Man with Zip Tied Hands Brutally Kicked and Stomped

Man with Zip Tied Hands Brutally Kicked and Stomped

That right there is once again a whole new level of brutal.

The video has a Brazilian flair to it, though a confirmation from our Portuguese speaking friends may be needed. It shows a man with zip tied hands getting the absolutely living crap kicked and stomped out of him.

When the video starts, he already seems too far gone. His arms react to each new kick and stomp, but otherwise there is no reaction in facial cringes or impact induced pain cries. He had obviously been tortured enough before the start of the video, but even without that, the kicks that were filmed had the potential to at minimum turn him into a vegetable, if not outright kill him. I seriously doubt he survived that beating.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. Can someone explain why ringing the police when a serious crime is being committed is as bad as being a kiddy fiddler? If they are working for the police I get it but not why it is generally wrong to ring the police when someone is getting beaten to death for example.

    2. Not a snitch, he talks about the boy being a kind of “security” for the drug dealer´s favela. He says it´s a message for his rival: look this kid, who guards the “favel” for him. Look what I´m doing to him now. It´s a message for “bla, bla, bla” several factions.

      1. lmao…
        An unique branch from br portuguese from a region where only people of that region can clearly understand it and often needs a local interpreter for the rest of brazilian people to understand.

  1. Death and survival after a beating is all down to luck, Well it often depends on the person. I’ve seen people get battered with rounders bats to the head in the past and they got up and run after. Some people can take a real beating or it’s just use British are made of stronger stuff LOL. But indead you can take just one hit to the head and a person hits there head on the floor and it’s game over. These violent Brazilian dickheads​ need get a life. Beating and filming beating a defenceless man doesn’t make you some gangster makes you look like a weak Faggot. These Brazilians have endless video of cutting beating shooting tied up people. You don’t see any videos of them having proper shot outs with cops that would be more impressive. Fuck Brazil I feel sorry for the Inocent people trapped between these fucktards.

  2. I’ve seen this before. This is a young men’s rite of passage to adulthood. His friends are just getting him ready to tackle all kinds of adversity by prepping him with kicks and stomps. His friends are concerned that he may not be ready to take on the challenges of adulthood, so they are just getting him ready for all the heartaches that he will face, by making him tough. It’s obvious that his friends care for him and don’t want him making bad choices.

  3. Brazilians play football… and we already know they thrive on animalistic (sometimes faggoted) violence. About fucking time they put on some football boots and THEN kick/stop a defenceless target. Still just as cowardly, but it’d make for a better video.

  4. Difficult to understand…strong accent, bad portuguese. But one can conclude that the spanked guy was the manager of the drug traffic in a certain community ( favela), working for a certain drug boss. And the video of the spanking is a message to this drug boss.

    1. It’s obvious that a person who goes to Brazil don’t go to a favela or a poor city. They go to rich cities and rich neighborhoods, where there are some good beach etc. If one day I go to USA I wanna go to New York or some good place in California, I don’t wanna go to Compton, Detroit or anyother shit place. look for exemple this detroits favelas, fuckin shit hole:

  5. Who wouldn´t stomp someone being a fucking cunt (if that is when the case turns out to be someone who practically begged for it and not an unlucky bastard who was taken and maltreated by someone who just want to harm)?

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