Man Whipped, Slapped and Kicked by Inmates in Jail

Man Whipped, Slapped and Kicked by Inmates in Jail

Even though we see lots of videos of inmates being tortured from Brazil, I suspect this one is not from Brazil. I tend to think it’s from another Latin American country, perhaps Venezuela?

The video shows what I presume is a male inmate getting whipped, slapped, kicked and otherwise abused by a group of other inmates in a fairly sizeable jail cell. No guard in sight.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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          1. You can all see tons more Dominican storm damage on my activity page, check it out, and please send positive thoughts, and encouraging words to our poor Brother going through what must be for him a horrifying experience to go through all alone. God, i wish that i could be there with you, and for you brother. 🙁 Please Stay safe brother, as i would never forgive myself if something happened to you.

          2. I was telling my lady (she knows I come to BG) that bestgore may go offline indefinitely; she says to me, “what ever will you do?”

            I didn’t like thinking about it… No homo- but please Mark I need my fix, buddy. Make it safe and your “friends” will continue to love you forever

  1. Wow the double hands slap to the ears in this video regardless of the soap in the rope spanking is the most damaging to the human body!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have friends who did this and I “may have had a hand in it” who did this act to bad men as we call them while deployed as well as terrorists while trying to find information… those slaps cause TBI cuz the pressure to the brain with no escape!!! Those guys that had this double hand slap to ears never recovered ended up veggies I’ve seen it first hand!!! I may have done it to a man who killed my friend but To cover my ass I’m just lying ha ha wink…. every thing I said was a lie… mmmm covering my booty

  2. Fucking idiot he probably deserves it and deep down knows it thats why he’s not defending himself.
    Me in his shoes I would’ve been ready to die and willing and take at the very least one of this motherfuckers with me.

  3. Ya right…they had knives and didn’t use them…in a situation where no guards were around?
    If this was a real Brazilian prison, even minimum security that guy would have been sliced up into bite sized pieces.

  4. Fuck man his bell is gonna ring for a week, with those hard ear slaps. They probably busted his ear drums so he wont be able to listen in on others conversations, then talk shit shooting his mouth off to others about what he heard anymore me thinks! He’s fucking lucky that’s all he got with them holding those shanks, and just aching to use them by the look on their faces.

  5. I hope everyone involved in crime watching. Do you understand that THIS is the prison, not being captured into cell?
    24 years ago i was in prison for being stupid and drown myself into bad company of stupid kids like myself at the time and i went into Investigation Prison in Belgrade.
    I was with lite violators, slang term in prison is
    “weekender’s”. Relatively OK people, arguing here and there but nothing violent, we keep peace amongst ourself, sharing cigarettes(main ‘food’ in prison) and all was nice but then, one day(after month inside), police came inside, told us that we have 20 minutes to pack and go into another cells because that block must be renovated.
    They classify and separate us into different blocks and cells and i went into Executive Department, part of prison where inmates procedure are finished and they awaiting transport to big prisons.
    Guys, what i saw there was incredible evil:
    Paranoia, Psychopathology of higher rank.
    Guys without necks, strong ones who formed gang and molested others.
    There was one situation where young guy who was also new, ordered to give those sick scums a sneakers and guy refused. They intimidate him, treating and pushing and guy(very young, not older than 20) flipped out in fear, crashing the cell door with leg going out of locked cell(wood, not steel). I was close to door and when he break out i saw a fucking pig eavesdropping the whole fucking think.
    Of course, they beat the dude and he went into cell without others(how do you call it on Engl.?).
    I saw molesting and i was punched few times but i was lucky that i came under “mercy” because one bully inside was told by his buddy in other cell to leave me alone, i was spared.
    Guy who protected me is one who was good with one bully in my room and he liked me from previous room where we were together. My luck.
    Shorting a story…
    Anyway, it was horrible to watch molestations and it was pure scary hell on Earth.
    When you saw Evil into eyes, when you sleep with demonic people, you learn to recognize them after 1-5 seconds literally.
    When i came out i told one of my best friend how it is in prison and he also stop being involved in anything.
    THAT is prison, not being captured into cell.
    If you doing shit and you’re in crime, remember this good and decide because when you go in you have no option except to became disgusting human being in order to survive.

    1. I can kinda relate to your story…because when I was a young jew-boy my family lived in one of the roughest “hoods” in Beverly Hills. We were very poor, we had the smallest pool on the block, we only had two maids and just one butler 🙁 Anyhow back to the story of my own personal HELL…one summer my parents sent me to jew-boy camp where two of the toughest jew-boys shoved a dreidel up Ari’s ass and till this day I still wake up at night in cold sweats hearing the squealing of that poor little jew(NOOO!! MOISHE, THAT’S NOT WHERE I KEEP MY DREIDEL!!!!! terrifying!)

    2. I had the pleasure of doing a month in Hmp Liverpool a few months ago, fuck me what a shithole, pads full of cockroaches , everyone smoking spice and nodding out round the wings, drones flying in every night with phones and loads of drugs, and for our evening meal a dry baked spud n a chicken burger that was like munching on a flip flop , food was a absolute joke, fair dos it was nothing like a Brazilian jail but not a very pleasant experience non the less lol

  6. You know, if that were me taking that crap then one of two things would happen:

    If I’d been a naughty boy and say eaten one guy’s bag of doritos then I’d take my punishment and be a good boy thereafter and try to make amends. However, if they really had the ache with me and this sort of thing was going to be a daily occurrence then I’d know it would only be a matter of time before the shanks were brought into action. My days would be numbered and I promise you, I wouldn’t just “take it like a man”, I’d become a rather active participant. I’d be on my feet in a flash and I would sink my teeth into the nearest guy’s throat and rip his windpipe out. Then I’d be looking for guy number two. Sure, they’d eventually kill me but I’d take at least one of them with me, if not more. If I’m gonna die I ain’t gonna be a passive lab-rat during the process.

    And with due consideration to all of you, the first guy I would pick on would probably be the guy closest to the the one with the camera. If there’s gonna be so much fun happening it would be a shame if you peeps didn’t get to see it close-up. 🙂

  7. Im venezuelan and i can confirm that this video is from a jail here in the country

    the type of words they are using, such as “mamaguevo” (cock sucker) with that kind of accent they are using, describes it as a video from venezuela

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