Muslim Immigrant Filmed Torturing Cat for Fun in Marseille, France

Muslim Immigrant Filmed Torturing Cat for Fun in Marseille, France

Multiculturalism fuck yeah!

Did you know that the city of Marseille in France has an estimated 30 to 40 percent Muslim population and has been ranked as the most dangerous city in Europe? During the “The Debate” a TV program on France 24 aired on June 28, 2013 host FranΓ§ois Picard followed up on a special report by French police which ascertained that a changing drug trade in the Mediterranean port and France’s second-largest city, which resulted in four gangland murders in three weeks, made Marseille the most dangerous city in Europe.

Marseille is sick with its violence” said Interior Minister Manuel Valls. Muslim and North African immigrants turned the city into a drug smuggling hum in which turf disputes are settled with AK-47’s. Multiculturalism fuck yeah!

I got an email from Best Gore member JohnTrololo with a video of a Muslim Immigrant torturing a defenseless cat by throwing him against a wall, paralyzing him by busting his pelvis. He was filmed doing it by another prick, possibly also a Muslim and made no attempts to hide that he thoroughly enjoyed torturing poor kitty.

According to JohnTrololo, the guy throwing the cat against the wall is named Farid Ghilas, alias Farid de la Morlette of Maurelette area of Marseille. This looks to be his Facebook profile:


Well, this just happened – January 31, 2014:

This morning, the police arrested a young man aged 25, alleged to have tortured a cat in Marseille. He is currently in custody at the police station in the 15th arrondissement of Marseille.

The worst thing about all this – responses from France are such as: “What this guy did is bad, but don’t be racist?” What the fuck is wrong with you Frenchies? It’s this type of attitude that got you into that shit. One of your most beautiful cities is being destroyed by multiculturalism. Your political correctness allows them to run wild. Wake up! It’s time to see things for what they are.

Thanks JohnTrololo for the video. Mark didn’t used to post animal suffering videos, but he did when need called for it (that was long before those of you who will surely bitch have even heard of Best Gore, so how would you know?) and would surely approve of this one:

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    1. I think he deserves to be puking blood more than the last guy. Yes the Brazilian was a twat for trying to rob a preggers lady, but this anal margin is just picking on a cat because he is too much of a fucking pussy to have an even fight.

      1. yea i agree despicable behavior. wish i’d seen this, i would of come at that prick like lightning, nothing but flailing fists of furry. Bullies any way you look at it are cowards picking on something smaller to make up for they’re lack of self.

        1. I hate this stuff after digging around I managed to find some info on him
          FARID GHILAS adresse: b?t 5 R?sidence de la Maurelette- 218 chemin Sainte Marthe- 1bd Pierre Dramard- 13015 MARSEILLE
          son t?l portable: 06 16 90 59 56
          son fixe: 04 91 03 85 47
          son mail: [email protected]
          for our French counter parts look forward for BG video update

        1. No πŸ™ that’s not real Islam….. No “muslim” in this website is considered to be a real muslim.. they ruined the image of islam and muslims and I cannot blame you guys for saying all kinds of trash about them. If muslims followed the right teachings of islam, the islamic countries would be the best and the most peaceful countries in the world. Instead, they walk around spreading horror and hate “in the name of islam”. Fuck them πŸ™‚

          A REAL muslim.

    2. Mother fucking goddamn piece of faggot ass shit Jew cunt!!! I hope he burns in hell. My family at Best Gore… Lemmie give you a little insight into the mind of countingbodieslikesheep…
      I am a long time follower/member of BG. I have been through the plethora of information both here and on foreign sites. I find it a relief that I have shed my rose-colored glasses because of this site.
      I have opened the eyes of others as well, in the hope that maybe someday there will be enough of us to change things for the better.
      I am not a psychopath, nor do I fantasize of mutilating others because I played a fucking video game.
      Before I get into anything deeper, which I want to… I love cats. Don’t care what anyone else says. Again, for reasons concerning time, I’ll just say rot in hell you fucking worthless ass dregg of the earth spineless fuck. I wish I could nut you myself 😈

        1. amen animals are cool don’t deserve human fucks with little self esteem because the west rapes your countrys tight little assholes on war the front as a whole,if they pissed off with life why dont they kill themselves

      1. I love cats, I always had at least two in my house since I was a baby.. If I would have been there to see him do this, I honestly dont think I could stop myself from trying to kill him.. when they all laughed at the end I envisioned him dying in my head, sorry but a video hasnt made me this mad in a very long time.

    1. Fuck this dirty muslim degenerate. I wish there was a plague that only killed muslims, i fuckin hate them and the zionists that perpetrate their multicultural agenda. They are what the Nazi`s called unter menche. fuckin sub human. We need to nuke the middle east, the sooner the better. The world has seen enough pain from these paedophile, necrophile worshipping vermin. I FUCKIN HATE THEM. I would love to post a video of me torturing a family of them i swear…

    1. No NOT ME either. I love Animals too much! A stray cat with a rotting tail showed up under my construction office last year. I brought him to my Vet, she told me that he was about 1yr old & very sick! I spent almost 1000 Can dollars to have his tail removed, de-wormed , all his shots,, anti-biotics & got him fixed also. I loved him for a year until i found him a GREAT family and gave him to them at no charge. That was the 4th Cat that i saved from work & find homes for.

          1. dre, I thougt I loved you before, I love even more now.

            also I want to say Ive been to Marseille, you have to go through an area on the outskirts called ‘La rosa’, it’s a fucking shitshole, and yes it has a very large muslin immigrants population.

    2. Nor I. Actually haven?t yet – just scrolled the comments: that?s enough. Came here to see if I would. I would, however, be interested in watching a follow up video of the person being eaten alive by rats, with hands and legs bound. I could sit through that until I maybe hit the fast forward button. Appropriate punishment? I would just be interested in seeing it. A little off topic, but there you go.

  1. NOPE not even watching it….I always thought mm was against animal abuse and killing videos…maybe that’s just the forum….but yeah I’m not even watching this shit…I hope that fucking dakka dakka gets assraped with nail encrusted battons in jail…piece of shit!!!

        1. It is reality obli and it should be posted you guys are right…I’M just saying for myself and the sake of my blood pressure I’m not watching this shit..I could..but all it would do is piss me of and make me want to hit shit and I don’t have a bag here and I’m not breaking my hands again on the wall outside…..sigh…to each their own..Im fully aware of animal abuse and killings…Im a monster honestly..I killed my next door neighbors dog few years ago..bout 5..kept biting the kids and animal control wouldn’t remove him… I made him a couple antifreeze laced hamburger patties after making our patties for bbq night…went over fed him his last meal…washed my hands in hot fucking water and comet then regular soap..made a HUGE bloody Mary grabbed our patties..smoke a blunt while bbq’n and ate as family once it cooked..never saw that mutt ever again…FUCK that dog and It’s spic owners…I should have made them some burgers too….fucking straight illegals….ugh…

          1. Yeah I know Z…I’m a monster but fuck THAT..I body helped..the animal control even fucking turned their backs to it biting my 4 month old nephews finger…the gate came into our car port….that’s when I took it in to my own hands….don’t fuck with me children and I won’t fuck with you…well your animals in this case….

          2. Yup I know…I would have shot it but I had to get rid of ny guns when I moved in with my then pregnant sister because she’s anti gun…you did read the part of my kids aged 4 months 1.5 yrs and 3 getting repeatedly bit by this animal which the authorities and animal control knew about but still didn’t intervene….oh yeah and the part of them being non English speaking not only did I hear this fuck speaking on his cell in English I had a bilingual friend of mine tell him in Spanish what ess happening to our kids and he just said ehhhh…it’s not my problem in English…….I KNOW I’m a monster..BUT I tried and imma mama kids safety and well being over that mutt….sorry it was me…but yup…..I’m a terrible person in that aspect…..and yes I admit to that because I’m an honest person…I’ve mentioned before I’m not a good person like you guys think….I have my skeletons..this is the non wooly..non sugarcoated side of reality…..if I’m unliked for what I’ve done in my past then so be it…I cannot change the past..nor would I….well maybe I would have given that beanfuck a burger too if I could rewrite the past…

          3. Oh yeah and my now 7.5 yr old nephew is now permanently afraid of animals…especially…you guessed it DOGS..but the scar from the chunk of flesh that mutt bit off out my nephews hand has healed pretty well…it’s not as big of a scar as they predicted it to become…

          4. And you’re okay with that Z?….I think you just melted my heart…..umm I mean…err you shouldn’t condone my behaviors Z….I’m a bad peanut.. πŸ™

            time to go roll a death blunt…yessssss!!..

          5. I try not to judge. If a dog was attacking my kid, I would fuck that dog up. Look at how vicious pit bulls are. I side with kids before dogs. I don’t know, I would have dealt with it differently, put him on a leash and let him go on the other side of town. But if he’s bitting children??? Fuck em.

          6. Thank you for understanding and not judging…but honestly I’m no better then this guy because I killed IT….but it was a mean Doberman that barked all day and night because they just left it out…I dealt with that..but the biting was the last straw…….why do you guys think I play captain save a hoe all the time…the road to redemption is long rocky road but I’m trying to make good for my wrongs..sigh…time to smoke and watch bad grandpa!! Yay…

          7. Sorry just re read what I wrote…it almost bit his finger off…my bad this damn phone and Swype….it was back..the dog actually nipped his hand as well…sigh I’m not good writing these comments on my phone..FUCK..I guess it doesn’t really matter anyways…it was just in my eyes..I was younger and impulsive and yeah…..I’m sorry…ehh…..I hope my explanation clarifies things…

          8. @ladywicked
            Youre one damn crazy virago motherfucker
            I like that.
            You are so powerful firetorch and do everything to protect family.
            I dont know your personal life, but if your man left you, hes one of stupidest man
            It is little sick, what you did, but jea i understand, i dont blame you.
            If no one else can help or listen and you can find them. Maybe you can call A-team OR its time to take control of your own hands.
            Me too personally had done some evil things to others, Revenge
            But now its difficult for me to put myself again in those situations, because i think im changed man LOL
            Its a theory Wicked, but maybe bad things happen do you because you harm others too much.
            I dont know, im just saying πŸ˜€
            I dont know you, but you seem good evil person. we need maybe more peoples like you in this dangerous world

          9. Of course a child comes before an animal, but why was a four month old baby around a neighbors large dog to begin with? When you took the baby to the hospital, they are required by law to report a dog bite. Did you contact the Health Department or any other authority? I don’t sugar coat anything either. I find it strange you would bring up committing such a cruel act on a post about animal cruelty. I don’t have anything else to say about this.

          10. Yes it was me…the hospital called the authorities that did nothing…they didn’t see the dog because the owner took the dog away after it happened and didn’t bring it back for a few days…called the cops and animal control and it went no where….like I said I would have shot it if possible..but I couldn’t…I shared this because…well I’m not sure…there was a reason but I’m too fucked up now to know….I do feel guilty because it was an animal…I LOVE animals seriously..but that one was bad….my nephew ess only near it because my “sister”parked to close to my side of the car port and the neighbors fence was right there…the dog hurt him but it could have been worse had the muzzle fit through the fence better…I was helping put the other kids in so I couldn’t stop it….

          11. Pandering I got the band for you because you’ve been a whiney bitch since day one…suck a fat dick you piece of shit…yeah I go around saying terrible personal shit like this just to fuck with y’all you dipshit…

          12. It was me I wrote something else but it got eaten…but the deputies didn’t do shit when called us..the hemet (small shithole town in ca) er and Jo’s Dr…..I’m sorry I guess I should have kept this skeleton in my closet….sorry

          13. My ex husband tried killing me…and my exs cheat on me…I guess that’s what I get for trusting people too much…but then again the truth always comes out regardless @imik2…family first my friend… πŸ˜‰

          14. Ahh yes karma imik2..possibly…but I’ve done more good then bad now my friend and I still have shit for life…..fuck it…..imma changed woman now..but if y’all could talk to my friends they’ll tell you EVERYTHING I say I’d true and I’m one in a million..good and bad at the sametime…it is what it is..and I am who I am…and I’m not some fucking weird psycho serial killer of animals…I’ve owned alot of dogs and cats before and after I did this…most were rescue animals….but oh no I’m this big animal killer that can’t even watch this fucking video because animal abusers and killers make me sick…talk about how savage I am…. =/

          15. Then don’t write shit on my comments and you won’t have to read anymore of my bullshit dumbass…..keep responding to me or reply with bullshit on my comments expect to read my words fucker…..FUCK off…

          16. LW I appreciate your honesty and I agree you protect your own no matter what. I’ve been mauled by a dog once as a kid and I was very scared of dogs for a long time. I’m with you on this one. Not like you can just blast a dog in a residential area anyways.

          17. Actually my reasoning were mentioned in the response to oblis comment about it being reality…guess it was overlooked by a few…it’s okay though….I guess not everyone can handle some realities….I’m tired of defending myself and ny actions….I’m not going anywhere…even if y’all hate me now…I was just in what I did…it wasn’t the greatest way or deed….but it’s done and over with…..

          18. Thank you reality…I’m glad you understand as well…and actually hemets a terrible fleshy virus nigger cesspool to be one would have batted an eye lash if they heard gun shots…well shot..I’m a great aim….learned from hunting with my grandpa..who in his day put out a few dogs himself..but because of like reasoning that I’ve stated above…I’ve been attacked by dogs as well…oh and I didn’t kill them…I fed em and bandaged myself up…but that’s because I don’t care if I get hurt…I love my furbabies just as much as my real baby….ehh fuck it..let em see me as a monster…..lose some good convos from a few here…I’ll live…I think…

          19. when people start bragging about killing a dog or any other animal, ill probably say something about it. the only truth to your story is that you fed a dog an antifreeze soaked cheeseburger and killed it. I don’t give a shit about your boyfriends, and husband fucking other people and your hard times pooping in buckets.

            Don’t boast about killing animals.

          20. Ummm..where did you see bragging you dumbfuck…so trying to be the bg hero hun…you’re fighting a useless battle here…anyone with a half a brain would a agree…it wasn’t the nicest method..but I DID mention I would have shot it had I not had to get rid of my guns….believe what you’d like pandering dumbfuck….I don’t really care what YOU personally think….you’re drama….you remind me of my whiney ex girlfriend…..go change your tampon and eat some chocolates hunny….lolz

          21. All I have to say is this,
            Obviously you admit and acknowledge that what you did – 5 years ago I might add – may not have been the greatest way to handle the situation but at the time you did what you thought was right. I may not agree with what you did but it is not my business nor place to judge you on anything you have done in your past. We’ve all done things we’re not proud of and sometimes it feels good to talk about it and get that weight lifted off our chest. Nobody has to agree with what you did but bashing you and using personal attacks on you isn’t going to Change what happened. We’re the ones who have to live with our actions and past mistakes for the rest of our lives and to me, that us enough of a punishment. I may not like what you did bubelieve you not the same person as you were 5 years go and I am not going to judge you on your past, we all have one. I love talking to you on here and reading your comments and I think it’s great that you felt comfortable enough here with the BG family to let that weight off your chest and talk about something very personal that most would never have the balls to admit. Nobody’s past is going to dictate how I feel about them here in the present.

          22. Thank you sunshine..I do feel comfortable here..I knew the one’s that meansomething to me here wouldn’t judge….this is a reality site…reality isn’t always pretty..I know know this…we all do…I’d changed alot in 5 yrs and I was wrong on the times..I’d been more like 8 yrs ago…my nephew is turning 8 this year…lmao his b day..get this…6/6/06…..that’s like my son..I’ve helped raise him since he was in mags belly!!….my where the time has gone…..I don’t like to regret things…but I do wish I would have handled the dog more humanely..but after that fucker looking at us coming back from the er laughing and starring at my nephew and shit…….I snapped….I don’t snap anymore…but I’ve changed alot…my name here I earned…but I’ve already mentioned that to you all from jump….I mentioned the HUGE bloody Mary…it wasn’t mentioned to make light of the situation…it’s because inside it killed ME..i hate my grandfather because he put down a couple of my dogs as a teen…but after I did my deed I understood finally why he did it…protecting me…his own because id gotten bitten up pretty badly..i still felt like shit but I kept it bottled up inside… I NEVER let anyone know what goes on in the inside…

          23. Of course love. I personally know exactly how it feels to be judged by others in regards to my past and it doesn’t feel very good. I try to keep that in mind with dealing with others. It’s hard to keep something like that noted up inside and it’s quite liberating to get something like that off your chest and out in the open so that you can move forward in your life. Trust me, I am the exact same way! I am very hesitant about opening up to others, even the one’s I am closest to because when you truly open yourself up to someone, anyone, yet setting yourself up to get hurt, judged, condemned, and ridiculed. I can’t say I know what it feels like to be a mother whose trying to protect her children but is trapped in a corn because I don’t have children of my own. I do however have a 5& 6 year old little brother as well as a 3 & 5month old nniece and nephew and I’d be lying if I d that I wouldn’t t go through hell and high water to protect them because I absolutely would. Like I said early, I and nobody else has to agree or even like what you did or anything else you’ may have done in your past but us tracking you, bashing you or condemg you won’t take back what’s happened or fix it. We all have to live with the decisions we’ve made, are making and will make in the future. You live and you learn and you grow each and everyday and that’s lol that matters in the end. No one has the right to judge your decisions or actions you’ve made regarding any situationunless they’ve experienced it first hand takes a lot of guts to CME out and share something like you did with all of us and I don’t think I know of anyone ESE who would have enough courage to do that. I wish nothing but happiness for you and your family and I hold no ill feelings towards you or your past. None of us are perfect and we all have skeletons in our closets. I appreciate your honesty and courage. I send hugs, kisses & all of my best wishes your day darling ♥ xoxo

          24. Oops-a-daisy! Tons of fuck up’s in that one. Damn you autocorrect LOL!!! Bottled up* not ‘noted’ and corner* not ‘corn’. I’m sure there’s more but you probably can tell what I meant to say πŸ™‚

          25. Oops-a-daisy! Tons of fuck up’s in that one. Damn you autocorrect LOL!!! Bottled up* not ‘noted’ and corner* not ‘corn’. I’m sure there’s more but you probably can tell what I meant to say πŸ™‚

          26. It made perfect sense sunshine…you’re awesome hun and if and when you decide to have your own I think you’ll be an excellent mother specially with that attitude…my roommates now know bout”sister”was there and will tell everyone the story…some of you ask may see me as a monster but in mags eyes I’m amazing…it’s a sad situation but that was her son and daughter along with my own daughter getting bit up by that fucking dog…oooh and my sis is a follower..but didn’t judge when this happened..still doesn’t…she was worried when she saw what I was doing but only till she asked if that was in our dinner as well…..sigh..I’ve come to terms with this yrs ago….sorta..I mean as much as one can after committing such a heinous act…..there’s other shit that plays into this story as well but fuck it…

          27. Also what I did is nothing compared to this kind of video…wHile what I did was heinous in a sense I didn’t do it for fun…or enjoyment or something more sick..I did eventually out of desperation and anger…protecting my own because once again the law let us down….HUGE difference from this fucking video that I REFUSE to ever view… πŸ™

            To torture or kill an animal for fun is fucking disgusting AND shouldn’t be tolerated by anyone…death of an absolute innocent isn’t okay..EVER in my eyes…

          28. @lady wicked, I know you don’t like me very much so I don’t exactly expect a nice reply back if you even do, but what the dog did was in its nature and it didn’t know any better, it might have been abused and was afraid so acted in self defense thinking it was in danger and didn’t like humans for how it was treated. If the dog was attacking a child and you killed it in the heat of the moment to save the child that’s a different story and I know people who have done that, but maliciously planning the pre meditated murder of a dog afterwards as an act of revenge isn’t the right thing to do. You should have told the owner to keep there dog away or just make sure the children go no where near it, or you could even sue the owner, but to plan out the murder isn’t the way go. Im not judging you for it and if you truly are sorry you will be forgiven but try to think about it more next time something like that happens. Again best of luck to you lady.

          29. @finer please shut the fuck up and re read everything before you try to put on your two cents…I’m NOT doing this again today..I’m way too sleep deprived and bitchy and will end up getting banned from here because of my mouth…I’m a bad person..already stated that many times above and in other posts..we KNOW…sorry you’re late to the drama..but save it…please…

        1. Gotta say, I wasnt able to watch the whole clip. This asshole and his giggling butt buddy had me wishing them evil intentions. I see way too many of these fake addidas track suit wearing, sporting 5 dollar sunglasses jawas who wouldn’t know what a shower was if it splashed them in the face. Only here in the JEWelry section….downtown LA. an unsavory mix of moneyhungry kykes and theiving jawas, mixed in with fine ass illegal latinas who are grossly underpaid. Since I cant get at these fart sweaty motherfuckers, maybe Ill challenge myself to pick out a up on him real quick..ask him loud….. Who’s a faggot?.then just go nuts real quick 10 sec. or less and Im gone. Nobody gives a fuck down here. Except for getting a good angle for the, I phone shot. Concerning Lady’s story, I back her 110%. I love animals and it’s a fucking disgrace to show them being abused just for cruelties sake, but if push comes to shove and there’s a history with a large aggresive dog that’s known to snap or bite at anyone, especially children, and A Control wont do their job, the dogs owner wont comply, then I’d take that dog out question. I might have made it more humane aka. Quicker and quieter, but Lady did what she felt was necessary at the time with the tools she had on hand to protect her own. Anybody who’s got problems with that probably doesn’t belong on BG. I hear PETA’s got a nifty site

          1. @Fiend, I !do not think we will see another post involving (cruelty to animals) The B-G staff will surely address this matter ! πŸ™‚

          2. This video surely pisses me off to, don’t get my intensions wrong. But setting up boundaries on posts is censorship. That would be the beginning of the end of this site. IMO

    1. Lemmie tell y’all a little bout me…
      I have been a follower/member for a long time…
      I have turned many others onto BG…
      I am in no way a psychopath or degenerate…
      I love cats for reasons time does not a lot me to explain right now…
      Of all the shit I’ve seen… this is beyong words..
      May you burn in hell you fucking cunt ass faggot piece of shit mother fucking cock sucker

  2. The cat is his back-up when he can’t find a woman or young girl to torture. He could do with getting his face smashed in. Fucking definition of a coward is what he is, hurting a creature that is no match for you. I bet he beats the shit out of the woman/children in his family.

    1. I agree, @Portuguese dude, it is harder to watch than a beheading, animal cruelty males me sick. I’d love to get the guy and lock him in a cage with a tiger/panther. Let’s see him fuck with those cats. Now that I could watch!

          1. Thank you very much Dre, I appreciate that. I rescued my cat also, I found her as a kitten with a broken paw in a pathmark parking lot. It’s sad to say but I think someone might have just left her there, she wasn’t a stray and she was extremely scared but she came limping right over to my mother crying. I love her so much, I would die for her. It sucks though because her and my other cat don’t get along very well and I try to do my best to help them get along but they just can’t seem to. My first cat hated the kitten the minute she saw her and started hissing at her. I really wish they could get along so I could lay with both of them at the same time lol but now I have to take turns. I want to take in more animals but I already have 2 cats and a dog and my father thinks even thats too much, even though the dog doesn’t really stay with us. I had 2 dogs, one lab and 1 pit, but we had to give the pit to my sisters ex boyfriend and the lab has to stay at my moms place, but it stays with us sometimes. When my girlfriend lived with us I was going to buy her a puppy but my dad said no way lol.

    2. My thoughts exactly! The same people that hedonistic watch a fellow human being dying in agonizing pain, for committing a crime like theft and yet they feel good about it ,are so butthurt to the concept of a psychopath torturing a cat, that they cant even stand to watch the video…
      while that shows that they may still have some bits of compassion in them and they are capable of showing some empathy in something else other than their self, i cannot stomach the fact that watching the death of other human beings leaves them completely indifferent or gives them pleasure!

      1. You may have opened a cam of worms here, @clownaids. I never feel indifferent to deaths here, some I sympathise with, others I don’t feel sorry for because the people put themselves in circumstances brought about by their own actions. Like a rapist getting lynched (assuming he is a rapist) and thieves robbing people at gunpoint but get shot themselves. Animals shouldn’t have to legislate for cunts like this, if they knew people would beat the shit out of them they wouldn’t go near them. Animals don’t have it in their nature to fuck you over for no reason, so they shouldn’t be fucked over for no reason either.

        1. Looks like we’ve got ourselves a keyboard warrior that misinterprets other people’s opinions and blows them out of proportion.

          I’ve never said I enjoy watching someone die. Even those who supposedly deserve such treatments, like killers, child molesters, ruthless drug dealers, etc. But somehow, watching a living being that probably never even hurt a human being treated like that by a cunt with a superiority complex, makes my blood boil.

          We as a species are not only self-destructive, but we destroy everything else along.

          1. So now I am someone on a mission or whatever, just because i dont share misanthropic opinions…nice!
            @PD obviously I wasnt referring to you at my original post. Yet you were offended for some reason I cant understand…strange

          2. Oh I’m sorry, I meant “moron”.

            That’s how I label someone with a severe case of superiority complex and who judges other people’s perceptions of life in a indirect derogatory manner.

            You try to pass the image we’re psychopaths because some of us care more about animals than humans? It’s that sense of grandness that leads monsters to do incredibly brutal things to other living beings. The sense we’re somehow superior.

          3. We are superior to animals because we have free will. This does not excuse animal abuse as we are to be good stewards of the earth and all it contains. Obviously a lot of people aren’t but that’s how she goes. All we can do is make personal choices and be a good example because we alone answer to our maker.

          4. Ah not this shit again…

            We’re not superior to no other living being, buddy.

            Lol, free will… You talk like other animals cannot make choices, feel love, compassion, happiness, sadness, etc, etc.

            But hey, this is exactly the kind of thing I expect from religious folks… That’s what religions thrive to achieve, to make people somehow feel like they are better than all other living beings, and all other humans who don’t share their distorted delusions.

          5. @PD, Really you don’t consider yourself superior to animals? And no I obviously don’t mean physically superior but intelligently and morally superior, for the most part. Just like I said before animals have an innocence to them that humans don’t have, and that is because animals don’t know right from wrong unlike humans, they don’t fully understand what is good/right or what is evil/wrong. Yes animals can react on their own and make choices but they don’t completely understand what is right and what it wrong morally, humans do and that is why we are superior, we have a conscious and a moral code written in our mind and in our hearts that tells us right from wrong, animals don’t. Animals are superior in some aspects such as their senses, and being more in-tune with nature, but that is because we got out of tune with nature and our true selfs awhile ago, but overall we are superior to animals, that is why we have them as pets and not the other way around. We are superior and more intelligent because we as humans have a divine origin and have the right to rule over the animals, but you being an atheist and believing in evolution obviously don’t believe that

          6. Mate, we are animals just like all other living beings.

            Millions of years of environmental adaptation, the fact we became bipedal, allowed us to grow substantially large brains, giving us the ability to rationalize in ways other animals can’t.

            I will not deny our superior intelligence, ingenuity, adaptational skills, resilience, but morally? No, we are not morally superior to no other animal.

            Take a good look at history, and at the present, to see why.

            Animals have retained the innocence we have long lost.

          7. No doubt that humans do evil things and act savagely which would be a bad moral decision, that’s why I said for the most part. We can decide to act on those morals and what our conscience tells us, weather we listen to our conscience or ignore it and obviously ignoring it would be a bad moral decision. A human may do something wrong and know it’s wrong and feel bad about it or not even care, but a dog, cat, etc. may do something and not know its wrong.

    3. I don’t feel any different than watching any of the videos on here. I know everyone wants to show their outrage to everyone else. I feel like we are playing the “look at how moral I am game” This video is no worse than seeing a human be beheaded, it’s actually not as bad. Animals are not special, we eat them every day. I just ate a chicken. So you can feel bad, but not any worse than seeing a human treated the same way.

          1. I’ve had numerous dogs and kitties…I love animals…especially pits and rots dobbies….mastifs!!!….I miss gg!!….pugs melt my heart though…same with kitties…that’s why I won’t watch that ^^^^… =/

          2. Ooh and my kid’s current kitten sketches is a fucking Satan kitty…my hands arms and feet are fucked up because of his damn nails…..ugh..he has problems with my feet..I’m not sure why…he attacks em the min he sees em…..FUCK bad grandpa I’d fucking HILARIOUS!!!!……haha!!

          3. Hell fuckin’ yeah! I’m downloading Bad Grandpa right now to watch and I’m so fuckin’ stoked on this shit. I’m happy to hear it’s as hilarious as I expected it to be and I cannot frickin’ wait to watch it!!! πŸ˜€

          1. No problem fiend, I just prefer my human family over pets. I guess my point was, why feel worse for an animal than a human. We love our families. I think we care less about strangers. But I understand lot’s of people love animals too, especially there pets.

          2. I dont eat animals, so your argument is invalid, at least for me.

            Animals limit theselves to following their own simplistic nature in order to subsist, while humans carry out abhorent actions just for pleasure, so there is a huge discrepancy there.

            Claiming I just want to show my moral values and compassion just to show off is, honestly, a ridiculous accusation. Animals are more worthy of life to me than most humans (I said most, not all), for more than abvious reasons.

            I’m getting fucking tired of these unfounded and precipitated judgments.

          3. @portuguese , my comment wasn’t directed solely at you, it was a general comment. I’m not saying people shouldn’t feel bad for animals. I’m saying they shouldn’t feel any worse for them than humans. And when I talk about humans, the test I use is the family test, your mother for example. I would pick my mother over any animal without a second thought. You may be right about being a vegetarian, I’ll give you that. When it comes to people, there are two categories, people we know, and faceless strangers. It’s easy for people to say they hate people when it comes to watching videos of strangers. But if these were videos of family members, it would be very painful. So, yes, it was an awful thing what that guy did to the cat, but I would feel a lot worse if it had been a family member. I feel a lot of people only care for others if they have a personal relationship with them.

          4. What a senseless comparison.
            The same way I would feel awful to see a family member of mine die if compared to anyone anyone else’s.

            Lions kill the offspring of their rivals in order to force the females to reproduce with them. But it’s their nature, they don’t do it for fun, but simply to further their genes. We are bacteria with brains, all of us, regardless.

            Somehow I got the impression you are trying to pass on the notion that we are any better than all other living beings, when we are in fact the worst thing that has happened to this earth.

            So do I feel sad for many of the things that end up here? Not really, because most are self-inflicted.

          5. You bet your ass I do. Animals never cause intentional harm, like humans do.

            That being said, I do know there are good people in this world, but they’re not the majority.

  3. I feel bad for the people of France, who have to put up with cunts like this coming into their country and detracting from it socially. It would be so satisfying to hit a home run through this guy’s skull with a bat. Mmmm… that satisfying crunch.

  4. I knew it would happen one day, a video I just can’t watch! Kinda makes me question myself. Do I care more for animals than I do humans? Hmmm.
    Hope he serves time and finds that his asshole has magically transformed into a different kind of pussy that’s also gonna get smashed up

  5. Everybody knows my views on immigration and multiculturalism by now and so I won’t bore you with a long winded rehash but I will say this,

    Why is it that every European country is filled up with this third world filth who, according to the “right thinking” kind, fair, compassionate, beautiful, loving and politically far left type of people, enrich us so, so, so very much and yet Israel, who stand as a beacon of world respectability to these very same people, views these very same immigrants as enemy infiltrators to be removed by force.

    How can these retards who promote immigration among their own also respect and support Israel who are against that very same immigration on their own turf.

    I have tried to work this out many times using logic and other arguments but I keep arriving at the same answer.

    My conclusion, they are obviously retarded.

    1. A condensed version of my theory is Jewish zionists behind the scenes want these cunts in these countries to mix the races and eventually eliminate/delete the native race, and the predominantly christian religious demographic. Far fetched perhaps but not outside the realms of possibility. Someone stands to benefit from it.

    2. I always though they did this because those immigrants work at half the rate than us. And as we all know they, the Jews control or own most of all big business. They can sit at home in ISRAEL and let the cash from this mess flow in from all the Countries they control without paying more than they have too! This in turn keeps our wages low, and WE SUFFER for those Assholes.

      1. The “Jews” that control the media, the banks, and are responsible for a lot of the terrible things in this world are not true Israelites but they took over the nation of Israel, and pretty much the world, and they claimed Israel and claim to be descendants of Abraham but they are really not. They are the Khazars and Ashkenazis that converted from their Babylonian Pagan religion and incorporated their own doctrines ( The Babylonian Talmud) which is not Biblical. There language was Yiddish, the real Israelites didn’t speak Yiddish. They are the same Pharisees that persecuted Christ. Many people today think Christ was one of these “jews” but he was not, he was a resident of Galilee and a descendent of the tribe of Judah but the Khazars tried to associate themselves with the tribe of Judah and the real Israelites by calling their religion Judaism but they are not of Judah. The “Jews” that control the banks today are the same group of people that were the money changers in Biblical times and Christ cursed them and called them a generation of vipers, and they are not what they claim to be. Rev. 2:9 “I know thy works, and tribulations, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them WHICH SAY THEY ARE JEWS, AND ARE NOT, but are the synagogue of Satan”, Rev. 3:9 “Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee”. The true descendants of the 12 tribes of Israel are spread out all over the world. I might not be 100% correct on some things but I do know the people that control the media, banks, government, etc. are not who they claim to be. They will fall very soon.

          1. Finer Minds, oh yes, that is the most interesting theoretical and maybe even practical explanation to the Jewish problem I have ever read!! I know I am late with this post but I just had to tell you this man.

    3. Thanks for the answers people but I was pondering why the working class support this shit and not the greedy bastard businessmen and politicians who obviously would sell their own mothers for cash.

      I would love to say that they have just fallen victim to propaganda but I think it goes far beyond that, I think that they just possess so little intellect that they are not able to see what’s right in front of them, in other words they are retarded.

      1. @ EFFOFF

        Agreed! In the US, the term “racist” has slowly been redefined to “not agreeing with” instead of what it actually means. And slowly but surely, the sheep have completely changed that it’s meaning.

        I’m a moderate liberal, so my motto is: “Mind your fucking business” and “each is own”.

        I also tend to hate pretty much most of every race, class or religious I come across; I’m an equal opportunity hating asshole I suppose! πŸ™‚

    1. Males no difference to me what race they are. If they are torturing animals I put them all in the same category. It’s just the potential for jokes in this case are hard to resist. You’re right about magnotta, it’s been documented that a lot of murderers, especially serial killers, had a history of abusing animals in their youth. I wonder about this guy.

      1. I have too , despite what I say about islam. In my opinion however, these moderate westernized types are not following islam as the Quran instructs them to. They’d probably be getting beheaded back wherever they came from if they didn’t go along out of fear.

      2. Muslims aren’t the problem… Our culture, lands and people being handed to them is… Islam is fine in Islamic countries… Most Muslims can be fairly sociable when they aren’t fucking prostitutes, gambling, drinking and molesting kids… πŸ™‚

        1. Who says that not being sociable? They often have group orgies where they fuck child-hookers over the bar at casinos. That’s the stag party before they marry a tiddler the next day. It’s the snacking version of the hangover

  6. I will pass on the video… I can watch human gore all day long and it does not bother me, but one thing that I cannot stand in any way, shape or form is the mistreatment of any animal or small child, especially cats. I own 2 of them, and it will simply piss me off beyond recognition the fact that I cannot go after this sick bastard and impart my personal ideas of human torture.

          1. Not at all… I’ve seen what they do to animals that go to slaughter and it is revolting. Just because fish make no sound and have no expression it does not mean they do not hurt just the same. And chickens scream bloody murder all the time anyway!

  7. Big pussy picking on a little pussy cat…
    Could be he has a small wiener…
    I’m talking micro wee wee…
    Can’t get any tail from a female I would bet …
    Probably getting dick in his ass , don’t like being dominated by the neighborhood boys so after he puts his pants back on he goes after little animals to make his pathetic self feel tough…lol
    Cum bucket boy…

  8. That is so fucked up!!! I would beat the fuck out of that guy. This is the kind of filth that infects the world. Remember gang..if he tortured an innocent cat he would do the same to you. Him and his buddy laughing. But he will get eventually. It will hit him hard I’m sure.

    1. Agreed! The worst serial killers in the World started on animals first and many of the single killers did as well.

      People that got caught doing this shit should be put on a list, much like a sexual predator list. But alas, our law enforcement douchebags could care less. There no money in it for them for these types of crimes.

    1. @ Demons

      Though it’s a hard video to watch, it does fit here. Bestgore is not just about gore, but a reality check on what we, the humans, are doing to each other. This cat, as far as we know, was probably somewhat a part of someone’s life; even if it were a stray. So like it or not, this is a video that should be shown because again, it shows just how fucked up some of can truly be.

      Reality is the gore, the gore is just a part of said reality. That cat was very much a part of our reality.

  9. Acneska is right. I remember when Mark posted the vid about Dusty the cat being abused. I’ll admit, I’m not that fond of cats, I love dogs, that being said I have five stray cats I’m feeding. It’s extremely infuriating for most people to see any animal be abused or tortured.

  10. With luck, Ms. Karma will ensure that his suicide vest will go off premature and take he and his friends out in once single snap of her fingers.

    People that do these things to animals are the worst kinds of people. They are the ones that are primarily sociopaths and have no feelings. It also gives them what they want the most: Control and power! There is a huge difference with say catching a mouse in a trap versus catching a mouse and smashing it with a hammer; something I dealt with my own father doing as part of his insanity and my misery at for first six years.

    I still don’t understand the lack of laws around the World when it comes to these incidents. In my opinion, shit like this is non-third World countries should bring a 5 year prison sentence at a minimum, but that rarely happens. Hell, pot smokers have gotten more time than someone that brutally killed the neighbors pet dog or cat.

    If someone were to manage to get my dog and torture and kill him and I found out who they were, my ass is going all temporary sanity on them and will defend him as he were a human. Might serve 10 in the slammer, but at least I could say it was worth the fight.

  11. someone capture this POS and bring him to me Aladeen in Wadiya. I have tortures and pain for him that are too gory n gruesome even for this site. he will beg for the sweet embrace of death, which I will deny him. I was in Paris a few X back in the mid 80’s during my Army days. beautiful city. lots to see and do but the French are assholes and the city was filthy with garbage in the street. the French rarely bathe and stink to high heaven. they deserve this invasion by the snackbars.

  12. I dont know who are worst Race on earth Muslims or French or French Muslins…I think we all agree all Muslims should all at the same time blow them selves up with all there buddys next to them, have a national suercide Muslin day.

        1. Hitler sided with the muslims in Palestine. He knew they were against the Jews. He had a meeting with the grand mufti of Jerusalem. Now, he would not support race mixing, but it’s the Jews that opened the border and control white governments, so Hitler would go after the Jews, then deport non whites to their native lands.

  13. I hope someone got the cat rather than him sitting there slowly dying. Down here there is tons of stray cats. One of the cats I feed has a terrible limp, some twat probably hit him. Animal abusers should face the same treatment as the ones they hurt. Lock him up so he can’t defend himself and launch him into a wall with a catapult.

  14. Ok some send that POS over here i’ll torture his ass so much he would go insane and I still wouldn’t kill him.. lets just, intestines… gone, tendons… gone, eyes, ears, teeth gone, skin… gone, nose… gone, dick.. gone… stomach gone… arms, legs… gone, tongue…. goneand slowly the rest will go as well…

    send him my way he’ll go to hell I promise that the heat out here will make his suffering even worse…

    dickless bastard…

      1. oh no that’s after all the not ecentail organs are get and 2 days in the sun out in the desert heat.. then i’ll just toss him in acid.. make the damn prick suffer…. i’ll like to see him try to say otherwise it a 50 cal. barrel in his fucking mouth….

  15. People love animals more than they love other people. I killed a cat once, actually, he killed himself, ran in front of my truck at the last minute while I was driving, I had no time to react. Please answer me, why do people love animals more than other people?

    1. @ Zion

      I don’t know, it’s both the people and the animal.

      I have one super close friend that I love as a Brother. I would kill and die for him. Though I have other friends, none like this one.

      At the same time, I have a dog that is part of my World. He’s 9-years-old and is like my Son. No other dog or pet can compete. He is and will always be, my favorite.

      Now, I’ve had friends that simply were not in the end. I could care less for them. Same with most all people I’ve dealt with. Sure, I don’t want to see them die horribly, but at the same time, I could honestly care less. Same with some pets I’ve had throughout my History.

      Isn’t that the way of life though? We don’t want to see bad shit happen per se, but in the end, most of those we say we don’t want to see bad shit happen, in the end, do we really lose sleep over them? No, not at all!

        1. @ Zion Agreed actually! And friends, and pets, become family. Worth protecting, worth fighting for, worth dying for.

          That is the answer is so few of words me thinks. Though in the end I could care less about this cat in the video, none of us do, it however does spark that feeling we all have for those furry animals that we do love.

          1. @ Delecti

            I’m not sure yet actually. It’s high on the consideration list at the moment. 4-20 is actually bitter sweet for me: I was arrested in Utah on a pot charge in 2006 and ended up serving 60days in jail on said charge plus violation (I went to Yosemite to climb without permission), so it’s always been one of those weird days to celebrate/mourn/celebrate. LOL

          2. gotgha i did a year in county for being dumb prior to the friday the 13th that they caught me on. needless to say one of those charges stemmed from being a young drug addict in el paso county where i know you are very and currently familiar with

  16. fucking filthy foreign piece of shit. you 3rd world rats need to be gassed just like hitler wanted to and create a better world. you scum vermin dirty stinky horrible looking people you are worthless and this cat is worth more alone than millions of you.

    1. I don’t know, I traveled though Africa and dealt with the Maasai in Kenya, and they were some of the coolest, most nice people I’ve dealt with on a different continent than my own. I’m not talking tourist Maasai with Coke shirts, but off the beaten douchebag tourist road path. I hated most all of what I had be dragged through, but that was a brilliant spark of humanity that to this day, will always cherish.

      What we need to be against and eliminate are the ignorant tools and fucks, regardless of standing, in the World today.

    1. Hell no! Hit it while it’s warm! Just yesterday the wasted meat in the truck versus car accident made me sad. Sideways in the back seat in the sun dress was a prime candidate. Ready willing and never gonna bitch at you for bullshit.. Perfect

  17. Gorians meet kitty Cash. He was a free cat Friday rescue kitty. He was found abandoned w his brother in an apartment after 2-3 weeks of being left behind. His brother was adopted be we got him as soon as we saw him. He is gorgeous and well behaved (we even keep the ones that aren’t. “Yeah I’m talking about you Voltaire”) thank the heavens they were able to survive on toilet water because he is family here now and we love him!

    1. Yes the video was fucked, but I feel that with our topics of discussion here and the backgrounds presented for many videos that this video does have its place. Am I the only one that remembers that serial killers start out as animal abusers when they are young. Yes we observe some of the best gore the world has to offer on here but none of us seriously support such horrible things (the killing and intentional maiming of innocents) so I support this video and whatever retribution this chickenshit snack bar fuckhole recieves.

          1. Good point actually on the further madness that this video causes:

            Many of us have had kiddies. Many of us have had pets. Between those two, almost all of us have had either pets we loved or kid we loved; or both.

            No wonder why videos like this, or children death videos always bring out the most emotional. It’s human nature at it’s best to care and to be pissed the fuck off.

            For the record: I have both; a child I love to death and would die for, and a pet I love to death and I would fight for.

  18. I fucking hate cowards who torture animals, I can sit and watch a human die all day, but i cant even watch these videos. Death is a 2 way street anyone who dishes death deserves the chance to be dished by it. Fucking coward.

    1. normally we don’t even have them unless mark or one of the new writers thinks its worth it…

      Mark was a Monster when it came to shit similar to this… that’s one guy you don’t want to end up in your cell if you rape, kill or even abuse someone or and animal for that matter and some of us would probably Kill you on the spot if not mame you ass.

  19. I’m a poor single 29 year old mom. My husband was a douche bag freak-o who contracted jobs for Halliburton in Iraq. He fell in love with some whore over there so I am now poor & single. Back to the cat story….even with me being the poor single momma I saved a cat who was hit by a car. He had to have his leg amputated, cost was around $800 but I did it. So obviously I hate seeing this shit. I rage stalked this guy’s Facebook

    1. @shelly noo dont put yourself down. you are not old
      29 or 31 is peak of humans life mentally and physically
      I think its better he left you. you deserve better than your ex
      You are good person, i hope you will find happiness and good person in your life. Nou what is happening with me. what is wrong with me today. tear is coming in my eye. fuck. what i do

    2. Yes, well i’m a rich single man with no kids and i can handle a lot but this muslim fucker made my blood boil. If i’d seen him doing this i’d run him over, despite risking scratching my new Beemer.

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