Mexican Man Gets His Legs Chopped Off at Knee with Axe by Cartel

Mexican Man Gets His Legs Chopped Off at Knee with Axe by Cartel

In Mexico, a fully conscious and aware man got his legs chopped off with an axe by a drug cartel. If I’m not mistaken, the sickarios doing the chopping are members of Los Zetas, whereas the captured man was with the Gulf Cartel.

The victim is laying face down in the dirt with his hands cuffed behind his back. He’s stripped down to his underpants and at first gets clubbed with a stick, but then takes the axe to the back of his knee joints.

We’ve seen Mexican drug cartels chop captives up with axes before. Props to Best Gore member @oohlalaaa for the video:

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    1. From a weight loss perspective, this sure beats cardio, or being on those crazy low carb diets for months. This guy is so lucky; he doesn’t have to watch his burrito or tampico intake at least for a year…. Ay Caramba!

    2. One less wetback to worry about jumping The fence.
      This is fucking brutal. I would definitely want my head chop off first. Mexicans and Brazilians really know the definition of don’t give a fuck.

      1. Don’t care that your saying wet back but they don’t have to jump anything right now with the current prez he wants them all to flood American streets and make them amreicans so when he pushes to nullify the two term rule they will happily want it.

          1. best thing about the cartels is they do this shit to women too theres no getting off lightly because you have a minge hole and thats how ity should be. eqaulity is going to be the downfall of women and there will be more slaughtered and you will all wish you’d have kept your little whiny traps shut.

          2. @SmellyOldMinge :
            wtf. There are way too many of what I assume to be ‘men’ on here lumping the entirety of women together all as feminazi type pillow biters.

            @wicked mama :

          3. @ wicked @flower Ignore them they are just trying to get a rise out of you so they have an excuse to argue with you. Though there are some that act they way they say you know who you truly are no ass hole can change that. 🙂

  1. This is not an execution! He’s a Mexican magician and this is his greatest trick. After the other leg comes off, he’s gonna walk around on his hands and throw candy at little Mexican kids while doves fly out of his ass. That’s showmanship, my friends. Bravo

    1. I never got that.

      Hey we’re going cut off your hand then give you real nice medical care afterwards. Doesn’t really send a great message but this video? Never want to make the same mistake that guy made…

        1. I don’t think you’d cause any man to ‘shrink’ sweetheart…
          Anyway… I’ll quit ‘flirting’ with you for now…

          I gotta ‘hit the hay’…
          Sweet dreams @Am0ur… I KNOW I will…

    1. So is their shit any good?

      Actually, what drugs do this Gulf Cartel specialize in? Please don’t tell me this poor bastard went through this brutal shitfight, just for some pot? But I spose, being America / Mexico which is sort of near South America, you could he talking about cocaine? Or crack ?

      Wasn’t that documentary ‘Breaking Legs, I mean Bad’ filmed down in south USA ? Could have even been Texas? Which is the capital of ………..state ( sorry, no idea). Anyway, maybe it’s crystal meth they sell these days? We call it ‘ice’ here in the great southern
      land……..where you will find Aussies are the biggest consumers per capita of ‘ice’ in the world……..( Well, I’m impressed for starters) and our population is only 17m. Blokes here live for ice and jacking off to porn continuously for 8-12 hours at a time and racking up huge Internet debt/ charges. It’s how come our
      economy is so strong……

      1. The attorney general of florida has shut down almost all of the pain clinics and the DEA has doctors scared shitless to write scripts for pain meds so many people addicted to opiates and most of them truly needing them have switched to cheap but very strong heroin from mexico but they do indeed traffic all the other stuff YourNextExGirl eluded to . I just watched a show with Texas Law enforcement talking about the cheap heroin that is coming across the border and many people they arrest went to that because they could no longer get the pain meds they needed

  2. That’s what it feels like to be a reporter in Canada, thanks to the Jews, and Wikipedia, ever since Mark Marek began the Holohoax series, and I’ll be my machine gun the Jews are responsible.

    1. Our government is considering charging people with hate crimes for boycotting Israel and support the boycott Israel movement.

      I as a Canadian suggest all people boycott Israel and I don’t give two shit if I get charged for saying so. Our oppressive government can kiss my ass…

      1. Get fucked!!! ?Shirley you can’t be serious? If this is true, you know who needs to be bloody boycotted and ridiculed !
        Fucking Canada……

        Dear Mr Mark Marek, Dr (The Hand) Dre, Mr Broke. N. Back, Mr Happy Crack Smoking Mayor, My other Best Gore Loving Canadian Friends, Other Distinguished Trolls, Senior Keyboard Warriors, The Majorly Unwelcome Uninvited Shills of Cyberspace who illegally immigrated to BG ( and whose IP addresses always trace back to Canada) and respected Students of Best Gore.

        ?I’m really soory guys but The federal government, lead by confirmed loony tune, Stephen Harper, of the said beautiful and naturally spectacular?
        Commonwealth of Canada, have proven time?
        and time again that they are indeed, stark raving fucking mad. ?The International Community, comprising of well, me, Dutch, demand the entire party in power be overthrown in a military coup and, each be given 200 public lashes and be transported to Van Dieman’s Land where they will live out the remainder of their natural lives sentenced to hard labour in continuos leg and neck irons, because they can’t get fucking get anything right, the dum fuqs. ?Don’t stress Canada, our Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, is a complete imbecile and is probably Harper’s long lost twin brother………you’ll prolly remember the cock who kept calling your country ‘Canadia’ ( with no idea at all of what people were laughing at when talking to the press, as he visited Canada recently?? So you see what I’m referring to, don’t you?

        Can someone arrange this please? Cheers….

        1. Unfortunately a military coup of our poloticians would be working backwards besides 36.15 million of us dont need the military to throw out shitty poloticians canadians just need to remember thats thier job. Weve got more actors than hollywood and we keep buying thier bullshit paid for with complacency or just plain pampered laziness. Personally i dont give a fuck who is responsible beyond our own. I dont give a shit wether your natzee jew muzzie or otherwise. A threat is prevalaint and should be dealt with. But as long as that threat arrives with a parade canadians seem to be content walking right up to the blade. Thier will be dead in the streets before we shake our heads and come to our senses. I walk around my home town and can already see it bombed out like the ukraine. Stupid fucking people waiting for someone to help them. No one is coming. Defensless sheep bayying in the streets minds racing wondering why. Cause you were complacent. Cause you wanted a shepard. Cause you took the cheese and never asked if the milk was sour. Everyday we have watched the news shift our focus to “local matters. The news that affects our world.” And as our focus shrinks the wolves creep closer with the cover of the darkness of ignorance. WE LET THEM. We have been corrupted by fear and greed and shame. Innaction wrought of guilt. If you all cant see who the real enemy is your lieing to yourselves.

      2. @Themadpooper

        It?s not just the Canadian government, it?s pretty much all first world governments that bow to Israel and the reason for this is that they own us via proxy.

        When people are in debt they?re owned by the creditors, when countries are in debt they?re owned by those who issued the money be it banks, private enterprise or wealthy individuals and these issuers are all tied into corporate-monopoly capitalism which coincidently leads straight back to the leading Jewish banking families and their corporate colleagues.

        Only recently Israeli puppet and former British Prime Minster Tony Blair has stepped down from being the Middle East peace envoy and is now in charge of tackling anti-Semitism. He now campaigns for European countries to pass laws criminalising Holocaust denial and to prosecute and jail those who make ?anti-Semitic? comments, which as we know is anyone who speaks ill of Israel.

        Voltaire was spot on when he said ??To find out who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize?.

        1. That piece of shit would shag his own grandmother for a few Shekels.

          I can’t for the life in me, fathom how he’s managed to sustain even the slightest shred of credibility.
          If ever there was a person who singularly personified how massively corrupt the Brussels Eurocrats have become, he is it. The scum bag has a skin like a Rhino.

          I hope, one day, by some miracle, Tony Blair gets what he has long deserved. By hook or crook, that filthy liar needs to be brought to justice. The Chilcot Report won’t do it, so some other means will be required.
          Campaigning against anti Semitism my fucking arse.
          What a pathetic little creature he is.

          ( apologies for the rant @Empty Soul )

          1. Wow I did not even know my tablet could come up with words like tyo and gewe wtf???? Now I’m the one “stumped”

  3. I gotta figure the rest of this will turn up sooner probably than later.

    Horrendous stuff. I have not cringed like that since the SnackBars bayoneted that old guy in the head.. numerous times.

  4. It was lacking the funny Mexican narco ballad music in the background, but other than that, this video was great and is going into my favorites list. Patsy Cline singing “I Fall to Pieces” to this would have been pretty epic. 🙂 Thanks for this gem, oohlalaaa.

    1. Yes me too @Ewe. I was bouncing off the end of the verandah with each blow…..very brutal and even though you try to imagine the pain this guy is feeling, nothing in our nightmares would even come close to pain this sort of torture demands……..

  5. among the 10 million illegal immigrants, one of these mexicans can pose as a cartel and cartel members can hide among mexican illegals and easily come to the United States… we shouldn’t be worried about the muslims. let the Europeans deal with them. We should be worried about fucking spics.

    1. haha did your mexican gardener fuck your wife, ya scare of of wetbacks hahah why, we pick your fruit mow your lawns youscared of cartel members hidden in the shadows… well dont buy drugs or get involved with them and you will be fine.

    2. mexicans should be the least on your mind… there is a tale of “Dark Skinned” people waiting patiently at their porch to rise up and fling feces at all who oppose or stare at them. If you do see them in a group do not approach them as they might try to track where u live thus looting you clean.

    3. My man you got your shit tiswted. Don’t worry about Mexicans , worry about your fuck up government that send just about every American onto recession just over 8 yrs ago, worry about the Chinese that are hacking ‘ your” national security secretes , worry about the Russians that just want to send thousands off nuckes on to the US in manner of 2 minutes. … or I’m gonna make it simple for you just worry about your self & your love ones … Cause we Mexicans are everywhere “”””””,””””’

  6. the doggy wants a taste of the blood! how hardcore that guy got it bad now when does the rest of the video get uploaded, I wonder what he did… maybe hes a snitch who always ran away and never got cought untill now and they finaly gave it to him… hell i wonder how much $ a hentchmen takes home after a days work.

  7. You think with all the fucking money they are making selling drugs and what have you these stupid, degenerate, psycho, pieces of subhuman excrement would at least buy better quality cameras…

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