Mother Beats Her 2 Year Old Son, Tells Him She Wants Him Dead and Wishes He Had Been Aborted

Mother Beats Her 2 Year Old Son, Tells Him She Wants Him Dead and Wishes He Had Been Aborted

The effects of hatred for boys that feminism beats into the minds of women have been extensively documented at Best Gore. Feminists however don’t stop at just hating boys. If they give birth to male children, they’ll hate them too.

Video from the town of Cariacica in the state of EspΓ­rito Santo, Brazil shows a mother beating her 2 year old son, whom she hate from the bottom of her dark heart. She hates him so much, she keeps telling him that she wants him to die, and wishes she had aborted him. You have societal misandry to thank for this.


Best Gore member @sparklingspectre_ provided further information about the video, derived from what’s said in it, which he as a Brazilian understands:

The videos were filmed by the child’s grandmother, who was sick of witnessing the abuse, which kept happening on a daily basis. After reporting the abuse to police twice, which resulted in no response due to the possibility of it being hearsay, she was instructed to film a video so police have something to work with.

In the first video, the child is being beaten with a broom for soiling his pants. The mother made him clean it up while he was being beaten. In other videos, as described, she beats him, tells him to stand up and hold his pants, tells him she wishes him dead, that she is sick of his bullshit, that she wishes she would’ve aborted him.

The video also shows images of the child’s face with bruises. The people in the video say that for some time they’ve been giving him food, because the mother said she wanted to use rat poison to kill him with it.

And as if all this wasn’t enough, the disgraceful piece of shit is not sorry for abusing her son. She says in the video “I made mistakes, but I was only correcting him so other people don’t have to.

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  1. And just as mother’s day is right around the corner. Think I’ll get my mom something nice this year for not treating me like this poor kid, though she would beat my ass whenever I got outta line.

    1. That’s what mommas are for lol They have to keep us in line, but I believe most mothers don’t want to hurt us bad, but teach us a lesson. My father on the other hand was another story. This made me appreciate my mommy as well. Happy early Mother’s Day to yours!

      1. Exactly She is the provider. At this young of an age all he really knows how to do IS love her. He doesn’t know what it means when she says she wants him dead and once he learns his world is going to be flipped upside down, nothing is going to make sense anymore. At least that’s how I handled it.

      2. …how could this not completely destroy a person.

        Forgive my hatred, but I wish one of the other people in that house would’ve dragged her out by her hair and beat the living shit out of her, all the while shouting at her she deserves death. She deserves to feel pain and helplessness the same way she inflicted it.

        1. Surprisingly I agree with you. Slow torture, tied up in a basement. Pain being inflicted upon her constantly, but she does not even deserve the sweet embrace of death. She deserves to be tortured.

          1. But look at it this way. If he can keep it together and get through this than he will be so much tougher. I mean look at me. Well that’s actually a bad example.

          2. Are you fucking bipolar hinhead? Or are you just too fucking ignorant to realize how much of a hypocrite you are? You praised the nurse for abusing that newborn baby and now you’re playing sympathetic to this child? You called someone else in a different post a “follower”…. I hope you choke on your words.

            I’m done with all your childish shit. I hope no one takes you seriously.

          3. @ddd
            If you go back to that I point out that it was sarcasm. If you think I was being serious than you need to stop taking everything so damn serious. If you don’t believe me go back to the comments on that video. Good Day

        2. As a mother, this pulled at my heart strings. She doesn’t deserve to be called a mother.. I’m a “wooden spoon survivor” but mom never told me she wished I was aborted. Ffs.. I know I get pissed at my own kid, but I’d never tell him things like that or beat him like that bitch did.. I think she deserves all the shit she has ever done to her baby done to her..

    2. Sumthing doesn’t add up here, that’s the mother y wud she do that? They must’v cut & edited the vid, or the male child did sumthing more than or equal to sumthing to dizerv it…beat him, good job mother…free this woman..hello, that’s a living breathing beautiful flower

  2. you reap what you sow. That kid is not supporting you when you’re old and fragile. Treating a kid like that at that age is traumatizing. If its been an on going thing. That kids is going to be mentally unstable, and before you know it. He’s going to kill da silvas, left and right.

    1. Sad thing is he might not even remember all of this unless he finds it on best gore one day πŸ™ people men and women alike make me sick if they do this…um hello your parents had your sorry butt and I bet they had to suck in hate for you and accepted the responsiblity of rasing you I guess they loved you too much and didn’t beat you enough eh? There are tons of people who can’t have children and would love your child you effing low life that doesn’t deserve to be called a mother.. .I would love to have a child to raise!!! You will reap what you sow and those tears will not stop your fate from happening….

      1. True enough. I wonder how her childhood was. I’m betting it wasnt a pretty sight… You think people would learn from it. I would assume if you had terrible dads or moms, you would want to be a better patent than they ever were. I dont have kids either but, I’d would want to be a good father, something my dad never was. She doesn’t deserve to celebrate on mothers day, she needs to reevaluate herself if she truly feels remorse. But, i definite ly think you’d b a great mom. πŸ™‚

        1. Thanks I hope I will be able to hold that title one day…it is such a scary sad world we live in now and I almost feel it would be selfish of me to bring an innocent child into so much hate and despair πŸ™

          1. You’re welcome. πŸ™‚
            Yea, i complete feel the same. I contemplate whether it be selfish to bring more life into this world. I wouldnt want more life to suffer if it didnt have to in the first place. Also…. If that kid one day tells me, i wish i was never born or existed….that would break my heart… Its definite ly a hard choice to make. But then if its made for you. Family is the most important thing in the world. πŸ™‚

      2. I cant even watch this. You all have heard it before, no children, no animals. Anyway, I’m so thankful my sister & iI had 2 parents that lovef us more than life itself. Married for 51 years & just increfible pa t ents. We had a wonderful childhood & I couldnt imagine what it must be like for kids going through what this video depicts & then some. Makes you thankful for all that you have….

  3. One can only hope the child can get into a caring foster family or orphanage; unfortunately, something tells me that neither of these things will happen, and even if they do, they may equally do things wrong, creating a cycle of this violence for this child from which he may not escape…

    1. Or just maybe for once rhis lady sees what she has been doing and she is honestly regretful and changes her ways for good. Sometimes it takes one good hard look in the mirror to wake you up to reality. …I hope she takes her second chance and does good while that poor baby still loves her with all of his heart. That baby has loved her his whole life and she has only loved him since the day he was born….so yes we do tend to love our parents more because they are all we have ever known and we do not know life without them. So sad that people can throw children away like trash nowadays πŸ™

    1. Seemed like she was whining about having to shit in a bucket, like boohoo dumb bitch imagine what your kid goes through getting beat on by someone 5 times his size and 1000x his strength. I hope this poor little guy grows up and beats her ass the same way when she’s a defenseless old woman. From how it sounds she taking care of her mom that didn’t beat her when she was young (Just speculating since the grandma was the one who filmed it because she was sick of the abuse) and she shouldn’t treat her kids like shit if she wants her child to take care of her when she’s older instead of beating her around like I hope this kid does.

  4. and some say it’s impossible or childish to don’t have certain “normal” feelings about certain things,it’s hard to forget all that abuse,sometimes it’s in your head all day,the anger,frustration, impotence if you didn’t go trough this you’ll never understand it,you grow cold,mad all the time you become antisocial,antipathy all that shit,it’s real you know? It’s not just matter of say “Oh walk it off” “grow up” “don’t be childish” reality sucks don’t you think?

    1. I hope you don’t have children. ..but if ypu do I hope you changed the pattern and don’t act like your parents did….we can’t change our past but we can make dang sure we follow what path we want heading into our future.. it takes one person to change for the greater good.. it for yourself noone else!

      1. Don’t worry That’s the last thing that goes trough my mind,I don’t see my self married,with children and all that stuff,I know I’m way to young to think about that but time will tell,I’m hoping I can change my mind some day I’m learning a lot here,who knows maybe in the future I’ll comeback to read this and will laugh about it πŸ˜†

        1. It’s like all these young kids getting tatts, no doubt most will regret them 10 years down the road…the things we think are cool when we are young isn’t so cool later in life…hanabi, don’t forget the saying, older and wiser…cheers little one…

  5. This evil bitch needs to suffer! I have a 2 year old daughter and 5 year old son who I have raised full time since I was disabled in a car accident. Kids are the one thing that can get on your nerves, piss you off, and frustrate you more than anything or anyone else on the planet. However if you are a normal human being the love you feel for that little life that you helped conceive over rules and overwhelms the anger and frustration you feel.

    This is coming from a father…I’m not saying that I condone, or even understand, how a father could be a deadbeat. I’m saying that men don’t have the hormonal connection to a child like the mother does, nor do men get to feel the presence of another human being growing inside them.

    This bitch makes me sick to my stomach. More than any gore video or sick shit on here. Her ability cry after the fact makes feel like I am going to vomit. I don’t care if she is mentally ill or what ever the fuck is wrong with her. I wish someone would slowly kill this “fleshy virus” slowly overall a period of many torturous years. Pull off her fingernails today and crush the fingtips in a vise today. After they’re good and sore tomorrow pound on them for a few hours lightly with a 4 ounce hammer. Just work up the extremities slowly for a while and let them heal up nice, crooked, and full of arthritis, and go again.

    No need for anything drastic like amputation because she could get lucky with a fatty embolism and drop dead. Let her die from a heart attack from the pain. I have a soft spot for babies and toddlers who still have their innocence and haven’t turned septic because of their viral piece of shit parents. Wow….I apologize the rant is over.

    1. @deathbydaffy

      Don’t apologise brother. This is the place to let that rant out and into life. You never know who will read it and how it may influence someone on the other side of the planet in a country you didn’t even know exists!

    2. Sorry to hear about your wife and child,, and ty for being there for your other children,, too many people walk away from these things, and they are not even disabled,, takes a strong soul to put others first,

      Unfortunatly, there plenty of people out their who do not respect what they have been given, a little soul to love and cherish and help grow into a good human being,,

          1. But at the same time that’s how many of us humans are. When we’re young the world is normally a happy place but then as you grow older the more and more you learn until your no longer innocent or in many cases traumatized.
            When I was young I loved everybody and I felt that everyone loved me but as I grew I realised how much my mother actually hated me. Everywhere I stick out so I learned to stop caring and stop feeling. I’d rather feel nothing than be sad all of the time. To sum it up We all are animals. We are either taught to love or to hate as many animals are. Thanks for reading I look forward to yalls replays.

          2. Then you had the wrong peoplein your life…I hope now that you do see the world as it truly is and who taught you to see it in sorrows eyes.. mothers and fathersare chos for us we did not ask for them and they might have not even asked for us but I do tell you one thing none of us was put on this earth as a mistake! Our lives are predestined before we are even conceived so don’t ever think you are a mistake and noone loves you or wanted you. Look at it like this.. peopleyou meet in your lifetime..some of these peopleyou may not rremember or even notice but they remember and notice you…for some reasonand some ppoint in that persons life they needed you and you never knew it but because you are here they are here also….sounds confusing but hear me out like us on bestgore we are uniquepeoplewhom most does not understand the reasons we like this site. It teaches us things that we want to know and we seek thruth …mostof my friendsI would never tell about this site because to them it is horrible and strange but to you guys I am normaland if it wasn’t for peoplelike us that was born into this horrible world one way or another have found each other and created a safe community away from “realityof the blind sheep”so I am glad each and every one of you were born and are in my life now….our group is specialand noone can hurt you anymore here.. . We can teach each other how to love again just like when they teach dogs that have been locked in cages trainedto hate and fight…the love runs so deep under the surface and it takes specialkind of ppeople to pull that love tothe ssurface again….sorry for the long post just wanted to say all that…hope it made sense lol πŸ˜‰

          3. @check meowt
            You know I’ve only been here for a minute but honestly y’all are some of the best friends someone could have. Ever since I’ve been here I actually feel like I belong somewhere. Thanks πŸ™‚

          4. @hin glad you feel that way we are a specialkind of peoplein this group…I haven’t been here long either but I am glad I found bestgore and the peoplewho seek the uuncensoredtruth πŸ˜‰

      1. The saddest thing is that the child still loves her unconditionally! Mommy is a powerful title. The poor little guy will feel lost without her, even though she’s a waste of oxygen, and he will cry for her when he’s taken away. The only thought in his poor little mind even now is how to make mommy smile for me. Since the beating and torment is all he knows he probably just expects it and thinks of it as normal. This literally breaks my heart. I’m a grown man who never cries, I’m not trying to prove my masculinity by any means, now even at my own mother’s funeral. This type of thing makes me cry like a 5 year old girl because I know that the child still loves and accepts the beating as his mom’s attention for him.

        1. Awe….its ok to cry real men cry!!! That’s the unconditonal love we have as children just like a puppy that grows into a dog he loves with all his might. …one day the kid will choose a path of kindness or a path of hate…sadly the dog usually has to stay with whichever path he is being lead down…it breaks my heart to see helpless beings hurt.. rhey Don t know any better πŸ™ sad sad world man. Sorry about your mother may she rest in peace

          1. Thank you for your kind words. I agree with you completely about helpless things being abused, especially children. I didn’t mean to sound cold hearted about my mom either. I’m just not much of an emotional person. It’s been years since my mom passed. She o.d.ed and it was sad but not an unexpected thing. And yes real men do cry unless they’re sociopaths or have serious mental illness. Death just doesn’t effect me in the way it does most people. As an emt/paramedic , prior to being disabled, I was exposed to death and gore pretty regularly. The only thing that ever got to me was when some drunk asshole wrecked his car and killed his 19 year old wife, which he abused, and unborn child. He walked away with a bruise from the airbag…she died in the ambulance holding my hand asking me to make sure that we took care of her baby because she was due in 3 weeks. She was in shock and had no idea that the the placenta was nearly falling out of her abdomen. I did what anyone else would do. I lied and told her that her and the baby girl would be fine. So seeing this video of someone who hates a child and thinking of a young girl who died only thinking of her child she would never get to meet just hits that raw nerve. I have no illusions about how shitty this world is but anything that deals with young kids still fucks with me especially since I am a proud parent.

          2. Awe bless your heart I can’t imagine the strength you had to have being an emt and seeing that…that is one reasonI have not tried that ccarrier choice…sometimes I think the ones who lives in a drunk drivingaccident are the ones who need that second chance just one more chance to see the destruction it has caused and to hopefully change your life and life of be the one who survives has to be the worst torment. …if he died then he would not have seen the pain and destrution he did cause….hopefully the motherand baby are ttogether again in heaven (I believeand I ddon’t care if anyone else thinks i am dumb for believing it my life not yours) and if that guy chooses to drink and drive again then he has choosen his fate and there are no more second chances once your fate has been chosen…..end of story….I am sorry you had to see such dustruction of life peopleare selfish peopleare mean ppeople are rude….we are all born with so much love in our hearts but as we grow old and bitter that love slowly disapears until someone or something happens in our lives that shows us that we can love deeply again….usually kids do that for most peopleand sadly others that do have kids will only ccontinue to hate…..I feel so bad for kids with parents who are selfish… I ddon’t have kids and would love some but o don’t think that is writtenin my stars..

  6. People who abuse people or animals have one thing in common it seems, when caught they both cry like bitches and whine and moan how people are mistreating them. BWAHAHA you motherfuckers you don’t deserve sympathy or respect…not until you learn some yourselves !!!

  7. I wish that I could visit her in her country and bitch slap her all day.
    She obviously got drunk on cheap rot gut rum, got f***ed down a back ally by some low life drug pusher,
    fell pregnant and he did a runner leaving her holding the baby. She got herself pregnant but blames the poor little kid.
    She really is some kind of a MOTHER?she should be sterilised

  8. I’m a feminist, and I also have a young son who I love more than words can say. He is my world, and I would never hurt him either by words or actions. Neither would I allow anyone else to hurt him. This creature on the video is evil and needs to be euthanised in my view. I hope that poor little boy has been permanently removed from that revolting so called ‘mother’. Feminism is about equality not misandry.

  9. I do not believe in abortion,
    I believe in self control, contraceptives, adoption etc,
    But I do understand in this world, thta abortion, sometimes can be the only answer in some circumstances, in this circumstances, if she had such hatred for the child, which I believe would have been there, even if the child was a girl,
    She should not have got pregnant in the first place,, and if certain circumstances took thta option out of her hands, then she should have left the child at the hospital etc,, not taken him home,,

    I hope he finds a good home and family,, and I hope thta they are so good, he will not remember what happened in his early years,, because if he does, the chances are so high for him treating others the Sam eas he was treated

    1. Your last paragraph whatever thing didn’t sit well with me…. I was physically abused as a young child up into my teens and I have 2 boys (7&5) and I am also diagnosed with Bipolar disorder….. I do not treat my children the same….. It is your opinion…. Your perspective… Your view….. Yes statistically you may be right but there are worse things that could happen besides him turning out the same …… Just saying…..

  10. I could quite easily give up 20 years of my life to crush this skinny horrible excuse for a mothers windpipe and shut up her pathetic whining and her fake tears.It does fuck up the little mens lives forever… To get beat by the very person that should willingly die in order for their son to have a half decent life.Beyond belief this shit.

  11. I grew up with a very abusive mother….. My heart aches for the way that beautiful boy feels…… He believes deep in his heart he is the one to blame…. He believes his mother is right….. One day little one you will know the truth….. It was never you…… May you grow to be strong and defy the odds as I did……

    1. Sorry to hear that happenedto you…for what it’s worth you seemed to have grown into a wise person and hopefully will be able to help others in the same situation. ..glad you’re still here with us all noone deserves being treated like this especially from the person who gave you life….keep your head up you will do great things πŸ™‚

        1. You will do great things lool at the positive things you have to say about life now…you know it wasn’t your fault and only people that have truly been through this pain can help others in the same position as you were in….everything happens for a reason and noone born was ever a mistake we all have our purpose in life some of us can pull ourselves out of the pit we are in and others need help from people who have dug out of the same pit that which they find themselves in….don’t let people bury themselves help them because you were once there and tou fully understand. …people like you go on to help so many young kids find their reason to live….you have already changed many lives by overcoming your own life…keep your head up you already do great things!

  12. This cut deep. This was like watching my life. No matter what my mother did to me, I still loved her. She was a horrible, evil being, but as a child your parent(s) are all you have. She died last year all alone, she hated me until her very last breath. I have only animals as my family, they’re the only ones I trust. I’d like to kick those two French faggots in the cunt for abusing that little critter.

      1. @bipolar, thank you for your kind words. I am still mad after seeing this post, and the others w/ the babies…infuriating! But I’m glad it is out there for people to see.
        Personally, this site has been cathartic, and way cheaper than a shrink! I LOVE Best Gore.

    1. I refuse to watch the animals on here….that is where I draw the line of being able to handle gore…I feel the same way about my animals there all I have and have been with me through so much and they love me still!!! I had and still have wonderful parents older Brother and Grandparents and I thank God for that everyday especially when I see kids hurt on here. I dont think I can have kids so my animals are my kids and they helped me survive two horrible husbands one almost killed me….so I owe them my life how can you hurt something or someone who loves you so unconditionaly? Breaks my heart….

      1. I’m with you there, I have no kids and my little dudes, er, dogs are my family. Last dog I had, (RIP Sprocket) when she died was the first time my heart was broken. Totally dreading the day when I have to relive that with the three I have now.

        1. Do not dread that day my friend, do not worry about the time they have left with you, instead cherish the days you will have together. It is a painful truth that the cost of love is to one day be heart broken by that love. The only alternative is to not love and we both know that is not living. You give them a wonderful life and sometimes you have to show them a final kindness if they’re suffering becomes too great. It is painful I know.

          1. True…my heart will crumble out of my chest when I lose my shadow (honey) and n y fat boy Koda and the coolest cat on the planet Scratch. ….the only things on this earth that has ever loved me more than themselves. …Honey will be the hardest to let go….she is my world! πŸ™ I’m kinda sad now…but atleastyou guys will uunderstand how much it will hurt and not laugh when we mourn the loss….

          2. Thank you @rayf

            This post has really done a number on me.
            A lot of the comments are heart breaking, but it feels good to hear others stories and know some people know
            what I have been through.

  13. Bet she is mad that the baby has a bigger dick than the father. I’ve seen this same kind of treatment when my ex used to beat our kid because he was hung so much bigger than I. Just a thought

    1. @bipolarbrisa
      A few comments made me cry a little tools….I don’t have kids, but I don’t even like someone speaking harshly to my dogs. I have been known to call people out who are being assholes to their kids or animals.

      1. Me too….. Some lady told me she was going to fuck me up the other day at the gas station because she slapped her daughter for taking too long to get out of the car….. I said I would rather you fuck me up than be slapping that little girl around…. I was ready to go! I hate when people abuse children,animals,and old people…… Bastards……

          1. If the slap in I am talking about was normal or not excessive I would not have said shit….. The lady was yelling and clearly abusive…. I lived it I know the deal…..

    1. This video has nothing to do with feminism. The ironic part is how much this website encourages people to “wake up” and stop being “sheep” but then can’t even pull their own heads out of their asses long enough to learn what feminism actually is.

  14. This is feminism gone wrong guys like we all say there are extremists in every belief system here is an extreme feminist or feminazi. Read any feminist literature and you will know every word synonymous with misandry, take a look people this is the future if we let this disease progress any further.

  15. Fucking bitch i long for a son. these people need to stop breathing and wasting our air. It doesnt matter if your poor or rich we make these decisions to have sexual relations but it comes with responsibility obviously shes got no sense at all. I get frustrated too but there is no reason to lay down the beats we are there protectors not tormentors. I would adopt but i dont have any brothers or sisters to carry the family genetics when im gone im gone. How many of us Maori are left not many.

  16. I’ll never understand why these types of women even have kids in the first place. If you wished you aborted then why not give up an unwanted child for adoption? There are so many good people out there who can’t have their own kids and would take them in and give them a good home. It is never a childs fault these bitches cant keep their legs closed. These so called women need to be sterilized. Not all moms are like this. Ive never laid a hand on mine and ive never verbally abused them. I grew up with an abusive father and a mom who stood by and did nothing. On the plus side i can take a punch and have longer staying power during a fight. Lol! I wanted to break the cycle and be the kind of parent i always wanted my parents to be. I’m not a perfect mom. But I think the fact that I keep trying to be says alot. I just know my kids will NEVER feel the fear I felt as a kid. And the anxiety that comes with it. When you listen for your dad’s car to pull up in the driveway after work. Wondering what is going to set him off. Wondering what kind of mood he’s in and hoping it’s a good one. Nope. My kids will grow up without that.

    1. +Idiot bimbo! You think it’s that easy. This is NOT the US. Women in that country are 2nd class citizens with few rights and fewer if they are poor. Why don’t you walk in her shoes before you open your pie hole. All these pro-birth assholes, that walk away once the child is born. Yeah, like everything will be a bed of roses and people live happily ever after!. People have the right to family planning so this doesn’t happen. Where’s the father or his parents? Why doesn’t the grandmother raise the child, releasing the mother from responsibility, if she cares so much? There are so many street children in Brazil, enough that there are vigilante squads that go around killing them. The Brazilian government is corrupt; you think they’re going to spend a dime resolving this problem? Your family is NOT perfect. Where’s the father? Children need both parents, so who are you to point hooves!

  17. As far as i am concerned, Roe Vs. Wade came a little too late for my worthless soul to be saved.

    my mother hates me and the feeling is mutual.

    we never have gotten along, and we never will.

    i cant even stand to hear a female speak my name because it brings back memories of my ex-mother screaming it in anger and bitching virtually non-stop my whole fucking life.

    thinking about changing my name to Hatred, so i can say that the only thing she every gave birth to was Hatred.

  18. During her interview she is crying and I am guessing describing the horrible conditions she is being held in. Just wait until the other mothers in the Brazil prison find out you are in for abusing and threatening to poison and kill your child. They will be spanking your bare ass.

  19. All these cum dumpsters always are the ones with 5 fucking kids by the age of 30 and either do not have custody of any of them or simply live off government aid. As long as you keep popping out children the aid just keeps going up and up

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