Mentally Challenged Teenager Beaten by Mexican Bullies in Las Vegas

Mentally Challenged Teenager Beaten by Mexican Bullies in Las Vegas

Not only are they bullies, they’re also Apple retards. Just take a note of that deranged moron filming the beating with an Ipad. He’s making a statement that he’s retarded thrice.

These are the kids of failed parents the likes of those who bitched at the Texas judge who taught his daughter that engaging in illegal activities will not be tolerated in his house. Of course, failed parents would never understand that cause their kid would never bully anyone… Right!

It’s because of failed parents the world full of little shits in Angry Birds t-shirts picking on disadvantaged kids. The victim in this video is mentally challenged. Failed parents’ kids do seem to like to bully mentally handicapped people cause retaliation is unlikely to befall on their sorry asses. And like the other retards, teenagers in this video also incriminated themselves by posting the video on Facebook. It would appear that the incident happened in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Interweb community got on the bullies’ asses and identified them as:

Malachi Luna – chubby Mexican kid who threw the first punches
Benjamin Luna – brother of the above, seen in the video as the second puncher
Cedric Arceneaux – the turd filming the beating with the Ipad
Kendrick Arceneaux – brother of the above, filmed in the video

Mother of the two kids who punched the victim goes by the name of Donna Hernandez and lives on Kirk Avenue in Las Vegas, NV. The father of Cedric and Kendrick Arceneaux had two previous arrests. Cedric himself had one.

Amanda Todd would never understand this video cause this shows what it’s like to be a victim of real bullying. She was not bullied, she just couldn’t stand the realization that the world did not revolve around her.

Props to Best Gore member Fatalsirenz for the video:

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126 thoughts on “Mentally Challenged Teenager Beaten by Mexican Bullies in Las Vegas”

    1. Let’s not bash this little cunts too much, this is just the same shit that happens in every hood, barrio, and suburb everyday. Now if non of you has ever witnessed something like this then you must be living under a rock or was the kid getting bullied or was the kid doing the bullying….This crap happens everyday everywhere its called survival of the fittest doesn’t matter if its a strong guy, weak guy, or a metally challenged person some body is going to get punked….Whites do it on a regular basis, Blacks are born doing it, Asians martial it out, and The Brown Pride does it as well. So lets not pretend we’ve never seen something like this and just admit that kids will be kids does’nt matter if your mom is “mother of the year” or “whore of the year” kids (people) will always have the need to belittle others ……….We are animals that have been domesticated over thousands of years, but one thing we cant erase from our data banks is the need to be savages…….And i could go on and on about this, but………
      Hail Satans Might!!!!!!!! A.M.S.G.!!!!

      1. The fact still remains whether you condone bullying or not, it is WRONG!!! It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to come to that conclusion.The old saying “boy’s will be boys”,is plain and simple bullshit!
        Civility is what separates human-beings from animals,at least most sane human-beings!

        1. What? @sagemoon I get what you’re saying about the old saying…….But come on even SANE people do this shit…..This is what domesticated animals do. You dont like it, I fucking hate it , but this is just the tip of the iceberg of the bully epidemic specially now a days with people and they’re cell phones…….And blah,blah,blah,blah!!!!!!!!

          1. Agreed, if parents would learn to turn off all the gadgetry and devote the quality time and energy into giving their children a loving childhood, you wouldn’t see so many angry teens lashing out & taking their frustration out on everybody & everything they encounter on a daily basis.

      2. are you for real thats not the case would you say the same when the mantally ill person goes to school shoots every1 survival of the fitest.. i see the attackers as the weak ones yer gang sign im bad just beat up a retard yer im bad … lol

      3. I get you, it’s not about whether it’s wrong or right, people have an instinctual need to feel like the alpha, and part of that is targeting those we feel are lower on the food chain, its not “right” perse, but it happens, it always has, and it always will, nothing’s going to change that.

      4. I used to bully the bullies. I would have body slammed the one punching. Then, I would have also challenged the whole group of them. As I have always done. I can’t stand a bully. I like to torture and taunt them. As they do the innocent.

      5. BULLSHIT, there are thousands of kids going about their daily lives and never do anything like that or get treated like that. You must live in a shit hole area if you see that on a daily basis. And I dont live under a rock I just bring my kids up correctky CORRECTLY

  1. man todays youths are such fucking little cunts, at least they got these assholes names. seriously though from top ranking military officers to low as shit scum bags, they seem to always underestimate the internet.

  2. The cowardliness, the Faux gangsta, the sucker punch, the shit-skin boarder jumpers sprogs, the stolen Ipad, the free education, lowered standards of education, the modern American school… ugh…

    why do I feel like pulling out my pistol and then killing everyone in sight?

    1. Just don’t forget about all the good and innocent people you might kill in your fury. If you don’t then you become just as bad as these kids and everyone else on a killing spree. There is a difference in justice, and cold blood murder.

  3. Fucking cowards!
    How do these stupid ass mexicunts find this cool?

    “Oh hey, I just beat up a retarded guy today, how gangster am I now?”

    The only good mexicunt is a dead mexicunt!

  4. These pussy’s are probably the one’s getting they’re ass’s kicked, so now they figure this mentally challenged kid is gonna be their target because he looks weak. If I was a driver thru that neighborhood an I saw that shit I”d bring one of my son’s to beat up on them. A prime example of failed parents…

    1. A bunch of people were around that fuckin’ parking lot and nobody did shit, Fuck probably a bunch of mexicans illiterate wanna be nigger gangster and fuck Obama for his immigration reforms Derek Vinyard was right sooner or later they will “Fuck with the Wrong Bull” and end up dead

    1. I agree, the youth has adopted the nigger culture and adopted nigger-like behavior (as seen in this video). I’m a ‘spick’ myself and I’m tired of seen our youth look up to niggers as if they were something. From redneck pussy whiteboys sagging and thinking they are rappers, to mexican kids saying “nigga”. These kids saying they have ‘swag’ need to die in a fire. I say we kill the root of the problem and have a nice national “lynching day”.

      1. There was a time in America when you could have certain expectations from the people in the different regions of this country. Down South rednecks, Northeast Italian mooks, West coast hippies & surfers, etc. Major broad strokes are what I’m making about American culture here, but my basic point is that no matter where you go ANYWHERE in the U.S. now all you’re going to find, for the most part, with today’s youth is a bunch of wannabe thugs for the boys, and outright hip-hop ho’s for the girls.

        Black culture has consumed most of the unique culture that people used to be able to find in this country when they traveled around. How very sad.

    2. Definitely agree with you F.D., I’ve been noticing the change in the youths behavior for years now. It makes me fucking sick to my stomach whenever I see someone especially a latino act like a fucking wigger, for example: Wearing those New Era caps, sagging their pants down to their ass as if they’re sending someone an invitation to fuck them up the ass, listening to lil wayne (or bitch) as well as all the other trashy rap or hip-hop artists today, saying “nigga” constantly, and walking as if they just got fucked up the ass by the very people they’re trying to imitate. I dunno, I swear whenever I see these kind of dickwads some sort of urge builds up to where I really want to curb stomp these fucks to the point where nothing but a bloody stump remains on their worthless corpse, (sigh) unfortunately all I can do is play it out on my mind. What is this youth coming to????? :/ :/ :/ :/

  5. Wait, who’s mentally challenged here? The victim? Or the idiots filming themselves committing a felony and then posting that evidence on the world wide web to make it easier for authorities to identify exactly who they are and what they did? If only all criminals were this stupid, think of how much money could be saved during the investigations!

  6. I like his clothing style. It reminds me of mine. The other kids, on the other hand, are the real mentally challenged ones. They don’t know how to behave, and pray on the weaker than themselves. Funny fact is that I doubt none of these guys would’ve done this would they be alone, like this guy they’re punching.

  7. Paybacks are a bitch. Angry shirt kid won’t need to film himself delivering fatal gunshots. He doesn’t need to flash gang signs to be tough either. Because he is challenged don’t mean he hasn’t a memory. Vegas baby!

  8. Weak little pussys beat up a retard cause they know if they tried that shit with an able minded dude they’d all get beat down. That first punch looks like it would like getting hit with a bagel. If I was there I would have curb stomped that fat piece of shit

  9. bet they’re the same kids who when they get into some real shit go running to their older bad-ass cousins to settle the score
    sames with niggers, if you beat down a black man, the fight aint over, that bitch nigger will come back later with ten of his friends or you’ll be ready to call it a night and hear *pop-pop-pop* three shots through your front door
    nobody these days knows how to take a beating and just move on i’ve got my ass handed to me before, when the fight was over the “beef” was over too, fucking pussies everywhere, that’s all i see when i open my door is just a bunch of shit, walking, talking shit

  10. Fuck knows what effect this will have on the victim. His parents/guardians will have a hell of a job explaining this to him. Poor kid will probably feel unable to trust anybody again for a long while.

  11. These stupid fucking gangster, wanna be, tough guys. For some reason, this video really pisses me. They should be beheaded. You can tell the poor kid either wanted to be cool with them or was really scared. If this was my kid being bullied, I would end up murdering these 2 pieces of shit. That’s why I’ll never have children. You either have a bully as a child or a child being bullied. Fuck that.

          1. Nope, but between them and the blacks.. Things look really, really shitty for the USA. Sprinkle in some Muslim/Arabs and you got yourself a 3rd World.

            The sombering thought comes into play when you realize this shit is happening in Europe and Canada, too.

            No matter where Caucasians move, Blacks will follow because they are leeches. We build it, they destroy it.

  12. I would be interested to see some follow-up from this post – the kids were probably caught. Either thrown in the pen where they’ll come out even more thuggish or tried as juveniles where they make friends with a social worker and push a broom around for a couple hours.

  13. I live in Vegas!!, A HS student as well. Recently a lot of Mexicans have been popping up in Vegas, the scumbag garbage ones from Mexico. Mother fuckers, my bro is Mentally Challenged as well and some mexican bet him up im MS a few times for stupid shit. Fucking mexicans!!! This is just Fucked up.

  14. That’s what happens when you grow up in a Society/Culture with no values, morals, respect or pride to speak-of.

    You need that stuff at the National level, so it’s easier for the parents to enforce it at the individual level.

    The USA is completely devoid of any kind of values what-so-ever. Like 90% of their women look, dress and act like Porn actresses (Which they probably are with the amount of American sex-tapes on the Internet), astronomically high rates of Divorce, Infidelity, Promiscuity, Crime, Rotten and decaying cites etc..

    When you are devoid of Family Values/Morals/Respect/Dignity, the Family Unit erodes, and you have shit like this.

    1. Do tell, What Nation do you hail from? Lets look at where you’re from stereotypically as well.

      Chances are where ever you’re from is just as influenced by American culture as America itself.

      Your rant bores me, As its the same type of mindless drivel we here from sheep on a daily basis here at
      So again let’s hear where you’re from, and why your hipocrisey should be tolerated.

      1. It is influenced by the USA, because the entire Western/Caucasian world is influenced by the garbage coming from the USA, which is incredibly sad.

        The reality is, the same situations facing the USA now, are starting to pop up all over the Western/Caucasian world.

        England is probably just as bad as the USA (Maybe slightly better, but not much).

        I know this offends you, but it’s the absolute truth.

        I’m Canadian, by the way.

        1. Actually I was saying exactly what you’re saying… Only I was trying to point out that wherever you’re from is equally as fucked as the states.. Your previous statement (to me anyways) made it seem as if where you’re from was exempt from the nasty niggerish culture we as Americans are choking on. Apologies for my hostility, as you suffer as I do… The fact is without some kind of “revolution” things are gonna continue to go down with the brown.

          1. Which won’t happen, sadly. Atleast, I can’t see it happening. Europe right now is probably the place it would start (due to the issues with unemployment and such hitting their Countries thanks to the EUSSR)

            But even then, I doubt it.

            Caucasians are to docile. In America, they’ll become a minority (which is happening at a rapid pace) and the states will be left to the Muslims/Arabs, Hispanics and Africans. Should be interesting to see how those three live together in ‘harmony’, considering Arabs can’t live with Arabs, Hispanics can’t live with Hispanics, and Africans can’t live with Africans, lol.

            The rest of us Caucasians? We’ll probably be in Iceland somewhere.

            I personally gave up on Caucasian women because of their susceptibility to being brainwashed/socially engineered to worship the Negro and bring about their own races destruction. For every 1 good Caucasian female, there’s a thousand like Heidi Klum/Kim Kardashian/Hope Solo etc.

            Then again, maybe if they keep pushing us they’ll end up spawning millions upon millions of Anders Breivik all across the Caucasian world.

            Take away our voice, oppress us into silence, and the only avenue you leave us is violence.

  15. It really bothers me that stuff like this makes me sadder than when I see the posts about what’s going on in war zones and things like that.
    I do recall reading something about the brains having some kind of defense mechanism that keeps you from going mad when exposed to extreme stuff like the beheaded children in syria.
    I wonder what others would think,beheaded children would normally have a bigger impact on a person than a mentally challenged kid getting punched,but I still feel more sorrow after seeing this video.

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