Man Uncomfortably Hogtied to Tree and Left Hanging

Man Uncomfortably Hogtied to Tree and Left Hanging

Man Uncomfortably Hogtied to Tree and Left Hanging

According to the backinfo I got, the star of this video is a local politicians and it was filmed in Chad, a country in Africa (not Chad your girlfriend is cheating on you with).

I don’t know what the said politician was being punished for, but the way he’s hogtied and left hanging from the tree looks very uncomfortable.

Props to Best Gore member @predator911 for the video:

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104 thoughts on “Man Uncomfortably Hogtied to Tree and Left Hanging”

    1. hes just a puppet stupid kunt..
      maybe you need this punishment for being such a blind gentile that contributes to the fuckery on a stupidity level.

      1. Trump promised and failed:

        _ “Drain the swamp” (purge the financial and Jewish lobbies of the government)

        _Building the wall

        _Deport 50 (and not 11 as fakenews says) millions of illegal.

        _ investigate hillary for his crimes as defense secretary

        _ Revoke (and not substitute for another) obamacare.

        _ end the wars in the Middle East for the benefit of Israel

        _ Support assad

        Do not meddle in international affairs that do not concern the US (northern korea, Palestinian,Venezuela,Iran)

        _revocate obama executive orders that allow male transsexuals to use women’s restrooms and vice versa.

        No longer accepting refugees

        Decrease the number of green cards category B1 to protect American jobs.

        In addition, the Trump government has followed the sexagenarian discriminatory policies that penalize poor whites in accessing universities and employment.

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          1. @Dil Doe The day when Truth = diarrhea to people.
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            Much love SS Shitposter 1488

        2. Now explain why he failed to do so! Here’s a hint Bolshevik Jews! I love how every single neo- nazi larpers are bashing Trump for being a (((jew lover))) when he has to fight against (((globalist bankers))) and the globalist owned KKK founding democratic party that blocks his progress at every corner! People are so fucking naive and clueless of what is really going on… it’s sickening! In the end Hitler was right 😉 Commie Jews run Israel and this is what he’s fighting against, what would you do if you were in his shoes? Nothing!

          1. Yea you wait for that Q plan to save the world buddy, you and your patriotic trump / “We lied, we cheated, we stole” -pompeo..
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          2. @卐Tawuse Melek卐 I know the channel too well, I;m a subscriber too… I don’t listen to that Q bullshit. I think you got me wrong here… I don’t like dems or reps! Thing is Trump is on his own atm, reps betrayed him so many times…that’s what I meant, I mean at least we don’t have Hillary in charge!!! You can thank the Bolshevik Jews running Israel for everything that’s happening in the west right now… fucking chosen sand people!

        3. It wil take 20 to 30 years of different administrations to fix everything the Obama administration royaly fucked up. Why anyone thought that gay, ignorant, nigger would make a good. President is beyond me. He wasn’t qualified to run a McDonalds much less a country but we know he really didn’t do shit, it takes someone way smarter than Barry and first man Mike to fuck up a country in that little amount of time plus the idiots that thought they woukd get a free ride if we had a black president “SURPRISE MOTHER FUCKER”!!!

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          3. That’s all you got? Everyone loved him before he became POTUS… You obv have been fooled by the masss MSM autism that’s going on… if you owned a business atm you would be sucking his dick… the real enemy isn’t Trump… ffs people, wake the fuck up!

          4. @fashtag1488 Trumps orange lmfao, his daughters being fudge packed by a rothschild. If you look really hard you can see all that swamp draining in effect.

          5. Can’t say I’ve been fucked by any of them, as a non dumb fuck American.
            You’d think puppets controlled by one, would have some similarities, but then you are a dumb fuck American that believes anything they’re told.

      1. In 2008, Obama was touted as a political outsider who will hose away all of the rot and bloody criminality of the Bush years. He turned out to be a deft move by our ruling class. Though fools still refuse to see it, Obama is a perfect servant of our military banking complex. Now, Trump is being trumpeted as another political outsider.

        A Trump presidency will temporarily appease restless, lower class whites, while serving as a magnet for liberal anger. This will buy our ruling class time as they continue to wage war abroad while impoverishing Americans back home. Like Obama, Trump won’t fulfill any of his election promises, and this, too, will be blamed on bipartisan politics.

      2. The bitch laughed about gaddafi getting anally raped on public tv by a bayonet on and her husband’s zioJewish Crone Albright laughed her head off at bombing Serbs(Christians) to help Moslem headchoppers . She -The Crone- also laughed when asked about starving children in Iraq. Now that is one Witch i would not feel bad about if she was burned by a mob. The black crones are innocent ,this old bat was bloodthirsty. I hope Albright and Killary’s cunts turn mouldy and perpetually smelly.

    2. Trump is deceiving us. It is not shameful to be deceived, but it is shameful to stay deceived. I live at Arizona border, the Mexican flag flies alongside the Arizona flag and the American flag in 2 places in Tucson. The Arizona border is wide open, AZ is not in the budget and there are no immediate plans to build a wall here. The men who work the checkpoints barely speak English. Busloads of well-to-do illegals are being bused in for the past 2 years. Ask any trucker who works out of the NOGALES terminal. The buses leave full and return back to Mexico EMPTY only to fill up again. Trump is lying and all I can say is people in the Northwest ought to learn Spanish to remain competitive in the new US job market.

          1. You’re all barking up the wrong tree and it’s got you stumped….wooden yew know?
            The police have called in Chad’s Special Branch to investigate this transgression ad to Stem the tide of speculation. Once they’ve Logged in to the Police Crime Computer, they’ll soon get to the bottom of this whole sappy story.

          2. ….and Doc, next time kindly give us the truncated version. No more of your insane ramblings about trees, with ideas branching out in every direction. Let’s keep it under one canopy, please.

      1. Ha ha !
        how the fuck I never thought of the combustible gatherers I mean of the tribe itself ; whom the, pig had kept famished for days on end .
        Salt or no salt at least they will each enjoy a bellyful .

  1. I thought hogtied also meant the rope also goes around the neck also so that if you lower your legs it chokes your neck. Don’t ask how I know this. I was a Dominatrix in a past life. : 0

  2. Here in ,one of the prop seems to have gone missing which is the hammock itself where this swine of a politician could have farted out whole day long , confessing to the crimes and all of his wrong doings infront of the masses and the priest .

    A valid point to note is that his symbol for the next election will be a rabied monkey in a hammock for all of the apes to dethrone him .
    He used to be thrilled hogtieing the ones who went against his wishes while he was in power and now Karma has teased the fuck outta him by turning the tables.

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