McAlester Cop Tasers Handcuffed Woman

McAlester Cop Tasers Handcuffed Woman

A McAlester, Oklahoma cop is facing disciplinary action after tasing a handcuffed woman. Surveillance camera captured the June incident in which officer Sterling Taylor uses a taser on handcuffed Nakina Williams who was in custody at the Pittsburg County Jail Complex after being arrested on a public intoxication complaint.

The video has no audio but from the picture it appears that the woman was mouthing the officer off and then spat in his face. Officer responded by pulling out his stun gun and applying the voltage to the handcuffed woman.

The woman definitely crossed the line by spitting on the officer and should be held responsible for it, but the officer should likewise be held responsible for “getting even”. This is not what police officer are for – or at least it’s not what they should be for. If they take what happens to them during the course of duty so personally they feel the need to retaliate, they ought to be held responsible.

According to documents obtained by Tulsa’s Channel 8, the department found officer Sterling Taylor violated the McAlester Police Department’s tasers’ use policy and was placed on a two week unpaid suspension. He will also have to undergo further training. The officer has the right to appeal.

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58 thoughts on “McAlester Cop Tasers Handcuffed Woman”

    1. As a police officer, I can assure you anyone who joins the police force DOES get tasered. It’s part of our training. We can’t apply something we haven’t undergone ourselves (cap-stun/pepper spray included). I can understand why some people hate us, because assholes like this officer ruin our reputations. But it is what it is. There are a lot of good cops out there who do a great job serving and protecting the ungrateful sheep.

      1. That reminds me… I dont remember ONE single officer I trained with— that was able to walk one step, let alone 3 or 4 steps while being tasered.. I dropped instantly.. Maybe I missed it something, but it appears he wasnt shooting the barbs.. but still; he doesnt make contact with her… kind of confusing. I agree with MUSICMAN… dont forget about the good cops! Like us.. on best fuckin gore!

      2. It seems these “policemen” enjoy using the badge to unleash all of their frustration and hate against unarmed people. We Mexican can borrow some of these cowards to fight crime and drug cartels, thought most of these pigs would end either joining El Chapo, or with their heads being exposed in a fancy BG video.

  1. they LOVE tasers in america right? thats why legislature blocked police attempts of buying tasers in banana republic, spain and italy, they quickly inferred that the coppers wanted the gadgets to use them more as torture devices than as crime-stoppers…

  2. Why isn’t she flopping around on the floor while being tased? I though that shit makes you drop like a wet bag of potatoes as your muscle control goes all wonky? Did the batteries go low on the cop’s stun gun or what?

  3. Put yorself in the cops shoes…do you know if this mouthy drunk bitch has AIDS? Who here amongst us would take getting spit in the face from a drunk stranger and just e okay with it? This is what really pisses me off. Anti gun snackbarists bitching about guns, and gosh forbid cops with guns, and then they bitch when they employ non-lethal means like a stun gun. Bitch assaulted a police officer, and bitch paid the price. Contrary to a lot of “me first” upbringings, there realky ARE consequences for your actions. Wow! Who knew?

    1. And police should be held to a higher standard than private citizens. They knew what they were in for when they took the job. If they dont like getting cursed at or spit on find another job, no one is forcing them to be there.

      1. and if she has an open sore in her mouth, or bleeding gums, then yes, it can be spread in the blood that is in the saliva. The point is, its assault on a police officer. One of the problems in first world countries is that the criminals have more rights than the non-criminals and the cops. And I can use your own logic to argue the opposite…bitch had a choice to not get drunk and arrested, and to not act like a spoiled drunk cunt when arrested.

    1. I don’t know, prison “gassing” is up there. Where they marinate their piss & shit til it becomes something that can’t be described. For added kicks crushed up light bulb in mixture, so when CO wipes his face he risks infection… but yea spittings up there too!

  4. You want to act like an animal, you can get treated like an animal. People know how they act when they’re drunk. If you know you’re going to get yourself into trouble, don’t pick up the bottle in the first place.

  5. What they didn’t tell you on the news is that she just gave the officer head and was trying to snowball him. Sperm isn’t supposed to come back once it leaves the body. Have you ever gone on vacation just to find yourself back at home? She fucked up the jizz journey and she got tazed. Don’t fuck with nature, ladies. Also, spooge smells awful. I can’t believe some of you gals(and snapcrackle) out there drink the stuff. Good source of protein, though.

  6. Hey Mark… FYI, there isn’t a “Pittsburg County” in Kansas. Pittsburg, KS is about 30 miles west of my whereabouts. My family and I visit/shop there often. Pittsburg is in Crawford County, KS; that would make the lockup-in-question the Crawford County Jail.

    On top of that, I used to drive through McAlester, OK all the time on the way to Dallas, TX. (I always stopped at this little Chinese buffet place for some quick-and-tasty grub.) Reba McIntire grew up in a little town about 30 miles south of there called Stringtown, OK.

    (Nice to see items getting posted from my neck-of-the-woods again. 😀 )

  7. Ah, my home state… Fucking fuzz here is kinda whack… They harass me because of who my dad is. I’ve got a squeaky clean record, but at least once a month I get pulled over and searched… Assholios!!

      1. He’s a nobody blackheads alcoholic who’s always getting busted, therefore I mist be dirty too?? I smoke weed in my home, never travel with it, hell I don’t even have a record with the cops. However @tulip I’d gladly pay the troll toll to get off the hook lol

  8. This cop is watching too much TV… holding the taser sideways – you so bad.
    Nurses, Doctors and caregivers in general get spat, shit, puked and smacked upon on a regular basis, and just take it as part of the job (not happily of course).
    She was handcuffed and half his size… not necessary to taser her.

  9. In the station and hand-cuffed. Now the could’ve been big charges and big community service (free labor) and jail time will most likely be reduced down to big fine and time served . She should thank him for not having to clean the court-house shitters or what-ever the situation would’ve been. I really thought she was going to hit the floor with those chicken legs that she appears to have.

  10. Watch the movie “China Town” where Jack Nicholson’s character calls a thug a ‘dumb okie’ when he says something stupid while Nicholson’s character Jake is in an orange grove in California. Dumb can’t be fixed.

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