dick
    1:22 [*Water is splashed on Rival’s face, and is smacked twice by cameraman’s posse, resulting in groaning by Rival*]
    [Executioner(?)]: Wait, wait, and now- [*cameraman: *unintelligible* loco*] – bring me a black bag!
    -video end-

    Sorry for the shitty translation this time, folks. Audio quality was deffos a major setback.

  4. Don Ismael “El Mayo” is currently the head of Sinaloa cartel after El Chapo’s extradition to the US he almost instantaneously declared leadership

    Joaquin Guzman Loera “El Chapo” couldn’t think of anyone more capable of being the boss not even his own son

  5. “Hey Senor …. ?” “How you like to take da 10kg instant weight loss challenge?”
    “Okay, just wait while I lube up my chain, Senor…” “PS hand me those Doritos ..”

  6. @hopingfornemesis

    Hey folks .. I watched the original ‘The Purge’ last night, and enjoyed it as much as the
    1st time I saw it .. So ..

    Give it a whirl
    Whether you’re a gay boy or a girl
    Head down the toilet
    And have a good hurl
    (Look out for that copter – Aaaahh it’s fucken Shirl*)

    *Oz Joke – you won’t get it

  7. That cameraman should have his legs cut-off while somebody else does the job of filming-it correctly.
    That’s if that new Cameraman himself can stop shaking long enough to film-it properly knowing what awaits him if he fucks it up Also!

  8. They are asking the guy for Intel he is hesitant and they noticed.
    If you are on a position like this your best bet is to come clean and ask to be executed by a gunshot.
    If you don’t tell them everything they are going to cut you on pieces peel off your face and yes you will be alive to the very end.
    Just tell them everything and ask for a gunshot they will obliged to that.

  9. Man. That was some crap edit. All the good parts were cut out except for the water being splashed on his face to make sure he didn’t stay passed out. If you have the rest of the video I’d like to see it. Rumor has it chainsaws don’t work so well in soft tissue as the cut through wood.

  10. Well this clip gets an official 0 for the faggot-ass censor ship. How this site would even dare edit out the parts we came to see is fuckin’ beyond me. Like hey, it’s Best Gore not “I edit out the part you wanted to fuckin’ see gore.” Anyhow…damn Beaners thinking they’re leather face as fuckin’ usual…so typical.

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