More Police Brutality at Anti Austerity Protest in Montreal, Quebec

More Police Brutality at Anti Austerity Protest in Montreal, Quebec

As a followup to yesterday’s video, here’s more of police brutality at the anti austerity protest which took place on April 3, 2014 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

There are many people in the video with a lot going on so it’s a bit tricky to follow, but just look near the area where a cop throws something, perhaps a tear gas canister at the protesters. The canister almost hits a few protesters in the head, but they manage to dodge it. A few meters from where the canister landed, there is a girl wearing neon green jacket. After the canister incident, the girl is first struck by a cop with a nightstick and then body slammed by another cop to the ground. She hasn’t done anything to deserve any of that.

Having noticed that her friend was attacked, a distressed girl wearing a light-colored hoodie and carrying a black flag runs to her aid. She’s tackled by the cops and viciously manhandled, as another friend of her tries to protect her from behind. Both girls are overwhelmed by a large number of policemen.

Meanwhile, just a few meters down from them, two youths carrying a banner are repeatedly hit with nightsticks and riot shields. They too haven’t done anything threatening to deserve such violent retaliation.

I know you guys like to always find something wrong with the protesters, but I honestly don’t see any of them doing anything that would warrant such violent response. Granted, we can’t hear what they’re saying, but mouthing police off should not be a reason to assault them.

Moreover, two additional things need to be kept in mind:

  1. This was a protest
  2. Police are paid by taxpayers

If taxpayers don’t see their money being used in a way they like, they ought to be able to voice their opposition to the way their money is used. The only reason the police receive their paycheques is because these people paid their taxes. Therefore police should always show extra restraint and tolerance when dealing with protesters. Any effort to stifle the right to protest by way of increased aggression against protesters should call for utmost scrutiny.

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    1. nah you fucking left wing nut jobs are the problem. when you are paying ANTIFA to protest and giving them pallets of bricks to destroy property, then yeah id say your the bastard. you fucks all deserve to be shot dead. every last one. dont be a criminal and you wont have a problem. its that simple you fucking parasite

  1. Nail on the head regarding tax .

    Chile provides policing via civilian volunteers and I believe it works pretty well .

    When police run a mock as in this video , it’s a sure indication of he corrupt and rotten the hierarchy has become , a reflection of the people at the top .

  2. Thats life, you mouth off and you might well end up with a punch in the face. Do I think mouthing off warrents a pyhsical attack? No, but thats how shit works. It’s usually middle class twats that have a freak out when they get a punch in the face. They have not had to grow up in tought envirenments but they think they have carte blanche to disrepect people. When they get lamped they make a huge stink about it.

        1. Bozza Johnson tough as nails ! , I think he may be an exception to the rule @w m 🙂

          I think you’re probably right about the protesters , I mean let’s face it , a lot of them do this kind of thing as a lifestyle choice , they would latch on to any old protest if they could . Maybe the police see this too , which must be annoying . Still doesn’t warrant heavy behavior from the cops though .

    1. @Wicked Mama,

      The problem is that most protestors, by their very namesake, are protesting for a cause that is close to them and they are going to be emotional and angry and insulting at times but the police are supposed to allow them the right to protest as long as they are not becoming violent in large numbers.

      An example being a factory that closes down and everybody is made unemployed whilst their jobs are sent to some third world sweat shop. The soon to be unemployed are going to be stood outside that factory protesting at the owners and they are going to be angry and emotional because they may lose their homes if they cannot pay the mortgage.

      Under the above example the police would have to be rotten shits if they started going in hard just because one of the protestors said something naughty to them.

      The answer is therefore quite simple, the police should only be allowed to go in hard if the protestors become violent in large numbers otherwise they should just maintain a presence.

      Only in a dictatorship would protesting ever be considered wrong.

        1. Yes and there are such things. All the green lobbyists travel from protest to protest , riling up the locals just because they are us winmill companies or OPEC oil supporters. Even protesters can be deceived and used as puppets , we know this well.

  3. I was crossing a checkpoint somewhere in Texas a while ago and some border patrol got a little power trip going with me. He asked where I was going and I refused (politely and respectively) claiming that was my own business. This really ticked him off. He mocked my answer and said I HAD to tell him. I kept giving him the same answer asking if I was free to go or being detained. He then proceeded to ask me to pop the trunk. At this point I knew I had him by the balls, so I declined and asked for a warrant. A dog was brought out and it got a “hit” by the trunk section of the car. He was spitting at me the whole time so I raised the window and let him know and that pissed him off! Haha. Anyways he let me go but not after wasting my time for 10 min or so.
    I’m not giving them a hard time, I just don’t like doing things because some random asshole at a checkpoint asks me to. I wasn’t crossing a border. I was traveling in the U.S.
    Anyways the whole point is: border patrol sucks ass just like their cousins the pigs.

    1. @Lady L,

      You should try driving in the UK, you get fined ?100, equivalent to $170, for doing 5mph over the speed limit.

      If you park your car with the tyres slightly over the parking bay line you get fined ?60, equivalent to $100.

      If you argue with a police officer for any reason in the UK you get tasered and locked up for the night.

      They really know how to take the filling out of your doughnut, complete and utter cunts.

      1. Empty,
        It seems that universally the pigs are naturally douches.
        The vast majority anyways. I’ve never been in a situation where a cop has handled me at all, so I’m not sure how I would react to excessive force from a police officer. I know how I would react to a civilian touching me, but cops are brutal now. Hopefully it never escalates to that. I tend to avoid situations that attract attention and involve more than a handful of people, but you never know. I’m scared I may not care if it’s a cop and swing in my defense. And if I get tased and end up on BG, I give you permission to laugh. 😛

      2. I would have thought if you got a parking ticket @Empty , you would contest it . They are actually making you an offer too , which can work in ones favour occasionally , make them a counter offer etc .

        Even Dick Turpin wore a mask , hence I personally always fight back if a ticket ends up on my car .

      3. Empty, do you know who that twat they had as constable, or something along those lines, who said traffic violators were the worst type of criminal only to have his daughter get caught doing some ludicrous speed on the motorway?

      4. It’s called “soft target syndrome”. they go after the easy pickings and revenue raising by way of ticketing for minor infringements is the biggest cherry. Aussie cops are basically the same, even had a few admit that the “attitude test” is how they determine how they’ll treat you, as LadyLaz pointed out, tow the line, scrape and bow, yes sir no sir, and you’ll generally have no problems but there’s always one who’ll wanna bust your nuts for shits n’ giggles.

    2. proud of how you handled that situation, @LadyLazuras. citizens who stand for what’s right are the last line of defense against those who don’t know any better or have been trained to conduct themselves to the contrary. be safe @LL

      1. No shit, bird is the word. I’m from Laredo. BP can detain you but the problem is there was no suspicion. They had no answer as to why I was being held in like I was. I did nothing wrong and then it just turned into a pissing match for the poor illiterate jerk.

  4. I understand that police are overly-paranoid cowards in nature and that they resort to violence even if there is little calls for because that is all their empty, dark souls can understand. Believe me, no one should forget the G8/G20 summits in London and Toronto.

    However, how many other regions in the world would necessarily go and protest over austerity, or protest because a murderer got a more lenient sentence then the public wished for, or because someone got murdered by the police, or because a favoured establishment was shutting down, or, and get this, over rises in tuition fees?

    I remember how Quebecois students, I think it was back in 2011 or 2012, caused millions in property damages and disrupted classes at local colleges and universities (think it was mostly Montreal) over a rise in tuition fees, ever though their fees were still the lowest in Canada. I think the only reason mainstream news kept covering that story was either because nothing else was happening, or because they got immense joy over the backlash from the rest of Canada.

    To me, French Canadians seem to be as equally itching for a riot as the blacks are pretty much everywhere on Earth. They can’t stand the fact they are surrounded by the Anglosphere (except for New Brunswick, though French is a minority there and primarily Acadian French), and as such they believe any change in their lifestyles from exterior forces is a means to get at them, to lessen their language or culture or whatever.

    This video, as well as the dragging video, are also rather short, both running at under a minute, and thus don’t really capture the whole story. This video is also shot from a high angle looking down, meaning for about 14 seconds everyone looks like scurrying ants and I can’t hear what anyone is saying or see what anyone is doing all to well, and then it zooms onto one protestor getting arrested. Bet off screen, there were even greater amounts of hooliganism going on by both police and protestors alike.

    1. Great points sir, but I wouldn’t generalize that all police are cowards. High stress and anticipation or PTSD can all be factors that affects a police officers behavior . I know its hard for them not to become e jaded , as many if us here are. But cops being assholes just cause is bullshit and also if they have PTSD etc then its up to them to deal with it properly. My 2 cents.

      1. I have said before on here that for the most part , the police here in the UK , are not too bad . There will always be a bad apple in and amongst them but , in my experience , bullying and overdoing the strong arm tactics , is not a common trait amongst our cops. Certainly compared to some of the things I’ve viewed on here , UK cops are still pretty fair imo .

      2. PTSD, hmmmm.

        I have been reading this site long enough to know PTSD can’t be used a scapegoat to excuse all the wrongs in society, for there is nothing worse then letting your emotions and fears get the best of you. Proper training and more understanding of the human psyche could alleviate most of the damage and violence caused in riots like these.

        I don’t even believe what the police are doing here is that seriously wrong; in comparison to the Da Silva getting beaten up in California, to the cops yelling “BOO-YAH” after shooting that guy in New Mexico, there’s no question this is by far tamer. Plus, as I’ve said, it’s riot-loving Quebec; I can only guess where that province would be if it actually seperated from Canada.

        But keep in mind that cops, often being sent out into similarly monkey-ish crowds with weapons in hand, can not lead to anything good. The system has long removed any conscious they had towards the citizens who actually struggle through life, and by regarding anything as a potential threat just because it is a human and therefore can also be concealing a weapon, the cops can easily turn a riot about a million times worse.

      1. Kind of missing the point here, aren’t we?

        I’m pretty sure the message is it is sad we fear those who are meant to “serve and protect”. At least that is what I got.

        I don’t know how that can be interpreted as an endorsement of total lawlessness.

  5. The only thing wrong with these protests is when you have assholes that aren’t even there to protest, just to stir shit up and when you get enough of them, it looks as if a riot may form.
    That’s usually when police have to start breaking it up and people that have never dealt with them start mouthing off and resisting. I don’t feel bad for them, I feel bad for the people who went out there to let there message be heard and forming a peaceful protest, only to have it get ruined by said idiots.

  6. I hate videos like these.
    We never see what happens prior to things getting violent and thus, cannot accurately judge for ourselves if this is or is not a use of unnecessary force.

    I’m just glad I live in a country where shit like this never happens 😀

  7. That manifestation was by the university students who took one day to get in the street because the quebec’s government is trying to bring an austerity climate in the province. They are raising taxes and fees on every aspect they dare to touch to take more and more from the middle and poor class pockets.

    Here’s some examples: A few years ago we had to pay our driving license every two year. They chose to make it every year but the government said that the price would be cut in half. They never did it because the year after averyone forgot. It’s paying after paying after paying. Yes, we have some very nice “free” educational system… but don’t forget the 300$/kid you have to pay for the watchers, plus the books, plus some material fees of 60$/kid for the photocopies. Oh and my kid is ONLY in 1st grade. In 6th grade they have to pay 180$ for the photocopy plus they HAVE to buy their child an ipad. Yes we have a nice free medical system. It takes 28 hours to be treated (and you have to stay in the waiting room), 4 years to have a surgery (unless it’s cancer or you’re dying), you have to pay for the aftercare and the medecine. And they send you home the same day they do the surgery most of the time. Oh, and on top of the HUGE chunck of salary that the austerity driven government eats about 50% when you do over 54000$, they make us pay a whopping 15% tax on everything, some annual “health tax”, municipal tax, scolar tax (another 350$ for our free scholarity…). I’m still not talking about the additional taxes on gas (we pay 1/3 of the price of gas in tax!). If the gasoline is at 1,50$/liter (as this morning), you give the government 0,50$ in tax. We have an electricity global raise of 6% per year, we also have to have an insurance for everything because teeth, ear and eyes aren’t covered at all by our all-mighty medical system and those fees can actually reach some very high prices (a pair of glasses for a mild myopia person is about 750$). All those fees, if you add them up, are eating the whole low and middle class.

    So, you people who says the students shouldn’t be in the street, go and work your ass to get a nice 40000$ a year. After paying all the shit you owe to the government, check your bank account. I bet you’ll take a day off to walk the streets to stop the austerity measures.

    Oh and just saying, we have a relatively new law here in quebec: you have to tell when your manifestation will be, where and the whole path it will follow. You don’t do it then the manif is illegal and police has the right to stop you from manifesting…

  8. My dad was pulled over and arrested for “drunk driving” by my dad’s ex-girlfriends father! What a coincidence eh?! I was about 8 but it still seemed strange how my father was taken to the station right away without a breathalyzer or any test’s.i also experienced more cops abusing their power when I was at a party not to long ago and a cop showed up and started calling pushing and shoving some young guy calling him a fucked up nobody who will probably end up dead.great cops we got In Canada haha

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