Mother Punishes Child by Tying Him to a Pole in the Sun

Mother Punishes Child by Tying Him to a Pole in the Sun

The whole issue of children not being safe around women has been documented so extensively on the pages of Best Gore, I’m not gonna delve into it now.

I didn’t get very much info about the video below, except that the police entered the property after they noticed the boy being tied to the pole in the sun. They found that the woman tied the boy to punish him.

The video shows the police releasing the boy, but it appears that the woman cried fake tears and got the pussy pass.

I don’t know there the incident took place, but the language spoken sounds Spanish to me.


This happened in Colombia and the woman had her pussy pass denied in the end, and was in fact arrested and charged with child abuse. Props to all the awesome BG members for clarifying this for us in the comments.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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70 thoughts on “Mother Punishes Child by Tying Him to a Pole in the Sun”

  1. Big deal. A good friend of mine was born in the Philippines. He was getting into a lot of trouble (fighting mostly). His mom’s final punishment for him was to put him in a burlap bag and hang him in a tree for a few hours (mind you the weather is Hot!). The other children know this punishment, so there kids take small rocks and throw em at the bag/kid. He didn’t get hurt too much. After that, he turned his shit around. He stop fighting(for fear of another bagging) and straightened up. He became an A/B student and now is married to a nice woman, kids and makes 6 figures a year now. Nothing wrong with punishing your kids. My parent believed in hitting my brother and I and we learned to not do what we did to deserve it again, or just not get caught. Too many people cry for dyfis. There is a difference from beating your kids to abusing. I’m all for the beating when it’s needed or deserved. I’m not for abusing your kids. There’s a difference!

    1. I’ll have to partially agree with you, the use of force may be useful at times, and some Pavlovian conditioning as you’ve described (your friend afraid of getting the bag punishment) may come in as a last resort, but I personally think the path of education is the best, through talking and rational thinking. Some women may not have time for it, but if a woman does not pop out many children it facilitates the job, or even worse, some women just wanna watch their fucking soap operas instead of educating their child.

  2. Typical of Latinas, they have little patience and are impulsive, then do shit, after they get criticised, screwed or just realize what they have done they throw in tamper tantrums and shed crocodile tears. It requires patience and some use of force may be necessary at times when dealing with them, unfortunately, our pussy whipped society makes the use of the latter more difficult nowadays.

  3. Yeah … she’s bound to have a dis-associative disorder or suffer from some psychosis, at least, to have done that to such young a child. The authorities best remove the other children, too. I’m all for RocketGirl82’s form of punishment for her.

  4. I doubt either gender is really any worse than each other where complete and utter shits are concerned. The reason why the data often seems skewered then is because the media overplays(sensationalises) the male aspect whilst downplaying the females ones.

    The above has been going on since times began though, before and up until the medieval period women were often executed quickly for their crimes whereas the men were slowly tortured before death was allowed.

    Even within recent history the 1960โ€™s murderers Ian Brady and Myra Hindley for example were treated very differently by the media. Myra being portrayed as a victim rather than as the accomplice of Brady that she was.

    You see the same bias within the relationship and divorce courts as well etc, my point being I guess that one needs to focus less on who is worse than the other because a shit is a shit regardless of gender and equally then the innocent are innocent for much the same reasons as well.

    The hatred and therefore focus should be firmly placed on the doorstep of those who wish to differentiate then, not on the members of the benefiting gender as a whole as all that does is distract from the root cause and exclude those willing to fight against such agendas.

    Every political position, from the far left to the far right, has both women and men within their ranks and that alone should show you that gender is not to blame. One could argue of course that women tend to be drawn towards the left due to biological factors(ie more emotional, less logical) however that would dismiss the huge amount of male involvement within those causes.

    The truth is much more simple though, those who wish to gain advantage from such agendas will most certainly attempt to do so and those who feel ashamed and/or angered by such practices will not. Equally then those who gain from creating such agendas, the liberal wealthy classes etc, will most certainly continue to do so whilst the poorer rightwing classes will not.

    To conclude, profiteering is a genderless game.

  5. Gotta love the crocodile tears from the scummy slut!

    The officers were speaking Spanish, but the bitch could had been speaking brazilian. Couldn’t understand what she was saying. I think she was complaining to her mom that she has a pussy and should be able to getaway with this in exchange to pretending to cry.

  6. That was heartbreaking to watch. I dread to think what those children are subjected to daily.
    The woman wept only for herself, because her cruelty was challenged by the police. Crocodile tears.
    I am a mother of three. I have not ever physically punished my kids. I can’t bear to see others do so. It’s lazy parenting and teaches them nothing.
    The infant left tied up here is so very young, and he doesn’t even look upset with the strangers in his home that cause his mother to cry. Nor does he become distressed when he is taken away. Clearly, that woman is such a horrid bitch that her offspring seemed to view the authorities as a welcome intrusion! I truly hope she gets her comeuppance someday……

  7. I was a single mom because the sperm donor didn’t want to take responsibility. His concern was child support payments. Tried to scare me and bully me into having an abortion. I told him I was going to take care and support the child myself that he could just be a dad. I didn’t threaten, didn’t ever in 11 years now try to get child support. I am a good mother. My kid isn’t babysat by TV. I realized what a huge responsibility it is. I accepted this. I’m now married to my childhood sweetheart who has always been family. I want my kid to have both parents. Our family is strong. My kid is stable. Healthy.

    I would never sit by and do nothing if I saw such an incident. Some of us humans give a shit.

    Too much at times.

    1. @nohumaninvolved Why did you fuck the sperm donor, potentialy a douchebag (I don’t know if he really is), did he fool you, did you fool him, did an accident happen (condom burst out)? In any case, you faced your mistake (if there was one) which is sign of responsibility, although there’s a downside to it, that you’re propagating the douchebag’s gene down the gene pool, if he’s really a douchebag. Have you and your husband had children, or is he just taking care and wasting resources on someone else’s prole, helping to propagate a douchebag’s gene down the gene pool?

        1. @dethbyplaster It’s difficult to affirm something in this situation as there are both sides to it, on the one hand there are the people who fool (or at least want to fool and sometimes even fool themselves too) or are just dumb and reckless and on the other the other hand there are the ones who get fooled, either by lack of intelligence (in relation to the deceiver), inexperience or because they willingly ignore that the other person is a douchebag (by having a bias in which they just look at positive side of the person, think they won’t be able to find anything better etc) , let’s say, for instance, a gold digger may give you hints of what she is by demanding gifts and withdrawing affection and pussy when some of her financial needs are not met. Many times combinations of these different factors may come into play…

          1. @undergroundweller I’m just pointing out that a person can fall for someone who doesn’t reveal their character until the relationship is very developed.
            I have noticed men question why a woman didn’t know the dad was a bad guy. I have noticed this a lot. It’s pretty simple to catch the meaning of that question. I say it’s just like a man doesn’t know a woman may turn out bad.

    1. yet they do have children and torture them like this and they end up scarred for life and the world now is full of people who grew up with screwed up childhood’s. this is why War is so promoted in this planet, people relate to death and pain. it’s beyond sad

  8. Quit calling them women. They’re not even close to resembling a human being. Let alone a mother or a woman. They’re monsters. The sad thing is. Most mothers feel their kids pain more than they do. I remember having to take my kids to get their immunizations and bawling my head off more than they were. My son’s type 1 diabetic. He’s got it really bad. But i would take it on as my own in a heartbeat just so he didn’t have to. I fucking hate grounding my kids. It’s tougher on me than them. I just want them happy. But I know it’s something that has to be done so they don’t turn out like spoiled little assholes. We’re suppose to protect our kids from harm. Not cause it. And you can’t just go on and on about “mothers beat their kids” crap like it doesn’t go both ways. Fathers do it too. Alot. It’s not a “mother” problem. Evil doesn’t have a gender preference.

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