Mom Whips Son With Cable as He Cries in Durango, Mexico

Mom Whips Son With Cable as He Cries in Durango, Mexico

Mom Whips Son With Cable as He Cries in Durango, Mexico

A mother in Durango City, Durango, Mexico whips her son with cable, filmed on camera by his half brother.

Every child knows not to piss off mother or face her scornful wrath. A mother’s love for her son is unspoken and unconditional and she makes sure he knows it too!

Crying son lies in fetal position when the whipping begins. Son finds his way curled up on the ground in the end of video:

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          1. I don’t think so. I think most single mothers, as most of the parents in the world basically, just hate when their offspring doesn’t share their values which they held dear their whole life.

          2. To be honest, this might be painful, but this wouldn’t have inflicted so much pain.

            I have seen a father whipping up his wife, 2 sons with a electric wire. The thing she is using suck balls.

          1. @Dil Doe
            You Are Either Fucking With Me, and Trying Your Best At Pushing That “Dil-Doe Up My Ass, lol, Or Your One Of The 2 listed below!

            #1- A Movie Star as i saw this guy before on T.V. And either he was shot in war, and lost part of his brain, But Survived.
            #2- I saw your Avi’s Dude in a movie of sorts involving a Mental hospital something like One Flew Over The Cookoo’s Nest, Ever See-It With Jack Nickelson?.

          2. @thedre
            Hey, why so serious. I’m not really a retard, and political correctness is for fb.
            I don’t no why I changed my name and aviator. My old one was Zippy, a cartoon based on Shlitzie, and Dil Doe came to me one day and I thought it was funny.
            Anyway Dre hope your doing well, remember just a little toke of the bud once in awhile. Everything in moderation.
            Later my friend….

        1. Firstly I’m @fred1212 I used to be Zippy you might remember, @dil is some other cat.
          Yes I saw Cookoo’s nest, one of my favorites, but no that’s not me.
          However, I am a movie star of sorts. The name is Shlitzie the pin head, and I starred in 1930’s movie called “freaks” a quite shocking movie at the time.
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          1. Of Course i remember you @fred1212

            So This Is Really You,,, Seriously, you are not fucking with me?? Cause if so i owe you an Apology Dude. 🙁 So many of us fuck around on here and call each other fucking retards, and stuff you can see where my error in judgement occurred not that it’s an excuse though as i really do have a huge heart and all my life i have always stuck-up and befriended, people that looked, acted or were mentally ill . So what i said does not reflect the real me,,, well it does in a way, cause i always like to joke/fuck around, but am a good soul who will always help anybody in need.

            I Feel Really Bad, And Am Sorry. I Had An Uncle Who Was At The Brockville Mental Hospital most of his life do to Violent- Schizophrenia, cause he saw things, heard voices, and tried to kill his Sister, by stabbing her (My Aunt) with a knife. But because of us always fooling around on here you never know what’s truth, or fubar.

            Nice to have you back @Fred1212 but tell me B G Brother why did you change your name??

  1. my grandma used to put vines up on the roof so the sun could dry them and id get whacked if i misbehaved. I turned out alright. I like gore like everyone else. In a shithole country like mine plagued by degeneratism, crime and where not even satan dares to set foot this is leniency for what is to come if one is to go to a Mexican prison that makes the toughest US prison look like
    The New York Central Park Ritz Carlton.

    1. I used to get the Chancla back in the day.
      I remember moms threw it one at me one night over the shoulder in the dark, mind you,
      And hit me square in the nose, my first taste of gore. I bled like an 11 year old virgin girl.
      She’s a tough lady what can I say marksmanship with anything that was around her was Amazing.

    1. That kid is a gutless cunt! Look at the size of him, he must be 12 – 14 ie big enough to jump up off the ground, punch Mom in the face, and whip her fat ass with the cable.

      Gutless fucking wet-back!
      Fucking ‘beaner’!

        1. @hopingfornemesis
          Yeah, but you don’t understand:
          My mother was a cruel & wicked woman, who would kick innocent cats & dogs, used to dig her fingernails into my scalp until it drew blood when she shampoo’d my hair, telling me that the hair salon was twice as painful (I fond out later a lie)
          .. if I asked a question like ‘Have you seen my flag?’ she would just yell into my face ‘NO I HAVEN’T!! AND YOUR’RE NOT PUTTING IT ON YOUR BIKE, EITHER!!
          ..She tried to boil the crabs we caught alive in pots, but they jumped out when it got too hot.
          .. And she blamed me when the german shepherd dog bit the chicken on the neck and killed it, she said ‘I’ broke it’s neck when I grabbed it’s body.
          ..She also blamed me when she got booked for speeding, saying it was because I was laying in the back seat & my feet were on the rear window, even thought the cops told her ‘We were trailing a car in front of us, for a speed check, and then YOU sped past us”..
          Face facts, Nem, my mother was nothing but a cunt!!
          I wished I had of punched her in the fucken face!!..

          1. @hopingfornemesis
            .. And when my father was dying of lung cancer (spread from colon) and had trouble breathing & asked her to get hold of an oxygen bottle, she refused to do so, and blamed me saying that “He only wants it because he overheard YOU talking about it”.
            The first time he asked me for it directly, I got the ambos to come immediately and give it to him, he then left with them Wed. morning and passed away on Friday night, showing how close to death he was when he was asking for it!
            Now I have to live with all these awful memories of my fucking cunt of a Mom for the rest of my life ..!

          2. Whilst writing what i did to you, in the back of my mind i knew this was the only legitimate reason allowable.

            I have heard of cruel bitch mothers and i now fully support you.

            You know my comment was at men with “normal”mothers.

            Smack away at her and i will get the birches and help along!

            Some bitches are born bad and /or make unfit mothers. I was lucky. I have a wonderful mother.

          3. @badfairy She was cruel as hell. A manipulative bully. Funny how time doesn’t heal all things. There’s this Hitchcock film where two men meet on a train and swap murders. maybe we should do that here. I’ll do yours if you’ll do mine.

  2. This ain’t shit. Chinese mothers beat their kids with a feather duster. Its a 2-3 foot bamboo pole that can leave a nice welt. I swore I heard that shit crack the air like a supersonic whip. One day, its used to dust the house. Next day, its used to beat your ass down. The whole time, its hanging on the wall to let you decide if there is a whipping today or house dusting. The fucked up part is the house is full of dust so that fucking feather duster never dusted shit. Every Chinese kid knows about that fucking feather duster and the terror it brings.

  3. *Jing-Doing* Sound Chinese,,, but I Think It means,,, Like-Dat,,, Eh? My Little Mouthy-Cunt-Spawned Fuck-Weed,,, Like-Dat my bendego-cabron??

    Always check the bathroom trash bin daily and when you spot the Kotex Wrapper Runnnnn !!! 🙁

      1. “i would have beat him just for that”. afuckinmen! there are guys on here getting their heads chopped off and dismembered alive and they react with less emotion than that kid. he’s gonnabe a real pussy as an adult, i feel badly for his future wife. 🙁

      1. He was probably molested here and there and mental regression into small child happened. Seeing him totally defenseless and in fetal position means that he actually want(unconsciously) to return into safety of womb.
        -Many people cannot stand their mentally challenged child but most can. This mother looks like she flip out by it and here and there she beat shit in him for his stupidities.

        It would be way humane to sent him into institution than to grow up with this small bottle of poison women.

  4. And when I dream
    No mommy, don’t do it again
    Don’t do it again
    I’ll be a good boy
    I’ll be a good boy, I promise
    No mommy don’t hit me
    Why did you have to hit me like that, mommy?
    Don’t do it, you’re hurting me
    Why did you have to be such a bitch
    Why don’t you,
    Why don’t you just fuck off and die
    Why can’t you just fuck off and die
    Why can’t you just leave here and die
    Never stick your hand in my face again bitch
    Fuck you!
    I don’t need this shit
    You stupid sadistic abusive fucking whore
    Would you like to see how it feels mommy?
    Here it comes, get ready to die!!!

  5. oh geez, this guy is a little bitch. i had more severe ass beatings as a child and very rarely acted like him and i’m a woman. many of us had discipline and grew up fine for it. it’s not the end of the world.

  6. She repeatedly asked
    ‘Otouin. Ototuin. Ototuin. Peepayen. Ototuin peepayen. Ototuin! Peepayen!!! Gidlipupake??!! Ototutuin!!!?!!!’

    He didn’t have much to say other than ‘eehn eehn eehn eehn eehn eehn eehn eehn’

  7. For those wondering whats up with this.

    Apparently the kid called her mom(?), ”gorda asquerosa” ”puerca” and other stuff.

    Which is true, and translates as disgusting fatass pig

    The kid is indeed a pussy for allowing her to go that far, he could’ve easily stood up to whip her fat ass back.

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