Mother Punishes 12 Year Old Daughter Who Published Nude Photos on Facebook

Mother Punishes 12 Year Old Daughter Who Published Nude Photos on Facebook

This 12 year old girl with big tits apparently posted some nude photos and videos of herself on Facebook. Her mother found out and treated her to public embarrassment on the same social networking platform on which the little slut whored herself out.

This is what parents of Amanda Todd failed to do. They failed at parenting, brought up a little slut who sought attention by acting skanky on the internet and then when she got it, she decided she didn’t quite like the attention anymore. And then the ever smart dogooders came out of the woodwork to blame everyone but her parents for failing to smack her with a belt like she deserved to.

Luckily, this mother paid attention to what her daughter was doing on the internet, and hopefully humiliation she delivered to her will put an end to her skankiness before she could turn into next Amanda Todd and we all would get blamed for it.

Apparently, the video is from Trinidad, an island in the Caribbean (thanks for correcting me as to the location).

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    1. I would love for the 12-year old girl to send her naked photos to Bill O’Reilly. I heard O’Reilly says that anyone RECEIVING kiddie porn ought to go to prison, even if they didn’t ask for it.

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        1. Trinidadians?? I thought they were Trinity lights or maybe Trinidadites… Anyways I think the uhh language barrier in that part of the world it’s just lazy English mixed with a little lazy this and a little lazy that just like Creole but not… So basically mom is screaming something like you little slut how stupid can you possibly be don’t you know that the people that look at that kind of thing don’t care about you and I think you’re stupid and they would never respect you and that horrible things happen to people who do things like this now stand still stupid while I beat the shit out of you you ignorant slu quit squirming

          1. A very wise man once said ; spare the rod spoil the child… Now, the part he left out which would have made this a lot easier for idiot people to understand is quote quote if you then you… If you spare the rod then you spoil the child and really nobody wants a spoiled willful child who doesn’t listen and does whatever the fuck they want to the point of eventually becoming a victim themselves… Parents who just to let their kid do whatever the hell they want and then claim I have no control over my child they should be slapped in public very hard in the face… Just to begin with , a parent like this should be humiliated publicly and then carefully taught how to actually discipline a child…. I do actually like like the idea of z little thin stick … Used for punishment we call that a switch… As in, girl go cut me a switch and if it ain’t big enough I’m going to cut a switch and wear it out on your ass

  1. fuck yeah…now break out the close pins. 🙂

    but in all serious i completely agree, @ate. pussy-ass americans especially. smfh. these girls today are pretty much encouraged to be sluts. they want to be seen as sex objects and then get pissed when that’s exactly how they are treated.

    then comes the “i was so fucked up at that party that i fucked three different guys and now that i’m sober i know i messed up but i’m not gonna be held accountable for being a slut who can’t control herself…i was raped!!!

    listen to me, ladies: you can be a Woman or you can be a sex object. you cannot be both. so make your fucking choice wisely. slut.

    1. Welcome to the Jewish created and encouraged whore culture. The Jews want to destroy Christianity, so they promote everything that’s goes against Christian rules. Women being whores, homosexuals, abortion, birth control, divorce, etc. Why? Because the Catholic church represents gentile power and it promoted things that strengthened our civilization.

      1. I laughed out loud. Seriously you need to take something dude, you’ll not get through life like this. I suggest Risperidone.
        A slutty 12 year old got moist on the attention she received posting a few pics of her bod.
        I’m PRETTY sure no kikes were directly in on it this time.

        1. Yeah Protocol, tranquilize yourself.. Haha just kidding man.. Who the fuck are you to tell someone that they may or may not “get through life that way”. Enjoy your meds sheep, sleep well as we all burn in hell.

          1. That’s the thing with pernicious agendas such as the one that’s been promoted against the Christian faith .

            It may not seem hugely important when one looks at an individual case , but multiply the individual cases by many thousands and you have a problem .

            I went to and was educated in C of E schools , the basis of which were built on the Christian faith and values . Nowadays , every other faith or religion under the sun is promoted while the old C of E is being slowly but surely fazed out . Cultural diversity and political correctness are the culprits behind this, which , in reality , means the current hierarchy are the culprits ie Zog .

          1. Maybe you should too . I was actually responding in agreement to what you said . Maybe your comment ended up in the wrong place , who knows .

          2. @ ewestomper, My comment wasn’t for you, but it is in the right place. You follow the line to the left of my comment and you will see that it goes to SKSBakwaas. That’s how the commenting works on this site. If you look closely, my comment is not aligned with yours. If I was responding to you, It would be directly under your comment and in alignment. I would also put @ewestomper.

    2. @obli I totally agree with you when you say that girls are made to feel like they have to be slutty in order to get attention, but from someone who was a young girl once, and a pretty girl at one time, I can say this we can’t win with you boys. We act too friendly then we are flirting or if we have slept with one person or have been rumored to have slept with any then we are whores. They will talk about you anyway. I had my first child at 27 years old. In today’s times that’s like unheard of! But I was probably considered a slut because I had a ton of guy friends…why? Because girls are whinny, crazy, lying bitches lol you’re a slut if you do and a bitch if you don’t 😉 can’t win…

    3. i’m in college currently and i completely agree with you. i’ve had a few friends confide me and i’ve heard stories from other girls as well and you will always hear a story that make you sympathize with them and even if you don’t, you can’t say it cause that would make you an insensitive cunt. it’s always a sob story where she does almost nothing wrong or the parts that she does admit to doing are so trivial that it doesnt matter. i remember one girl telling me her story of how she was raped by a guy at the party but i was there at the party and she was practically throwing herself at him the entire night until they went upstairs. she blacked out and accused the guy of rape and as far as i know, she managed to get a restraining order against him and he had to switch colleges because of that since they’re in the same major and he has to be some distance away from her. i don’t understand how that if they’re both drunk, only the guy is held accountable for his actions. i dont like that in “drunk rape” cases only the guy can be held responsible because it basically implies women are dumb creatures and dont know any better.

  2. To be fair when I was a kid we did the same kind of shit but just not on social networking sites as they didn’t exist then, boys and girls messing around behind old buildings and such, it’s a part of growing up I guess.

    The main difference nowadays is that everybody in the world can see your goods if you’re showing them on the internet and therefore you are seen to be a fool in everybody’s eyes plus it can all be shared now making you a laughing stock among your peers.

    The mother was right to punish her child for this one, hopefully she will see some sense and think first before doing such silly things again.

    1. Good point empty soul, but like you stated, the consequences for putting yourself out there like that, are well known by now.. She should have known better, but she acted like a whore. I’m just gladly someone was there to reprimand her actions.. But you’re right, we’ve all done stupid stuff, but the consequences in today’s world are exponentially worse..

      1. Yeah, she should have known better at 12 but I am not sure I believe the part about her uploading the stuff onto Facebook, more like she had cyber sex with someone she knew and he uploaded it onto Facebook.

        I have my doubts that a 12 year old who is well familiar with social networking sites and how they work would put her own naked body out there for the world to see.

        1. This site does not report stories accurately. She was not naked. She was doing the sexy in her underwear thing. And sure, lots of us did things like this when we were 12 and older, but didn’t have social media. But, that beating is overboard and will not work. Parents are very strict in Trinidad. Little girls must behave appropriately and be dressed properly, make good grades, etc. Celebrities and adults set a different example to these girls. They are looking at the whole world, particularly Americans. Dances are very provocative and for a couple of weeks during carnival, everyone loses their inhibitions and has a great time spent half naked. It’s hot in Trinidad and there are a bunch of beaches. Covering up is not practical. Their entire idea of what is appropriate and what they actually do is off, unrealistic and inconsistent. Those beatings are too common. Worse punishments happen. All children do is learn to take the beatings and sneak around better. Shaming is protocol. It just causes damage and they never address any real issues.

    2. “The mother was right to punish her child for this one”

      I disagree with you there Empty. The first place to look if your child is not behaving the right way is in the mirror.

      What’s the bet this mother has used corporal punishment on her kid throughout her childhood, instead of finding ways that can have the child engage and be involved in the resolution of these disputes which only threatened the bond with her child.

      Parents are more likely spank/physically discipline their child when they are angry, fatigued, stressed and depressed. When punishment fails, parents who rely on it tend to increase the intensity of it use rather than change strategies.

      If anything physical discipline has negative effects on the child other than immediate compliance. There have been studies showing that spanking and slapping children is linked to increased rates of drug abuse, alcohol addiction, anxiety disorders and to some extent depression.

      What this form of punishment does is create a cycle, as parents who have experienced frequent corporal punishment perceive it to be acceptable, and therefore frequently do the same to their own children as changing your parenting from how you were parented is a very difficult thing to do.

      I would argue parenting style has the biggest impact on a child’s behaviour more than any other factor because children tend to mimic parental behaviours, and therefore it’s possible physical punishment used as a disciplinary method creates a model for using aggression and therefore the child is more likely to prefer aggressive conflict resolution strategies with siblings and peers.

      Thus, when someone finds themselves in a situation of conflict with their child, using negotiation and reasoning with a child is a hell of a lot better for their development than resorting to corporal punishment.

      Some of you may read this and think “I was spanked and I turned out fine”, well 2/3 who smoke don’t die from smoking, but that’s not to say smoking isn’t dangerous, the problem is you don’t know ahead of time whether smoking is going to kill you or not which is why it’s a wise thing to quit . And even if you did turn out “fine”, but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t have turned out better than if you weren’t spanked. Punishment through violence and aggression almost always achieves the opposite of its intended goal.

      1. Yeah, but most of us here aren’t suggesting slapping the shit out of our kids all day long for every minor infraction or misstep. Of course reasoning is preferable. They are people jus as any wise old elder, or crackhead scum bag. They are also evolving animals that respond prolifically to violence and physical contact. The balance is the key, and each person will respond differently. Cookie cutter psychology and statistics aren’t a solution either really.

      2. you nailed it well kiwi, i agree. there are always alternative ways to raise and help kid,
        Very much depends on the parents which kind of personality they have so it all comes out on their childrens. Mom seems to be aggressive punishment side, so its no wonder her daughter has something that inside of her. It can be avoid if you raise right way..and push into more useful side

      3. LOL you do not know WHAT speech. see WHAT your method of non violence created: a junkie youth, promiscuous, irresponsible, full of psychological problems and who hates their own parents.
        now look at the previous decade of 60 youth; were responsible, polite, no vices, mature, productive and happy

        1. pierri, that has nothing to do with the fact children are raised in a non-violent way.
          60 years ago there was ALWAYS a mother at home that was there mainly to support the family and take care of the kids.
          These days both parents have to work, which is why kids do whatever they feel like doing and have no respect.

  3. Mom may be right, but I still cringe whenever I see anyone assaulting someone else with any sort of weapon. And yeah, my dad used belts and wooden sticks on me. Maybe his dad did that to him. My son never was whipped, but now we’re distant. Who knows?

    1. My senior FV only used fists and kicks., one used to immobilize the kid , wile the other was beating and kicking. They thought it was good to hit their children because a friend of theirs did it too to his sons and those boys were really good kids, they said.
      Objection 1: you can’t use someone else’s deeds as an excuse you’re doing it right. Gawd how pathetic.
      Objection 2: who knows those ”good:” boys are completely fucked up by now.
      Objection 3: any parent denying their complete fail at parenthood by beating the shit out of their children,should be lobotomized and the kids should get a good foster home + financial compensation.

        1. Yeah? Now that you mention it, i do recall having heard of a few foster care kids who were in a really bad situation .
          Maybe, who knows, it’s best to stay put and take the buckets of shit being poured over your head until you find an opportunity to break free.
          Even better would be to stand your ground and take no shit from no one from an early age
          That takes a rel strong character through and a pissball like me can only envy such noble characters . I assume natural selection will take care of the useless pissballs and the strong ones will make it even through shitty families or foster homes.

  4. Definitely not Brazilian as I would promptly recognize. It is from Trinidad & Tobago.

    I can tell from my own experience. My brother was beaten worse than that. Several times. Seriously. And, guess what, it didn’t work. He robbed my sister, mother, father and other people that gave him shelter when he had to leave home because of his shits. So maybe she will be whatever she has to be, despite that punishment.

    1. That’s exactly what I said. Beatings do not work. I think they just make your child resent you. And the beatings that they give now in T&T are considered merciful because those mothers got worse beatings. I remember a stories about girls getting hot sauce put on their vaginas because their mothers thought they were being promiscuous. You can’t even believe a West Indian mother who says her daughter was being ‘fast”. That could mean her daughter walked home from school with a boy. You have to see for yourself what they mean to figure it out.

    1. So I guess everyone has heard by now what that Jew NBA owner of the LA clippers was tapped saying about black people. There are 30 teams in the NBA and I believe 25 of the owners are Jews. So this Jews employs blacks on his basketball team, but he doesn’t want blacks to go to the games. ha! And stupid blacks always want to blame white people for everything.

      1. I’m sure you love it when a rich Jew gets served at his own game 😀
        The thing is Jews, unlike blacks, don’t have the spine to stick with their own kind in this sort of limelight. No more Jew privileges, he’s ruined.

  5. Is it just me , or do today’s twelve year olds look like fifteen year olds of yesteryear !?

    Either way , lesson learned I reckon and one she should take note of properly , not just for her own sake either .

    It’s a sad world when young girls believe that the best way to make a mark in life is to be a slut . Unfortunately , it’s another sign if the times .

    1. Its because of all the shit that’s in our food these days, so many hormones and other crap from diary products and meat get into our own body and I think its reflected in the way kids have a premature body transformation.

      Same thing with plastic bottles for all our drink, it actually leaks a bit and this crap acts as a synthetic hormone in our body.
      I’m not joking around.

      1. It is definitely one of the causes . I have dealt with these synthetic products / additives , through work . There has been progress over recent years , such as the Southampton six products – synthetic food dye additives , which are slowly being replaced by safer natural alternatives .

        As the old saying states , you are what you eat .

  6. A 12 year old shouldn’t even be allowed to be on FB. They shouldn’t be allowed to Twitter their twats or Instagram their asses either, but that’s just me. The whole time her mom is beating her down she has a look that says “I hope she doesn’t find all the homemade porn I have on my phone.”

  7. Love how whoever did the subtitles used a slang way to write you “cê” and also the formal “você”……make up your mind!! Anyway….nice vid…..dumb bitch, social media is going to ruin a whole generation, especially those with parents who could give a shit what they do.

  8. Am I the only one who looks at these two and is surprised they even have a computer? And Internet? I’m in no hurry to have kids when I see this kind of shit. Things were just simpler when I was a kid. And less politically correct. Which was better in my opinion.

    1. They no longer use chalk and blackboards in schools , it’s all power point .

      The basic ways were the best ways , today’s kids have way too much peripheral shit going on , bombarded with constant garbage .

      Being a parent is like being in a minefield today , there’s just way too much too fast . No wonder kids are the way they are .

      1. They’ve no fear of consequence anymore. At 12 years old, I was lusting after a Nintendo, and out cycling a bike and various other activities. And I didn’t act the bollox cause I knew what would happen if I did, I had a healthy fear of getting in trouble. At 12, I’d have run a mile from getting bare-assed with any camera/device that others would see. 90% of kids are little fuckers these days. God I sound like an 80 year-old, and im only 29. Such is the extent of my disillusion with modern society and the direction it has taken.

        1. True man . There’s no discipline in schools , the teachers hands are tied with pc leftist red tape , it’s total bullshit . Who the fuck is supposed to do the disciplining in school if the teachers can’t !? and contrary to what those leftist morons think , pupils do require and are far better of for being disciplined in a proper manner .

          I always sad that if my kids deserved it , I would have no problem with teachers giving them a rollicking . It’s been a downward spiral since corporal punishment was abolished .

          All we did at 12 was play football or other sports , it kept us healthy and out of bother .

          ” When I were a lad ” 🙂

          1. Totally agreed guys.. I was also thinking about where I was at 12… Listening to grunge, tasting booze for the first time, playing sports, and spin the bottle.. It was a simpler time.. It threw my head for a loop when Cobain died though.. That opened my young eyes to alot of bullshit that I never knew existed.

          2. “when I were a lad” indeed ewestomper. It should be too soon for me to he saying that, yet here we are. Killosopher, you were far more hardcore at 12 than I was! Though not for lack of trying!

          3. Ha! Yeah man, I was fucking nuts.. I had such an inferiority complex, that my ego was the one running the show… I would do anything to make me look cool.. Finding that unopened bottle of peppermint schnapps was a game changer! Haha! What happened? I’m a total lame now.. Oh well..

  9. Usually I’m against hitting children , unless it would be me doing it , which I’ve never done but would like to do very often.
    In this video however I can’t disapprove of what the mother is doing. She’s not hitting seriously and she has some authority about her like a big bad momma that will be there for you nevertheless. And slutting yourself around publicly when you’re twelve years old deserves some reprimanding.

    Kid looks pretty mature for a twelve year-old, doesn’t she?

    1. True. Sane parenting would not employ the usage of weapons and stuffs but rather by rationales. Though we gotta understand, some kids are downright stubborn and need good whacking such as this case.
      If it is my girl who did this on her fb, I wouldnt just use belt… I was suprised that gals mum didnt use a sjambok instead.

  10. Just one in a sea of thousands that needs to get whipped.

    The fact news are still trying to spin Todd’s story so that there is some plague with internet predators going on really makes me sick.

  11. Ello everyone… Just saying.. This is not a video of a Brazilian girl.. This is a Trinidadian girl… from Trinidad and Tobago… This is something that has been all over the news in our country (Yes, I live in Trinidad..) The video is actually almost 8 minutes long.. What happened was the 12 year old went out with a boy and the mother didn’t know and yes she did post nudes of herself on Facebook.. The mother had seen her posts and thought this was a way of punishing her.. Beating her and posting it on Facebook. The lady is speaking in a Trini accent.. The way almost everyone speaks in our country. If you google “T&T Mom beats 12 year old daughter” You can get more on the story! 😀 Guhbai y’all

  12. Don’t believe in hitting kids. Always figured if they got you that upset and out of control that you want to lay hands on them you got no business trying to put them back in “control” until you regain your own. That being said I am blessed with five wonderful children 20 to 4. As a kid I would be beaten so badly black and blue that my parents would resort to putting make up on me so the neighbors wouldn’t know. I let my wife handle the discipline. One thing though my kids never want to disappoint me. A look or a word of disapproval on my part makes my kids cry harder than my wife could ever do by beating them. I have told my children if I have to use corporal punishment I will so don’t make me. Thank God they have not challenged me. If you hit an adult you go to jail because they are children do they have less rights? Parenting tip of the day try to be half as interesting to your children as their friends are. Teach them to respect themselves and others. And to that mom in Trinidad I do understand anything to keep your little girl off the stripper pole.

  13. Well when I was 12 we didn’t have Facebook or mobile phones so there wasn’t the issue of kids exposing themselves online. Little brat got what she deserved, a bloody good belting. Bitch won’t be online anytime soon I bet her mother has taken her mobile phone and deleted her Facebook account.

  14. I dunno if my gen *80’s* was the last to get whooped but had I EVER put my hand up like that to stop my mom or abuela they would of broke my arm then beat me with it. Thats what these noob kids really need a REAL ASS WHOOPIN!! OLD SCHOOL STYLE!!! Get the extension cords or switches n wooden spoons n wiffle ball bats n wet rope or ur dads size 12 work boots. bet ya then we wouldnt have problems like this if they was beat like the 80’s gen

  15. Tired of the older generation claiming “back in my day”. Holy christ turds, what about sodom, no ones generation did any better, this generations problen is the technology, cause everything theyre doing now your grandma did. Fucks sakes, get over it. Kids are fools.

  16. Hi guys, after about 2 years of being a bestgore fan I finally decided to register. Majority of the comments Ive read have made me chuckle to myself, very funny people some of you. But yeh. Heres my first comment on BG! Haha! The mum is correct in her punishment choice in my opinion, you need to show the girl that posting nude pics of herself on fb is wrong and will probably attract bad people and then she’ll end up like one of the hookers on GTA. Mouth full of semen with her pockets turned inside out. Oh yeh and dead.

  17. Sweet lashings. Gotta straighten ’em out while their young or they’ll never learn respect and the belt is key to achieving a proper tune up. Anyone who says “don’t hit”, just keep you’re heads in the ground, she didn’t use the buckle!

  18. I should have known better than to expect any kind of sensible comments here. Hope to God most of y’all have not reproduced.
    Jumping to the same conclusions every time your child misbehaves is like arresting the butler every time there’s a murder to be solved. Discipline is vital, but how you do it will or will not produce the desired results.
    Beating and bullying a child does nothing but teach them a vicious cycle.
    Children learn from what they live – own that – those of you who have no parental skills whatsoever.

    1. In reply to your first two sentences, Bean Spiller: After reading comments on here, as well as other videos, I’ve finally determined that it’s not always the fastest sperm that fertilizes the egg.

  19. The little whore got what she deserved. She is quite well developed for a 12-year old, something she is probably proud of, and the reason why she shared nude pictures of herself. The filthy bitch probably has 6 orgasms before breakfast. I bet she produces enough juice in a day to fill a bath. Imagine bathing in that! Gross.

  20. these niggers rarelly act like the human beings they wanna make us believe they could be….
    But since i’m not a racist but a critical thinker, i must admit this nigger educates her little monkey in an appropriate manner

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