Montreal Police Casually Grabs and Drags a Protester

Montreal Police Casually Grabs and Drags a Protester

During the April 3, 2014 anti-austerity protest in Montreal, Quebec, a student protester was casually grabbed and dragged for no apparent reason by a passing policeman. The policeman probably just wanted to exercise his/her power against a civilian, so he grabbed the nearest person, dragged her cause he knew civilians would not dare stand up to a gang of policemen, and then just casually dropped her to continue on his merry way.

It is sad that when given a choice between cutting civilians some slack, and resorting to brutality, the Canadian police almost universally go with the latter. Even if that protester was being mouthy and obnoxious, they still should not have wiped the road with her just because they can. Impunity with which Canadian police abuse civilians is revolting. They create an illusion of having the democratic right to protest, but exercising said right quickly leads to a reprisal action. So much for democracy in Canada…

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      1. Very true . Power corrupts and so does money . The irony is , the more powerful a person becomes , whether be it via money or position , the less respect they receive , which in itself , further perpetuates the scenario . This applies to the corruptible of course , not all follow this pattern .

    1. Yep. These looney toons always blaming coppers. Clearly she was an immediate threat, yep. She could have punched clear through that body armor grabbing his heart and ripping it clear from his chest! He was defending himself. I’d charge her with assualt on a police officer. He might have strained himself pulling her like that. Paid leave for the hero, for sure.

  1. I believe the point that Acneska is making is that whilst not all policemen are inherently bad just as not all protesters are inherently good it still remains a fact that the police service is a professional unit that, on paper anyway, follows a strict set of professional standards as set out by law and yet time and time again we see these rules, these codes of conduct that they supposedly follow being breached and no internal corrective action is ever taken.

    How can we trust a police service that does not adhere to the same set of laws that they punish other people for breaching.

    My conclusion, the police service has become just like the politicians, bankers and other money men, just part of an establishment that is rotten to the core and if you cannot trust the establishment to work with you then you must assume that they want to work against you.

    Trust and respect is a two way street and having a police badge does not automatically give you it, you want my trust and respect you have to earn it.

    1. certainly all due respect to you, @Empty soul – what of demonstrators who take time away from whatever protest they came for in the first place in order to antagonise and mock the police? they forget the police too are working class and stand to be affected by economic austerity measures just as any of them. this is a short clip i found shot by a ground observer. particularly repugnant is the protester who follows police a short distance, goose-stepping and throwing her hand up in a mock-nazi salute. the title on the video promises “gratuitous police brutality” yet nonesuch was evidenced in the entire 3:48 minutes of it. what is seen are people out in the street, facing who though? without officials present to hear them, it appears to me they begin to meander and scatter about – still carrying their signs of course, as if were their lisence or permit to wander about on the streets and walkways. i believe police presence was (or should’vr been) more about keeping the demonstrators on point rather than finding any excuse to rough them up. as @alanjess stated, “two sides…”. this demonstration looked to have devolved into a block party where not many present were very respectful toward any police:

      1. @Antivirus,

        Just as a doctor must treat their patients fairly regardless of individual perspective in accordance with the Hippocratic oath so must a police officer deal with the protesting public fairly regardless of how mocking the public may get because that is their job and that is what they get paid for.

        Placards and the use of mockery is not reason enough to go in using force.

    2. in the demonstrations protesting measures of economic austerity, people forget that the police are also working class and would be affected by those as well.
      in watching that video, i saw people following with cameras and am still keen to see the incident from a ground-level vantage point. in searching for another video, i came across this short piece off youtube. it is clear from the cameraman narrating that there was an air of disgruntlement from both sides. the police had a duty to see things were kept from getting out of control (monitoring for vandalism and such, i imagine) and i can’t help but feel those people demonstrating had an obligation to hold up on their end: namely, whilst they may speak their minds and demonstrate their protest, the event should not degenerate into a block party with people milling about with placards raised like free passes to go and do as they please. the video promised “police brutality” yet it was more like people teasing at each other for being either citizen or cop.
      particularly repugnant is the young woman following the police a short distance: goose-stepping and raising her hand in a nazi salute toward them. worth a look:

  2. While I agree cops are cunts, they’re obviously good cops that will do their best to help out as well. After all cops are human beings. But if we keep up this hate against the police force and fight against them, then what? We will eventually over power them and there will be nothing stopping all the bad human civilians from doing what they want.

    We just need to sit civilians, the government and police force in one room and have a fucking intervention. Sounds crazy by why not vote people to represent each of the parties and have the intervention in a place for everyone around the world too see.

    I’m sure if the representatives are logical, intelligent people it would work for the best. I mean, what do they need to say and do besides “just don’t be a cunt and respect and help everyone around you.” The laws are too complicated and people are too stupid, it makes me sad.

    1. Personal ethics solve a lot.. When people start doing the right thing no matter the circumstance, alot of our problems would be solved. The problem is that arrogance and mistreatment of fellow human beings is the norm. When the tide shifts the other way, transgressions such as these abuses of power will be seen for what they really are.. Cruel.

  3. Just a thug hiding behind a badge , it beggars belief really . Do these people not grasp that their living depends on the public in the first place ? . It seems that both the cops and the public have forgotten this .

    These thugs are going way beyond their remit , in any civil society they would be brought to book . Canada has indeed lost it’s way in this regard .

  4. I’ve seen some of things that happen in my beautiful London. People riotinng at the least provacation as an excuse to loot, mug and commit all sorts of crimes. Some black gangster gets shot by the police,so lets set fier to our own communites. Even if is there is a family or children living there. The firebrigade come to put out the flames and they are attacked by the mob. The police have stop trying to quell the rioters to try and protect the firemen. Someome in Denmark publishes a picture, a ‘cartoon’ of Allah. We have muslims rioting in In our English streets, wearing masks and holding banners saying ‘Death to the European infidels, anyone that discrepects Allah shoud be beheaded’. Personally ther have been times when I would like to some water cannoning going on.

    1. It’s the mob mentality that kicks in @w m . Once one starts looting the rest follow . Dumb fuckers were all on CCTV though clear as a bell .

      As for the Muslims and their cartoon disapproval . What a set of piss taking , double standard bearing fucking shit heads . They don’t like it , fuck off then I say . Gets my goat . No pun intended 🙂

  5. I don’t think cops take protesters seriously. To be honest, I don’t take the majority of them seriously either. Protesters at occupy wall street and several other American protest rallies didn’t even know why they were holding up signs. When asked why they were supporting their cause they stumbled through words to construct a sentence that sounded like they knew what they were talking about. I’m not saying that all protests are like this, mainly in the US. There are people who are noble and well aware of their beliefs but protesters in the u.s are a joke.
    Nonetheless, the pigs use force and power over anyone and there’s no justification in some cases. Policemen are not for protecting and serving the people anymore, they are here to control us.

    1. You make an excellent point LadyLazarus and I’m glad to see someone mentioned it. There is usually at least one articulate person to front the protest for the cameras, but if they interview someone from the crowd at random, you’d think it was a jerry’s kids telethon. Btw, could you right your profile pic so I don’t strain my neck while trying to fap. Thanks 🙂

    2. excellent points all, @LadyLazuras. i especially recall the demonstrations to protest a series of G8 summits across the us in recent years. there were valid criticisms of these industrialised nations deciding the global economic future while keeping the general public from having any say about it themselves. once an early protest bore vandalism and setting of fires, the news media seemed focused primarily on the protesters activities alone without reporting exactly what caused so many from liberal and conservative backgrounds to join in protest. i read a newspaper article once that listed fringe groups who attached themselves to one cities demonstrations, the intention being to discredit by association all who attended those demonstrations. i viewed a local tv news report about a college professor leading volunteers from her class to demonstrate. she was depicted as a free-thinker who protested in the 1960s, yet all she and her students did was to show up and pull that “passive resistance” move where they lay there like dead weight and have to be carried off by police. next day, the professor shows up to pay their bail (or fine, i forget) and there’s 3-4 classmates waiting outside to applaud them for that wasted effort. nothing at all in that news report as to what issues they were protesting, it was only to depict an exercise in how to cooperate with police when they decide you’ve had enough to say outside of the predesignated area approved for free speech

  6. Canada is really pulling all the punches these days, what with Mark and all the shit his own country is putting him through and scenes like this on civilians. May as well remove that border with USA. This is exactly how they treat their citizens. I watched that tv show ‘cops’ and just cant believe how badly American cops treat their own citizens. Approaching cars with guns drawn for speeding and shit like that.

    Well this website does live up to it’s claims of making people aware, because I always thought Canada was really one of the good guys. But I now realise it is just another police state. They will retire the mounted police force soon and have those tanks patrolling the streets, yep just like America.

    1. That’s a good point @G1 . The French know how to get what they want . Their fishermen and farmers among others , have protested on many occasions , blocking roads and disputed fishing grounds and been successful too .

        1. Yeah, that’s true-ish….. every single girl I have dated for a significant amount of time eventually reveals to me the story of a rape or molestation in their past. I just thought maybe, I was attracting the “victimized” sort of girls… Yeah, they weren’t nuns, these ones. Possibly, a bit full of shit.

          1. Yes, they do. But in my experience, a woman’s definition of a “white lie” is blacker than tar… ah well, my folks taught me well, they said son, bitches aint shit but tricks and ho’s…. j/k…. some nigger said that.

          2. Lmfao do you think muslim girls can marry someone if they told him they got raped? Not because they aren’t virgins, but because they are weak. So yes if a muslim girl tells on the internet anonymously she was raped chances are its true.
            In the Western world girls are getting love and are told they are sad etc…
            But when I was 13 they told me I should’ve killed myself, I got beaten for being weak etc…

        2. obli you also need to watch out with what you are saying as some women really got raped you know, you can’t hurt me as I basically am no human but there are humans who can cry and cry about this but don’t worry I still like you x.

    1. Yeah, true… I live in the US so I can only speak to that, but fuckin cops are EVERYWHERE, and people call the cops for every single thing they run afoul of in their lives. I live in suburban washington DC and every cop I meet is ex-military, over militarized, and they ALL act like ex-marines. Stupid automatons, unfortunately…. I have been harassed several times… I’m whiter than jesus, so I’m not so sure on the racial profiling stuff these days.

      1. Ob’s, you have your off days, but like we all do. I see the good man that you are. Especially when i did the website when there were no postings here. I saw a l ittle bit into your soul. There are a lot of women that see who you are on here O’bs, It’s all good..

  7. Good. They deserved to be dragged. They were probably asked numerous times to leave, they didn’t, so their ass gets dragged. Big fucking deal. Quit supporting the law breakers that act like 10-year-olds.

    1. protesters are annoying and cause destruction of property, disturbing the peace, they harass passerbys, hold up traffic. fuck them. i’ll sign a petition, i’ll donate money but i’m not causing a ruckus in the streets like a bunch of spoiled brats.

  8. I love how people are all “Fuck the police! I’ll shoot a cop right in the fucking face!” or “I’ll throw molotov cocktails at the pigs!” and other similar things, yet when the police show up armed and on edge it’s because they are “power hungry” or “corrupt.”

    How would you feel if every time you turned around there was someone saying they would love to kill you or see you killed by someone else? I’m pretty sure you’d be on edge every time you went outside too…

    1. Well, what position are you in if everyone wants to shoot you in the face or throw Molotov cocktails at you? Perhaps a level of authority that can easily become corrupted?

      Cops become cops because they choose to be cops, and it is a choice where the risks and lifestyle have to be better understood, for example, becoming unpopular with the general populace for intruding into their lives because the system or some 911 caller says so.

      Although I don’t wish cops to face death, if you were put in the feet of the “people”, you too would probably be uttering death threats. If you were a cop, your duty would be to do as the upper authority tells you to do no matter how many people’s rights are getting infringed upon in the process.

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