Minors Taken Hostage in “Socio Educative” Home in Brazil

Minors Taken Hostage in

Teens took a number of their peers hostage in a socio educative home (I’m assuming a home for troubled youth?) in Jaru, state of Rondonia, in the North of Brazil. The hostage takers set mattresses on fire in an attempt to asphyxiate the people inside but their effort was ultimately futile as Military Police raided the building and arrested all the hostage takers through non-lethal means.

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    1. @boozer,

      They actually did place refugees(illegal economic migrants) into a youth hostel in my country. They didn?t last one week though before they decided to gang-rape a vulnerable 14 year old girl.

      Turns out the refugees, who were pretending to be Syrian and 16 years old, were actually mid twenties and Egyptian.

      It is also common in my country for African immigrants to be placed in schools with kids because many of them pretend to be youths in order to not get deported and no one dares question them for fear of being branded racist even when they clearly look well over twenty.

      What a fucking shithole Europe has become. You import the third world you become the third world.

  1. I can provide with the translation as allways… Apparently they are rioting rather than taking hostages because they were troubled. The director of that “society” (they called it like that) were hitting them, and conditions were poor. No one would listen to them, no one would attend to their complains, they had enough and so this happened, and they were willing to kill just to be heard.

          1. Before everything escalated. Never mind then. I understand a lot of different languages but fluent in none of them. I did speak Lithuanian when I was really young but once my mom stopped so did I. I’ve tried picking it back up and other languages but I’ve never put too much effort into it. Maybe one day. I just thought I heard no that’s not good enough before she started crying and everything turned into a giant clusterfuck.

  2. Institutionalised kids with no future. Not really sure what course of action could have worked more in their favour, but doing what they did surely wasn’t the answer.
    The majority of this planet is full of barbarism. Sad state of affairs.

    1. @ewe:

      I agree with you, again! WTF – trying to get ‘the system’s attention by doing this? Stupid, uneducated, dumb fuqs.

      Well I guess the stupid, dum fuqs bit is obvious – being in a teenage prison and all……….

      The only attention they got was another decade added to their sentences……..imbeciles

    1. Maybe @holly they are not as dumb as they 100% look, and think the t-shirts will prevent them from becoming overcome with tear gas should the policia decide to use it?

      Dunno if it ( T-shirts) would work or not?

    1. Waiting patiently ? I didn’t think anyone outside of my magical kingdom knew how to do that anymore??

      I thought the protocol these days was – make noise +++, begin threatening innocent people who have no link to your complaint, torching cars and buses, smashing shop windows, looting from shops and businesses that have supported the community for decades – you know generally having a few cheese and biscuits with your whine ???

  3. I’m still trying to get over G.I Goe trying to shotgun snipe the hostage taker. Would they do that if it was someone famous? That girl suffered because of the way they handled this, and its lucky it didn’t end worse for her.

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