Mexico – Prosecutor’s Brother Tortured and Beaten with Baseball Bat

Mexico - Prosecutor's Brother Tortured and Beaten with Baseball Bat

This video is yet another proof that when it comes to sheer violence imposed on one human being by another, Mexico leads the way unrivalled. Though I’m sure the little bit that makes it out there is naught but a tip of the iceberg, it still makes the Mexicans the undisputed violence masters of the world.

It is believed that the victim in this video is Mario González Rodríguez, brother of Patricia González – former prosecutor for the state of Chihuahua, Mexico. Mario González, who himself is a lawyer is seen laid on the flood of a small, dimply lit room with his hands and feet bound and his mouth gagged. Electric cables are seen connected to his legs. The video begins with restrained victim writhing in pain as electricity is applied to him in short spurs. That, however is nothing compared to what’s coming.

A minute into the video one of the captors, a masked man starts beating the tied up victim with baseball bat, delivering full force blows that were guaranteed to break bones and inflict unspeakable pain. To add insult to injury, the floor bound Mario González is laid down with his pants undone and bare ass exposed. Many of the baseball bat blows are aimed at his naked ass.

Once first captor is done beating the victim up, another one takes the bat and starts his beating by performing a mock dance. The song titled “La Piñata” plays in the background and at around 1:44 mark, the captor breaks the baseball bat on the victim. The tormentors continue taking turns beating the victim up until the end of the video.

The beating is incredibly brutal. There is no doubt that after 3 minutes of this torture, Mario González ended up with every single bone and joint on his body smashed to shits. The tormentors intentionally avoided hitting him in the head, clearly with an objective to ensure that he suffers through torture without losing consciousness. No other part of his body was otherwise spared. Duct tape sealed mouth prevented him from screaming his lungs out, but I’m sure inside his head, the screams must have been deafening. Incredibly brutal video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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252 thoughts on “Mexico – Prosecutor’s Brother Tortured and Beaten with Baseball Bat”

      1. okay.
        after awhile they simply leave the electric shocks, probably attached to his balls if you know how these people work, but yeah after the beating starts he keeps moving because of the electric shocks.

          1. I agree, man. Give those men cigars! Nice beating. I so enjoyed watching that young pretty boy get beaten to death, and hearing his faggot cries!

  1. my mum used to want me to become one of a list of professions she approved of….lawyer being one of them. if this video had been available back then, i would’ve shown it to her and been like, “see, this is what happens to lawyers!” result: no more nagging!

    1. LoL…it be pretty funny if he was hung from a tree and the guys doing the beating were blind folded, spun around dizzy and take turns trying to hit him with a stick then another guy should yank the “human piñata” up and around to make it a lil harder for them to kill …that way everyone has a turn

  2. HOLY SHIT, they beat the fuck outta that guy, they were hittin’ him so hard that I felt it. Who the fuck was that, Billy Batts??? @Mark, one post after another, all day,thank you, thank you, thank you. LMAO hysterically!!!!!!!!!!

          1. Well, that’s Your face he already has, right?
            And all Your catch-phrases (hollywood handsome, & no homo)

            Wanting Your rat pecker is just the next natural progressive step, is it not?

            You did say many weeks ago to somebody that life is not lived in full untill experancing mouse dick….I replyed something to the effect of……. NOT IT!

    1. im no doctor..but im guessing the guy started to vomit, and couldnt really vomit and chocked to death on his vomit. or by watching the video, those last shots to his chest and ribs probably broke all of them bones, on second thought that guy probably died from internal bleeding. maybe a bone punctured his lung.
      Any doctors watching these videos? give us some anyalysis.

  3. Spring training Mexican style….. I hear this video was distributed to a few MLB scouts “Homerun…Ese” fucking wetbacks they never run out of ways of inflict pain onto one another but me personally I would’ve liked to see them hit that motherfucker in the head untill his skull came apart…what the fuck maken it “Grand Slam”…

    Can’t say that i have EVER seen somebody BREAK THE END OF A BASEBALL BAT OFF by beating somedude to death with it before.

    Watchout for the SEASONED Pinata smackers….they KNOW how to smack the shit out of something with a bat.
    Plus, they WERN’T EVEN BLINDFOLDED!! No handycap.

    Wow, I am going to go watch this again.
    My favriote part is that these are ALL beaners that get killed. Stinky arogant numbers-overunning peices of garbage.

    1. I can watch nearly anything (not some medical stuff) but that really upset me. So he’s the woman prosecutor’s brother? She must have prosecuted someone they know? well Duh! I’d put money on it!

  5. Wow, just wow. He didnt even do anything personally.
    Mexicans are proven Savages, make them go back to sacreficing each other whole sail to their varies Gods, and cull the population.

  6. Mexican drug cartels are fucking cowards. Beat someone tied up? Wow, guys! That’s so cool! No wonder you also behead women, who probably reminded you of your own mothers, who brought you up to sell drugs and murder people instead of working for a living like the rest of us. Torturing the brother of a prosecutor, who studied his whole life to make something of himself and to make an honest living, is fucked up. Hope you enjoy all the things that your drug money buys. While you sit in your yachts wearing your diamond Rolex watches having a beer or margarita, think about all those heads you lined up against the wall with your shitty threatening notes written on cheap cardboard.

    1. Would you rather they kill him buffsmom? I’d take bat beating over being beheaded anyday besides from what I understand this guys not so innocent and him and his brother were corrupt, they just don’t beat you like that for no reason you have to fuck up pretty bad to get that kinda torture

    2. About tying him up – it’s probably for the better “fear effect”. When tied, every person is more or less helpless and because of that the “fear lever” is significantly higher. Also, it prevents the victim from possible escape.

      About beheading women – why not?? Women are also members of narco cartels, aren’t they? They kill men (and maybe, but unlikely, women) of rival cartels, so it’s perfectly fine if they got the same “treatment” from men (or from other women). 😀

      1. I hate when women bitch about equal rights but when it comes down to boats sinking or be held hostage or their turn to be killed they automatically wanna play the “but I’m just a lady” card, they’re quick to throw out all that equal rights bullshit and revert back to the 1800s where are all the Joan of Arks

  7. Can’t imagine what the fuck would it feel like to have a SEVERLY broken arm, and to have Jose Consaco hitting it again and again and again.

    I shared this video, the response was……..less than appricitave for the brutality. It was more like, “If you like to see people suffer like that, than THAT’S truely disturbing”……and THAT’S why I hang out with YOU guys.

      1. yes, us guys on bg can get together since we are of a like mind and do……..some things together. it would never turn into anything homo of course. these things we would be doing……together. with no girls around. no, nothing homo would happen in that room even with a dude as hollywood handsome as me as the main attraction.

          1. no he can’t kill himself and deprive us of seeing his hollywood handsome mug on bg. heaven forbid if a conceited dude did that. he’s much too in love with himself to do that!

      2. I agree. The context was how Mexicans suck ass, and how ARROGANT and at the smae time SO FUCKING STUPID and UGGGH, how they STINK!

        Sooooo, I called this a mexican celabration video.
        It wasn’t disturbing to her that it was something that happens in life, but she is just, a soft-soul I guess.

        I gave me an intresting bit of insight to what I find amusing, and others, truely, find terrible (the brutal nature of real violence is something that people only see in movies i guess)

        Anyways, I’m not going to defend her, it is just her reaction to see somebody getting (severly fucking) hurt.

        I value my hard-heart.

      3. “sleepers”, i like that. Cause that’s why i watch reality here in Bg, as horrible as it sometimes is. I wanna confront reality, she shit humans actually do to each other, and not just be “asleep”. It can make you frustrated about humanity and life at times, but that’s just because i’m still relatively “new”. In a way it makes me appreciate life and it’s beautiful sides a lot more. Something “sleepers” miss out on, and they might even subconsciously slightly feel they are (missing out by closing their eyes), but are not really aware.
        Yey us!

        1. I always tell my friends about this site and share some of the video that I have on my Xoom tablet that I getfrom here. I try to learn every aspect of life, the good in humans( which is not much) and the bad side of humanity( truth is raw and brutal). Most of my friends I share are in law enforcement’s field and like this shit!

        1. true that, and this poor man has had his totally smashed, don’t get me wrong i love BG and I’ve seen other sites, but I found it hard to watch this thrashing, without ‘grimacing’.

          1. It always looks funny when someone falls over or falls off their bike etc, thats why they make them ‘funny home video’ shows!

    1. These mexicans were just to lazy to do that…’s also why they had 10 lined up with bats…not so it would offer no “break” (pun intended) but because there are always 10,000 standing around and working for 5 seconds in a day is typical.

  8. I wonder if they let guy live?
    I really got nothing against Mexicans/Beaners as you call them except if you get them to do a job for you they break more than they fix and of course they’re running up the price of my healthcare x10000000 and then there is the always driving drunk with no insurance issues. I mean other than that they are pretty cool. One of my best friends is “Mexican” although not a brown one he’s white for sure but family from Mexico. I guess that is the originally from Spain white or something. Not those kinda turd colored things. Anyway, with that said, we really need to just nuke the hell out of that entire country before it spreads here.

  9. So HOMEY basically got treated like a HUMAN PINATA because his SISTER is or was a PROESCUTOR ?? or also because hes a LAWYER ?? … thats FUCKED UP 4 REALZ though but if you get CAUGHT SLIPPING & they catch & kidnap you in a place like NEW MEXICO or BRAZIL you gotta blame yourself also … you shoulda always have a BURNER in your WAIST LINE & be on ALERT anytime your not in your OWN LOCKED HOUSE … those guys should KIDNAPPED ALBERT PUJOLS to BEAT dude & then let ALBERT go that woulda been as EPIC as if CANDY started flying out of dude (lol0 im sure that dude would LOVE some DILAUDID – MORPHINE or HEROIN or all of those right now

    1. Well I am actually a 5’9 white scruffy beefy (180lb) male from Pennslyvainia, PA. About 60% tatted, Sadly can’t use my real face photo due to my strict job that regularly investigates. But thanks

  10. I remember watching this video the same day a saw “la guera loca” one…this is how they punish their own people when they fuck up or use it as a torture technique against their enemies they’ll get wooden 2x4s planks and commence to beat the living shit out of you they call it “tablasos” (boarding) very popular amongst the cartels

      1. How weird, when I was away (forced by a FAGGOT CRISPY HARDDRIVE) for a few days it fuckin sucked. After 4 days or so I just got onto other peoples computers once in a while to post a comment here and there.

        That’s like having an 8th of GOOD pot last you 2 months…….HOW?

        1. I don’t even look at porn anymore thanks to BG I still visit “” alot but that’s not really porn, we’ll maybe just a lil…more like revenge porn and cause I know some of the people posted on there its pretty funny to see some one you know nude lol

  11. Smacking you elbow hurts like a bitch… what about it being BROKEN with a BAT and then having it get hit over and over in and around the same spot, let alone the ass, head, knees, torso, legs, back, neck, hands and gut.

    He, is a good guy NOT to be.

  12. Get beheaded?? OR This?? get beheaded?? OR THIS?? get beheaded OR This???

    MUUHHH FUCKAA i rather get beheaded with a fkng BUTTER KNIFE (haha ok not really maybe a chainsaw, that’ll take maybe 4 seconds max) than to lay there and have dancing mexican drug cartels breaking bats on my allready electrocuted ass!!!

  13. Well that’s the most suffering i’ve seen someone do in awhile on one of these videos, you hit it right on the head though. The mexicans are definatley the worst thing going today brutality wise.

  14. Fuck maaynn, i see i tried to go for one of the oldest tricks in the book: Do as if you’re dead, but after three hits he got the memo(that shit ain’t gonna work), plus i don’t think they were going to stop anytime soon, as soon as the first dude broke the bat on his ass IT WAS ON!!!, it became a competitive, the other guy was like: Shiiii i can do that too…

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